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SWAT Kats: The Gathering

By Nick Ball, Jade F. Callan & Professor Isaac Hackle

  • 7 Chapters
  • 25,684 Words

These are all “Magic : The Gathering” crossovers

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Author's Notes:

Notes and stuff:


Hey! Contest Here! I’m putting in a quote at the beginning of each

chapter, and the person who emails

me with the most detailed and correct answers gets to have/be a


in one of my future stories (Kat

Dwarf #1). Example:


“Giant Monster of the Week”


The correct answers are:



SwatKats: Unlikely Alloys

SwatKats: Unlikely Alloys: Razor


The best answer is the last one, because it’s the most specific.


All quotes are from TV, Musicals, or CD’s. Answers will be revealed

in an

`edited’ version that will be

released after a winner has been selected. All answers must be in

by the

time “Barry Gordon Gets a Vocal

Cyst” comes out (appx. 3 weeks: I have SK:TG #seven to right first.)


What you need to have read for the series:


SwatKats: The Gathering #1-5


This story’s for:


-everyone who’s written a part of this so far


-the sk rpg

-all my influences


The rating is PG-13 or so because it handles subjects that you can

only cover in classes that need a parent’s signature for you to have,

and has a couple naughty words in it.

Chapter 6


Let’s begin, shall we?



Chapter One



[edited out for content]



Chapter Two



“Did you ever see the faces of the children?

They get so excited.”


Christmas time was approaching. Jake had always liked the

Christmas season, even though he was Jewish. People always seemed to

be nicer, and since he moved out from the Salvage yard, life was

getting a bit calmer. The outside was nicer too: all the pretty

lights were making it a lot warmer then the temperature should be for

that time of year. After moving in with Abi, he became self-employed

putting together computer networks for large businesses, even doing

the work on the new network for MegaKat towers, and he was getting

more money then ever. He was making enough so that he could have an

amount to actually live on even after paying off his enforcer debt!

People were so fond of his work that he was able to get most of the

city off of Evil 95 by Bill Gates, and to see the light for Wozikat’s

System 7.5. Enough people did this that Jake had almost

single-handedly saved Apple Computer from bankruptcy, and

the wedding was just five months away.Life was good.



Chapter Three



“I’m not a loco with motives to suture myself.”


Chance was working on an engine when the computer near him

beeped. Jake’s card finding program had found a new set, and without

a thought, Chance was off getting the set from its location.

The blackness took him out. When Chance woke up, he was in a part

of Dominia that he had never seen before.


“Well, SwatKat, it looks like you and your friend haven’t

recovered from that little tussle of yours, has it?”


“Pastmaster! If you have anything worhty to say, then spit out,

because I don’t want to hear it.”


“Very well, then. Dominia’s ecosystem collapsed, causing the

massive Ice Age that most of the land is currently experiencing. In

order to maintain something of its self, it sealed off part of the

land which we are now in, while the rest of the world is trying to

regenerate itself into something new. All of us are being forced to

face our pasts, our heritages, our legacies in order for it to do so.

The land has locked in some of its possession of the cards, and when

your area has been revived, you get the set.

Unfortunately, Clawson’s got a head start, and has faced his

ancestry of religion. His area’s almost totally done, and he’ll be

able to keep us from using any of our horrible hordes.”


“What about the dark one?”


“Sidney? He’s a write-off. I’ll kill him when I have the time.”


“I know where I’m left, but what about you? Where do you stand?”


“Here, giving advice to one of my worst enemies. Goodbye.”



Chapter Four



“I offer you fear in a handful of dust.”

{note: this one’s worth double}


An infernal device on Abi’s dresser began to ring. A machine

beeped. “Speak.*BEEP*”


“Abi, it’s your mother. Please call me dear, thank you.”


Abi sat on the couch. As her shaking hand reached over to pick up

the phone from it’s recharging cradle, something put its hand over

her mouth and grabbed her. Before she knew it, she was out cold, and

on her way to something bad.


The sun was setting over the MegaKat city skyline when Jake

opened the door. He nearly dropped the bag of groceries he was

carrying when he saw the condition the apartment was in: thoroughly

thrashed. “Abi? Abi, where are you? Abi—?” Jake was getting

panicked. As he threw the bag on the

couch, he ran into the bedroom where he saw the note:


If you ever want to see your beloved fiancee again

Come to where this all began.





Chapter Five



“I don’t know you, but I think I hate you.”


The hunt was on. Jake knew in his abdominal area that Chance had

kidnapped Abi in some insane desire to get him out to where there

would be a fight. When Jake got his hands around that thick

neck, hell would be paid.


Abi came back to the land of the living with her hands behind her

back, and her entire body bound to a chair. “Where am I?”


“Right where I want you.”


The voice sounded like Chance, but had a much more reptilian

sound to it, like Chance had bonded with Dr. Viper, but the voice

wasn’t quite there, and there was just an edge to his vocal sound.

“Chance – Is that you?”




“Why are you doing this?”


“To lure your honey-boy out into the open so I can destroy him.”




“Because he nearly destroyed ME!”


“But you attacked him first!”


“That doesn’t fit into it!”


“It’s the whole reason you hate him now, isn’t it?”


“Be quiet. I need you alive and well for when he shows, and I

can’t afford any accidents, now can I?”


Chance walked into a thin beam of light coming into an otherwise

dark room. He was all white now, except for his stripes, and there

was a tattoo of a snake on his arm: The sign of the Mara.



Chapter Six



“the daytime crap of the folk singers slop,

he hung himself with a guitar string,

a slab of turkey neck and it’s hangin’ from a pigeon wing,

I can’t write if ya’ can’t relate,

trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate,

and my time is a piece of wax, fallen on a termite,

who’s chokin’ on the splinters”


The door exploded. Razor had blown it to smitherines with a

mini-matchead missle, and his glovatrix was aimed straight at

Chance. “Let her go.”


“Jake! Watch out!” screamed Abi.


“You would be wise to listen to her.”


“Chance? What’s happened to your voice? You don’t look so



“I am fine. Chance is no longer, however. I am the Mara.”


“The what? What the hell are you talking about?”


“The Mara poseses the spirit of its prey, and then gets everyone

and everything associated with them to get each other against

themselves so it can kill them and consume their bodies.”


“Thank you, doctor. So how do I destroy this thing?”


“It’s got to be made to face itself.”


“Right. Come and get it. I’m ready for you, Mara, but the

question is, are you ready for me?”


“Foolish and Impudent mortal, you shall pay for this.”


Razor took off like he had never ran before. He zoomed through

the garage towards the hanger, with the reflective metal walls, and

the Mara posessed Chance went racing after him. Razor got to his

target area first, and had enough time to hide and turn off all the

lights. The stage was set, and it was time to play the final act.



Chapter Seven



“This is the end. My only friend, the end.”


The Mara was in pursuit. The form it had taken was too slow, but

it would have to do until it could get into face to face battle. It

reached the hanger and left the body of Chance Furlong on the floor

and unawake. The hangar was empty, or so the Mara thought. There

was total blackness, and no sound.

Razor saw this to be his opportunity that wouldn’t knock twice, and

turned on all the lights. He then saw the Mara in its true form:

tED tURNER. But this was only the disguise, as from tED’s old and

ugly body, a snake appeared that grew, larger and larger and larger,

until it filled most of the hangar. It saw the mirrored walls, and

began to shriek in pain.


“YOU TRICKED ME!!!” hissed the Mara.


“No, Mara, you tricked yourself. Farewell, it hasn’t been



“I will never die. The Mara is not beaten with such low levels

anymore. However, I am weak, but I will return! And then, nothing

shall survive.” A flash of black light knocked out the hangar area

for a split second, and a fluorescent picture of a snake was embedded

in a tile on the floor of the hangar, which Razor didn’t notice. He

walked past Chance, untied Abi, changed clothes, and went home.



Chapter Eight



“To riding your bike mid-day past the three-piece-suits

To Fruits, To No Absolutes

To Absolut, To Choice

To the Villaige Voice

To Any Passing Fad.

To Being an Us for Once, Instead of a Them.”


The next day, Chance had a large headache. Realizing what he had

done, and what had happened, he decided that he had better not go

near Jake for a while, although he did see the wedding

invitation on the kitchen table.


Abi was doing something that she felt was going to regret, but

never did. She picked up the phone and dialed seven digits. It rang

three times, and a she-kat answered.




“Mom, it’s me.”


Jake was feeling happy. Chance was deposessed, Abi’s mom had

seen the light, and realized that Abi was competent, he had a good

job, and a great life ahead, and only one month to go until he was a

happily married kat.


Little did anyone know, but a spaceship was going through space,

and a picture of Jake was on

the monitor.










{play closing dr. who music now}


NEXT UP: The wedding! The Daleks! The last part I’m writing for

this series! Remember to enter the quotes contest, and one more



If you have read:


-Pre Wildstorm Rising Issues of:



Gen13 or





Any issues from 1-20 of the Maxx, or seen the cartoon




Issues from after the second Rampage through #25 or so of The Savage





Any Issues of Spawn, or seen the HBO cartoon


and feel like you know enough to do crossovers with any of the above

comic books, please let me know, as I am looking for authors for my

next series, I of the Storm, which will run the SwatKats throughout

the universe of Image Comics. Don’t forget to enter the quotes

contest by emailing your answers to:




The due date is the day before “Barry Gordon Gets a Vocal Cyst”

appears on the fanfic archive, as it will have the answers in it, and

I will released a new version of this story with the answers in it.

Good luck to all
>The due date is the day before “Barry Gordon Gets a Vocal Cyst”
appears on the fanfic archive, as it will have the answers in it, and
I will released a new version of this story with the answers in it.
Good luck to all

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