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By Meg Eichler

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  • 4,748 Words

Traag, the alien from the episode “When Strikes Mutilor,” is threatening the peaceful aquians again, and the SWAT Kats are called in to help out.

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Author's Notes:

Here’s the story again. Thanks. Return address is “Razor1701@aol.com”

Aquia By: Meg Eichler aka Razor1701@aol.com

Inside his cell, the space pirate Traag smiled. He did this rarely, but today he had good reason. His Aquian gaurd payed him no heed. Traag looked at the time. ‘Soon’ he thought as he began a silent countdown ‘3… 2…1…’ BOOM!! A giant hole was blown in the side of his cell. There were other simultanious explosions throughout the cellblock, freeing his accomplices. Traag turned to look at his gaurd, who was cowered in a corner, full of fear. Someone then walked through the hole, and into his cell. The dark figure was dressed completely in black, including a face mask. The figure took a lasergun and blew off the cell door. Then, it killed the gaurd.

“Come, we must go!” Traag said. “At last vengence shall be mine!”
Inside a stolen getaway ship:

Traag recalled his failed plan from a year ago. It was so perfect! He had feigned loyalty to the great pirate Mutilor. It had been easy for Traag to seem non-threatening. He was exteremely short for his species, and he had made his voice more nasel-sounding. Mutilor hadn’t suspected a thing. After Mutilor had gained sufficiant wealth, Traag planned to usurp him. He slowly gained support amoung the crew, until 75% backed him. He’d found the perfect time. They had stolen a planet’s water, and would have sold it to the desert planet Sahabie for a fortune. So what if the kats on the victim planet were to die. Unfortunately for Traag, two of that planet’s kats, namely the SWAT Kats, stopped Mutilor’s transaction, and inadvertantly, Traag’s plans of power. Because of them, Mutilor died and Traag and the rest of the pirate crew had been forced to prison on the Aquian planet of Aquia. But now he was free…and he had a score to settle…

Back on Aquia, another was thinking about how the SWAT Kats had changed his life. He was Grimalkin. When he had helped the SWAT Kats overthrow Mutilor, he had resorted to physical violence. This was strictly forbidden in his culture. After that he had changed. He saw the advantage to knowing how to protect one’s self. He began to teach any who would learn of defensive combat and its posative effects. This had upset many in the High Council, especially Zaruud. Zaruud was 120 years old, yet still as intimidating in his fortitude as he was in his youth. His fur, rather than the normal Aquian turquoise, was a pale blue-green, and the prodominant fin on his forehead was wrinkled with age. He was the eldest of the council, and whatever he said, the council usually followed. He was very deeply set in the old ways. When Grimalkin’s actions were discovered, he was brought before the council on charges of treason. Zaruud had ridiculed him the most, saying, “You have disregarded the precious gift of non-violence which our forefathers tried so hard to achieve.”

Grimalkin had countered, “That non-violence almost cost me my ship and crew! Also, how many times have our people been conquered by invaders, and have had to rely on others to save us: to *fight for* us. We must stand up for ourselves. If we go on as we have, we shall surely perish. Either by invaders, or just any passer by who thinks we’re fair game. The line must be drawn *here*!”

This speech had made the council think. They had recessed to come up with a verdict, leaving him alone. As he sat, he recalled his life before he met the SWAT Kats…

Grimalkin had been the most promising cadet at the Aquian Training Facility for Starship Operations. He showed a talent for leadership under extreme circumstances. He’d risen through the ranks quickly, becoming the youngest Starship Captain on record. He’d spent his youth exploring and cataloging the nearby star systems, but he yearned to go farther, see exciting new places and things. As he grew older, this desire faded. He became the destinguished, polite, orderly captain he was when he’d first met Mutilor. Mutilor…he shuddered at the name. They’d been at the farthest reach of the designated Aquian area of space when his first officer reported an unidentified craft approaching. The cocky face of Mutilor, famous bounty hunter and pirate, appeared on the view screen. Because of their non-violent ways, the Aquian crew was no match for Mutilor’s brutal assault. They were captured and imprisoned within an hour. Mutilor had then taken the ship on a joy ride, stopping finally at a water-rich world. That world would be his downfall. For on it lived two vigilantes capable of destroying Mutilor and changing Grimalkin’s life. The SWAT Kats…After their encounter he’d given up his rank of captain to become the teacher he was today. Grimalkin was startled out of his musing when he noticed the council members returning.

Councilman Zara Xavier, Zaruud’s granddaughter spoke up with the verdict. “We have searched long and hard, and debated this verdict. No where in the law does it say that teaching self-defense is a crime. Therefore, you are free to go, Grimalkin.” she said. She was the head of Technologies and, in his opinion, the most sensible, if youngest, of the council. She had her grandfather’s square jaw, and, other than her eyes, small features. Her doe eyes were dark green, as was her long, wavy hair.

‘A very striking young woman’ thought Grimalkin.

So, he had been released without punishment. If you could call the Aquian method of reproachment *punishment*. They merely had the convicted sit in a closed off room and meditate until they were sorry for their crimes. More serious offenders meditated in a cell. Right after he was released, one of his students informed him of Traag’s escape. Scrawled on the wall in a gaurd’s blood was “Revenge against all who oppose me!” A ship had been stolen as well.

“What should we do, master?” his student had asked.

“We shall see,” he replied.

He still had friends in high places…He called his friend Capt. Quin Jarmae and requested the borrowing of a ship. He’d gotten it within the week. Jarmae still owed him 200 credits for losing at Krinja ( a game like poker ). He’d go back to that world where he met the SWAT Kats! Not only did they need to be warned of their possible danger, but maybe they could help *him* as well…
*************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************

Chance had just sat down to watch Scaredy Kat when Jake asked from the kitchen, “Hey bud want some milk?”

“Yeah, whatever, ” he answered, not really paying attention, and a little annoyed that Jake had interupted his viewing the show. Jake just rolled his eyes and thought ‘Jeez! He gets engrossed like that whenever that show comes on. He’s like a zombie!’ The situation worked out to Jake’s advantage, however, because he heard the approach of a familiar green car, while Chance didn’t. Jake was the first to greet the Deputy Mayor when she arrived.

“Hey Jake, ” she said “I think the muffler’s broken.”

“Ok, I’ll check it out.” As he examined the muffler, he realized it was pretty banged up. “How’d you do this?!” he exclaimed.

“Well, let’s just say you never want to see Mayor Manx parallel park.”

“Hey, Callie!” the finally clued in Chance said as he entered the garage.

“I’m afraid it’ll take some time to fix…” Jake started.

“Hey, no problem. I can drive you back to the city.” Chance began.

“Oh that’s alright, Chance, Mayor Manx’s limo is waiting for me. Call me when the car’s done!” With that, she exited, leaving behind a disappointed Chance.

“Why didn’t you tell me Callie was here, Jake?”

“So you wouldn’t embarass yourself when all your flirting failed.” Jake said teasingly.

“Ve-ry funny!” Chance said in mock offense. Soon he was laughing, too. Suddenly, a tiny beeper went off, indicating to Jake something was wrong. “Hey, what is it?” Chance asked.

“I dunno. Wait…it’s an incoming message on our personal frequency! Could it be Callie so soon?”

“I don’t think so,” Chance answered as he watched the Mayor’s limo exit the yard. “Nothing looks wrong from here.”

“Hang on. I’ll go down to the hanger and try to trace it to its source.” Jake climbed down the ladder to the hanger and started typing at a computer console. Chance thought he’d take the oppertunity to change into his flight suit…just in case. “Got it!” said Razor. “The origin is…outer space?!”

“Well, answer it, sure-shot.”


“Yes, greetings, SWAT Kat,” they heard and recognized the calm, monotone voice of Grimalkin.

“Grimalkin! What brings you to this side of the galaxy?” T-bone asked.

“Well, actually, *you* do.”

“Why?” inquired Razor.

“Come aboard my ship and I’ll better explain. We shouldn’t discuss this over primative radio waves. I will say that my reason for being here is in my and your best interest. Please hurry. Grimalkin out.”

“Well…that was vague.” Razor stated. “But he sounded urgent. I’d better suit up.”

When they arrived aboard the craft,they found it similar to, if smaller than, the Aquian ship they first encountered. Grimalkin was waiting for them in the docking bay.

“Ah, my friends, I’ve bad news. Do you remember Traag?”

“What, that little green toad?” T-Bone said. “Yes, the same. It would seem he’s more of a threat than originally thought. He and some of his minions have escaped from our detention area. He has sworn revenge, and I believe you two to br one of his targets.”

“Whoa. Thanks for the warning, but…you came all this way merely to warn us of danger?” Razor said.

“No, that is not entirely correct. Being that you are mighty warriors, I was wondering if perhaps you might assist us in capturing this menace. You have once before.”

“Well, I don’t know…” T-Bone began.

“Of course we will,”Razor interupted. “any way we can help.”

“Spendid. I’ll show you to your quarters. We should be at Aquia in a few hours.”
Inside their quarters:

“Oh come on, T-Bone! It’s a whole new world! Besides, they need us!”



“Ok, ok. So we’ll help them. Look, why don’t we check on the the Turbokat.”

Just then an Aquian officer came to the door and said, “Grimalkin asks that you come to the bridge. We’re nearing Aquia.”
On the bridge:

When the SWAT Kats arrived all turned to see them. T-Bone and Razor, however, barely noticed, so awe struck were they at what they saw. The planet Aquia was a lot smaller than their own, and had a far higher percent of ocean. Razor could make out only two small continents. Even the ocean looked alien. It was a deeper blue, almost violet. Set against the background of space, it looked like a livign jewel.

“Wow..” both said softly in unison.

“My friends, welcome to Aquia.”
‘Soon’ Traag thought. ‘Soon. Soon all those who are my enemies will pay dearly for their lack of vision.’

“Sir.” one of his servants, a yellow colored creature, said, “We just intercepted a transmisssion. It seems that you won’t have to travel far to dispose of those kats you despise. They’ve come here!”

“Ah…like Kallah to the slaughter! Tell me. What are the whereabouts of Councilman Zaruud?” If there was anyone he *hated* as much as those SWAT Kats it was Zaruud. He was the councilman to pronounce his sentence. He’d tried to bribe him to no avail. ‘Yes, he will have to pay, too’ Traag thought as a wicked half smile crossed his hideous face. He would have time to plan carefully, he knew. His ship was undetectable while hiding behind one of Aquia’s moons, Serena. He began thinking of malicious ways to torture his victims once they arrived, and was soon lost in an inky pool of evil desires.
On the planet Aquia:

“The first thing we should do is bring you before the council. If they find you trustworthy, they’ll give you the vital information we need on Traag. Be careful around Zaruud. He has a sharp eye and a sharp tongue, but he means well. Wait…Maybe we should wait to approach him with a bit more allies. It would improve your standings with the council if one of their own backed you. I know just the councilman…

Councilman Zara Xavier had been busy tinkering with a transmission device when she noticed the approach of Grimalkin and two strange, kat-like creatures.

“Ah, Councilman Zara, may I present the SWAT Kats. Razor,” he indicated with his thumb, “and T-Bone.”

“I give you my sincere greetings,” she said to them. However, both were speechless.

T-Bone’s first thought pretty much summed it up. ‘ What a knockout! ‘

Razor was the first to answer, “We’ve come to help you with your Traag problem.”

“Your effort is appreciated. What assistance do you offer?”


“Our knowladge, expertise, and anything else you require.” T-Bone said, surprising himself with his elequence. ‘I’m getting to sound like *Razor* ‘ he thought.

She smiled at that. “Well, two loyal warriors are indeed welcome. I assume, Grimalkin, that you wish me to sponsor them to the council?”

“Yes, Councilman.”

“Very well. Any friend of yours, as they say.”

“Is that a level 5 audio-visual transmitter?” asked Razor.

“No, level 8. Why? Do such things interest you?” she said.

“Yes. You know if you boosted power to the main generator you’d get a farther range…” Razor and Zara proceded to talk electronics for a while. T-Bone, obviously bored, questioned Grimalkin on the situation.

“So you said we were only *one* of Traag’s targets. Who else would he hold a grudge against?” T-Bone inquired.

“Let me think…There’s Zaruud…”

“The stubborn old guy you warned us about?” T-Bone said.

“I wouldn’t say that so loud. Zara is his granddaughter.” Grimalkin whispered.

“Oops….” he said, looking sheepish.

“Zaruud was responsible for Traag’s being locked away. I would recomend you watch out for him.” Grimalkin said.

“Will do.”

By now, Razor and Zara were ready to go before the council.

“This is highly irregular, Zara.” Zaruud said as many councilmen agreed.

“But necessary, grandfather. These warriors can defeat Traag without hesitation. Whil even those amoung us who *can* fight,” she looked at Grimalkin, “may hesitate because of the old ways. They are experianced in the capture of criminals. I vote that they be allowed to help us.”

“Oh…very well. I do as well. So long as they are loyal…” he looked suspiciously at the two kats as he reluctantly agreed with Zara. The rest of the council soon followed.

“They have the suport of the council. It won’t be long now. Shall I send them to you?” the shadowed individual said.

“Yes, excellant. Keep me informed. Your assistance will not go unrewarded, my traitor. But know this, turn aginst me and universe will not be big enough to hide in. Traag out.”

The dark figure smiled, not only at the presumed reward, but at the havok that was to come. An evil laugh spread through the night like a diseased fog.

At dawn’s first light, the SWAT Kats were up and working.

“The last known trajectory was here,” Zara pointed on an intersteller map.

“Grimalkin suggested that there might be someone on the Zara, inform your grandfather we know where Traag’s hiding. We’ll go after him in the Turbokat.” Razor said.


“Come on buddy, let’s hit it!”

“Wait, T-Bone. I want to check on the sub-orbital thrusters. We haven’t used them in a while, and they may be rusty.”

“Ok, but make it quick.’


‘Although “quick” to Razor is an hour’ thought T-Bone.

After ten minutes, Zara returned. “I can’t find grandfather anywhere! He’s not at home!”

“Uh-oh. What if Traag got to him?” T-Bone asked quietly of Razor.

“Then we get him back.” he answered.

Grimalkin hurried in. “I just received a note saying that Traag has Councilman Zaruud! The little snarg is *bragging* about it!”

“Don’t worry, Miss Zara, Razor and I will get your grandfather back.”

‘I’m counting on it’ thought Zara, doing her best to fight a smirk that threatened to appear on her face.

“So, T-Bone, what do you think of her?” Razor inquired once they were inside the Turbokat.

“Who, Zara? She’s sure attractive…”

“Yeah, I just thought that she acted kinda strange when we found out about her grandfather…”

“Well, maybe she’s in shock. It must have been a big blow to her.”

“I suppose…” Razor said, although doubt still tugged at his mind.

“Nearing the moon Serena.” T-Bone said.

“We’ll maintain radio contact at all times. Let us know if you need… I believe your word is back-up?” Grimalkin said.

“Roger that.” T-Bone said.

“Well, T-Bone, I don’t see anything on radar. It *looks* all clear, but I suggest we stay on gaurd.”


Just then, back on the planet, Grimalkin noticed something troubling. “Oh no! There are 15 battle fighters headed straight for them! They won’t see them until it’s too late! W’ve got to warn them, Zara!” To his surprise, Zara just stood there. She wasn’t facing him, and appeared to be in shock. “Did you hear me?!” he said as he turned her to face him. He jumped back at what he saw. Her pretty face was contorted into an expression of sadistic delight mixed with hatred and a smirk.

“You’re a fool, Grimalkin!” she spat “And you’ve outlived your usefulness!” He had only just grasped the meaning of her words when something hit him on the back of the head. The world went black, and his eyes saw no more.

“T-Bone! We’ve got incoming!”

“I know, I know! Can you get a lock on any of them?”

“Trying…there. Slicer missles locked…Deployed!” Razor exclaimed. One fighter’s left wing was cut off, causing it to spin otu of control. Five others went down to Razor’s slicer missles, and eight to buzz-saw missles. There were triumphant “bingo”s left and right.

So absorbed were the SWAT Kats in their victory, they didn’t notice the small fighter which snuck behind them and caught them in a tractor beam. Before T-Bone could mutter “Aw crud!” another beam engulfed them, knocking them cold.

When they awoke, they found themselves strapped down to exzmining tables with strips of steel. On Razor’s right was Councilman Zaruud. A voice sounded from above, “Ah, you’re awake! All the more interesting when I torture you! Do you remember me, SWAT Kats? You cost me a fortune, not to mention my freedom. You disregarded me as a mere “toad” of a servant. Mutilor’s pet dog.”

“You *are* a dog! Only a coward like you would choose to fight from behind closed doors. Show yourself!” T-Bone demanded.

“Silence! *I* am the ruler now. I rule your fates! Come, my partner in crime, watch with me as they suffer!” With that, Zara stepped forward within view, Traag at her side. By now, Zaruud was *wide* awake.

“Why, my granddaughter? You were a councilman. I loved you. Why do you do this?”

“Love me? * Did* you? You’d never know it from my end. No, grandfather, the only thing I learned from you is how to obtain *power*. That was the lesson drilled into my head. I’d think you’d be proud of me. I am now the most powerful Aquian in the galaxy!”

“Why didn’t I see it earlier! The inside help, the audio-visual transmitter…you were the double agent all along. That explains your reaction to your grandfather’s disappearance!” Razor said.

“Disappearance! HA! Who do you think was responsible for that “disappearance”!”

‘Just keep talking’ thought Razor as he worked on unscrewing the bolt which attatched his steel binding to the examining table.

“Perhaps you are wondering *how* I’m going to torture you.” Traag said. “Not physically. No, bodies heal…but your mind? I’m going to make you *wish* this was just going to be physical torture!” Traag pushed a button and a needle was inserted into the side of T-Bone’s head.

“We’ll do this one at a time, so you can see how much your partner will suffer, inferior kat!”

Razor looked over at T-Bone, whose eyes were now unseeing. He seemed almost comatose. Razor struggled to control the surge of hatred and anger directed towards Traag, while he continued to work at freeing himself.

As soon as the needle had punctured his skin, T-Bone felt his mind reel in confusion. Then, suddenly, he found himself under water. His feet were leaden and he couldn’t breathe, or swim. He felt the panic rise in him……..

Razor saw that T-Bone was having difficulty breathing on the table next to him……..

The next thing T-Bone knew, he could breathe, but his torment was increased. He was standing over the crumpled, bloody body of his partner, a smoking gun in his hand. He went pale, and began to shake in terror and anguish. He’d always feared he’d someday be responsible for the harming of Razor……..

Razor saw that T-Bone was shivering and pale on his examining table. He looked like he wanted to sceam or cry, but as before, his eyes remained staring, his voice silent. “What are you doing to him!” Razor demanded.

“Oh, he’s just living his greatest fears, that’s all! They must seem terribly life-like. But you’ll find that out for yourself shortly.”

By now, Razor was done unscrewing the steel straps from the table. He was free to move. Suddenly, before he could take action, he saw a needle aproaching *him*. Thinking quickly, he moved at the last second, and, grabbing the needle, plunged it into the nearby Traag. He then punched him in the face, knocking him into the former Councilman Zara. Rushing over to T-Bone, he pulled the needle from his friend, and attempted to revive him.

“Come on, buddy! Wake up! We’ve gotta get out of here!”

Disoriented, T-Bone slowly regained consciousness. Razor freed Councilman Zaruud, then helped T-Bone to stand. However, when he turned back around, Zara was there pointing a weapon at them.

“Don’t move.”

Grimalkin’s voice was stern, perhaps because the person he was addressing had betrayed and injured him. He repeated his statement, “Don’t move or I swear I will shoot you.”

Zara whirled in surprise to see Grimalkin standing there, a bandage on his head, laser gun in hand. “I thought I desroyed you!” she cursed angrily.

“It would’ve taken more than a mere knock on the head, I assure you. Now step away from my friends and drop your weapon.” he said in icy disgust.

“Or else what! You may be liberal in your beliefs, Grimalkin, but I seriously doubt you’d *kill* a fellow Aquian. Put *your* weapon down!”

‘He must have a plan’ thought Razor ‘If we can just stall until it takes effect…’ “I think not,” he said aloud. “What makes you think he’d sacrifice his life and let dangerous criminals escape for two aliens and an aged Councilman! You underestimate his convictions. I’d advise you to surrender.” Razor did his best to sound knowladgeable and in control under the circumstances.

“Never!” With that she fired her weapon, narrowly missing Grimalkin.

“Now!” he shouted. Twenty of his finest students came forth, surrounding Zara. Her eyes took on the ferocious look of a trapped animal, and she lept at the student nearest the door. She fell to the ground from mid-air, and landed in a heap on the floor.

“Whoa, Grimalkin, what’d you hit her with?” Razor asked while struggling with the again unconscious T-Bone. Two students came, and supported T-Bone while Razor walked over to his Aquian friend.

“Don’t worry. It was set for stun. When she awakens, she and Traag will be in our highest security detention area. This encounter shall not be forgotten. We shall better gaurd our dangerous prisoners from now on. I’ll see to that.”

“What…what about T-Bone? He’ll be okay, won’t he?” Razor’s face was full of concern.

“Yes, the drug’s effect on his mind will fade in a day or so. Come, you need not worry.”

“Grimalkin, if you don’t mind my asking…who are these people?”

“Ah, these are some of the fruits of your labors. Without you and your effect on me, these students would never have learned self-defense. We shall forever be in your debt for all you have done for us, SWAT Kats. Thank you.”
As the spaceship neared their world, the SWAT Kats prepared to leave their Aquian allies. Zara, Traag, and all their followers were safely behind bars, and T-Bone had made almost a complete recovery. They stood before Grimalkin in the docking bay. He thanked them again and gave each a warm handshake. They jumped aboard the Turbokat, and started to descend to the planet.

The scene at the garage was a familiar one. Chance was watching his Scaredy Kat reruns, and Jake was busy in the garage. As soon as the show was over, Chance joined Jake in the garage. “Whatcha workin on, Jake?” he asked.

“Callie’s muffler is shot, and…”

“Callie?” Chance interupted, then he began to work on the muffler whole-heartedly.

“I wish you were this enthusiastic about all our customers,” Jake joked.

As they worked, Jake decided to bring up the sensitive topic he’d been curious about for days. “Chance, Traag said when he tortured you, that you were living your greatest fears. What happened?”

“Nothing…I just…I was under water. I couldn’t swim. It all seemed so real.”

“If it makes you feel better, you know you can talk to me, right buddy?”

“I know. Thanks, Jake.” The two friends looked fondly at one another, and resumed their work.

or is it just the beginning?

You tell me…

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