Original SWAT Kats Story

Road Trip

By Nick Ball

  • 5 Chapters
  • 20,344 Words

Nick’s RPG character Bender and Ashrin’s Vachon go on vacation

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Author's Notes:

“Road Trip” Part II by Nicholas “Porn Merchant Of Venice” Ball (NC-17)

PreStory: Okay, the only explanation I’m going to give here is to say that I was dying to work references to Ashrin’s great stuff in, and I’d never tried writing some ‘erotica’ before. This story should get a NC-17 stamp, if only so I can pretend I’m controversial, when I’m just mucking around ? Enjoy.

“Road Trip, Part II” (NC-17)

Chapter 2


The kat walked along the forest path and reached the small clearing. It had been used many times before, though the kat wasn’t to know this, and if he knew this, or rather, if he’d known what the clearing had been used for, he would have definitly picked a different place to eat his lunch. The view was indeed nice, but mating grounds are mating grounds, and the concept of eating lunch at a place where so many others had..had…well, fortunately Jeremy didn’t know this, and he sat down on a small rock that had also been used many times before. Had he known what the rock had been used for, he would have lost his lunch, or rather, lost whatever lunch he’d managed to eat down before discovering that the rock he was sitting on was indeed multifunctional.

The hermvixen entered the clearing, carrying a small basket with her. It contained lunch. She looked over the clearing.


She also didn’t know what the clearing had been used for so many times before, but if she did, she would have to agree that it was a nice place for it. But she didn’t, and settled on the statement that the clearing was a nice place for lunch.


The clearing itself was about ten metres across, and roughly circular. A few rocks and sticks sat on the dirt. Trees surrounded them mostly, with the only exception being the path from whence they came and a rocky slope to one side, with several caves leading from it. Jeremy didn’t give a second thought to the caves, though he would have been wary when he did. Wolves lived in those caves, unbeknownst to him. They watched every move the two made now. Soon, it would take effect on the two. The male first, always the male first. Then the female. It would be a spectacle, to say the least.

************ Paint Me right Can you feel The heat in me tonight? Oh I, I’m the pearl Paint your love all over my world ************

“Tell me something about yourself – something I don’t know already”

“I think you know everything. You’ve still got all my memories, right?” Jeremy replied.

“Of course. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. There was a memory that didn’t fully make it across”

“Fully make it? What do you mean?”

“Well, it didn’t make it into me the first time. I’d like you to try again”

“Oh, alright. Which memory?”

“June 5th, 1992”

“I..um..don’t know if I can remember that one. Well, remember which one it was. What happened on that day?”

“Perfect Match”

“P..pp..perfect match?” The kat looked up to the fox in saddness, and hung his head.

“Yes. Look, I know it’s not easy..but I think it’s important for you to get it out. Into the open. I’ve got most of it. Right up to…when..she was about to pick”

“Oh God”

“Now relax. I’m only trying to help you”

The kat hung his head in his paws and stared at the ground. The fox knew his saddness, or so she thought, and was prepared to console him as best she could. She had planned ahead for this moment, but she wasn’t prepared for this. She wasn’t prepared for this amount of trauma, or for the pheromones to hit.

**************** Please release me Let me go Because I Don’t love you Any more Her lips are hot But yours are cold Release me Let me go ****************

The hermaphrodite sniffed the air. She was called a she only in a manner of speaking, as she was a hermaphrodite, but her voice and…curves suggested that she was a she. Thus, she smelled something, even though she wasn’t meant to smell anything at all. The tomkat did smell something also, and it had a great effect on him.

Sniff. Sniff.

“Do you smell something?”

“Ah, Vachon”


Jeremy took his glasses off and held them casually in a paw. He narrowed his eyes and looked rather suave.

“You look ravishing today, my dear”

Vachon smiled at him curiously.

“Who is this?”

“It is I, the lovelorn being known as Jeremy….”

Light beads of sweat appeared on the tomkat’s forehead.

“..and I have waited – how LONG I have waited – to disgorge my insidemost sensations in your vicinity…”

Jeremy’s paw shook, and his glasses dropped to the ground. His paw continued to shake, as the beads of sweat grew larger.

“Now we are alone..and at last..no…AT LAST I am free to reveal..NO..that which lies unseen in my heart”

Jeremy moved slightly back and his eyes widened.

“Can you guess it, darling? Can you?”

Jeremy grabbed his suspenders and tugged on them, to stop his whole body quaking. He released them, and looked back to the perplexed fox.

“You are silent. Overwhelmed, perhaps – but how much more than whelmed will you be when I tell you..no!…when I tell you that I…NO!…love…”

Jeremy grabbed his head by his tufts of fur.


And he passed out.

***************** You shake my nerve and you rattle my brain Too much love drives a man insane You broke my will Oh, what a thrill Goodness gracious Great balls of fire *****************

“Hey, Jer. Welcome back. You alright?”

“I was…going to say…ice-cream”

“Oh. I didn’t even think it was you”

“No, it wasn’t”

“Thought not. Water?”


The kat took the water bottle and drank heavily.

“It was the SMELLS. Making me say…stuff”


There was a short pause, and Vachon took a bite of her sandwich.

“Well it was”

“Mmm – hmm”

The last remnants of the male-based pheromone faded into a passing breeze, where they diffused and dispersed. Then the female-based pheromones wafted along…

***************** Get your motor running Way out on the highway Looking for adventure And whatever comes my way Born to be wild ******************

Sniff. Sniff.

Vachon dropped her sandwich and wrapped her arms tightly around her upper half. The leant back in her own embrace, and arched her back, making herself into a little arch. She stretched as far as she could, and swished her tail slowly. “Mmmmmm” she said.


Vachon rolled slowly over onto her left side, stretching her arms far out above her head as she did so.


“Are you feeling okay?”

‘Oh, it feels so..sooo-”

Vachon put her arms on her shoulders and pushed. Her paws stuck there slightly, then slid down her body. She dragged them back up her front, stopping at her chest, which she seemed to push all the harder on.


Vachon repeated her past runs, but much quicker this time. Her breath started to heave, and her chest rose and fell to try and keep up with her.



Jeremy knelt down next to the vixen.

“Ooohhh….touch me”

“I’m sorry? Touch you?”

“Tou..touch me!”

Jeremy extended a paw and held his finger mere inches from her shoulder. He looked at her, then touched her shoulder with the aforementioned digit, experimentally.


Vachon’s display of delight echoed through the forest. Jeremy was so startled, he fell back onto his tail. Vachon sat up and looked across at him.

“..tell me about Newton’s Laws of Motion” she gasped, and smiled.

The kat blinked.

“Uh…well – objects in motion travel in a straight line. Until a force acts upon them”


“..and objects at rest remain at rest. Inertia is conserved”



“What about -huh- mass? Is MASS conserved?” Vachon asked, running a paw slowly down her face, licking it as she went.

“Uh..no. Einstein discovered that mass increases with velocity..”

Vachon used an arm to support her weight as she ran a paw though her hair.


Jeremy placed a paw over one of his eyes, and tried to look away.

“..but..you don’t really start to notice..til you approach the speed of light..”

“Liiiight! LIIIGGGHHTTT!! Is it -hahn- a particle? Hahn? HAHN? Or a -haaanh- a whaaaayve?”

Vachon writhed and turned to Jeremy, who tried to draw himself back more.

“..it..displays properties…of…both?”

Vachon pounced onto Jeremy.

“Vachon! THINK about this!!”


“Don’t do anything that-”

Vachon ripped Jeremy’s shirt open. Buttons flew everywhere.

“Like THAT for instance!”

Vachon slid down Jeremy and tugged at his pants. They moved down, but only briefly, as his suspenders drew them back up again. Vachon fiddled with the fasteners but couldn’t work them properly in her aroused state. She bit a suspender, and stretched it outwards, trying to break it, but it was too strong. It snapped back into place. Jeremy let his head flop back in relief and looked behind him, to the caves, where he thought he saw something move. He barely had time to register this, though, as he was suddenly snapped back to his senses by the terrible sound of ripping material.


Jeremy looked and saw Vachon standing over him. In her left paw she held the left half of his trousers, and in her right paw, she held the right half. She looked down at Jeremy’s white undershorts that had little formula’s all over it – such as NaCl + H20 -> NaOH + HCl and CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 + 2H2O + e

She looked at a few of them, then back at Jeremy.

“Chem – is – try” she said, then smiled.

The last of the female-based pheromone faded into the wind.

***************** Cos the love that you gave That we made Wasn’t able to make it Enough for you to be open wide No And every time you speak her name Does she know how you told me You’d hold me Until you died Until you died But you’re still alive And I’m here To remind you Of the mess you left When you went away It’s not fair To deny me Of the cross I bear That you gave to me You you you I don’t know ***************

“I..I…I..did I..what just happened?”

“Um…we discussed physics”

“…And I ripped your pants off?”

Vachon stared at the material in her paws.

“Er, yes. You were getting a little excited” “Did anything else happen? Between us?”

“Uh..no. Can I have my pants back now?”

Vachon handed him the pants back, which Jeremy tried to put on. It didn’t work, and it looked like he was wearing legwarmers.

“That was..peculiar. It was the..the…smell” Vachon muttered, straing into space.

“I know..I think we should get out of here”


************* Some day we’ll find it The rainbow connection The lovers The dreamers And me *************

Vachon changed gear, and looked across to Jeremy.

“Um…I’m REALLY sorry about how I..uh…lost control…back there…I’ll buy you new clothes…”

“It’s…okay. I know what it’s like – to have those… um..emotions. Do you want it now? From me?”

“No, I’m over it”

“No, the memory. Do you want the memory?”

“Oh…you’d be willing to give it? Just like that? Really?”

“I..I thought I was going to be hurt…again…but…I don’t know if I will anymore”

Jeremy reached out and touched Vachon as gently as he could on her shoulder. She took the memory, and gasped, before turning to Jeremy.


“I know. Keep looking”

Vachon internalized again, whilst Jeremy put a paw on the steering wheel. She opened her eyes.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe that..how did you…how..you must feel terrible…I can’t believe that-”

“Sssh. It’s okay now. I’m over it”

“But she- in front of eveyone”

“Sssh. It’s okay. It’s okay”

“I..you feel alright?”

“Yes” Jeremy smiled “Today I saw something inside myself, something that no-one else could ever see – not even you, and… and…I can’t describe it. Like the time you calmed me by overwhelming me with memories, sort of. And it’s all so clear to me now. You have no idea how relaxed I am right now”

Vachon smiled.

“In that case, I might take this opportunity to borrow 5 bucks off you”

“Well, normally I would, but I appear to have left my wallet in my other pair of pants”

The semitrailer drove into a dusky sunset to the sound of good times and laughter. Things were going great.


End of Part II

Well, don’t just SIT there, go on and read the final bit! Road Trip Part II Part II (that’s Part III, by the way) is cryptically hidden on the site under this story. Or it should be. And don’t worry – it’ll be a nice family episode. With a bit of tail, jacuzzi, milk and clevage thrown in for good measure.

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