Original SWAT Kats Story

Two Sided Mirror

By Mirage

  • 2 Chapters
  • 7,747 Words

An old friend is in town, and she moves in with Jake and Chance. (Unfinished)

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Author's Notes:

This is part one in a series of stories. It doesn’t get to the point very quickly, because it is a character intro. Enjoy anyway.

Chapter 1


The January winds moaned their eerie song that cold afternoon. Jake Clawson was seated at the kitchen table, reading the Megakat Times. He was so bored. He hated winter. There was never anything to do. Chance was at the grocery store, so there was no one to talk to, and none of the good TV shows came on until later in the evening.

“What I need is some excitement.” Jake said to himself. “Winter sucks.” The tomkat looked at his watch, “Well, I suppose I could see if the mailman made it.”

Jake stood and walked towards the door. He slipped on his boots and coat, and opened the door. The harsh winds hit his face furiously. He trudged against the force, squinting hard.

“This weather bites!” He thought to himself, “Literally.”

Much to Jake’s dismay, the mailman didn’t make it. He really did hope that his paycheck had made it. He needed the money.  Oh well, better luck next time. The caramel kat scurried to the door and entered, quickly removing his coat and boots, when the buzz of the phone sounded. Jake pricked his ears forward, and walked over to the phone.

“Geez, I hope that’s not Chance calling to say he’s stuck in a ditch somewhere.” Jake said as he put the receiver to his ear. “Jake and Chance’s Auto Repair, Jake speaking.”

“Hi, Jake! Boy I’m glad I found you!” The voice of a gallant she-kat said.

“May I ask who this is?”

“You don’t remember? It’s Cassandra, Cassandra Meowford.”

“Oh my gosh!! Cass it’s good to hear from ya! It’s been years! But, how’d you find my number?”

“The phone book of course!” She replied, “But I called you to ask a favor, since you’re pretty reliable.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Well, I moved back into town a week ago, and I’m staying with my grandparents. I kinda don’t want to hassle them, so I was just wondering if, maybe, I could stay with you until I find a place.”

“Of course, you’re welcome for as long as you like. By the way, Chance does live with me, if that’s alright with you.”

“Great! That’s perfectly fine, Jake. Can I come tomorrow, say about noon?”

“Yep, that’s fine.” He then gave her directions.

“See ya then! Bye!”


Jake set the phone back on it’s resting place, and walked back to sit his chair. He smiled to himself, and leaned back, reminiscing. He, Chance, and Cass had been friends from elementary school up until eighth grade. That was when Cass had to move away. She was a very rugged adolesant. Her white hair was never combed, and was in an eternal matted ponytail. She always had on a dirty t-shirt, oversized jeans, and nike’s filled with holes.

Her parents weren’t exactly the richest folks in the world, or the most caring. And Cass suffered as a result. She was an object of embarrassment, and constant torment. She was rejected by her peers, with the exception of Jake and Chance. The only thing that was beautiful about her were her steel blue eyes. They always had a sparkle in them.

“Yo, Jake! Get out here and help with the groceries man! Hurry it’s freezing!” Chance’s voice snapped Jake out of his trance. The tomkat got up, to see about his friend.


Later that night, Jake talked to Chance about his phone conversation with Cass. The two of them sat on the couch, watching Katseye news.

“Wow, Cassandra Meowford, eh? Boy, that poor child. Always dirty and smelly.” Chance said to Jake.

“True, Chance, true. But she was a good hearted soul. I look forward to seeing her.”

“When’s she comin’?”

“Tomorrow at noon.”

“Okay, that’s cool.”

“Well, I’m gonna hit the sack, Chance. Don’t forget to turn off the TV.” Jake rose and began to walk away.

“I won’t. G’night, Jake.”

“‘Night.” Jake disappeared, and Chance flicked the channels until he found what he wanted: A Scaredy Kat toon.


The next morning, the alarm clock in Jake’s room woke him with the sound of rock and roll. He rolled over,  slammed his paw on it, and the music stopped. Jake squinted at the digital numbers, which read 10AM.

“Crud!! I overslept!” He cursed himself while getting out of bed, “Better go and take a shower real quick.”

The caramel kat headed towards the bathroom, grabbing some clean clothes on the way.


Cass pulled up in the driveway at noon sharp in her little Dodge Neon. She rushed to the door through the chilling wind, and knocked. She was rewarded with footsteps moving quickly in her direction.

Jake opened the door and greeted her with a hug.

“Good to see you, Jake.” She said

“You too.”

“Where’s Chance?”

“Right here.” Chance’s voice piped up.

Cass hugged him also.

“It’s been awhile.” She said.

“Sure has. Here, I’ll get your luggage.” Chance volunteered, walking out the door. Jake watched him for awhile, but soon turned his attention to the albino she-kat.

Cass’ appearance had changed greatly. She was only about an inch shorter than Jake.Her white shoulder length hair was down, and cut in long layers. The ends curled slightly around her oval face. Her large ears, were now pierced, and little gold loops hung from the holes. The sweater and jeans she wore accented her slender figure and white fur nicely. She had grown up to be quite lovely.

“You’ve grown up to be quite handsome, Jake.” She unknowingly interrupted his thoughts.

“You look very nice yourself. A big difference from the middle school fashions.”

“Yeah, I know. Much more feminine, and I’m glad. I really never liked being dirty, and smelly.”

“Well, it’s good that you are doing well.” Jake smiled. Cass smiled back, and nodded. Her blue eyes locked onto his. They stared for a long time, emotions passing through them. A longing of some sort, yet neither of them could recognize it.


Two weeks passed ever so slowly, and Jake and Cass had spent more and more time together ever since the first day they met after many years. The two of them went out to dinner, and to jazz clubs to hear music all the time. They wanted to get to know each other much more than they had before. Of course, Chance took these as opportunities to tease his friend about his blossoming relationship.


The month of January was almost at an end finally. Yet still, Jake did not look forward to February. It was, after all, still a winter month.

It was late one night when Chance had gone to bed, and Jake sat with Cass on the couch watching late night comedy. It was cold, and the two were huddled under a blanket.

“Cass?” Jake said looking at her.

“What’s up? Something wrong?”

“No. I just want to say that, well, nevermind.”

Cass put a finger to his lips,  “Shhhhhh. It’s alright.” She leaned forward, and kissed him gently for a long time.

“Cass,” Jake began,  “I didn’t know you felt the same way.”

“Well, now you do.” She smiled.

“Um, it’s kinda late, so I’m gonna go catch some zzz’s. I’ll see you in the morning.” The tomkat attempted to escape, but Cass stopped him.

“Jake, don’t leave. Stay with me tonight, and keep me warm.” The she-kat purred at him in a coaxing tone. Jake pricked his ears and grinned.

“Of course. I will.” He said approaching her. She clasped his paws in hers, and brought him back down onto the couch.

End of part one……………..

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