Original SWAT Kats Story

Giant’s Entrance

By Nicole Kitty

  • 1 Chapter
  • 8,828 Words

The SWAT Kats are faced with seemingly unstoppable aliens when a new figure with powers of her own appears. But, is she on their side? Or her own?

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Author's Notes:

I named the Swat Kats’ planet Felinus because the show never tells us.

On a spaceship far away from the planet Felinus… “Gortok, get up here, immediately!” yelled the Captain Darmok, through his communicator. The captain was sitting on the bridge of his ship, surrounded by his armed officers. Next to him was seated his first officer – G’dore. Darmok started drumming his claws on the arm of his chair.

“Where is that cowardly bag of bones!” Suddenly the door that opened onto the bridge, swung open and in stumbled Gortok. He was a alien kat with black fur and red eyes. He wore a battle armor as did the rest of the crew and her captain. He looked exhausted.

“Well?” said the captain, “have you found us a suitable planet to sell?”

“Yes, captain and its only about 2.3 light years from our present location. Here is a full report on the planet, just like you ordered.” Gortok handed his ruthless captain a computer notebook (use your imagination guys).

“Hmm, class-M, plenty of water, good natural resources, primitive civilization. An excellent choice. What do the natives call this planet, Felinus?”

“Yes sir.”

“Excellent, Felinus is as good as ours. Gortok, good job, you’re dismissed.” He turned to his first officer and started barking orders. “G’dore, I want you to take Vekema, and go to Felinus and prepare it for purchase. We will join you shortly.”

G’dore smiled evilly “Those primitive fools won’t even know what hit them.”

“Excellent leave immediately, that sooner I sell that planet the better, rumors has it that IT is in the neighborhood. It should only take you four hours to reach the planet.”

“As you wish my captain” And so G’dore and Vekema- Darmok’s finest warriors – were off to purge Felinus of its feline inhabitancy.

Part 2

Meanwhile back on Felinus it was a beautiful morning and it seemed nothing could go wrong.

“Chance… Chance… CHANCE!”


“Wake up already, you want to sleep ’til noon?”

“Aww come on, just five more minutes buddy.” Jake was standing next to Chance’s bed, paws crossed, and tail swishing.

“Now, Chance.” “Yes, mother.” Chance sat up in his bed and yawned, showing off all his teeth in a carnivorous fashion.

“Very funny, now hurry up I have to show you something.” “Can’t it wait ’til after breakfast”

“No,” said Jake is such a tone that made Chance snap to attention (however short that may be).

“Ok, you got my attention, What’s up?” said Chance climbing out of bed.

“Well this morning, while I was surfing the net I intercepted some urgent NASA report to Feral. It said that there was an unidentified object heading straight for Felinus.”

“Hang on, couldn’t it be some asteroid or something like that?”

“That’s what I thought at first so I accessed one of NASA’s telescopes. Trust me Chance, this is no comet. But what ever it is its headed straight for us and fast.”

“How fast?”

“Faster than the speed of light”

“What! That’s impossible, nothing can go faster than light, Einstein himself said that.”

“Well, I must admit it does sound unlikely but like it or not that, what ever it is, is going to be here in less than two hours. And I’ve been making some adjustments on the TurboKat, just in case.”

“Why didn’t you wake me sooner?”

“I tried, but you could sleep right through an atomic war.” Chance rolled his eyes. “Now, hurry up and get dressed, looks like we have a long day ahead of ourselves.”

“Yeah, it not everyday were we get to kick ET’s butt”

“Well, you know Chance it might just be another of the Aquian’s ships.”

“Jake, you’re no fun.”


“Captain, we are picking up a vessel on long range sensors” said one of the helmsmen.

“Identification?” growled Darmok.

“Unknown, its like anything I’ve ever seen.”

“Let me see it, put it on the main viewer.”

What Darmok saw made his fur stand on end. Darmok was the leader/captain of one of the most feared races in this sector of space. He considered himself the ultimate warrior and hopes to one day rule the universe. He and his warriors are able to gather and the control energy around, making most weapons useless. Darmok was responsible for wiping out hundreds of civilizations. His name struck fear into the hearts of those who heard it, and now here he was, trembling like a kitten. This is no ordinary ship, oh no, it fits the description of IT’s ship perfectly. And no one who ever crossed IT’s path has lived to tell their story. And now he was looking at the ship like a zebra would at a hungry lioness.

“Captain, the ship is hailing us.” This brought Darmok back to reality. “Put it on screen.”

“It’s only audio.”

“Then let me hear it, you idiot!!”

A growling deep voice filled the bridge. “Captain Darmok leader of the Xanatiods, you have destroyed many civilizations for your own personal greed. This will not be tolerated. Prepare to be destroyed. In the words of one of your counterparts – Resistance is futile!” Than a deep maniacal laugh flooded the ship, reaching the ears of all its crew. Most of Darmok’s crew stood petrified, the rest were shaking like kittens.

“I don’t care who you are you can’t defeat me!” retorted back Darmok, his courage returning to him. “This is Darmok, to all Xantiod ships, fire everything you got, blast HER out of existence!!!”

This brought everyone back to reality. They scrambled as quickly as possible to obey Darmok’s orders. All of a sudden the tranquil serenity that space is known for, was shattered, as Darmok’s fleet open fired of the mysterious ship. But try as they might, no one could put even a dent in IT’s shields.

“What! That’s impossible no one can have shields that strong!!” shouted Darmok.

Suddenly, everything fell into an eerily silence. No more weapon blasts, no more shouting, no more alarms, nothing just silence. And the silence scared the shit out of Darmok and his crew. Suddenly a bright flash of light appeared out of nowhere.

Darmok knew this was the end, because it was just like the legend went. The last thing he said before getting blown to smithereens was “Fuck, I hate my life.”

Part 3

G’dore and Vekema have no idea idea what just happened to their fleet, approach Felinus.

“G’dore, we are approaching Felinus, estimated time ’til we land is four minutes,” announced Vekema.

“Good,” purred G’dore.

“This is going to be easier than I thought” said G’dore to himself. “These primitive kats can hardly go into space let alone fight, so I’ll be nice and give them the G’dore personal touch.”

“Vekema” he said aloud, “Lets pay these guys a personal visit.”

“Where do you wish to land, commander?”

“Near some highly populated area.” “It shall be done.” Vekema quickly checked his computer and picked a suitable landing site. “We will land near a place that the natives call MegaKat City.”

“Excellent,” purred G’dore (while doing the Mr. Burns thing).


“You were right, buddy, that thing is coming straight for us,” said Chance, looking at the computer monitor 5 minutes earlier.

“Yeah and its definitely not a Aquian ship, its way too small. Hey, maybe it’s more of those CI-KAT-As that you love so much.”

At the mention of the bug aliens, Chance shuddered. “Ha ha ha, very funny Mr. I-can’t- take- 5G’s- without- passing- out.”

“Well, at least I’m not afraid of a tiny little bug and some H20.” “H2 what?”

“Water, Chance, water,” said Jake putting his head in his paws and shaking it.

“Oh right, I knew that,” muttered Chance sheepishly.

Suddenly an alarm filled the hanger. This brought both back to the matter at hand.

“Uhoh, looks like the aliens decided they want a close encounter,” growled Jake. “They are entering our atmosphere.” “The only close encounter they are going to have is with my fist,” growled Chance, under his breath. “The question now is were is it going to land?”, said Chance aloud.

“I’m already on it, buddy, I… what the…?”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s changing course, its going to land in MegaKat desert.” “I say we go and find out what these aliens want, so how ’bout it Jake?”

“Ready when you are,” said Jake, smiling.


Five minutes later the Swat Kats are standing in front of the landed spaceship, glovatrixes ready.

“Do you think they are friendly, T-Bone?”

“I don’t know but there is only one way to find out.” T-Bone started to approach the space craft, but Razor stopped him.

“What are you doing T-Bone?” hissed Razor. ”

I’m going to go knock on the door and ask to speak to the alien of the spaceship, What does it look like I’m doing!” hissed T-Bone back.

Just then the door swung open and out stepped the two aliens. T-Bone and Razor were speech-less. The two aliens were a little bigger that T-Bone. Both had black fur and red slitted eyes, they wore silvery armor that looked very uncomfortable. Neither of them said anything, they just smiled. Razor decided that he had better say something before T-Bone blurted out the first thing that came to his head, and started an intergalactic war.

He stepped forward and said “Greetings strangers, welcome to the planet Felinus. We come in peace, my name is Razor. What is yours?”

G’dore reached and grabbed Razor by his neck and started to strangle him. Razor was caught totally off guard and tried to wriggle free but the alien was much too strong for him. T-Bone tried to come to his rescue but the other alien tackled him seconds before he was about to pounce.

T-Bone and Vekema rolled around in the dirt, clawing and punching each other, until Vekema did something that T-Bone wasn’t expecting. Vekema released a burst of pure, white energy at T-Bone. He was thrown into the wall of the space ship. T-Bone struggled to get up but found he couldn’t, his body hurt too much.

Meanwhile Razor managed to get free of G’dore’s grip, by clawing his face. He fired a Bolo missile from his gloveatricks and ran to T-Bone’s side.

“T-Bone, are you ok?” his voice filled with concern.

“Razor get out of here now! While you still can.” “There is no way I’m leavin’ you here with these alien psycho maniacs.”

“Aww, how touching,” growled G’dore “it just makes me want to puke.”

He waved his paw in the air and Razor was lifted off the ground.

“What the….? Whoa!”


“You want to know what I am doing here, why I am bothering with such primitive life forms as you?” G’dore spat in Razor’s face. T-Bone and Razor growled. “Well, I feel nice today so I’ll tell you, we were sent here by Darmok our leader to prepare this planet to be sold to the highest bidder. But first we must eliminate all preexisting life.”

“You’re going to kill every kat on this planet just because you want to be rich!” growled Razor who was still floating in the air.

“You demented bastards,” growled T-Bone.

“You can’t do that!” yelled Razor.

“Oh yes I can,” purred G’dore as he shot an energy beam at Razor. “And not you or your friend or anyone else on this planet will stop us,” said G’dore as he watch Razor fell to the ground, next to T-Bone.

Part 4

About 20 minutes earlier…

“Humph, that’s what you get when you destroy other people’s lives” growled the mysterious alien. “I’ll make them pay, I’ll make them all pay.

“Captain” “What do you want, Computs!?”

“Long-range sensors detect that there are still two Xanatiods left.”

“What!? I thought I destroyed all their ships.”

“Apparently, you did not.”

“Who asked you! Should’ve of never built a talking computer like Computs but nooo, I just had to have one like the Federation,” muttered the alien. “According to their data files, that I downloaded, Darmok sent G’dore and Vekema to a class-M planet, to prepare it for purchase,” informed Computs.

“Those two, aww crud, I bet they’re having a field day over there. By the way, what kind of life inhabits that planet?” Computs displayed all available information to the view screen in front of the alien.

“Hmm… pre warp civilization, democratic government dominates most of the planet, kats that evolved in the shaped of the planet’s first destroyers, interesting. Show me where G’dore landed.” An aerial shot of the city appeared and a picture of the Swat Kats. “Computs, who are these two?”

“They are MegaKat City’s protectors, they save the city from any evil when the city’s regular defense fails. They are vigilantes who appeared about three years ago, no one knows were they came from and why or they do the things they do. They are known only as T-Bone and Razor.” “Cool, vigilantes, the little is kinda cute. Wait a sec, uhoh, they are probably the ones that are getting their tails kicked by G’dore. Well, looks like I might have some fun after all, look out Felinus ’cause here I come” she thought. “Computs,” she said aloud, “set course for Felinus.”

“Let me see a picture of the female species of kat.” Computs displayed a picture of a blonde haired she-kat. The alien changed herself into the she-kat, changing just a little so as not to look exactly like her, and wore what she thought was a girl’s version of the Swat Kat flight suit, just as she arrived at Felinus.

“We have arrived at Felinus and are in standard orbit,” chirped Computs. “Good, now its time for me to have some fun. Computs, cloak the ship and remain in standard orbit ’til I return.”

Meanwhile on the planet below…

“Ha, those puny Enforcers didn’t even make me break a sweat,” chuckled G’dore.

“Yeah, Darmok was right, this planet didn’t offer much resistance,” growled Vekema. “It’ll be a public service to put these miserable creatures out of existence.”

“You’re the miserable creatures around here” growled T-Bone, who still couldn’t move. Razor was knocked out cold and T-Bone wasn’t even sure if he was still breathing.

“Who said you could talk?” growled Vekema, who went over and hit him so hard that, T-Bone could have sworn he saw stars around his head, just like his favorite cartoon character – Scaredy Kat.

“Hey!” growled a voice, in back of them, “why don’t you pick on some one your own size?”

The two aliens turned around, T-Bone looked up, and saw a she- kat sitting, on the TurboKat, and smiling evilly. She looked a little like Ms. Briggs and was wearing what looked like a Swat Kat flight suit or at least part of one. She had a mask around her eyes, but you could still see that her eyes were a unnatural aqua blue. Instead of pants she wore some very tight shorts. Other than that, she look perfectly normal for a kat.

“Who in the world is she?” thought T-Bone. “She can’t be a Swat Kat, Jake and I are the only ones. She can’t be one of them but who ever she is, she’s in big trouble.”

“And you do you think you are?” growled G’dore.

“I am called Giant,” replied the she-kat.

“So you are the one that Darmok fears. He is a fool and is not fit to lead. After I destroy you I will become leader of the Xanatiods and its vast empire! Under my leadership the Xantiod will rule the universe,” said G’dore, laughing.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, chuckles, besides what empire?”

“What Empire! The greatest one there ever was!”

“Was is correct,” said Giant, her smile widening.

“What the hell are you talking about? No one can defeat the Xanatiods, no one!” yelled G’dore.

“No one ‘cept me. You see a funny thing happened to me on the way here. I ran into your home planet and then later into your precious fleet. Guess what, you and your sidekick are the last ones left,” purred Giant, her fangs now showing in her smile.

“WHAT!! That impossible. Why you…… I’ll destroy you, you murderer!!” yelled G’dore.

“You now what they say – one good turn deserves another, besides I don’t think you should be talking,” purred Giant


G’dore lunged at Giant who was still siting on the TurboKat. She sat there until the very last second. Then with speed faster than light itself, Giant moved behind G’dore and slammed her fist into the bottom of his neck. G’dore hit the ground plowing, his face into the dirt. Giant landed softly on top of him.

T-Bone watched the entire thing, but all he had seen was Giant sitting on the jet with G’dore racing toward her and the next second he was laying on the ground with Giant on top of him.

“Holy Kats!” he thought, “sure hope she’s on our side.”

“Don’t you know its not nice to threaten a lady?” laughed the evil she-kat.

In the mean time Vekema, who had also been watching, was scared out of his wits. Somehow the legend that he had hear, had come true. At that time he had dismissed it as a child’s bedtime story. According to the legend there was being who traveled the universe, no one knows were she came from of where she is going. This being possesses unimaginable powers, even god-like. It is said that she can do anything, be anything, or have anything she wants. But the only thing thing she wants is revenge. She is said to be ruthless, cruel, and merciless but only to those who deserve it. Her real name was long lost so now she is known only as Giant, which in Xantiod means demon. The story was meant as a warning to anyone who has terrorized or destroyed a civilization. And, now here he is standing face to face with her. There is only one thing he can do now – fight.

“You don’t scare me, Giant,” growled Vekema.

“Brave words, unfortunately have heard them from countless races and now they are all gone.”

Vekema gulped and backed away.

“That should take her off guard,” he thought.

Without warning, he released one of his bursts of energy and hit Giant square in the face, then another, and another. When the dust cleared, there was no evidence whatsoever that he had done anything. Giant stood in the same position, still smiling.

“Nice try, but that didn’t even tingle. Now it’s my turn.”

“Oh no you don’t!” yelled Vekema. He and Giant met in a head of clash of energy. T-Bone took this opportunity to try to get away from these two alien psychopaths.

With his remaining strength, T-Bone managed to drag himself over to Razor.

“Razor, come on buddy, speak to me, wake up!” But Razor’s face remained unchanged. “Aww c’mon, I’m sorry I didn’t wake up to help you, but that doesn’t mean you should do the same thing.”

Still nothing. T-Bone felt sick in the stomach.

“C’mon buddy, you can’t leave me….” Suddenly T-Bone felt the ground underneath him shake, and the wind around him pick up suddenly. He looked toward the two battling aliens and saw something that he would remember for the rest of his life. He saw the one called Giant surrounded by brilliant light and energy, everything around her was floating in the air, including his five ton TurboKat.

Luckily, he and Razor were too far away to be affected. T-Bone watched as she lifted up her paw and saw that she was collecting energy. It was making a ball around her right paw. Then Giant cried out something that T-Bone couldn’t understand, and threw the energy at Vekema. T-Bone watched while Vekema fled to escape the ball, but it was too fast, and the second it hit Vekema, he disintegrated. T-Bone jaw almost fell down, he had never seen any thing like it.

Now, Giant turn around to face T-Bone and his fallen partner. His heart skipped a beat.

“Uhoh, she finally noticed us. Oh god please make her be friendly, if she turns against us, MegaKat City and Felinus are doomed,” thought T-Bone.

“O great, I probably scared him out of his mind with that last blast, I guess he probably never heard the legend,” thought Giant. Then, she looked more closely at T-Bone and saw that he was holding something in his paws.

“Aww crud, with all my powers and technology I still can’t repair my own eyesight. That just sucks more than anything, and I refuse to wear any aid,” growled Giant under her breath. As she move closer to T-Bone she saw that he was holding his partner.

“Of course, there were two of them. Now I remember, the fat one, T-Bone I think, and the skinny one, Razor. Those alien assholes must have hurt them before I arrived.”

As Giant looked first at T-Bone’s face and the Razor’s, she felt, in the bottom of her heart, sorry for them, although you would never know it, looking at her. They had gotten hurt trying to protect their home and planet, and Giant admired that.

Ordinarily Giant would have just left them, but something, she herself didn’t know how to explain, made her stay. She never really had any friendly contact with anyone, and except for that one time but that ended in disaster. Usually after she had gotten her prey, she just gotten in her spaceship and left, and even ever so often, was shot at by the very race that she had saved. It had always been this way for Giant, fighting, killing, and running. Giant was a good guy but it seemed no one really thought of her in this way. When people heard the name Giant, they were terrified, even though she had never, or will never hurt an innocent. She saw that T-Bone was afraid of her, which came as no surprise, but she also saw something that was all to familiar to her, the pain of losing everything you ever care about. And, in this case, she thought, it must be his partner.

T-Bone watched, as if unable to move, as Giant came over and kneeled down beside them.

“Do not be afraid, I will not harm you. I can help your friend, if you want me to,” said Giant in a some what soothing voice.

T-Bone, who couldn’t find his voice, simply nodded. Giant turned her attention to the caramel colored kat in T-Bone’s paws. She carefully removed his helmet, and placed her paw on his forehead. Then, closed her eyes and started chanting something that T-Bone couldn’t make out. Giant’s ears dropped so that they now lay flat against her hair. Suddenly, a crack of thunder and lighting lit up the world around them. The bolt was so close that it hurt T-Bone’s ears. Giant had opened here eyes now, was sitting on all fours, and looking at Razor. T-Bone, who had managed to somehow find his voice, was now calling his friend’s name.

The first thing Razor realized was that he wasn’t dead. That bright light and very loud sound had proven that. His whole body ached, no he was definitely not dead. Then, he heard someone call his name. It first started off soft but then it got louder. Razor realized that it was T-Bone calling him. He had to let him know he was alright, so Razor made a successful attempt at opening his eyes. At first everything was too bright, then as his eyes adjusted Razor saw that T-Bone wasn’t the only one at his side.

He saw a beautiful she-kat with the weirdest color of green eyes he had ever seen. She had a smile on her face but it wasn’t evil, more like the “oh crap he’s awake what do I do now” smile. As soon as he blinked, however, Razor noticed she back away.

“Razor… Razor, are you ok?” said T-Bone, who now filled Razor’s entire field of vision.

“T…T…T-Bone, what’s going on?”

“You’re ok!!” yelled T-Bone, as locked Razor in a bear hug.

“I won’t be for long if you don’t stop squeezing me.”

“Sorry, buddy,” said T-Bone, now feeling a little bit silly, and let go.

Giant watched the two, with great interest. She had never seen two beings care for each other so much (people don’t get start getting gay ideas, we all know that T-Bone and Razor are just best friends nothing more, got it?). She always thought that everyone just looked out for themselves and no one else.

“Could there be more to life than just fighting? No, impossible, if you get too attached to someone or thing then someone will come and take it from you. That is the lesson in life. Revenge is all that is ever left in the end, in life. Nothing else,” she thought.

“Who is that?” asked Razor, pointing at Giant.

“Her name is Giant. She killed G’dore and Vekema with her bare claws. She isn’t a kat, Razor, more like a killing machine,” hissed T-Bone warningly.

“Well, she’s the one who saved my life, right?”

“W….Well yea but you should have seen her battle it out with those two, she wasn’t even trying and she caused a earthquake with her mind! You can go near her she’ll kill you for sure.”

“Well, like it or not I’m going to thank her, besides since when are you scared of a girl?” That shut T-Bone up for a while.

Razor walked over to Giant who was standing with her back to him. He felt extremely nervous, not only was he going to actually go up to a girl and thank her but he was the first kat ever to try to establish contact with another race, besides if he said something wrong, Giant would probably kick his tail.

“Um, excuse me ma’am, but …you see…well I just want to thank you for saving my life and everyone else’s on this planet,” stammered Razor.

“Well, you’re the first,” hissed Giant.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You are the first to ever thank me, instead of running away,” said Giant coldly, still having her back turned to Razor.

“Your friend over there insisted you don’t even talk to me, what made you come over here?”

Razor gulped.

“Sorry about T-Bone. He is just a little overwhelmed by your, um…. abilities.”

Giant sighed and turned around.

“At least you’re honest.”

For the first time Razor and Giant met face to face. Razor looked in her eyes and saw the hurt that he knew all so well. He saw complete and utter loneliness. Until he met T-Bone, Razor didn’t have a friend in the world. He was always picked on as either being the brainiac or the short wimpy dork. At that time he felt that he didn’t belong anywhere, and was completely and utterly alone. No matter what she looked like or acted like on the outside, Razor knew that this girl, was badly hurting on the inside.

Giant looked in to his eyes and saw compassion. She saw what she had been hoping for all these years – a friend. In those deep brown eyes, Giant saw that Razor understood her, and what she is going through. For a brief moment Giant felt that she wasn’t alone any more. They both stood there, standing and staring at each other, like some lovesick birds. T-Bone couldn’t stand it anymore, he walked over to them and waved his paw in front of Razor’s face.

“Hello, anybody home, Felinus to Razor, come in Razor!”

This brought both of them back. Giant shook her head and growled. “Well then, all’s well that ends well, I had better be going,” she said, turning away.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Back to the hell hole that I came from.”


“What do you mean why?”

“What I mean is… well… if you don’t like it why do you go back,” stammered Razor.

“Because,” said Giant, turning around slowly, “I have no where else to go.”

“What about your home planet?” put in T-Bone.

“It… it was destroyed a long time ago,” sighed Giant.

“Destroyed?” asked Razor softly.

“Yup, and my entire race right along with it, I am the only one left.”

“Who could have done such a horrible thing?”

Giant’s face darkened. “Q.”

“Q?” questioned both Swat Kats.

“Ok, I might as well tell you my story before you get any ideas,” said Giant, sitting down under a wing of the TurboKat, out of the hot afternoon sun (If there was one thing Giant hated it was heat. She preferred the freezing cold vacuum of space instead of any sort of warmth. But for now there was nothing that could be done about it, so Giant figured she should just to avoid it as much as possible. It wasn’t that she couldn’t stand heat its was just that she hated it, that’s all).

The Swat Kats looked at each other, shrugged, and sat down next to her.

“It began a long time ago” began Giant, “long before your planet was even an asteroid. It had only been a couple hundred years after the Big Bang, that had created the universe. The universe as you know it was very small because it had just begun to expand, and there were only a few habitable planets. On one of those planets lived a race, much like yours. As far as I know it was the first one ever. It was ruled by a kind, old king and his wife.”

“Wait, hold it,” interrupted T-Bone. “This isn’t some sappy fairy tail, is it?”

“Sappy fairy tail, why you…,” growled Giant, then stopped. “If you don’t want to hear it then fine!” Giant got up and headed towards the Xantiod space pod, obviously hurt and enraged. Razor slapped T-Bone upside the head and growled.

“What did you say that for, can’t you see that she’s telling the truth!??!”

“She is?” asked T-Bone, with some awe in his voice.

Giant spun around, screaming “YOU BET I AM!!!!!!!”

Razor calmly asked her to continue.

After glaring at T-Bone, she sat down next to Razor and continued her story.

“Ok now where was I? Oh yes, now I remember – the king and his wife. They had two children – a boy and a girl. As the two grew the parents tried to give equal love and attention to both of them, giving them what ever they wanted. As you probably figure, that was a very bad idea.”

“The boy became very cruel and malicious, he tortured other beings for his own amusement, much as a kitten played with a bug. And when he was bored with it, he would simply squish it. When the two were about 17 years old, the king and queen both suddenly died, cause unknown. I bet you anything that the boy was responsible for their deaths.”

“Anyway the boy, obviously, wanted to become king but his sister wouldn’t let her evil brother take over, so they decided to let the people decide. I’m not exactly sure why the didn’t fight, I think its because it was the king’s final wish or somethin’ like that. Anyway the boy promised wealth and power while the girl promised peace and prosperity. Half the people went with the boy and half with the girl. And so, it is said that on that day the planet split in two and made two planets. Don’t ask, it’s just a story. Personally, I think that the girl kicked her brother’s ass and his followers off the planet, and they settled on the one next to it, but I don’t really know.”

“Anyway, the girl became the queen and her planet prospered, the people were happy. They created advanced technologies that enabled them to travel great distances, explore other worlds, and watch other life forms evolve.”

Razor’s eyes sparkled at the words “created advanced technologies.”

“Unfortunately, I think that the girl was an airhead because she forbade the production of weapons. That is what doomed her planet.”

“You see, on the other planet, there was nothing but mass murder, and starvation. The planet was in chaos. The boy, who was now leader, knew that he had to do something to get the people under control. So he used the family secret.”

“When his father was dying, he entrusted his son with a box, and said, “Son, in this box is the most powerful force in the entire universe. Locked within each of us there is a power beyond anything you can even imagine. Over time this power will evolve, and begin to surface in those who learn how to think freely. The force in this box will evolve anyone who opens it. But if your heart is not pure then the power will evolve your evilness as well as your powers.”

“The old fool actually gave the box to him, and, of course, he opened it. He evolved into a super being. He could do anything, be anything or anyone, and have anything he wants. He decided that it would be “fun” if he evolved his loyal subjects and destroyed everyone else. And he did just that. In the blink of an eye he destroyed his planet and then went after his sister’s, jealous that she did better than him. Now, this is about the time where I come in. I’m not exactly sure how or why I was saved, seeing that I was only one year old and don’t remember anything.”

“Wait a sec,” interrupted T-Bone for the second time. “Now what?!!” growled Giant.

“If you were only one then that means you’re over 10 billion years old!”


“But how could you live that long?”

“I was just getting to that part, you imbecile!”


“Now, I trust that there will be no more interruptions?” said Giant, glaring at T-Bone. T-Bone nodded.

“Ok, now somehow, someone put me on a spaceship and launched me into space before my planet was destroyed. One of the beings apparently felt sorry for me, and well, you do the math. That’s how I got my powers.”

T-Bone was about to open his mouth again, but Razor elbowed him in the ribs and hissed, “If you open that big mouth of yours again I’ll …” T-Bone, knowing the threat would be carried out, clamped his mouth shut and waited for Giant to finish.

“The super-evolved beings now call themselves the Q. And, I am the only one with powers like the ‘king’ has, that aren’t under his control. So, he’s been trying to get me, but he has a little problem. The power made me immortal, as well as all the Q. So, I can’t get them and they can’t get me.”

“But, why did you help us?” asked Razor, (what he really meant to say was why did she help him, but of course Jake could never say that).

“Cause I really have nothing else better to do, so I go after those who are evil but are mortal. After a couple thousand years, you get bored just sitting around. Besides unlike my entire race, I am a fighter and I have to fight,” said Giant, but deep in her heart she knew she was lying.

Giant really wasn’t sure why but she wanted revenge against Q. All this fighting was just a way to kill time and sharpen up her skills until she could get in a good position to get Q. Even though Giant didn’t remember any of what she had just said, she knew it was true. All Giant could ever think about was how to get even with Q and everyone who was like him. But the question was why? Why was she so obsessed with getting even with him? The true was she didn’t really have any memories of her past, just that story, which she too doesn’t remember where she got it from. She wasn’t even sure if Giant was her real name.

The first thing Giant really remembered was trying to make friends on some M-class planet a long time ago. And she was successful in doing so too. For a while, Giant lived on this planet disguised as one of there own. But then one day an alien race came and started to, for no reason at all, attack the planet. Giant watched as her friends were killed in right in front of her eyes. That was the final straw, when the aliens came for her she transformed into her true form and started to kill the aliens. She beat the aliens with ease but her friend’s planet was mostly destroyed and they blamed Giant for its destruction. The news spread quickly and Giant soon became feared through out the galaxies. Every planet she went to, Giant was feared, shunned, and blamed.

Giant couldn’t stand it anymore so she decided to live up to her name and became the most fearsome warrior in the universe. Of course, she had the power, so she did so. Giant traveled from planet to planet, changing her form every time, and it got to the point where she forgot what she really looked like.

“So, let me get this straight,” said T-Bone, “you can do whatever you want and yet you spend your life fighting for others?”

“Gee, I never thought of it that way… I guess,” said Giant.

“Doesn’t it get lonely up there sometimes?” ventured Razor, blushing slightly.

“Yeah, a little,” said Giant softly.

“Don’t you have any friends, I mean you traveled to hundreds of worlds and met many races right?”

Giant turned away not wanting to face Razor.

“Yeah, but everyone is afraid of me.”

Razor glared at T-Bone.

“Oops, heehee.”

Razor turned his attention back to the alien. “Well, I’m not afraid of you, and if you’d like I guess it would be alright if you stayed with us.”

“WHAT??!!” shouted Giant and T-Bone in unison.

“Are you crazy Razor??!!” hissed T-Bone, pulling him aside. “I am not going to share a planet, let alone a house with… with.. that psychopathic, super being, killer alien!! That’s like sleeping with one of the villains or something like that!”

“Well, you’re covered on that subject aren’t you?”

“Hey! I didn’t sleep with Turmoil!! We just sorta kissed, that’s all. Besides, it was strictly Swat Kat business.”

“Sure it was,” replied Razor smiling smugly.

“Besides,” continued T-Bone, “this isn’t about me and Turmoil, it’s about that it over there.”

“First of all, you brought it up and second don’t call her ‘it’. Don’t you see, for who knows how long she’s been alone, without a friend in the universe. Don’t you think you would go a little crazy after awhile if all you ever did was fight?” growled Razor.

“I guess so but…. I really don’t think that…,” Razor interrupted T-Bone mid-sentence.

“T-Bone please? I never really wanted anything as much as this. I don’t know why, buddy, but for some reason this feels so right.”

T-Bone sighed, “if it means that much to ya buddy, I guess it’s alright, but I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Razor grinned, “Thanks.” With that he turned back to Giant. “So, how ’bout it?”

Giant was in a state of total shock. She just stared at Razor blankly, as if he were crazy.

“You…you’re kidding,…right?”

Razor lifted an eyebrow.

“Why would I be?”

“Let’s see, you barely even know me, I’m not even your species, and… well why would you do such a thing?”

“Because friends help each other out, that’s what they do.”

“Friends, I like the sound of that” said Giant, now smiling genuinely. “Are you sure? Your partner doesn’t look too happy with the idea.”

At this, T-Bone walked over to Giant and said “Yeah, sure you can stay with us, I got nothing against ya.” Giant lifted an eyebrow,

“Sure you don’t.”

“Well, if you don’t believe me then why do you want to stay?”

“I never said I did!”

“Uh huh, tell it to my paw,” said T-Bone putting a paw in Giant’s face.

“Yeah, whatever, mister Scaredy kat.”

“I wasn’t scared!”

“Yeah sure, you were just shaking like a little kitten who wants his momma.”

“Hey, come here and say that to my face, alien!” “Sorry, I don’t feel like having fleas right now,” said Giant putting a paw in T-Bone’s face.

“Why you…,” T-Bone started to advance on Giant, but Razor held him back.

“Not now, Chance,” Razor hissed in his ear.

“Uhoh, wait I forgot something,” announced Giant, urgently.

“What, your brain?”

Giant glared at T-Bone.

“One more comment out of you and you’ll regret it,” she growled.

Then she turned to Razor and said, “If I want to live among mortals, I’ll have to give up my powers and immortality. Its a cardinal rule because I would interfere in your time line and stuff. I mean, think about it, I could probably take over your world with one single thought, or one little thing and say bye bye to your city. I’d have to give up most of my powers.”


“Yeah, see I would have some powers left simply because if I would have been born a kat I would have them. They are abilities that I can’t just turn off, but those too would be greatly limited. See the thing is, that I have never been mortal and I don’t really know how much power I’ll have.”

“So you’re saying that you would have to give up being a super being, in order to stay with us?” asked Razor softly.

Giant nodded her head.

“I’ll have to think about it, and I’ll let you know before your sun sets, k?” “Ok we’ll meet you here at sunset.”

Giant nodded and disappeared in a flash of light. Razor and T-Bone looked at each other.

“I can’t believe you actually invited her to stay.”

“I can’t really explain it either, but, for some reason, it felt so right, like this was supposed to happen.”

“Oh great, that means that someone up there really doesn’t like me and I’m not talking about Giant,” muttered T-Bone.

“Well we better get home, and clean up a little, just in case,” sighed the caramel kat. “Yeah, besides I’m starved. I could eat six pizzas right now.”

“I haven’t a doubt about that.”

“Hey, I was being sarcastic, ok?”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t.”

“Hey, come here you…,” said T-Bone, pouncing on Razor.

Meanwhile high above Felinus……

“Hmm, should I stay? I mean this is what I always wanted, a place that I can call home, and some friends. I guess it won’t be so bad becoming a mortal again. I just hope it doesn’t end up like the last time,” thought Giant.

She was floating on the bridge of her mighty ship, in a lying down position, looking at Felinus from her view screen.

“Besides, it will only be for about 50 or 60 years. Then I can go back to being a…. killer . I just hope that it doesn’t turn out like last time. And if Q found out it will probably be worse. A total kat-astrophe.” Giant smiled at her own joke.

“Oh well, I can’t be a killer all the time, besides Razor will probably help me adjust to normal life. It beats finding out on your own. Hmm. There is something about him that I just can’t figure out – why is he so nice to me???

T-Bone is probably going to get on my nerves, but he’ll stay out of my way if he knows what’s good for him. Hee, hee, hee.”

Part 5

Razor and T-Bone were waiting and watching the sun set behind the behind the mountains.

“Where is she? I’m not going to stick around ’til my tail freezes off. Do you know how cold it gets in the desert at night?” whined T-Bone.

Before Razor could relay, the saw Giant come out of no where. She looked different than before. Giant still had long blond hair that reached down to her knees and she still had that weird eye color. But now her fur was also a little bit darker, but still lighter than Razor’s. But She had on some baggy pants, a tight shirt, and was carrying a suitcase. And best of all she had a smile written across her face. Giant looked like a teenage she-kat going to a party.

“Hey guys, wuz up? I decided to stay after all.”

“Great!” said Razor, smiling warmly. “But, there is one thing you must promise to do.”

“What’s that?”

“You see, like with you, some kats do not agree with what we do and sometimes we have to run from the law,” explained Razor.

“But, we still want to lead normal lives so we made up false names and wear masks so no one will recognize us.”

“Mainly Feral, though. Plus, we have a lot of enemies that would love to get even with us,” put in T-Bone.

“So you’re saying that if I don’t tell anybody, I can come live with you?”


Giant smiled “Hey, sure – no problem. I understand. If you won’t tell anyone that I’m an alien, then I won’t tell about the Swat Kats.”

“Then, it’s all settled”, said Razor. “Ok, my real name is Jacob Clawson, but everyone calls me Jake. And, this is my partner, Chance Furlong.”

Chance shrugged, “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”

“Well, then I’m pleased to meet you Jake.” replied Giant politely. “And Chance… can get lost,” growled Giant.

Chance leaned over to over to Jake and whispered, “I told you she wants me.”

Jake just sighed, “Chance you’re delusional.” Then, Jake turned back to Giant. “Now about your name.”

“What about it?”

“Well you can’t exactly use ‘Giant’ and not get noticed. You’ll have to have a kat name.”

“Ok,” shrugged the alien, “any suggestions?”

Jake thought for a sec. Suddenly, he remembered the perfect name for Giant – Nicole Kitty. Nicole was his best friend from kittenhood. She had been the one who introduced him to Chance and even though she was only there for a short while, she was the closest friend he’d ever had to a girlfriend. She had been there for him when his mom abandoned him. Thanks to her, the Furlong family had adopted Jake. But shortly after that she suddenly disappeared. No trace was ever found of her or her family. Jake was heartbroken and vowed that he would never look at another she-kat again. His heart belonged with Nicole’s and no one elses. Well, that was until he saw Giant. Something about her reminded him of Nicole, but what he couldn’t put his paw on.

“How about the name Nicole Kitty?” said Razor, as-a-matter-of-factly.

T-Bone was shocked. He didn’t say anything but gave Razor a stern look. Razor just shrugged and said “It’s a perfectly good name – why should it go to waste?”

T-Bone sighed, “Do what you want.”

Giant just eyed the two suspiciously. “Is there something wrong with that name?”

“No, it’s just that it used to belong to an old friend,” said Razor. “She disappeared a long time ago, but now I want you to have it.”

Giant shrugged. “Why not? Ok, so now I’m Nicole Kitty, can I stay with you now?”

Jake just smiled. “Let’s go home Nicole.”

Nicole returned his smile. “Lead on.”

The End …… or is it the beginning?

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