Original SWAT Kats Story

Kat Scratch Fever

By Michael Christman

  • 1 Chapter
  • 5,218 Words

Octoberfest in Megakat City is especially rowdy this year, but it’s not just the alcohol — Dr. Viper had a paw in it too.

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Author's Notes:

Only a few changes from the original story mostly concerning a few German words and phrases. At the end of the story is an English translation of the German please take a look. Special thanks to TimWehrer who provided help in this regard. My e-mail remainschristman.26@osu.edu. send if you feel like it.

Megakat City’s held its Octoberfest every year at the endof August mostly because the weather was better then than in October.The weather was cooperating beautifully at eight o’clock in theevening the sky was cloudless and a light breeze blew from thesoutheast coming off a high pressure system providing just the rightamount of cooling effect for the warm summer day.

“Welcome to the Megakat City Octoberfest where everyone isa little bit Irish!” Mayor Manx stood on a platform in front of thelarge tent that was the main midway and dance floor. Around theplatform he shared with festival organizers the deputy mayor and apolka band was a crowd of citizens waiting for the festival to startso they could drink. The crowd also contained the media and they wereto whom Manx played. He had made his opening remarks by ad-libbingand showed why he really needed Callie’s speech writing abilities.The crowd clapped politely but the festivals German organizers somewhom wearing alpine hats and lederhosen did not appreciate theslight. Deputy Mayor Briggs nearly fell over in shock.

“Uh Mr. Mayor that’s supposed to be German.” She whisperedto the mayor.

“German! Hummm nothings perfect.” Mayor Manx said loudenough for the microphone to catch it angering the organizers evenmore. Callie wanted to bury her head. All were smiles and pawshakesat the official opening though any one could see that they werepained when doing so.

Felina and her uncle were near the back of the crowd bysome kiosks. Both wore T-shirts and shorts Felina’s shirt had ‘Idrink therefore I am’ printed on it. Commander Feral was trying torestrain his niece from running of and marrying a keg or something aswell as keep a low profile himself.

“Oh c’mon uncle stop worrying about it nobody is going tocare”

“All right I’m coming but couldn’t you have at least gottenme a better T-shirt to wear.” The commander noted to his shirt thehad ‘world’s greatest lover’ printed on it.

“You’re being silly. Daddy told me to make you enjoyyourself this year and that is exactly what I’m going to do. Besideswhat would you have worn, one of last years Enforcer academyT-shirts?”

“Why not I’ve got several boxes of them. It’s amazing thatthey have the money to print them but not to put kats in them,Felina. . .Felina!”

“Sorry you sounded like you were going to talk about budgetproblems again. Want a beer?” She handed him a plastic cup with anamber liquid in it. The one she was drinking from was half emptyalready.

Commander Feral took the beer, “You know Felina youshouldn’t drink that fast. . .”

“Braaaaaaaaaap! I don’t remember eating that.” Felina cuthim off.

“That’s disgusting.”

“I hate to say it uncle but you’re a real drag. I’ll telldaddy that you got the shirt he sent you.” Felina made a beeline foranother kiosk then melted into the crowd.

Commander Feral stood alone in the crowd. He would havepreferred to be home reading a book rather than here amongst  katswho did not know when to say when. At least it couldn’t get anyworse.

“This is Ann Gora Katseye News here at the Megakat CityOctoberfest with Commander Feral. Commander do you have anything tosay to the viewing public?”

Commander Feral was stunned by Ann’s sudden appearance butquickly recovered, “Yes Ann, we want everyone to have a good time butto do so responsibly.”

“Sound advice, this is Ann Gora Katseye News.” The cameraturned off  Ann handed the microphone to one of the interns that wasfollowing the news team. “By the way commander nice shirt.”

“Oh Yes, do you think you can edit it out?” An embarrassedcommander Feral asked scratching the back of his neck.

“Sorry Commander we won’t have time to.” With that theywere off to find other unsuspecting prey.

“Are you sure you don’t want one Chance?” Jake asked fromthe front of the line of a kiosk selling beer.

“No way I hate that stuff. I still can’t believe I camehere with you.”

Jake rejoined Chance, “Oh c’mon its not that bad. Drink me,drink me.” Jake started wafting the beer under Chance’s nose.

“Quit playing around I’m serious.”

“I’ve seen you drink before Chance what are you so uptightabout.”

“Those were social occasions. I. . .”

“And so is this. I’m buying you a drink and you are goingto drink it.” Jake raised the still untouched plastic cup to hismouth but was stopped by the unexpected arrival of Felina.

“Hiiii Guuuuuys,” Felina draped an arm around theirshoulders, “how have you been?”

“Lieutenant Feral?” Both Jake and Chance sounded surprised.

Dr. Viper poked his head out of a storm sewer kathole.”Ssssstupid foolssss. My ssspecial yeassstss will ssssoon Finissssshyour kind off. Sssso drink up. ” He laughed fiendishly anddisappeared back down the hole to rejoin his platimals.

“Well guys it has been fun but I have to get going. I stillhave to figure out what it was that I ate.” Felina staggered off.

“That is why I don’t like to drink.” Chance said shackinghis head.

“I didn’t say you had to get that drunk.” Jake raised thecup to his mouth again only to be interrupted by Chance.

“Jake look over there, it’s Dr. Viper!” Chance pointed to akathole cover that had Dr. Viper poking out of it. “What do you thinkhe’s up to?”

“What ever it is you can bet it’s no good.” Jake droppedthe cup of beer, he was going to need all of his faculties tonight.

It was not a good night for Commander Feral having to be onthe news wearing one of his stupid brother’s ideas of a joke was badbut when some of the Enforcers who were working security saw him heknew he would be the butt of plenty of jokes for a while. Some of theEnforcers had gotten quite cocky after the place went union. Not tomention civilians were noticing him some wanting him to sign theirT-shirts. They were the official ‘Commander Feral’s one way taxiservice’ shirts. Very nice shirts, with an Enforcer patrol car on thefront, lights flashing and its gull wing door open, a bargain atfifteen dollars all proceeds going to the Enforcers general fund. Atleast he could take consolation in the fact that it could not get anyworse.

“Hello commander, having a good time here at theOctoberfest?” It was Katrina one of the exchange Enforcers who wasnow wearing one of the ‘Commander Feral’s one way taxi service’T-shirts, very well.

“Uh yes, major its not often that I get out. I . .uh . .  .thought I might see what was going on . . . in the uh city.”Commander Feral stammered while unsuccessfully trying to cover hisshirt drawing more attention to himself in the process.

Sensing the commander’s discomfort Katrina changed thesubject. “It’s no wonder this city is most often picked city fortraining for upper level management positions it has more kooks thanany other city I’ve heard of. ” They sat at a table under the maintent.

“Oh I’ve seen hundreds of stories.” Commander Feralresponded absentmindedly.

“Really, I haven’t seen this much action since the warmyself.”

“You were in the war?”

“Yeah, I served the last two years. It was more likegetting caught up in a wave towards the end though, the biggestbattle and the worst was Katleveland. We watched the center of thecity burning from a freeway bridge by the airport. Even with theforty mile an’ hour wind blowing toward downtown that fire wasputting off some intense heat. It actually forced both sides backfrom the front. But what about you? You look old enough to have beenaround then.”

“Well thanks for noticing.”  Commander Feral said halfjokingly, “I was in the Federal Army that was protecting Denver. Wewere under siege for most of the winter of ’98. It was a prettyrotten assignment a lot of people from the surrounding area movedinto the city and it didn’t have enough food to last all winter sothe general had us share our supplies with the city I guess so wecould all starve to death together. The city surrendered after ourrelief force was defeated and we were just told to hold out at allcosts. Regular GIs who didn’t join with the rebel army were disarmedand allowed to go home. I made my way back to Megakat City which wasin chaos. . .” their conversation stopped at the sound of a couple ofkats fighting. “Just great, this happens every year.”

Feral got up to help put an end to the beer fueledstupidity and Katrina followed him. Commander Feral watched asseveral more fights began to break out. He also noticed that far fromstopping the fights the Enforcers charged with keeping order wereactively participating in the mayhem. Commander Feral got anoverpowering urge to get away from the crowd as quickly as possible.Turning to flee he found his path blocked by Katrina growling andhissing at him.

“Let’s get out of here these kats are crazy!” He shouted toKatrina who responded by jumping on top of him claws bared. Thecommander was knocked down then bitten on the neck by the feral katwho was in turn dragged off by two roly-poly by-standers she stilltried to swat at them all while hissing and spitting.

“Jesus lady what’s your major malfunction?” One of theCommander Feral’s roly-poly rescuers asked Katrina as she broke freeand bolted into the crowd. “Are you all right commander?”

“Yes I suppose that I am it’s just that I’ve got asplitting headache not to mention she bit me.” He rubbed his neck andlooked back at the crowd most of whom were now fighting each otheronly the bigger heavier kats were not feral. The realization struckCommander Feral like a gunshot, “It was in the beer what ever iscausing this was in the ugh. .  .” Feral doubled over in pain thenturned up to look at the two roly-poly kats only now he wasn’t Feral,commander of the Megakat City Enforcers he was just plain feral andthe last thing they would remember for the evening was him lungingfor them.

The Turbokat passed over the festival grounds revealing toits crew that Dr. Viper’s plan was in full swing. Kats fought witheach other, the Enforcers who were guarding the main gate, andtearing at the fences that ringed the site. Two Enforcer river patrolboats kept watch to contain anyone who might attempt to get out by adifferent exit. The Enforcers at the main gate were not having suchluck they were leaderless and barely keeping the feral kats in thefestival grounds.

“Looks like this years Octoberfest got a little wild huhT-Bone.” Razor said wrily.

“Really, Mayor Manx’s speech must have really riledeverybody up this year buddy.”

“The violence seems to be concentrated under the main tentand in the main midway area. Towards the back there isn’t too muchactivity, land there.”

“If you say so but I don’t see what were going to gain bylanding in the belly of the beast.”

“We have to find out what we are dealing with here T-Bone.”There is plenty of space over by the brewery wall. The Turbokatlanded in the clearing. The two kats jumped out, glovatrix ready todispatch any unfriendlies. The need to do so came quickly when aferal kat sprung at them from behind some empty propane containers.T-Bone and Razor both fired their nets and bound up the feral kat. Hestruggled against the net growling and spitting in the SWAT Katsgeneral direction.

The SWAT Kats turned and aimed at the sound of another katapproaching but relaxed when they saw that it was only a staggeringFelina who obviously wasn’t feral but drunk. She made her way over tothem until she was able to collapse into their arms.

“Lieutenant Feral?” T-Bone and Razor both asked somewhatstupefied at what had just plopped herself into their care.

“Well now what Razor? We have one kat that’s too drunk andanother that is too crazed to give us any information.” T-Bonescowled not pleased at all with the situation that he now foundhimself in.

“Maybe not T-Bone these two might have given us enoughinformation to find a cure for these kats.”


“Well take a look at Lieutenant Feral she’s not runningaround trying to kill everyone in sight, why do you think that is?”

“I can’t even venture a guess.”

“It may be because she drank to excess. If we can figureout how much alcohol would be necessary to return everyone to normalwe. . .” He was interrupted by T-Bone.

“Razor we have to get out of here now!” T-Bone pointed overRazor’s shoulder at a gathering of feral kats we didn’t look intenton throwing a welcome party. “Grab that guy, I’ll take LieutenantFeral.” T-Bone slung Felina over his shoulder like a sack of potatoesRazor did likewise with the other kat who protested by hissing andspitting but he was relatively harmless thanks to the net around him.”Razor we have to get to the Turbokat!”

“No can do buddy, look!” Another group of feral katsappeared blocking their escape by air. “Let’s try by the river .”Both heroes ran toward the river with the feral kats in pursuit.

At the front gate of the Octoberfest an Enforcer patrol carcame to a stop its gull wing door opened to reveal the form ofLieutenant Commander Steele. The Lieutenant was not pleased to havebeen disturbed while watching Phantom of the Opera especially sensethis was city employees discount night. Steel normally wore hisEnforcer overcoat open and it revealed that he was wearing a thousanddollar suit. He looked ready for a night on the town not a night inthe trenches, Steele was definitely not expecting this call.

“This had better be important for you to have disturbed melike this!” Steele scowled at the Lieutenant Colonel who wasattempting to take charge while the crisis.

“Sir we have a full scale riot going on here. We lostseveral guys when it started.” The Lieutenant Colonel puffed, “We arecalling in other enforcers but we’re kind of short staffed tonight.We need approval from upper level management to authorize overtimeand Commander Feral is. . .” He looked over at the festival grounds.

“Really,” Steele salivated at the thought of absolutecommand, “I am more than capable of handling this, call up reservesand have them stand by. We’ll nip this right in the bud.”

T-Bone and Razor were fleeing a crazed mob each with apackage on their backs. “T-Bone maybe we can escape by the river.There weren’t any feral kats by that fence.” Razor said betweenbreaths.

“Yeah just like there weren’t any feral kats in that backlot.”

“So sue me, they probably just found us by accident.”

“Well let’s hope that they don’t have any more accidentslike that.”

T-Bone and Razor reached the clearing and looked back. Theferal kats had ceased chasing them presumably to fight with eachother. Let’s get out of this crazy compound Razor.” T-Bone moved overto the fence repositioned Felina who was still passed out and beganto climb.

He was blinded by a search light from one of the patrolboats on the river. A loudspeaker enhanced voice rang out over thewater, “Do not attempt to escape. We have orders to shoot to kill.Stay where you are.” The voice from the boat repeated itself.

“Do you think this will alert our friends Razor?”

“Why don’t we ask them?” Razor acknowledged that one groupof feral kats had found them. “Head for the main gate maybe thoseEnforcers will be more reasonable.”

“What do we know about the rioters?” Lieutenant CommanderSteele asked.

“They began rioting around a quarter after nine. Inisolated areas it quickly grew to envelope what looks like everyonein there.”

“Including our Enforcers. Were they armed?”

“The Enforcers that were in the festival grounds were onlyarmed with non lethal weapons sir.”

“Good then we will send in ground forces with tear gas toarrest these hooligans.”

“Uh sir? We sort of have a problem.” He motioned to thegroup of Enforcers that had assembled mostly in street clothes somein suits. “It seems that our call to report for duty caught many ofthem by surprise. We’re going to have to wait until we can get theweapons and equipment here.”

The Enforcers finally got their equipment thought the jobappeared badly botched. Some of the Enforcers had to wear theircivvies covered with a flack jacket because there where aninsufficient number of uniforms brought. But Steele’s ludicrousattack would commence in spite of these ominous forbearings. TheEnforcers fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the rioting crowdand managed to turn them back somewhat. It actually looked likeSteele’s plan would work.

The SWAT Kats managed to lose their pursuers but the maingate was clotted up with feral kats. T-Bone and Razor and theirbaggage hid in an alcove far enough away from the feral kats to beunnoticed. They watched as the oddly uniformed Enforcers fired teargas over the gate and pushed back the rioting mob of feral kats.

“Look Razor the Enforcers are pushing the feral kats backmaybe we can get out now.” T-Bone said as he positioned the stillpassed out Felina over his shoulder and prepared himself for a longsprint.

“We should use our oxygen masks T-Bone. It’s possible thatwe might encounter some of that gas” Razor placed his oxygen maskover his face then gingerly slung the feral kat now gagged over hisback.

“Roger that.” T-Bone concurred placing his own mask overhis face.

“Go!” Razor yelled and they both made a mad dash toward thenow open main gate. Unfortunately for T-Bone the run got off to a badstart. The combination of running and the evening breeze causedFelina’s tail to blow over and cover T-Bone’s eyes. Anything he triedto do was ineffective at eliminating the nuisance. “Razor I can’tsee!”

“Don’t worry buddy just keep running in the direction thatyour going.” Razor thought that T-Bone’s mask wasn’t tight enough andthat he had gotten a whiff of tear gas. “Oh great!” Two tear gascanisters bounced their way spraying their contents, “T-Bone they’reshooting . . . Aw crud!”

“What is it buddy?”

“Steele, He’s closing the gate.” Razor could see Steele whowas actually just yelling at other Enforcers to close the gate.”Hurry up we’ve got no time to lose.

The SWAT Kats quickened their pace and made it through thegate in time only to be tackled by a couple of Enforcers sendingFelina and the feral kat tumbling into the dirt. The Enforcers in thepark however weren’t as lucky. The two that first saw the SWAT Katsalso were the first to see the gate closing. They broke ranks in adesperate attempt to get out of the enclosure that they were nowgetting locked into. When they did so, so did other nearby Enforcers.The line collapsed effectively turning what was a steady advance intoa full scale rout. The feral kats no longer intimidated by theEnforcers and began to set upon their former pursuers despite a fewbrave instances to resist. Steele and the other kats on the safe sideof the fence could only watch in horror.

“Nice going Steele now they’ve got guns. Do you have anymore bright ideas?” T-Bone yelled at the shaking Steele.

“Well what is it Doc?” Razor asked Doctor Konway who waspeering into a microscope.

“It appears to be a kind of mutated yeast that normallyinhabits the body with few ill effects. But in its mutated form,creates a psychosis that causes the host kat to exhibit remarkablyaggressive actions.” Doctor Konway looked up from the microscope andleaned back in his chair. “The microorganism appears to inhabitbodily fluids and certain dermal areas especially the nails. Which isimportant in this case because the primary way that the disease isspread is biting and scratching.”

“What about immunity? The lieutenant isn’t affected bywhatever this is.” Razor alluded to Felina who slumped over in afolding chair her head was to the side her tongue hung out and shewas drooling. “Was it all the alcohol she drank?”

Doctor Konway changed microscope slides and peered backinto the microscope, “I thought that at first but furtherinvestigation led me to a different conclusion. Lieutenant Feral’sblood contains the microorganism in such great numbers that it turnedon itself and was rendered inert.”

“So how exactly did this organism get into the affectedpopulation Doctor?” Lieutenant Commandeer Steele finally spoke upshowing that he was still around.

” We think that it is a result of contamination bysomeone. . .” Konway started.

“Someone named Doctor Viper.” T-Bone cut him off.

“How exactly can we reverse this epidemic Doc?” Razorqueried.

“By giving its victims a dose of what causes theirsymptoms.” Konway pushed the plunger of a syringe pushing out the airand some of a yellowish liquid. He walked over to the feral kat whohissed at him and made a violent move that was ineffective due to theSWAT Kats nets. The doctor injected his unwilling patient who howledin anger with the antidote. Within a few minutes the feral kat turnedback into a normal kat save for being a little groggy. “It works!”Dr. Konway shouted.

“Now we have to figure out how to make them take theirmedicine.” Razor looked over at the fence. A group of feral katsbumped into another group and began to fight.

“Don’t worry the Enforcers can handle this.” Steele saidconfidence beginning to brim again.

“And how do you intend to Steele?” T-Bone asked notbelieving him at all.

“With voluntary electroresponse blocking nerve gas.”

“Nerve gas!” both T-Bone and Razor shouted in disbelief,”Steele you’re crazy you can’t use nerve gas in a city.” Razor triedto reason with the Lieutenant commander who was having none of it.

“It will make them sit down while we give them theantidote. When it wears off their is no harm done to the subject. I’min charge here and we’re not going to take orders from you two.” hepointed at T-Bone and Razor.

Lieutenant Commander Steele dispatched a couple ofhelicopters and Enforcers to pick up the nerve gas. To T-Bone andRazor this was an anathema  the wind had picked up from earlier thatevening and was blowing lightly to the northwest if Steele’s nervegas got out of control it would blow over the Megakat River and intothe downtown/goldcoast area Megakat City’s most valuable land.

“Listen T-Bone we have got to do something before Steelegets his gas or the whole city is going to be in danger.”

“Yeah but we don’t have the Turbokat and we don’t have away to return these kats to normal”

“My guess is that we do. I bet those vats in the breweriesaround this place are still loaded with the yeast that caused thissituation. With those kats so scratched up it shouldn’t have anytrouble getting into their bodies.”

“Then let’s kick those feral kats’ tails off of our plane!”T-Bone clenched his fists.

The feral kats had abandoned the Turbokat not caring tobother with an inanimate object  so tail kicking was not necessary.The SWAT Kats jumped into their jet and took off. Flying over thefestival grounds they saw that the main body of feral kats was stillunder and around the main tent a smaller body of kats was by the maingates. Presumably the only thing they cared about more than fightingwas getting more feral kats to fight with. T-Bone and Razor couldalso see a low flying Enforcer helicopter in the distance. Low flyingcould mean only two things it was on patrol or it was carrying aheavy payload.

“We’d better get this plan in operation buddy or were goingto be in real trouble.” T-Bone noted.

“Land on that roof T-Bone I’ll get our bombs ready.”

T-Bone landed the Turbokat on the brewery roof. He andRazor jumped out to plant their bombs in strategic locations on thebrewery vat then raced back to the Turbokat in time to hear thesounds of the Enforcer helicopter loaded with nerve gas fly over.”Razor we’re never going to get the next four breweries in time.Maybe Steele’s plan will work.”

“Do you  really want to take that risk T-Bone?” Razor askedsarcastically, “But you’re right we’re going to have to split up.I’ll take the Cyclotron and the two breweries to the south you getthe other two to the east.”

“Roger that. And pray Steele doesn’t work too quickly” Hesaid the second part to himself.

The large tank of nerve gas slowly winced down to theground. Enforcers surrounded the tank that looked similar to a largebomb with pipes sticking out of one end painted on it were Achtungand Jolly Roger skull and crossbones that nobody was paying anyattention to.

“Lieutenant Colonel please set up the machinery. Here isthe instruction book.” Steele handed the book to the Enforcer wholooked at it leafed through it then pronounced it unreadable. “Giveme that!” Steele was visibly annoyed he looked at the book. It wasnot unreadable it was in German. Steele sighed, “I’ll translate foryou.” Steele began to read, “‘Die Horst Chemie AG bedankt sich beiihnen, dass sie sich fuer das nervengas ihres Verentrauensentschieden haben.’ Why would they thank you for buying nerve gas?”

Steele continued this time more quietly, “HmmmmHmmmmHmmmm.Safety features. Hmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm. Caution don’t use around. HmmmmmHmmm. AhHa! How to use. Turn valve one, ninety degrees to the rightand flush tube with compressed air” The Enforcer did so. “Open spiralvalve to begin flow of chemical agent.” Nerve gas sprayed out of thetube hitting several Enforcers causing them to sit down cross-legged.Another Enforcer twisted the valve closed before succumbing to thegas himself. Steele and the other Enforcers watched the gas dissipatethen looked at each other. “Let’s try that again, with the hose thistime.” Steele growled.

Razor gunned the cyclotron down the deserted street headingto rejoin  T-Bone and the Turbokat. Razor positioned himself backinto his seat looking out the canopy to see that the crowd was stillrioting meaning that Steele had not yet put his foolish idea inmotion.

“Let’s blow this thing before Steele gets a chance to doany real damage Razor”

“Got it T-Bone.” Razor pulled the antenna of a remotedetonator and pressed the button explosions rang out as the bombsdetonated opening vast holes in the contaminated brewery vats.Flowing into the direction of the festival grounds and its nearbyenvirons.

Felina had woken up from being passed out and wandered off.She had a terrible headache staggered when she walked and had a hardtime seeing strait. “Ohh if I ever see beer again it will be toosoon.” Her Eyes were cast to the ground when she heard theexplosions. Looking up she saw a wall of beer rushing towards her.Her eyes widened, she braced for impact and uttered the immortalwords, “Oh crap!”

In the Festival grounds feral kats momentarily stoppedfighting as the explosions rang out. Like toys in a bathtub they werepushed around by a tidal wave of beer soaking into their cuts andabrasions effectively curing them though it would take a few minuetsto be completely effective.

The last of the still standing Enforcers gathered aroundthe nerve gas tank. Two previous attempts to make the stupid thingwork right had failed miserably putting most of Steele’s troops outof commission. They were so short of Enforcers that Steele himselfwas going to be participating in this one. However the SWAT Kats gotthem first the Enforcers were scattered as the explosions went offand the beer flowed around them. The nerve gas canister was heavyenough to stay put but the Lieutenant Commander ended up in thegutter.

“Worked like a charm Razor. Do you think anyone will mindthat all that beer went down the sewer?” T-Bone wondered aloud.

“It was all going down there anyway so I can’t see why theywould.”

“Understood Razor. Hey why don’t we go home and get adrink, of milk.”

“Roger that.”

The Turbokat flew over the festival grounds then banked tothe East heading for home.

“Ssssssoon my creations we will be the masters of MegakatCity” Dr. Viper exhorted to his plantimals. He cocked his head at thefaint sound of rumbling then turned to face a full scale deluge ofhis contaminated beer both he and his plantimals were washed out tosea.

“This is Ann Gora Katseye News.” Ann looked like she hadjust been run over by a truck. Her clothes were torn and her face hadseveral superficial cuts. Behind her the citizens of Megakat Cityincluding its high ranking officials walked past or were beingtreated at a makeshift clinic. “Live here at the Megakat CityOctoberfest where the patrons were made the unwitting victims of adiabolical fiend. Lieutenant Commander Steele can you fill us in anymore on what happened this night?”

Lieutenant Commander Steele looked like a drowned rat histhousand dollar suit was ruined for eternity. “Yes Ann,” he started,”Dr. Viper put a mutated yeast into the beer that resulted in achaotic situation  but the Enforcers were able to bring it undercontrol.”

“By blowing up brewery vats?”

“No that was the SWAT Kats idea, I wanted to use nervegas.” Steele staggered off.

“How about you sir, are you upset at this evenings turn ofevents?” Ann asked a bystander.

“Are you kidding the SWAT Kats made my dream come true!” Heshouted. Some other kats made cheering sounds and otherwise whoopedit up for the cameras.

“There you have it folks another threat to our fair citystopped by the SWAT Kats Back to you Tad.”

EndBased on SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Owned by Hanna-Barbera Allrights reserved. Independent characters are the property of Christman EnterprisesGroup   The translation for that long German phrase is as follows: The HorstChemical AG thanks you for deciding for the nerve gas of your trust.

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