Original SWAT Kats Story


By MoDaD

  • 4 Chapters
  • 21,921 Words

Megakat City, renamed Ultrakat City since its massive growth spurt, has enjoyed a period of comparative peace as it moved into the future. Then, a single night of madness and a single madman changes everything for the SWAT Kats… (4 Parts – Complete)

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Chapter 1

Mayor Calico Briggs looked out over the unbelievably massive Metropolis knows as Ultrakat City. Spanning a mind boggling 40 miles in length, and 20 in width, Ultrakat City was the largest city in the world.

“And, I just happen to be the mayor too,” Callie said as she sighed. The bigger the city got, the harder it was to control. She was glad that Commander Felina Feral had recently taken charge of the Enforcers, now that Ulysses Feral had retired. She approved of the replacement, confident in her ability to lead.

“But, just in case, I still have two vigilantes lurking about the city, keeping a watchful eye on it,” Callie said out loud. She took a seat at her enormous desk and examined the pile of papers on it. She then shoved them aside, left a memo on them, and leaned back in her leather bound chair.

“One of the perks of being mayor,” Callie said as she laughed at her own comment. For years she had served as Deputy Mayor, back when the city was known as Megakat City. However, due to zoning limitations and overcrowding, the city had been expanded, and overtook nearby cities as well. Megakat City, Megakat Springs, Anakata, and nearby Capitol City had all merged into one, and now Callie was in charge of it.

And, being in charge had become so much easier. Dark Kat was dead, killed in his last attempt to destroy the city years ago. The Pastmaster banished in time, never to be heard from or seen again. The Metallikats had been melted down, their reign of terror back in the 2010’s stopped. Hard Drive had been given a long term sentence, and had remained in Alkatraz for nearly 20 years. Then, there were the others – MadKat, Mutilor, The Red Lynx, Chop Shop, all dead or serving time.

For a city the size of the one that she was running, crime was relatively low, and the Enforcers had managed to keep things well under control. However, there was still the occasional super criminal that managed to make it up to the top, and that was when she was forced to call in the professionals.

Funny, she thought. For decades I’ve relied on them, and I still don’t really know who they are. Callie opened her desk drawer and saw the triangle shaped 2 way radio that she had kept for years. It still functioned, and had managed to serve its purpose well. She closed the drawer and once again faced the city.

“This city will always be safe, as long as those two are around.”


Chance Furlong stared at himself in the mirror for a long time. He squinted, and examined, and one of his greatest fears seemed to be taking place. He quickly wiped his eyes with water, then stared again, hoping that it had only been a trick of the light. Nope, he thought, as he gave up trying to deny it.

“What’s wrong buddy?” Jake Clawson asked as he walked down the hallway.

Chance abruptly took a step back from the mirror, caught off guard.

“Umm…nothing, just thought I saw a zit, yeah, that’s it, a zit,” Chance replied quickly, fumbling with his words slightly. Jake gave him a quizzical look at that, but shrugged and moved on.

Chance sighed to himself as he took out his razor blade and turned on the hot water. I can’t believe it, he thought as he applied the shaving cream.


Jake continued to walk down the hall, entering the computer room that he had set up. He pressed the power button, and the whole system came online in a second. He took a seat in his salvaged chair and faced the desk that the computer system was attached to.

“Good morning Jake,” the computer said.

He made no response as he scrolled though the files using a touch screen monitor. He checked their budget and payment records and blinked as he did. He double checked, then ran a quick diagnostic to make sure there weren’t any errors.

“We’re done,” he said plainly and ran to go and tell Chance the news.


“So, what’ll we do now?” Chance wondered aloud as he stood outside in the salvage yard. After so many years of living here, he never thought that he’d ever leave it.

“I dunno, move out for one, go our separate ways perhaps?” Jake asked, as he too surveyed the salvage yard. So many memories, not all of them pleasant, but memories nonetheless.

Chance gave him a look, but then realized that he was serious. They had been together for so many years, they were like brothers. It was hard for him to imagine them being apart. Chance sighed at the idea, but realized that they had spent most of their lives in debt to something that no longer even existed.

“We’re gonna have to think this one through buddy,” Chance replied as he looked out over the salvage yard.

“How about over lunch? I’m starving,” Jake replied as he headed for the salvaged SUV that he had refurbished. Chance made no objection, and followed Jake in, sitting in the passenger side seat.

“Aw man, Jake, why don’t you let me drive?”

“No way, buddy, I just salvaged this thing,” Jake said as he turned the key in the ignition and set the car moving forward. “And, I don’t drive like an old lady either.”

Chance was tempted to reply, but decided to keep the mood in a somewhat joyous manner. After all, they were now free men, heading out into the world, no longer restrained anymore. Chance smiled again, feeling truly happy for once, a sensation that he had not experienced in what seemed to be an eternity. As the thought entered his mind, he glanced in the rear view mirror, and looked at himself. There it was again, but he shrugged it off.

I’m not gonna let anything ruin my day, Chance thought as Jake took the road that would lead to the freeway.


Commander Felina Feral sat back in her seat and observed the city through the one of the many windows at Megakat Tower. Numerous times this very particular building had suffered considerable damage, through equally unusual circumstances. Now, it stood in the midst of Ultrakat City, a lone structure that served as a reminder of the old, that was now surrounded by the new.

“Amazing,” she said to no one in particular as she sipped on her Coca Cola. She tasted the almost bitter liquid, boosted by the carbonation entering her mouth. She then sighed and craved a little something extra, but she was, however, still on duty. She put the glass down on the table that she had been sitting at and still waited for her tuna on wheat to arrive.

She signaled the nearest waiter and got the same ‘it’ll be done in 5 minutes’ excuses, and she decided to wait another couple of minutes before she would put her authority into play. She then removed something from her trench coat pocket and examined it in her paws. It was shiny in color, solid gold most likely, and in the shape of a ring. It had the words “together forever” written on it, and she almost felt tempted to laugh at the notion. She put the ring back in her pocket and turned to face the window again.

“Whoa, Jake, I really don’t think we can afford this,” a voice from the restaurant entranceway said. She turned around and confirmed her suspicions. It was him. She didn’t quite know what to do and turned her back so as not to be seen.

“Oh, come on, Chance, can’t we at least celebrate our freedom in style?” another voice returned. The other figure shrugged as another of the waiters approached the two and led them to their table. Great, they’re coming to the seat next to me, Felina thought as she turned her back even more. I better get out of here before…

“Felina?” one of the two asked, Jake she thought. The other, Chance, turned to look in her direction. She slowly turned to face them and saw the sudden happiness lift from their faces, and was gradually replaced with something more serious.

“Hello, Jake, Chance,” she said, not too enthusiastically.

Chance seemed to be the one growing more uncomfortable by the second, and she decided to save him the trouble of having to talk with her. “I was just leaving…” she said as the waiter abruptly put her meal on her table.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Jake said, trying to break the silence and making his best attempt to keep Chance from having to speak if he didn’t want to.

“Here,” she said and left a ten dollar bill on the table. “Keep the change,” she said as she quickly got up from her seat. “Um, nice to see you again, Chance, you too, Jake, um…I kinda have to get going now…”

“I understand, nice seeing you too,” Chance replied, speaking to her for the first time.

Felina nodded and quickly left.

Jake sighed as Chance took his seat at the table that he had been assigned.

“It’s been five years, buddy,” Jake said.

“Yeah, I know it has,” Chance replied as he removed a ring from his finger. “I dunno, sometimes…sometimes I figure that someday she might…you know.”

Jake nodded his reply before he spoke again, trying to choose his words carefully.

“That was a tough time for all of us, Chance, I’m sure that…” he began, but was cut off.

“Look, you don’t need to try and sympathize with me here buddy; it’s done, it’s over, end of discussion,” Chance said firmly as he put the ring back on his finger.

Jake sighed and decided that a change in topics was in order.

“Well, anyways, I was thinking about taking a little vacation myself, heading out to Old Anakata. I’ve managed to save some cash on the side…” Jake began, but was interrupted again. He heard a slight beeping coming from his pager, as did Chance with his. They both gave each other a look, before both unanimously saying the same thing.

“Check please.”


A car exploded as it was hit with a renegade projectile weapon, incinerating it before it had time to hit the ground. The side of a
building caved in as it was also hit by another projectile as well. A figure, standing nearly seven feet tall, wearing some kind of hi-tech body armor suit was walking down the streets.

“No more!” he shouted as he blew up another building and continued to walk down the street. “No more! The Beast must die! The government is corrupt and has to be stopped!” he shouted again as he launched a missile at a mailbox, blowing it away and scattering mail all over the street.

A dozen Enforcer cruisers pulled up, backed up by tanks and helicopters hovering in the sky above. The Enforcers dressed in full SWAT gear exited and quickly surrounded him, taking defensive positions behind anything that they could find.

“You are the tools of the Beast!” the kat said as he raised his body armored arm and took aim at the nearest group. “The Judge says that you die with it!” he said as he fired a cluster of explosives from his suit. The Enforcers ducked for cover as the area around them erupted in flames, knocking them to their backs.

Felina arrived on the scene and quickly withdrew her sidearm and aimed it at the terrorist. Seventeen years ago she would’ve opened fire without a second thought, but she had procedures to follow now.

“You’re under arrest!” Felina said, wishing that she could just shoot first and ask questions later. “Cease your activities at once!”

The perpetrator merely laughed and fired one of his many explosives in her direction. She dove out of the way as her squad car erupted into flames.

“Open fire!” she ordered as she did so herself. Her Enforcers did so, taking aim and shooting to kill. She took a few shots herself, but then stopped as she realized the kat was still laughing. Their weapons were having no effect on that body armor.

“Fools! The Judge is invulnerable!” the kat said as he took aim again. “Now, I declare you all guilty of serving The Power; the penalty is death!” he said, firing more explosives at the Enforcers. Many did their best to get out of the way, but many weren’t so lucky and were hit dead on by the explosives. Felina closed her eyes and opened them again,… to see nothing but a crater where the Enforcers had stood.

“That does it,” she said as she stood up and tossed her pistol to the ground. Then, without looking, she extended her arm and clearly stated, “Weapon.”

The nearest Enforcer reached into the back of a nearby tank and withdrew an oversized anti-aircraft bazooka. He then handed it to the Commander, who took it and placed it on her shoulder as she adjusted the sight. She knelt on one knee and found the range.

“Fire in the hole,” she warned. Some of the veteran Enforcers nearby leaped out of the way, familiar with their Commander’s style of justice. She fired, jerking back slightly as the missile shot out of the barrel and raced forward at the one who called himself ‘The Judge.’

The terrorist was knocked nearly fifty feet down the street as the missile impacted him and exploded. He bumped into a lamppost on the way and plopped down unmoving.

Felina gave a sigh of relief.

“Go and make sure he’s dead,” she said, not too happily.

The nearest group of Enforcers slowly walked up to the motionless figure, weapons at the ready. The kat was literally smoking, the front of his body armor charred and blackened.

“I think he’s dead, Commander,” one of the approaching Enforcers said over his shoulder. As soon as he finished that statement, the figure jumped up onto his feet and slugged the Enforcer square in the jaw. The Enforcer was knocked clean off his feet and landed on the sidewalk nearby, clutching his face. The others that had accompanied him opened fire, but the kat took no notice of it and managed to take them out with either his fist or explosives one at a time.


Chance and Jake had returned to the salvage yard and changed into their SWAT Kat flight suits and were now currently in route with the Turbokat to the troubled area. Something still bothered Chance, and he couldn’t get it off his mind. Jake in the back, now Razor, noticed his partner’s obvious discomfort.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” he asked with concern in his voice.

T-Bone gave him a look in the mirror, one of concern as well. He then sighed and decided to tell him his problem.

“This morning, I found a gray hair,” Chance, now T-Bone, replied.

Razor gave him a strange look and tried not to laugh. But, the seriousness that T-Bone had managed to put into it made him realize what it was that he was probably thinking about.

“It can’t be that bad. I mean, it’s only a gray hair…” he began.

“Only a gray hair?” T-Bone said in a much more solemn manner. “Razor, I’m getting old, that’s nothing to take lightly.”

“Oh, come on, you’re not *that* old. Why, most kats your age can’t do half what you do, pal,” Razor said.

T-Bone only sighed and drew his attention back to his flying.

“Yeah, whatever,” he replied without a trace of enthusiasm.

Razor decided to give up. Once Chance had made up his mind about something it was nearly impossible to change it. He then glanced at the radar and realized they were approaching their destination.

“Looks like we’re here,” Razor reported as he looked out the tinted canopy of the cockpit. He saw fires and smoking piles of debris. “Well, looks like whoever we’re after likes explosives.”

“Yeah, then I think we found our guy then,” T-Bone said pointing to a tall armored kat, firing at the gathered Enforcers. “And, it doesn’t look like he came for the attractions either.”

“Roger that,” Razor said as he engaged his targeting visor, a quick motion that had become second nature over the years. “Locking on, Spider Missile, Deployed!” Razor declared as the bombay of the Turbokat released a tethered missile in the destructive kat’s direction.

The missile followed its course and caught the kat off guard, entangling him in the net-like projections.

“Bingo!” Razor said with his usual satisfaction at having one of his gadgets succeed.

“Nice shot, buddy. Now, let’s reel this guy in,” T-Bone said as he lifted the Turbokat to a higher altitude, lifting the entangled kat off the ground and into the air. He then noticed the jet jerking slightly as he increased speed. “What’s going on?”

“It’s our passenger – looks like he doesn’t wanna fly,” Razor replied as he looked at his screens and saw the kat ripping free of the spider missile and firing at the fuselage. The Turbokat abruptly jerked again as one of the kat’s explosives detonated close to one of the wings.

“Better get him off, sureshot, or we might have to walk home,” T-Bone warned as he did his best to try and avoid the weapons being fired at him.

“He’s too close, he’s beyond the range off my missiles,” Razor said as his rangefinder blinked red. The jet shuddered again as a deep thud sound could be heard just below them.

“He’s getting closer, better ditch the tether,” T-Bone said as he swerved the jet sideways, just barely avoiding one of the kat’s
explosives. The area where the Turbokat had just vacated lit up with fire.

“Roger,” Razor said as he pressed the DETACH button on his console. The net released, and the kat fell from the Turbokat, flailing in the air as he shot straight down for the streets far below. Both the SWAT Kats could see the kat plummeting to the ground, and both winced as they watched him impact the street, cracking it.

“Ouch,” T-Bone said as he put the jet into VTOL mode and made a quick landing on the street. He shut down the engines and opened the canopy.

Razor was the first to hop out and ran up to where the kat had collided with concrete.

“Oh man…I think he’s dead,” he said as he examined the motionless body. “Although, it’s hard to tell with that body armor on.”

T-Bone walked up to Razor, and stared at the motionless form. He knelt down on one knee and gave him a poke with his index finger. Nothing happened and he stood back up.

“Yep, he’s dead.”

As soon as T-Bone finished his statement, the kat suddenly shot up onto his feet and looked right at T-Bone. Then, without wasting another second, he punched the big kat square in the jaw.

“Oof!” he grunted as he felt the armored paw shoot right into his face, knocking him onto the ground. He fell with a thud and saw stars enter his vision.

“You idiots!” the kat shouted, aiming one of his arms at the fallen T-Bone. “You dare interrupt the Judge during one of his trials?” the kat said as a clicking sound came from his arm. “The penalty is death, and I am going to carry out the sentence!”

Crud, T-Bone thought as he wondered what he could do from his vantage point laying on the street. Fortunately for him, he didn’t have to as Razor, out of no where, kicked the kat’s arm right as he fired the explosive. T-Bone could see a nearby small building blow up and topple to the ground.

“Watch it, buddy, no one is gonna die here today,” Razor said as he took a fighting stance and faced down the kat who called himself the Judge.

The kat laughed and gave his own mock stance and charged Razor head on. Razor had anticipated that and leapt over him, driving him past him and into a street light. A loud clang could be heard as the kat staggered back, but turned around unfazed.

“Is that the best you can do?” he asked incredulously as he took aim with one of his arms and fired a volley of explosives. Razor’s eyes went wide as he backflipped out of the way of the first one, just as the spot where he had been standing turned into a crater. He then tucked and rolled out of the way of the second one, and leapt into the air and somersaulted as the third blew up in the air behind him. He landed hard on his back at that one, dazed, but alive.

“Very good, too bad this isn’t a gymnastics competition!” the Judge mocked as he took aim. He then fell to his knees and slumped forward at an awkward angle. Razor glanced up to see T-Bone was on his feet, holding large piece of pipe. He then dropped it and sat down, out of breath.

“Nice job, where’d you find the pipe?” Razor asked as he got back up, and removed a pair of cuffs from his flightsuit pocket.

T-Bone gestured over his shoulder to the demolished building. He then cuffed the kat and rolled him over on his back, and removed the mask to see who it was.

“Hmm, I don’t recognize him,” Razor said as T-Bone got up to have a look.

“Me neither, must be new,” T-Bone said as he sighed. He then realized that his pulse was going rather fast. “Man, I am getting old. I’m already starting to break a sweat.”

“Naw, we’re just out of practice. Haven’t had too many major crimes lately,” Razor said as he made sure the kat was restrained tightly.

T-Bone decided that he might as well accept that and get his partner’s worries out of the way, at least temporarily.

“Yeah, I better hit the simulators when I get back,” T-Bone replied as he walked back in the Turbokat’s direction.

Razor followed him, leaving the kat there for the Enforcers to pick up. A sudden thought came to mind, and Razor felt instantly stupid because of it. ‘Never turn your back on em’ he thought, and instantly spun around. T-Bone seemed to have the same thought as he turned too.

The Judge was back on his feet, and, somehow, he had managed to silently escape from his restraints and was aiming his arm at them. Wordlessly, he opened fire with a missile that shot right in Razor’s direction. Time seemed to have frozen right at that moment, as did Razor. He suddenly felt himself being shoved to the ground as T-Bone leapt into his place.

Razor was on the ground, watching as T-Bone was hit by the missile. It lifted him off his feet, and carried him in the direction of a building just down the block. Razor could see the look in T-Bone’s eyes, and couldn’t help but yell out “Chance!”

T-Bone looked back at Razor, a look of utter despair as the missile carried him into the glass doorway of the building and into the lobby where he disappeared from sight. Then, the lobby was filled with fire as the explosion cracked windows of other nearby buildings. Glass broke and fell to the ground; the Judge himself was knocked back.

The building was now entirely up in flames and ever so slowly was toppling to the ground. Razor watched all the while, seeing that look in T-Bone’s eyes, imprinted on his mind, like writing engraved on a tombstone.

“Whoa, now *that* was a big explosion!” the Judge laughed as he got back up, dusted himself off, then took aim at Razor. “Your turn.”

Razor sat where he was, still watching the flames burning as what had been a building was now a massive pile of debris. He stared at it for what seemed like an eternity, hearing a voice in the background, but not really hearing the words.

“Come on!” the kat taunted. “Get up!”

Razor continued to stare at the debris, looking for any sign of life, but finding none. At that moment, the Judge fired an explosive round only feet away from him. Razor didn’t flinch, but continued to stare at the building.

“GET UP!” the kat shouted again and fired another round close to him, but not hitting him. Razor just sat there, staring into the fire. A feeling of utter mournfulness welled up inside him, and he just watched.

“Come on, get up – I want to see if you’re as flammable as the other one!”

Razor heard what the kat was saying, and ever so slowly, he turned around. He saw the kat, helmet removed, smiling sadistically.

“That’s right, get up!” he shouted again, aiming one of his arms directly at him.

Razor stood up, ever so slowly, facing the kat, seeing the evil glare that was being directed at him. Then, a feeling that Razor had
never experienced before, at least not to such a degree, overcame him. His eyes welled with tears, and his voice shook as he spoke.

“I’m going to kill you,” Razor said plainly as he stared at the kat head on. He took off his glovatrix and tossed it on the ground and steadily walked towards the kat.

“Really now?” the Judge said as he fired an explosive right in Razor’s path, taunting him even further. Razor was unfazed and continued to walk, expression unchanging. The Judge was about to fire again, but was unable to. In one quick motion, Razor was on top of him, claws extended, and lashing out.


Felina Feral took note of the casualties, one of the many aspects of the job she didn’t enjoy. Six dead, another two dozen wounded. She sighed as she helped those that she could, until the medics arrived. At long last they did, and she let them do their job. She paused to lean against one of the remaining undestroyed squad cars when she heard something very faint.

“What is that?” she asked no one in particular. She signaled for two Enforcers to follow her, and she walked down the street. She found that traffic was eerily non-existent, most likely because of all of the explosions. She continued to walk down the street, and finally recognized the noise as screaming.

“Come on!” she ordered as she broke into a sprint, her Enforcers struggling to keep up. She rounded a corner and froze in midstep.

There, in the middle of the street, was Razor. But, that’s not what made her freeze. He was on top of the terrorist, severely beating him with his bare hands, screaming out something as he did. She could already see that that psycho who called himself the judge was unmoving, blood flowing onto the street.

“Razor, freeze!” she yelled as she drew her pistol, the Enforcers doing the same and taking aim at the lone SWAT Kat.

Razor didn’t stop, and continued, seemingly with no intention of stopping. She gestured for her Enforcers to go after him.

The first one arrived and grabbed the SWAT Kat in a headlock while the other went for his legs. They managed to restrain him, pining him to the ground. Razor went limp and didn’t struggle. Felina could see that there were tears in his eyes and wondered what had happened. She then looked at the Judge and quickly turned away. Dead, no doubt about that. She sighed, then withdrew a pair of paw cuffs.

“Razor,” she said as she approached him. “I’m arresting you – you’re charged with murder.”

Razor made no reply, but was mumbling something about T-Bone. Felina paused and looked over to where Razor was staring. A large building had been totaled and was ablaze with an intense fire. Realization dawned and she dropped the cuffs and stared at the flames as well.

“Chance…,” she whispered to herself. She stood there for a while before she said anything else. “Let him go.”

The two Enforcers looked at one another, then back at Felina.

“But…Commander…,” one of them began.

“Let him go!” she shouted this time.

The two Enforcers shrugged, and released Razor. He could hear the sound of sirens approaching and knew that a crowd would gather soon.

“Leave,” she said as she turned away from him. “Leave now – I don’t ever want to see you again. If you do, I’ll make sure you get the chair,” she said plainly, still not facing him.

Razor got up and ran, not stopping.


Ann Gora had been in the news industry for what seemed like all her life, and she had made the best of it, setting a trend in news that had yet to be surpassed. Now, with a slight graying hair and the occasional wrinkle appearing on her face, she had the look of wisdom on her face. But, nothing the guys in makeup can’t fix up, she thought confidently as she arrived on the scene, just in time to see Commander Felina Feral walking down the street on foot. Ann quickly exited her car and walked up to her as did about another half a dozen of her fellow media.

“Commander Feral, is it true that the terrorist calling himself the Judge has been stopped?” Ann asked, raising her microphone so that kats at home could hear her response.

Felina had a seemingly distracted look on her face as she replied.

“Yes, the terrorist known as the Judge has been stopped and was found DOA five minutes ago,” Felina said. The media was then stirred, all asking questions. She heard someone ask if the Enforcers did the killing, and she made her reply.

“No, the Enforcers were not responsible for his death. We…assume that he was killed by an explosives malfunction with that body armor suit that he wore,” she lied.

“Did the SWAT Kats have any role in this?” Ann asked as she had heard reports of the Turbokat in the area.

Felina paused and decided to tell the truth. Hell, they’ll find out eventually, she thought.

“Yes, the SWAT Kats assisted in helping us take on ‘The Judge,’ however, we have received confirmation that the SWAT Kat known as T-Bone was killed.”

The media was suddenly silenced by that, all giving their own separate expressions. They began to whisper among themselves, some saying that it was impossible or unbelievable. Felina couldn’t take it anymore and quickly stopped the interviews.

“The Enforcers are investigating this matter; we’ll have more information for you as soon as we can,” she said as she turned away from them and entered a nearby squad car. She heard the sounds of the reporters asking for more and, out of the corner of her eye, watched as the Enforcers moved to keep them back. She sat back in the seat and felt a tear roll down her cheek. She then turned the key in the ignition and drove away.


Razor ran and didn’t stop running, all the pain and adrenaline wearing away, being replaced by a deep anguish that he had never in his life experienced to such a degree. He ran until buildings became less and less close to one another, until they disappeared all together and were replaced by wide open spaces. He ran as the sun moved across the sky and was replaced by darkness. He ran, tears still running down his face. Stars one after the other appeared in the sky, and the moon rose into the now night sky. Razor ran and then stopped.

He looked into the moonlit area, and realized he was right in the middle of Megakat Desert. He had stopped running due to the fact that he was at the edge of a large cliff that hung on the verge of Megakat Canyon. He peeked over the edge and couldn’t see the bottom. He looked around, saw a catus nearby. A coyote howled in the distance and crickets chirped. He once again looked at the deep fissure that protruded into the earth and made up his mind. He walked away from the canyon, about fifty paces, and looked back towards it.

He then turned around and ran for the edge of the cliff. He took leaping bounds, seeing the edge get closer, the canyon getting larger in his vision. Mere inches away from the edge he skidded to a stop, knocking loose some stones that he heard falling towards the bottom. After a few seconds, he heard them collide at the bottom, far below.

“No, I can’t do it…” he said to himself as he took a few steps back. He then ripped his flight suit off of his body, removed his bandana mask, and tore his helmet from his head. He held the items in his hands and dropped them into the canyon.

“Never again,” he declared as he turned away from the canyon and walked back towards Ultrakat City.

To be continued…

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