Original SWAT Kats Story


By Paul Kemner

  • 1 Chapter
  • 411 Words

Not stories, just short and cute poems based on the SWAT Kats.

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Paul Kemner’s Haikus

Crafty Steel weasel,

from Enforcers to Police

transferred by Feral.

=^^=Paul Kemner

Shifty, ferrous kat,

gobbled by Viper’s minions.

Long Live Felina!

=^^=Paul Kemner

Forbidden question:

“Are the SwatKats anime?”

You newbies, beware!

=^^=Paul Kemner


Katfan without parallel.

Be careful, he bytes!

=^^=Paul Kemner

Three-engine kat jet-

we discuss your parentage.

F-14 Tomkat?

=^^=Paul Kemner

Mac and Molly Mange,

drowned and washed up on the beach.

Hackle’s grand challenge.

=^^=Paul Kemner

An oxymoron:

Pumadyne Security?

Have a third doughnut.

=^^=Paul Kemner

Huge mystery kat

with a taste for explosions.

Creeplings are his pets.

=^^=Paul Kemner

Neural neutralizer

clutched in Feral’s sweaty paw:

“I don’t deal with scum!”

=^^=Paul Kemner

Suit bestows mohawk,

vast electronic powers,

on scrawny hacker.

=^^=Paul Kemner

See Elrod Purvis:

Dead, missing S O U L,

now Doctor Viper.

=^^=Paul Kemner

Paul Kemner’s Email address is: pkemner@bright.net


Brother Buford’s Haikus

T-Bone speaking:

Watch this baby go!

Fire max afterburners, now!

You conscious back there?

Razor speaking:

Hey, watch it, T-Bone!

I just fixed the Turbokat!

Don’t tax the engines!

T-Bone’s reply:

Razor, I love speed –

I’m gonna hit this baby hard!

She’ll stay together!

Razor’s reply:

You *sure* about that?

The rivets are popping out!

We’re coming apart!


You’re joking, Razor…

Crud! We *are* coming apart!

I’m setting her down.


You should watch yourself!

I know what this jet can take.

Don’t overdo it!

Brother Buford’s Email address is: buford@halifax.com


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