Original SWAT Kats Story

Sub Luna Saltamus

By Pablo Romero

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,099 Words

(Unfinished) A storm’s raging in Megakat City. Meanwhile, in a particular dimension with a planet called Earth, a certain sorcerer is getting himself into more than he can imagine, fooling with portals . . .

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Author's Notes:

Hello! yes, i wrote about the fanfic on the mailgroup, but it is a fanfic i am currently doing, and it is not finished yet. I am mailing you one of the drafts that i have, this is the final one, and in a month’s time i will have finished the story (I’m having some very bad time restraints). i’d appreciate your opinion on it so far, tonight i will be writing more and during the next weeks, and your insight on the work would be  a  very appreciated help! thanks! here it goes ?   P.S the Images that i have pasted on the original Doc. have been eliminated in the text version as you requested, but i’ve left some parentheses with the brief description of the images that should be there ?   Pablo Romero, 1996 sub luna saltamus (Image of the Swat kats posing before “swat kat” Logo)

The night wind ran recklessly through  the rooftop, Golden-red banners swaying madly with its frenzy as the Honey Colored  Moon rose over the Sleeping city, it was completely full and peered out from behind a latticework of Silver blue clouds.

“It’s Close, Isn’t it?”

A whispered voice next to his ear made Paul Sibelius jump and hold on to one of the flag masts, it was only after a few seconds of panick that he realize that  ithe voice came from none other than Alejandra.

The young raven-haired teen made a face at his Cousin “You should be more tactful, Lexa, you nearly made me jump off the Ledge!”.

Before him stood a young woman, of about 23, tall and slender with flowing golden hair, Alejandra Sanguere made quite a figure: her ebony colored dress in contrast with her pale complexion and blazing hair. When she moved, it seemed as if she glided instead of walking….as if she were some Fairy  who had lost her path to an Emerald Cit; it was the way she held herself, her distinct posture that gave her the enigmatic aura that was practically solid around her, it was strong enough that it filled the room wherever she went.

“I am sorry” She said, her voice remained a soft whisper “I thought you heard me coming”

Paul smiled and looked around, zipping his Jacket tight to provide him better shielding from the cold “Heard you coming? Alex, A cat would be edgy around you. Sometimes i think those shoes of yours carry little wheels”

Alejandra let out a small chuckle and she combed her hair out of her face “Can you feel it?” She said, her eyes admiring the view of the other skycrapers and buildings, the City lay dormant…..but something else was awake, Something Older, Something Big.

“Yes, It’s closer than i thought” Said Paul after a long pause. He turned to face the woman “Why is it coming so fast? I thought you said it would come slowly and then pick up momentum when the Moon was at Twelve O’Clock”

She Shrugged “I’m not Certain , Paul”, She took out a small Pocket watch from some hidden place in her dress. It was magnificently handcrafted and it was engraved with a pattern of moons and stars, when she lifted the cover, instead of the usual twelve hour circle and clock  hands, an intriguing setting of Stars , constellations and planets could be seen, and in the Center was the moon;  each cluster and major celestial body had a movement of its own …. clockwise or counter-clockwise, there were also Measures and Meridians, as well as some other Diagrams and Graphs that Paul couldn’t quite identify.  (Image of Alejandra’s intriguing watch)

“It’s Coming early, too” she said after a long study of the constellations in her watch.

“What??? But that’s not possible, a Moon Gate is a natural Astral Phenomenon,  It can’t jump ahead of because the conditions are not yet suitable for its creation….it’s preposterous….it would be like a chicken coming out before the egg  existed”

“Nevertheless, Paul…” She put the watch back in her pocket “It’s coming, and with an arithmetic acceleration of 2  minutes per 1 minute”

“Something’s definitively wrong here, then…..this means that it isn’t a natural gate”

Two pairs of ice-blue eyes were fixed on the moon, the air around the skyscraper roof  gave its first signs of  energetical charge as it crackled barely audible around them. “it means”   she said “that someone or something is  meddling”

During the relatively short wait, only one word was heard as Paul , with a fearful voice full of recognition pronounced one single word….a Name.


Alejandra Tensed and Lifted her Arms before her as if to ward off the Figure that had Suddenly appeared out of  nowhere,  dead ahead of  them.

The Air Around them Turned into a blazing  White light as the first Lightning Struck the roof.



Meanwhile, in some other place we will look at briefly……. Look between the veil of dimensions…. Look.



(Image: Chance watching TV)

“I really don’t like this!”

Chance looked away from a Scaredy Cat marathon to fix his attention on Jake, who was watching at the window , “what’s the matter? It’s only rain”

the slim Kat looked outside at the pouring rain and frowned “it’s not ‘only rain’ , Chance, this downpour appeared out of nowhere”

Chance waved off and focused on his favorite program “maybe you just didn’t notice” he muttered, grinning at the cat’s antics on television.

Jake turned around “Chance, I was out there not ten minutes ago! I came inside to carry the spare parts I found and the sun was shining, this is too strange…it’s not a season for rain either”.

But  Chance wasn’t listening, instead he let out  a hearty laugh “Why,  that cat!!!…look at him…”

Jake turned around again and stared outside, ill at ease. Suddenly the bluish light of lightning flared, to be followed by a roll of thunder.

~This is way too weird~  he thought

“Aw man!” said Chance from behind him “A news flash! Just when they were getting to my favorite part!”.

Jake sat down in front of the television “How many times have you seen that episode anyway?” he asked  the NewsFlash Logo was shown on screen .

“Just six times, but it keeps gettin’ better and better!” Chance said, chuckling.

“We interrupt this Program to bring you an Exclusive from our field reporter, Kathy An Lynn”

Jake blinked “What happened to Ms. Gora?”

Chance shrugged “I heard she had  to take some long vacations after she was captured by Pastmaster again,  they say she jumped behind her desk every time someone at the station took out a pocket watch”

“Is this thing on?? Oh..Hi…er…good evening faithful viewers, this is K. A. Lynn standing in for Ann Gora.”  On the set, a rather bedraggled reporter faced the camera under an outlandish pink and green  umbrella which didn’t quite keep her dry. Her thick black mane , tied back with a ponytail, was soaking wet and her grey  shiny fur dripped. She wore ebony-framed glasses large enough that it gave the impression the Channel was under budget cuts and took to hiring college students.

“Gosh, She looks like Miss Karinne Toophisto From  “Full Mooni”

“shhh” Jake hushed him “I want to hear what she says!”

“…..following the completely unexpected storm we’re facing, the authorities have been notified that someone is disturbing the peace on top of Milton Skyscraper in Downtown.”

The image changed to the imposing Edifice, standing against the graying skies in its neo-gothic style like a ghost of the past reaching through the ages. The picture was lighted frequently by the outline of lightning coursing through its  Lightning Rod with a frequency that was stunning.

“On the roof, oblivious to the electrical discharges, someone is standing near the edge and firing some sort of weapon at the neighbouring buildings, causing severe damage. All the adjacent buildings are being evacuated, and the Enforcers have been called in to action…all we know is that the perpetrator calls himself ‘ twilight’…”

From the top of the building, a blue-white strand of light shot outwards with blinding fury and hit the side of the next building, sending down a rain of debri down the evacuated street. Shouts of panick could be heard from the people standing by that were being held backfrom approaching by the Public authorities

“Come on!”said Chance, sprining up from the couch “Let’s get to the TurboKat, whomever that is I don’t think the Enforcers can face that alone”

Jake stood “I’m with you, but we can’t use the TurboKat, not in a weather like this..listen to  that”  He pointed outside and Chance blinked as the Howling of the wind filled the room. The window glasses were trembling  “that’s a hurricane!”

Chance frowned “then how are we going to get there?”

Jake smiled and  bolted “Follow me, I think I have an answer to that!”

Chance followed his friend, wondering what was that he had on his mind.

Outside, the storm raged.



And back in the world that we like to call ours…



“Do you understand??? I will NOT tolerate ANY interferences!!!!!” Alejandra stood up and dusted off her clothes, looking at the black-clad arrogant man in front of her “so *we* are the intereference? You know Mordred, you become more fastidious with every single meeting”

His aquiline factions twisted with rage “How dare you???”  with a hand motion he sent twisting snakes of electricity that would have struck her if it had not been for the Protection that was still around her “This is my last warning, Ambrosius’ Spawn! Leave now or face the consequences!” He rose his arms to the sky and a tower of light formed, surging up to the storm clouds, and beyond. Somewhere between dimensions -they all felt it- something began to stir before its time.

She frowned and quickly glanced around.  the rooftop was a wreck, smoldering ruins of the elevator walls stood as a grim evidence of a terrible force;  behind her, Paul stood his ground. She was thankful for his quick reflexes, his shielding had saved them both from Mordred’s unexpected attack.

Alejandra squared up her shoulders and took one bold step forward, raising her right arm in an autoritative manner. “In the name of Avalon, I command you to stop your meddling”

He looked down at her as if she were a beetle “You ignorant peasant, you don’t even know what I’m doing!” he took  one moment from his stance to wave a hand around and a circle of red light glowed around him, creating a barrier between him and the other two Magic Users

“Of course we do!” Paul stepped to her side, holding  h is hands spread out before him, to counter any other attacks “You’re tapping on the Moon Gate’s natural flow to make it appear before its time, you’re making it appear artificially and thriving on the energy you send it for its duration. You want to control it”

Alejandra pointed her finger towards Modred “As the heir to the Island of Avalon, I demand that you cease immediatelly or all you will  create is a cataclysm, you do not know  a thing about the powers you are toying with!”

Mordred smirked “but I do know what I am meddling with, my Lady, here isthe proof”

He made a twitching motion with his hands and  a ripping noise from above them made them turn their heads to the sky.

Some would say the clouds suddenly parted  in a circle  to give way to the night sky , but that would have proven wrong when the darkness suddenly turned into a swirling vortex of light. All the lights in the area blinked out, leaving the gate as the only light source and the city draped in darkness. “Oh my god…” Paul said, deadly pale.  (Image: The Portal!)

Alejandra’s eyes widened, and then she strode forward, passing through Paul’s shield and standing right before Mordred “Stop this! I command you!” she put her hands before her

Mordred glared at her, his hands still thrust upwards “Silence, house witch , there’s nothing you can do now to prevent me from entering Avalon!”

She screamed and her arms traced a wide arc, sending wave after wave of thaumaturgic energy crashing against Mordred’s shield. Paul closed his eyes and opened his mind, Letting the surge of power meet Mordred’s defenses.

The arrogant man  smiled at their effort as he channeled the energy the gate was sending . They know so little…I can crush them with a single thought now.  He held the magic of the m oongate in his hands , he could certainly divert to do that before opening the doorway to Avalon to claim his Kingship! As long as he kept the flow of power steady to keep his foot in the door, the gate would not close. And then, the world around him bust into waves of sheer pain. Suddenly, he  flailed. Something went horribly amiss and he felt excruciating pain as the feeling of being pulled apart in two different directions filled his screaming mind. With a blood-curling shriek, he fell to his knees as his grip on the gate faltered.

No! It can’t be! , his thoughts formed a confused  cloud, clearly he felt as if  he was being ripped apart,  the gate, the gate! What is wrong???

Forcing to open his eyes, through the pain and the intolerable migraine he saw his two enemies in a similar stance: kneeling on the ground, but what froze his heart were the tendrils of pure Magic leaving their bodies and travelling upwards!. It is the same with me , he thought bitterly,  The gate is feeding upon our Magical energy, and when that is gone…., he didn’t  want to complete the thought…. And he wouldn’t have anyway, as a new level of pain surged through him. The Vortex was seeking the monumental flow of a Natural Cosmic Phenomenon to remain open, so it quickly absorbed their energies trying to compensate such a fluz, and Mordered felt that it was dangerously close to Ending with his entire Magical Potential….and his life.


He was startled when he heard Alejandra’s voice in his mind, the fact that she could manage enough focus with a smiliar torture going on told a lot about her power. He tried to answer but all he managed was the most primitive of echoes.

>* No time…..Gate….. Drain us….Kill  us…Must Cut off *<

Cut off? How?  He could no longer command how much he gave, he could

not even command his own Concenrtation! He flet as if he were but a whisper away from falling dead to the ground, but he managed another echo, this one with a vague hint of question in it.

>* Give….hand….me…NOW!  *<

Her link wavered, so her language was incomplete, but enough to make him understand remotely what she was talking about. He opened his eyes (each eyelid felt as if it were of stone and hard to lift as a truck!) and saw what she meant: Paul and her were holding hands, and they were pointing their free hands at him, open. He saw that the simple act of staying erect was costing them -as much as him- undescribable pain. He did not linger, fighting his own internal flames, he took their hands and  nearly collapsed.


He gave way and opened his mind as he felt the gate sucking on his last resources. Suddenly, there were two other People inside of him…no, they were one being, and he was  three..no..no…he didn’t understand it, what was happening? He felt something close around him and he realized it was his own power, uniting with two other powers to form a tight circuit and cut off their link to the gate by forning an unpenetrable ring, a unity of power, a closed magi circuit.

Yes!, he heard himself think, as the pain withdrew and his mind began to balance , the gate has nothing to feed it now!. He felt himself coming back to life, and his senses were clearing up again. He  felt the floor beneath him, and the two hands closing over his. Suddenly the Unity was gone and he came back to his own body. They had done it, they had cut off the gate.

Awareness came over him and he realized he was in the midst of two of his enemies! He strove to stand, but his legs would still not respond properly, so all he ould do was kneel. They were in no better shape, so they all stared at each other.

“I..told…you….so” said Alejandra, panting.

He tried to glower at her but his face ached with the simple effort. As soon as he could walk, he would get away from these two before they could imprison him again!.

He did not get a chance to test that, however. Up in the skies, another Ripping sound made them look painfully upwards, and he saw the gate pulsing with a mad red glow as a wind began to blow, softly at first and finally reaching hurricane proportions!!!!!

“The gate…is…collapsing!” Shouted Paul, with a dry voice. Mordred’s heart froze for a second time. The gate, with no flux to keep it open, was collapsing upon itself, closing in….the traction would pull them in! he was going to be ended by what he sought to use as his entryway into the lost world of avalon!

He had no time to hold on to the nearest railing to anchor him, nor did Alejandra or Paul. Together, they all floated towards the gate and were driven into the freak reality of the Interdimensions.

“Nooooooooooo!” was the last thing  Mordred heard before losing conciousness…..he did not even realize that it was his own scream.



To Be Continued……..



i Comic reference to the Secretary Anne Topisto from a program starring Bruce Willis and Cybyl Shepard  about a detetive agency.

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