Original SWAT Kats Story

An Appointment with Britannia

By Peter Vine

  • 3 Chapters
  • 7,740 Words

(Unfinished Series) The SWAT Kats discover they have some new allies — Ace and Silver. Rated for heavy profanity and violence.

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Chapter 2

AWB2- (Hi all sorry it took so long had my GCSE Exams to contendwith. Basically, if I failed them I could not get a job. Oh well back to the storyand ENJOY!- Pete)


It was a cold December night on an dark Ulster Border checkpoint.The

RUC officer with his normal one soldier bodyguard were waitingfor the next car.The officer was thinking.

“They were told to be on the lookout for a suspicious looking vanwhich was singled

out by intelligence back home. This was why the road blocks wereset up. Who could

imagine that with this new dimension technology people can becloser more than ever before.

This put new fire into peace netogations, country link ups, etc.Eventually all the old countries merged to form one superstate.

A state which had a democratic government. Where all the memberstates could keep their identity.

Drug barons, crime syndicates, all except the most powerfulcriminal organizations

were wiped out by the massive numbers of police that could be nowafforded. This country was called the The Comonwealth of Countrys ofEarth.

And yet people still wanted war, still wanted to hate, stillwanted to kill. Mostly for corperate gains but usually to beindependant. Why though?

Why break away from all this peace and prosperity? To sink intodecline all for petty prestige?” he thought.

Then a car came into view. The RUC officer walked out flag itdown, this one looked like it was not going to slow down.

Just at the last minute the RUC officer dived out of the way. Thecar went past spraying automatic fire into

the buildings and into the soldier who was still standing thereready to help.

The RUC officer picked himself up and after seeing that he wasnot dead headed for

the coms room. All dead windows were broken, he staggered to thephone. Dialed the emergency

number for local Army barracks. He had just got to operator whenhe heard the door open behind

him. He turned round to find and man, all in black with asawn-off shotgun pointing at his

head, then he fired. The RUC’s head exploded into millions ofdifferent bits and the rest of the body

fell to the ground. The man walked over the corpse thinking “Whyare they so easy?”. He turned to the gate

open switch and pulled. As the gate went up two minicabs camepast both had six men in them.

“So this is what an average kid eats a month huh?” asked Chance,looking at the ton of lard on a crate

exibit. “Yeah” replied Steve “Hey Jake wacha doing?”. “justlooking at this steam engine” he replied.

“Yeah it’s big, oh god I’ve got to go to that talk they werehaving back in the hotel about new types of

engines for planes” said Bill.

“Yeah let’s go, seeya later at the hotel”.

The minicabs were nearly at their destination now…London. Theystopped and looked at the targets on the photo.

It looked like a man who had high status with the upper classes.

“Now cab one goes around the back of the building and cab twowaits at the front, if we need help we will call for you”

said the leader. They turned the corner and saw theirobjective…

Bill and Jake were walking down the same street when they saw twominicabs, one parking and one going round the back.

Seconds later the minicab that had parked backfired. Also heheard a dull thud comming from the back.

“Jake I think they are trying the people in the minicabs aregonna try and take this building” said Bill.

“I know” replied Jake “go in the front and wait for my signal”.


Bill ran in and saw that gunshots were comming from upstairs,then he saw Jake sprint in waving Bill to follow him.

As they were running up the stairs 2 people in black from head(balaclavas) to toe (black trainers trying to dispel the men in blackthing here!)

ran out. They did not see Jake jump and kick them down.

“Take the guns just in case” shouted Bill. “Thankfully” thoughtBill “We’ve got gloves on”. They ran up to room where all tocommotion was comming

from. The pair stopped and put their backs against the wall.

“I’ll kick down the door” whispered Jake”.

“And i’ll cover you” replied Steve.

Then Jake kicked the door down. It landed right on one of theterrorists and knocked him out cold. Bill jumped in, automaticlooking for trouble.

Jake floored one but got picked up and thrown against the by amuscle bound terroist. Jake looked up and gasped as he saw theterrorist whip out a

Semi-automatic and aimed it at his head. Then a fist sized holein his chest was blown through by Bill’s gun. He fell on his knees,trying to gather up the guts

that had spewed out of the hole in his chest. He then wiped hismouth which was dripping with blood and fell to the floor. Stevekicked the body to one side.

“Bloody IRA scum” he said throwing away the gun “the police arehere and somone wants to see us”. The pair walked into a room withchairs and tables trown around

,blood on the walls where two bodyguards had been shot in summaryexcution. He then saw a man in a suit with pistol with a silenceraround a pile of bodies.

“Scum sent in another batch, two got away though” the man said.

“Who are you?” asked a confused Jake.

“I am the head of the ECID: Exploration and Counter InfiltrationDepartment” the man replied.

“Your name?” asked Bill.

“Due to the high amount of danger I am in I can can only give youa false name: Nick.”

“Oh so what do you want?” asked Jake.

“In the last couple of months we were given ten rusty old T10’s,special forces trainers from around the world and other stuff withthe job of exploring other dimensions

and as the boffs in area 51 say different galaxys. The problemwas that any world we found that was in civil disorder we had to sortout, get statements of what has been happening

from the towns folk and sorting the whole thing out.” Nickexplained.

“In other words a police force.” butted in Jake.

“Well to make a long story short yeah. Now when we diagnose theproble we have a problem of sorting things out we have found that welack the staff to carry out the contaiments. Now

we just can’t go about town pasting up posters advertising aplace in a top secret program, we have to look around for former goodguy resistance fighters, vigelates, etc you get the idea

don’t you. Now the reason why you found me was because you seethis was a set-up.”

“A set up???” said Bill and Jake.

“Yes you see we have been having a fact finding mission to findout you four and your alter egos. In fact I have explained too muchmeet me at these cordinates in 24 hours, pick-up will be at

CAF (Comonwealth Air Force) Honnington at the entrance show themthese cards and they will let you in, under armed escort of course.do you agree?” Nick continued.

“Well yes but we will be able to leave if we disagree to thedeal?” asked Bill.

“yep it’s a deal. Bye and don’t forget to bring the other two.”

“I don’t belive it” said Jake “He has knows everything aboutus!”.

“I know” replied Bill “But if we want to go, we’ll just have toprepare for the unknown.”

“Hey Jake, Bill?” shouted Chance behind them “What took you solong?”

“It’s a long story…” replied Jake.

Jake then went on to explain what went on while they were gone.

“So we have to go to this airbase, waltz into what maybe an jointeffort to put us in enforcer hands…” started Chance.

“No” interrupted Bill “This would be handled by a service muchhigher than the normal law enforcment services, though I think thisdept has high expertise in survelance, etc.”.

“Well do we want to do it or don’t we?” demanded Steve.

“Okay” said a disgruntled Chance.

“Hmm oh what the hell!” said Jake.

“Yeah” said Bill.

“Okay then we will meet back in five hours then” said Stevecheerfully.

They four met back as said after five hours. They then took atrain, then a taxi to the base. Then entered through the main gateand were told to get in a car going to hanger 12.

When they got there the hanger opened. Inside was nothing. Thefour walked inside. Then the floor moved. It moved down until itstopped. Facing the four was a door. The door opened. A voice bekoned

the four through it. They were walking down a corridor now. Doorsopened and guards came out and walked beside them. “Security escorts”the sergeant explained. They reached a door with the writing

“Commissar in charge of ops” on it. They walked through and theGuards stood out side the door. Inside the door was what looked likea normal office, with a desk, a Notice board, etc. Sitting behind thechair

was Nick.

“So” said Chance “this is Nick”.

“Commissar Nickohlas to be correct” replied Nick.

“Commisar though?” asked Steve “I’ve never heard of that rank inany force in both worlds.”

“Looks like I’ll have to come clean.” said Nick “To tell thetruth I am not from this dimension. At all.”

The four looked at each other in amazment.

“I thought the Dimension project was shut down after our firstflight due to engine problems.” said Bill.

“Wrong.” replied Nick “The Pentagon took over from theindependant consortium. With help from Brittish and American aviationcompanies they started firing more experimental planes into differentdimensions. Like my one.”

“So where did you come from?” Asked Jake.

“I am getting to that.” replied Nick “I come from a dimensionwhere Mankind has been spread across the Galaxy in a great emprirecalled the Imperium. It is fighting a million wars on a thousandfronts. The war with many other races

started two millenia ago (thousands of years). I was in the 73rdEarthian test regiment with the rank of Commisar, the equivilant of aMajor-General. When the plane came through I was asked to talk to thepeople inside. Eventualy

a treaty was hammered out between the two sides. One day though Iwas aproached by the Inquisition.”

“Who are they?” asked Jake.

“They are a secretive orginization that are always on the lookoutfor new threats to the Imperium. They don’t waste their time watchingindividual people, they alreadly have files on nearly every liveperson in the whole of the Imperium. They

said that these people might be a danger the Imperium and askedme to go and work as one of them in one of their millitarydepartments. I talked with the newly formed comonwealth and they putme here on Project ECID. So here I am.”

“Why do you want us then?” asked Chance.

“We need as many pilots and co-pilots with expirance as posibleto get new aircraft. As still being attached to the Imperial militaryI have access to Inquistion surveilance operations. We were watchingyou for two years plus we know your secrets

as being the Swat Kats. This Project was set up to check out anydangers to both the Comonwealth and the Imperium. We currently have50 teams working in differnt dimensions right now. Most aircarft inour arsenal are old but we are getting newly built PECID-4 Archers

spcificaly built for the task. So we built robots to make a fakeraid on a minor ministry that we had a disagrement with. It cost some100 police and a few military deaths but they were expendable. Weknew by placing the raid just when at least two of you were walking

past would grab your attention.”.

“But what about us two defending our world?” asked Chance.

“That is why we want to recruit you. said Nick “This way you willhave access to other teams plus access to resorces much bigger thanthe miniture stuff that the CAF and the Enforcers have ever had, heckyou needed to mine underground and your mining machine was broken wecould get twenty

machines which are 500% more efficient than your one at speed,drilling power, etc. And that is just one example!” replied Nick.

“But how are Chance and Jake gonna move to this world?” askedSteve.

“We’ll pay for that don’t worry.” replied Nick.

Suddenly the phone rang. Nick pricked it up and talked into it. Aminute later he put it down.

“Looks like Team Alfa Bravo completed their mission.” said Nickwith a smile on his face.

“Whats that?” asked Jake.

“I’ll show you come.”.

They went out of the room and progressed through a series oflifts and security points. Soon they came to a high security Underground control center. In it were people monitering Tv screensshowing News channels, Men searching through newspapers and people

listening to radio news channels.

“This is our News room, we get our picture of what the publicknows by looking at every news channel, Paper, And radio station ofevery state in the comonwealth, every country in world two and thenews channels in the Hive worlds of the Imperium. This infomationgives us a big picture

of the decisions that we make.” explained Nick.

They continued until they walked into a room where people were atradio comunication devices, Weird people where doing things thatlooked like contacting the supernatural forces.

“They are called Astropaths” explained Nick “They are livingradio devices they send messages at fifty times the speed of light.”.

Other People were putting pins on maps of the earth, earth-two,and the galactic map of the Imperium.

“Ah here we are” said Nick as they walked up to a conferencetable.

The conference table had LCD displays embeded into the table. thefive sat down. A Sergeant walked up and wisperd somthing into Nick’sear.

“Great start the transmistion.” said Nick “Gentlemen you areabout to see one of our surveilance op’s paying off”.

The Tv’s came into life. The tv’s showed a man in a flight suitwith a picture of what looked like a French Imperial Eagle sewn on.

This is Commander Antenor, he is also a person chosen in theImperium to work with me. He came from the Imperial Fleet, hadexperiance in fighter-bombers hence the Imperial Eagle on his suit.Now. He has some intresting news for you, Antenor?”.

“Thank you Nick” Antenor said “In our operation “Kat in the bag”we were monitering a potential disaster to the planet and danger todimesion space in which a black hloe could have been made. Thisdoomsday device was destroyed in a raid on a warehouse but the targetgot away. After traking him we

found him and captured him. His name is Dark Kat.”.

Jake and Chance gasped in astonisment.

“An Inquisitor is being sent to question him.”.

“Ok that’s great Antenor” said Nick “Now evac the whole site andbring him back here just in case the criminal underworld try to freehim”.

“Will do Antenor Out.”.

“So boys that shows how we deal with things that the Authoritiesbungle. What is your verdict?” asked Nick.

“Yeah it’ll get us away from Commander Feral and we won’t have topay off a big debt.” said Jake.

“Yeah same here” said Chance.

“I’m for it!” said Steve.

“So am I!” said Bill.

“Well” said Nick “we’ll fix everything and fill you in on yourfirst operation next month”….


(Well then what do you think of that then, The Swat Kats joiningwith a force devoted to keep people safe. Don’t forget to read mynext installment where they get their firt mission SEEYA!-Pete)

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