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Return of Turmoil

By Lt. Felina Feral (at aol.com)

  • 1 Chapter
  • 809 Words

Turmoil comes back and tries to win again. In premise form.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Return of Turmoil Author: CNbL@aol.com

Foreword: This story contains the character Turmoil (from season two).  I used this character because I felt that her first episode, Cry Turmoil, had an ending that screamed for a follow-up episode. Hope you enjoy it.

Act 1

Twilight at Megakat prison. A dark figure can be seen climbing out of a damaged window. Sirens start wailing as the figure plunges into the sea. An extensive search reveals not even a trace of the escaped prisoner.

The next day at the Swat Kats’ garage, the theme song for Scaredy Kat drifts from the office while Jake fiddles with their towtruck. He shuts the hood.

“Go see if it starts”, he says while throwing Chance the keys.

“You’re lucky it’s a commercial.” Chance starts the enging with no problem and quickly returns to the tv just in time to catch a Kat’s Eye News bulletin.

“Last night the crimonal known as Turmoil escaped from Megakat prison. She is considered dangerous. If you have any information on her whereabouts please contact Commander Ferral. This is Ann Gora, Kat’s eye news.”The tv then fuzzes back to the already-started Scaredy Kat.

Jake walks in to view a very surprised Chance and asks what was up. Chance explains what was going on and Jake becomes surprised also, but, in an effort to get Chance away from a rerun of Scaredy Kat he sugguests they go work on the Turbokat, which needed some small, various repairs. Chance agrees and the two Swat Kats descend into their secret hangar.

The tv had been left on and another bulletin flashed across the screen.

“It appears someone is stealing the new Pumadine jet prototype, the Screamer, and is flying out of the city. The pilot, believed to be the escaped prisoner, Turmoil, may get away with it as the enforcers have had no success.”

Act 2

A month later…..

Everyone has forgotten about the stolen jet except for Pumadine and

Ferral, who is still pretty ticked-off over it’s disappearance. It wouldn’t be gone for long. That night the jet returns to the city and wrecks three Enforcer choppers on a routine check. Ferral quickly gets word and commands his Enforcers to get to the scene immediately. They follow orders and the jet wrecks the four incoming choppers, including Ferral’s.

“Bring me chopper backup” he yells into his radio after making a semi-safe landing on the street.

The Swat Kats’ alarm goes off and Chance answers. Callie explains what’s happening and the Swat kats jump into action. Just as they arrive, Turmoil announces her new weapon, the Silencer beam.

“This weapon is much more powerful than my last achievement, the Vertigo beam. This weapon targets the aircraft, and disables the aircraft’s full functions, leaving the pilot(s) completely helpless.”

Turmoil then demands the whole Megakat City treasury or she will destroy every aircraft in Megakat City. The Swat Kats then pick up an

argument from Pumadine that their analyzation revealed the beam can be counteracted, but only with a great deal of fuel and power. They also demand that the jet be returned to Pumadine no matter what damage it gets. The Enforcers and the Swat Kats begin attacking Turmoil’s jet (which really belongs to Pumadine). A forcefield on the jet makes it impossible to damage the jet.

Turmoil then fires a lucky shot and hits the Turbokat. It begins to plummet.

Act 3

The Turbokat is able to pull out and the Swat Kats regretfully return to their hanger to refuel leaving the city at the mercy of Turmoil.

Callie calls the Swat Kats again and tells them that Turmoil is attacking City Hall demanding the treasury, _NOW_!

The Swat Kats finish refueling and return to the scene just in time to stop a missile from hitting the top of City Hall. Enraged, Turmoil starts to chase the Turbokat, shooting the beam at them all during the chase.

Just then, Razor gets an idea. He informs T-Bone and they begin their plan. T-Bone leads Turmoil to the edge of Megakat city. She fires again, bearly missing the Turbokat which, at that moment, is in front of a city office building. The beam bounces off of the mirrored windows and hits Turmoil’s jet. The Turbokat’s grappling hook plucks Turmoil out of her jet right before it plunges into Megakat Bay, and drops her off right in front of Ferral. Ferral yells back at the Swat Kats.

“You hot-shot vigilantes are going to have to pay for that lost Pumadine jet,” but Razor and T-Bone were already too far away to hear him.



If you want any more info., or a question, E-mail me at CNbL@aol.com

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