Original SWAT Kats Story

An Appointment with Britannia

By Peter Vine

  • 3 Chapters
  • 7,740 Words

(Unfinished Series) The SWAT Kats discover they have some new allies — Ace and Silver. Rated for heavy profanity and violence.

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Chapter 1

Day one 0800 hours: wrote Air Commodore Steve Biley.

“2 more hours till the dimension test. My plane is the T-29 super harrier”. He paused. Then rubbed out “Day one” and replaced it with “3/3/2060”. He continued. “We are trying to fly faster than mach 10.9. The theory is that we land up in a different dimension with the same world but different people.”

The door opened. It was his co-pilot, Pilot Officer Bill Lankley.

“Test’s been put forward by 2 hours; let’s get ready, eh”?

“Yeah, wait a minute”.

“Okay, seeya in the changing room”.


Jake was thinking about what to do about the Turbokat’s radar problems when Chance came into the hangar and said, “Wanna do the new obstacle course that you made up”?

“Okay, no problem”.

“Let’s go”.

So, off they went in their shorts and T-shirts. The first obstacle was a very high and slippery wall. It looked as though some parts of the wall were very unstable, but that was no problem for Jake and Chance, but when they got to the second obstacle the alarm sounded. Jake and Chance rushed back the garage.

“What is it, Ms. Briggs”? asked Chance.

“The Metallikats”!!!

“What about them”?

“They’ve got out of Enforcer HQ with one of their experimental planes, and they are heading strait for city hall”.

“Don’t worry we’re on our way,” said Jake.


Steve (Nickname Ace) and Bill (Nickname Silver) got into the super Harrier, strapped themselves in, closed the cockpit screen and fired up the twin Rolls Royce Dimension engines.

“All checked, Silver”?

“Yep”. Silver’s fingers danced across the small keyboard and checked all the missiles, then the twin linked lasers, the thermal imaging tracking camera (TITC), the five flares only to deter heat
seeking missiles and then ran the virus check on the ERCS (External Radar Connection System). “All ready, Ace”.

“Okay, let’s see what this can do”.

They taxied and took off, then they turned to do mach 10.9 along the airfield.

“Mach 1, mach 2, mach 3″…said Ace

“Increasing cockpit pressure,” noted Silver.

“Mach 4, mach 5, mach 6 ma…”

“DAMMMN”! cursed Silver.


“The air pipe connecting with our straps has snapped! If we don’t turn it off, we’ll be crushed”!

“Turn it off, TURN IT OFF DAMMIT”! Ace could feel his ribs cracking one by one.

“I’M TRYING… THERE switching to nitrogen… put on air masks, Ace”.

“Okay”. Ace continued with the speed increase… “Mach 7, mach 8, mach 9, mach 10, mach 10.5, mach 10.9”!

Suddenly, there was a big bang and blue crackling as they went through what appears to be a dimension tunnel. Then, as soon as it happened, they came out of the tunnel and strait into what seemed a dogfight.

“Shredder missiles DEPLOYED”! barked Razor.

Then, out of the missile bay of the Turbokat, 3 Shredder missiles shot out and headed strait for the Metallikats’ X-plane and go into a blue flash, and then replacing the flash was a plane just as big as their one.

“What the hells is this, Razor”? said T-bone.

“Dunno,” replied Razor.

“But, it’s getting out of the dogfight quickly,” said T-bone as he watched the plane kick in its afterburners and fly off to a safe distance. Then he saw the X-plane right behind him letting off
several heat seeking missiles.

“We’ve got company,” snarled Razor.

“Let off some flares then,” said T-bone.

“I’m all out of flares”.

“Crud, gonna have to shake this off”.

Then, he heard on the radio a voice he never heard before. “Slow down to the slowest speed you can manage, and I’ll give them a surprise for them”.

“Who is this”? asked T-bone.

“Just three words”.

“Yeah”? said Razor.


“WHAT”! shouted T-bone.

“Oh, I’ll tell you later! Just slow down”.

“Okay”. As he slowed down, he saw a flare on a missile fall to his right.

“Now, do the most tightest U-turns you can do, got it”?

T-bone did a full U-turn and then saw the missile go strait past him… Three seconds later, it hit the flare.

Then, Razor looked at the plane chasing the X-plane and then said, “What is RAF”?

“Dunno,” replied T-bone.

“Sorry, this is your business. We’ll keep out of it; it’s all yours”.

“Thanks,” said Razor.

“No problem”.


“Well,” said Ace, “a place to hide”.

“How about that spare parts yard, in that circle there”? said Silver.

“Okay landing”. Ace directed the nozzles to safely land his plane vertically.

“Now,” said Ace after the pair got out of the plane, “do you want to stay here or come with me”?

“I’ll stay,” said Silver.

So, Ace went off to check the place. And, Silver was on his own.


“Well, who WERE those people”? asked Razor.

“I don’t know, weird isn’t it”? replied T-bone as he guided the Turbokat to the raising platform.

“Well, I’m gonna tune the obstacle course,” said Razor.

“No problem,” replied T-bone.

And so, after a minute, Razor was running towards the clearing where to get to it you had to climb the circled heap of cars and jump over a very new plane…

‘Wait a second, that’s the same plane I saw this morning and there what seems to be human being but with no fur and ears on the sides of his head.’

Razor climbed down as carefully as possible not to disturb the man standing there.


Silver was standing checking the air pipe. It snapped. No wonder; it was plastic glass. Then he heard what was footsteps. He waited. He had wanted to try his martial arts skill against someone, and this was the chance. He waited for the footsteps to stop. Then, he did a low sweeping kick to trip his opponent over. Then, what he saw was unthinkable – a kat with a humanoid body.

Silver’s staring gave Razor enough time to lunge himself at the man. A struggle started and ended up the two people breaking up. Silver pulled out his small Browning, and, at the same instant, Razor aimed his Glovatrix. It was a bit of a stalemate; Silver aiming at Razor and Razor doing the same, but then Razor said:

“Hey, what’s the point of fighting if we don’t know each other”? asked Razor.

“You’re right,” said Silver, putting down the gun.

Razor did the same.

“So, what’s your name”?

“Jake Clawso..” He froze. ‘What am I doing’!

“Jake Clawson, eh? Well, you must be one of the people in that plane. I knew I recognised that voice”.

“Well, my nickname is Razor; what’s your name”?

“Bill Lankley, Pilot Officer Bill Lankley. My nickname’s Silver”.

“So,” said Razor, “want go back to the garage”?

“Sure,” replied Silver.

So, off they went back to the garage. Razor explained the Swat Kats, and Silver in turn explained about the RAF, the plane and how they got here in the first place.


Meanwhile, T-bone had bumped into Ace.

“What in the hell are YOU”? asked T-bone.

“I’m a man, and you’re a kat by the looks of it. Hey, I recognise that voice; it’s the one that was on the plane,” said Ace.

T-bone had changed back into his normal clothes and realised that he could not hide his secret any longer.

“OK,” said T-bone, “I’m really Chance Furlong; my nickname is T-bone”.

“Oh, my name’s Steve Biley, Air Commodore”.

“You may as well come in then”.



“Turmoil released for 2 days”! fumed Ms. Briggs. “I don’t know how she got it, but she did, Mayor”.

“I know, Ms. Briggs, but she’s been model convict for two years now…. Well, that’s what the head warden at the prison said”.

“I know she’ll be up to no good though, Mayor. I need to work on those papers now, Mayor”.

“Okay, you do just that”.

Calli ran into her office and pressed the Swat Kats’ alarm button. “Come on! Come on”!

Then, suddenly, what seemed to be several she-kats in uniforms on ninja ropes smashed through the window and grabbed Calli. Then, they smashed the alarm button. Then, Turmoil strode in, grinning.

“Well well, well, Deputy Mayor Briggs. Good thing I didn’t give application for parole to you”.

“Damn right I would of refused it even if you didn’t do anything wrong”.

Turmoil slapped her. “Fool! WHERE IS T-BONE???”

“Dunno, who wants to know?”

Turmoil slapped her again. “You bitch, you ugly bitch, WHERE’S T-BONE???”

“He’ll come soon enough”.


“Do you think that was Calli”? asked T-bone.

“Could be,” said Razor, showing Silver the mega laser.

“Do you think we should check it out”? groaned Ace, sick after eating too many chilies.

“Are you sure you should come”? asked T-bone.

“You said we could come”.

“Okay then,” sighed T-bone. “What are you doing to Silver’s plane, Razor”?

“Fitting missile mounts so it can fit our missiles,” Razor told T-bone. “Also, I’ve improved the mega laser with some of the Harrier’s laser cannon’s spare parts”.

“Fine, let’s go,” then said Ace.

Soon after Razor fitted the missiles into the new mounts, they were both away heading to City Hall after getting an Enforcer radio bulletin about Turmoil’s capture of City Hall. After two minutes, they were two thousand feet above City Hall when Silver said: “My camera sees SAM missile launchers on the roof. What should we do”?

“I know,” said Razor “I’ll cover with the cement gun, and you do a strafing run the two facing us”.

“Fine with me,” said Ace. “Let’s go”.

As soon as he said that, he put the Rolls Royce engines to the max and swooped down on the SAM emplacements.

“Firing cement gun,” shouted Razor. No sooner as he said that a barrage of cement came hurtling down and hit the bell tower. “BINGO!”

“Mach 3,” growled Ace.

Taking aim, Silver looked at the monitor, “FIRE!”

After the harrier zoomed past, there were two blazing wrecks, one with masonry with cement on it, the other with laser burns leading up to it.

“Good shot, Razor,” Said Ace.

“Thanks, now let’s get the planes to land on that building,” said Razor.


Callie looked at Mayor Manx. He was in bad shape.

‘A bullet wound to the leg and losing blood fast unless I can get a med-kit.’ Then she looked at herself – cheeks clawed on and a black eye. ‘God This’ll take weeks to heal.’

Then, the closet door opened and in came Turmoil.

“I forgot to tell you the Swat Kats are here with two other unidentified people, and here’s your med-kit.”

Turmoil threw it at Callie’s head. It hit its target with ease and knocked her out cold.


“Okay then, should we split up”? asked Ace.

“May as well; I’ll go with Ace,” said T-bone.

“And, I’ll go with Silver,” said Razor.

“Let’s move then,” Silver told Razor.

Razor and Silver raced across the roof and jumped down one of the ventilation shafts while Ace and T-bone ran down the stairs. Razor jumped first into a deserted fourth floor then moved out of the way for Silver to jump down. Browning at the ready, he raced towards the corner.

“All clear,” whispered Silver.

Then, they raced round the corner and were met with the door to Mayor Manx’s office. But, instead off crashing the door, down they went in by the side door. Razor opened it to such an extent that you could see the whole room but none could see the door open. And, as they looked through the door, they saw Turmoil by the window.

“DAMN,” cursed Razor.

“What”? asked Silver.

“I told you about her, but there are two more heavy she-kats there. If we burst in there and take out the guards, we might have a chance”.

“Okay, let’s do it”.


“I know you’re here somewhere, T-bone, come to mama,” said Turmoil.

Just then, the side door burst open and out came Razor and Silver.

“Capture Ropes DEPLOYED,” said Razor.

A second later, the guard was all tied up.

“Alley OOP,” chanted Silver as he tripped his guard and tied her up.

Then, they turned to Turmoil.

“Where is Calli, Turmoil”? shouted Razor.

“What is that”? asked Turmoil.

“I’M A MAN”! screamed Silver.

“Oh, there she is with two guards” said Turmoil said as she a opened and revealed a very pale mayor Manx and an out cold Calli.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER!” shouted Razor, nearly overcome with horror.

“She wouldn’t talk,” protested Turmoil.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!” screamed Razor as he lunged for Turmoil. He grabbed her and kicked and punched her in a frenzy which he could not control.

While that was going on, Ace and T-bone arrived and took out the other two guards, and Silver went to the aid of Mayor Manx and Calli.

“W w w w what are you”? stammered Mayor Manx.

“I’ll explain later,” said Silver.

“But, it will be best for you not to talk,” added Ace as Silver wrapped the the bandage around the bleeding area.

“Are you all right, Ms. Briggs”? asked T-bone.


Meanwhile, Razor did the same amount of damage to Turmoil that Turmoil did to Callie. But, as Razor flipped back to avoid a punch, Turmoil took a gun out her pocket and said: “SUCK ON THIS”!

She fired, but Razor was shoved out of the way by Silver, and so Silver took the bullet.

All Silver felt was the force of the bullet, and the last thing he did he before blacking out was to raise his Browning and fire a point-blank shot at Turmoil’s head…… It hit, and Turmoil slumped to the floor.

Silver then woke up in a hospital bed with all the people he had met over the last 72 hours around it:

Razor, T-Bone, Mayor Manx, Ace and Callie.

“You okay, Silver”? asked Ace.

“As right as rain,” replied Silver. “And, what happened to Turmoil”?

“The shot you fired hit her head and was lodged in the brain. The doctors got it out, but she is now one mentally disabled kat,” explained Razor.

“T-bone explained everything to me in the ambulance. So, any way of contacting home?”asked Callie.

“Yeah, by the radio,” replied Silver. “Ace, will you do the honours please?”

“Okay”. Ace turned on the radio.

“RAF test command. Ace, is that you?”


“You told us about what happened, so what do you want as a reward?”

“Well… um… er,” mumbled Ace. He was then tapped on the shoulder. “Hold that thought?”

It was T-Bone. “Well, we want you to stay and be a Swat Kat for a year along with your teammate. Just as backup?”

“Okay then”.

“Okay, then this is what I want: $1.000 so I can make an extension. I want to keep the plane, and me and my bud want to retire early with a decent RAF pension; let’s say $50.00 a week”.

“Okay, if that makes you happy”.

“And, your 132 countries are now recognised by our 132 countries,” said Mayor Manx.

“My Prime Minister will be glad to open trade links,” replied Ace.

And so, life went on in the tireless city called MegaKat City.

The End

Next Part: Swat Kat’s Armageddon.

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