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The Trouble with Cheese


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(Unfinished) Children cause trouble at the biochemical labs.

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Author's Notes:

Hi story  guys !sorry to hold you back but old Mj wants a word with  yall ! This is my first Swat Kat story ( or fan fiction , what ever you  want to call it ) so don’t expect a novel type thing   but , what the  hey . I will have fun writing this story and I hope you will have fun  reading it !

In a lab on one of the floors of Mega Kat biochemical A short , rather  old Kat with brown fur and wearing lab coat  was looking at a test tube  at eye level While his partner poured a wired substance in to the  bubbling mixture.”carefully , carefully”Whispered  Jones Milligan ,   a well known scientist down in Mega Kat labs and right now he and his  partner Esther Freeman were on the verge of completing the most  important discovery of the decade , life serum . This stuff would make  any thing come alive by forming a small hart and brain in side the  object if a electrical current went through it .”Hey ! Hey . I think  that’s enough”said Jones as Esther pours in the last few drips of the  goo in to the small test tube .”That’s it . After months of hard  work , We did it”said Jones as he stood up  and looked at  Esther .

She was a taller , younger kat with gray fur and glasses  and  looked  more like a stripper than a sientis but she was very intelligent .
“You know I couldn’t of done it with out you”He said and put his had  out to shake hers . as he was doing this he brushed his cuff off the   top of the test tube . They both held  their breath as the tube wobbled  from side to side . As quick as a flash Esther put her paw out and  snatched the toppling tube .”Look Jones , you gotta be careful round  this stuff. we don’t know enough about it until we conducted the tests  tomorrow”Said Esther in a commanding tone looking at Jones like a  mother would look at a kid that just went and dropped a bowl of  porridge on the best seat .”To avoid another close shave I’ll put it  in the safe and we’ll lock up for the night , eh”She said as she  walked over to the safe . suddenly Jones swore and said”Hey , do you  remember what’s happening tomorrow ? The lab Is having its annual  School open day ! just think how many partes of whining kids are  wanting to visit the biology department “! Esther closed the safe  and walked to the door”It’s not all that bad , we just hide all of  the dangerous stuff “She said  then paused and said

“what’s  wrong with kids any way”? Jones walked to the door and flicked of  the lights . Jones looked at Esther through the darkness and said”I  can’t stand them , they are just to unpredictable”and they walked out  together the walked out and locked the door behind them .

Chance Furlong looked at the car with a puzzled face . the engine was  completely fried .”Uhh . Jake what do you make of this”? Jake  Clawson who was reading the news paper  looked up and said”make of  what”? Chance pulled a face and said in a harsh tone”get your tail  down here and help”! Jake put his head up from the paper and said “yeah whatever , Chance check this out”! Chance sighed and slammed  the oily rag he was clutching on to the ground and headed  to the couch  where Jake was sitting .”it says here”He started”that it is the  Mega Kat biochemical open day on Monday . That’s tomorrow”Chance  cringed”What you wanted to go , you have see in their enough”said  Chance . Jake gave him the * Evil eye * and continued”I know we’ve  been their a lot but don’t you think that a  building full of dangerous  chemicals and a load of children is not a good place for a villain  attack ? I wouldn’t want us to be to far a way if an emergency was to  arise”! Said Jake frowning”So you want to shut the shop tomorrow and  go as the swat kats”? whispered Chance , As if some one was  listening .Jake hummed and said”Well the firs part is right but I  think we should hide the gear somewhere so we can go through the crowds  and if any thing was to happen , we could pick up the stuff if  needed”!  Jake stated to get up while he spoke . He walked over to  the car that Chance was working on a minuet ago . Chance sat down and  looked at the paper to see what was happening in Mega Kat city when  Jake shouted .”Get your tail down here and help”!  Early the next morning Jones was running down the corridor of Mega Kat  Biochemical looking at his watch .”Yikes”! He exclaimed as he saw  he had 20 minuets to clean up the lab . The corridors of the imposing  building all ready had sings and info notices and no go barriers all  over them ! Jones rushed in to the lab where Esther was already putting  stuff in the self’s . She turned to look at him”Do you know how late  you are”? Jones was   getting his notes and lunch out of his pockets  and looked up at Esther”I know . I know”He muttered under his  breath . Mean while out side busses and coaches were pulling up out  side and kids were getting put in to groups . Jake and Chance were  walking up to the doors and Chance said in a wiser”hey where will we  put the Swat Kat gear ? this place is  mobbed”! Jake pulled out 2  packages that looked like lunch boxes and said”we don’t need to hide  them we just keep them on us , in this box there is the suite and glove  with one each types of ammo , I thought of that this morning”. Chance  grinned and straitened his face when the got in to the building and the  old guard had asked them if they were with the schools or the science  team .

after that they had got in the rest of the kids were let in ,  so Jake and Chance just walked and enjoyed them self’s but staying ever  alert in case of an attack .

It was now late afternoon and Esther and Jones were tired . Jones was  never normally tired at this time of day but the children took in all  out of him . The wouldn’t stop touching things . Nearly every class  they had in the lab would be picking up bottles or picking up the toads  and prodding them , one kid needed the toilet so Jones had to Escort  him to the nearest John that was at the other side of the floor .

Esther had near lost her voice as she had to answer some of the most  stupid questions and give the kids the same speech on how biology will  change the way we live in the next millennium . When The last class was  walking out with the attendant army of teachers and parents Esther  walked to the tap and poured he self a glass of water and said to Jones “any more classes ?”Jones who was looking for his glasses  muttered “Daft kids”Suddenly noticing that Esther spoke he jumped up”Oh err  what did you say”Esther sighed and walked over to the Timetable that  was kindly put up on the wall”Uh Oh . one more class then we can  close up”Jones slapped his head”D’oh”! A class of kids were just  coming in as Jones went back to looking for his glasses . nothing much  happened this time apart from all the children were touching stuff and  Jones had to deal out A lecture on how lab apparatus were not toys ,  but the real tragedy struck when the questions were being asked . One  kid put his hand up so violently that his lunch box flew open  scattering the contents all over the desk . Just as this happened   Jones had remembered that he left the life serum on the desk as he was  testing it at lunch . Turning to put it away he saw to his horror that  a pack of Stack snacks were rolling towards the test tube rack where  the life serum was .He watched with his eyes widened to see the test  tube tumble off the rack and fall down the side of the table . In a  vain attempt to catch it he jumped across the room shouting”NO”!  He caught it just in time ! Esther , the teachers and all the kids  turned to see Jones fly across the room and conk his head off the wall .

Esther ran to see if he was OK . he just groaned and said”I’m getting  to old for this”! He stood up shakily and walked with Esther holding  his paw and leading him over to the sink where he got himself a class  of water and a aspirin from the medical shelf . Esther put the life  serum away and told the teachers maybe It would be better if  the were  to move on .

Out side Chance and Jake were walking out of the building .”What a  flop that was”! Grumbled Chance  .
“Not one villain attack”!  Jake looked at the imposing building”I could of swore that some thing  was going to happen”Said Jake looking frustrated”I was so sure”.

Chance patted him on the shoulder and said in a motherly tone .”There . There we all make mistakes some times”As the walked to the pickup  Jake stopped suddenly and thought”Where are the bad guys , I have not  seen them all month”? Chance who was already in the car gave a loud  honk of the horn just to show what He thought of him . when Jake herd  this he ran to the pickup and then the drove off back to the garage  Mean while Commander Feral was in the basement of the  Enforcer HQ  feeling very chuffed with himself . He had just caught all the villains  in Mega Kat City all by himself .”better than what the Swat Kats have  done  any day”.

He mused to him self . turning to look at the  nasties that were tied to chairs .”OK you spineless goons . witch  one of you want to go to the slammer first”? said Commander Feral with  a grin 10 miles wide . Mad kat nodded his head stupidly only to be  kicked in the shin by Dr. viper and told to stop acting daft .

Back at the lab Esther and Jones were clearing up and Jones wanted to  have another look at the life serum .”Just think how this stuff could  help kat kind”he dreamed .”The only problem is if this batch works  there will be a huge amount corrupt , black market dealers that would  sell it to the right bidder . and  then were would the world be”?  Esther looked up from the notes she was reading”yes. and that’s why  if this batch works were going to really tightened up security round  here”She said still fingering through the pieces of paper . Jones  went to sit down in front of the desk to do some more tests on the blue  gunk . when he sat down he felt a strange object on his seat . he stood  up and looked at the chair . A cheese sandwich in a polythene bag .

“Oh well”he muttered remembering that he had not finished his lunch .

He sat down again munching his sandwich and looking closely at the test  tube picking up his notes and then it happened . His nose started to  twinge . He was going to sneeze ! He needed to rub his nose but his  paws were full . Esther turned round just in time to see Jones let out  a huge AAACHOO ! To Esther it seemed to go in slow motion . she saw a  lump of half chewed cheese go flying out of his mouth and she saw the  cheese crash in to the test tube and she saw it disappear be hind the  table  ,  followed shortly by a smash !  Later that Day Esther And Jones where in the Rec.room while the Clean  up crew were working to clean the Life . In the lab one of the Clean up  crew was at work “Heh Heh , No bule goo can standup to , Drrrrrr ,  Vac-U-suck ! heh heh”Said he said to him self trying to hold back  sniggers as he suck up the life serum that had slatterd on the ground .
“Yeah ,”Said the Cleaner”that should do it , just let the rest  know that they can come in to wash up”. He weeled the Sucker* Down to  the cubord  in the bacement .”Heh Heh , We’ll clean you up nice for  the next time a nit slips with chemicals in ther paws”He said to the  Sucker* as if it was real .

In the Rec.Room Esther was getting some coffy and jones was thinking ,  then he said”   Yeah , at this pont I got stuck on what to do ! Well If you liked it  you can tell me what you thought thanks


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