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Resistance: Engaged

By Lt. Felina Feral (at aol.com)

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  • 4,544 Words

Jake’s 15-year-old niece is staying over, and she’s more than she seems.

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Author's Notes:

By: Lt FFeral@aol.com Kris Clawson

Chance is hanging around in the office. He’s glued to an episode of Scaredy Kat.

“Bad news, buddy.” Jake walked into the back room, interrupting Scaredy Kat.

“What’s up?’ Chance asked.

“My brother just called.”

“So that’s who it was.”

“He wants me to watch his daughter for a few weeks.”

“And you agreed?!”

“I had to, he’s my brother!”

“I never knew you had a niece.”

“I never knew you couldn’t swim…”

“Ok, when’s she coming?”



“Yeah. My brother’s awful when it comes to organizing stuff.”

“Great. Well…”

“Well what?”

“Well, aren’t you going to tell me about her?”

“What do you want to know?”

“How about her name.”

“Kristina Clawson.”

“How old is she?”


“15!!! Jake, you’re only 25, and SHE’S 15!!!”

“That’s not my fault, Chance.”

“Where does she go to school?”

“Megakat Tech.”

“Megakat Tech! That’s a college!!!”

“I know.”

“She’s only 15, AND SHE’S GOING TO COLLEGE!!!”

“Yup, 2nd year.”


“She’s somewhat of a genius. She’s going to MKT for 3 years, going to the Enforcer Academy at night, and then joining the Enforcers after she gets her degree.”

“She sure sounds like something.”

“She is _my_ niece.”

“Very funny.” Jake sits down on the couch next to Chance, snatching the bag of potato chips from his hand in the process. A car is heard driving from the garage.

“Uncle Jake? Where are you?” A voice came in from the garage.

“Kristina?” Jake yelled back. Kristina walks in, a duffelbag in each hand. Jake and Kristina exchange affectionate hug, and Kris gives Jake a peck on the cheek.

“Hi!” Kris said.

“Hi! Chance, why don’t you take Kristina’s stuff up to that extra room on the second floor.” Jake practically ordered.

“Oh, fine! Let me do all the work!” Chance cursed to himself while leaving the room.

“Uncle Jake, it’s just Kris now. Hey, what time is it?”

“12:30, Crud! We’re missing Litterbin.”

“You read my mind, can I change the channel Uncle Jake?”

“Go ahead, but drop the uncle, ok?” Kris switched the channel, and plopped down in front of the TV, and Jake right next to her. A moment later, Chance walked back into the laughter filled room, his jaw practically dropped off his face, and Jake could tell he was really pissed off.

“Kris, this is Chance Furlong.” Jake gave Chance an evil eye, while pointing in his general direction. Chance’s jaw was still down.

“Who said you could change the channel?!” Chance yelled in the most angry voice he had.

“I did Chance, just leave her alone. It’s only for 3 weeks.” Jake stood up, and was practically in Chance’s face.

“Just three weeks? I was looking forward to her staying with us for longer than that.” Chance sarcastically yelled back.

“Why don’t you just go to bed?!” Jake screamed. Chance stared at Jake for a second, turned around, and walked out of the room. Jake sat back down next to Kris.

“I’m sorry Jake, I didn’t know me coming here was such a big problem. I could go back and stay in my apartment.”

“Don’t. He’s just annoyed today. You’d better stay out of his fur.” After a few moments, Jake and Kris were both laughing hysterically again. Unknown to them, Chance was watching from the other room. Kris had long hair and a tail a little redder than Jake’s fur, although she had very pale fur herself. She had brown eyes, was about the same height as Jake, and small tufts of fur on the sides of her jaw pointing downward, almost like Jake’s sideburns.

“This is gonna be like living with two Jakes.” Chance murmured to himself.


“Jake. Jake! Wake up! Somebody’s outside!”

“Huh? Wha?”

“Jake, somebody’s outside!” Kris whispered as loud as she dared without waking Chance up.

“All Right! I’ll see what it is. It’s probably just a junkyard raccoon.” Jake was a bit annoyed. After all, it was 4 in the morning.

Both Jake and Kris walked outside, and both of them were banged in the head by falling debris.

“It’s Burke and Murray!” Jake said to Kris.

“You’re mammas know you’re out this late!” he yelled.

“Funny, you loser!” Murray yelled back.

Jake signed the release form for the junk they most graciously dumped on his doorstep, and went back inside. This was going to be a wonderful day. Jake just knew it.


“Crud! It’s 6:00! I’ve got to be at school in an hour,” Kris raced to get ready.

“Bye Jake, bye Chance.” Chance sneered. Kris ran out of the garage, just in time to catch a glimpse of Burke and Murray in the light. Jake and Chance followed close behind her.

“You two are even uglier during the day!” Kris yelled.

“What the hell do you want?” Jake added. Burke and Murray jumped out of their truck.

“Get out of my way!” Kris said to them.

“I’ve got to get to school!”

“Look Burke, she can walk to kindergarten all by herself!” Both Murray and Burke shared thunderous laughter. Kris lifted Murray up to her eye level, “Get the hell out of my face and dump your damn trash someplace else!”

“You can’t talk to my friend like that.” Burke yelled.

“Wanna bet!” Kris dropped Murray on his tail, turned around, and slugged Burke with a right hook. Both of them jumped back into their towtruck and headed for the other end of the salvage yard, returning only to get their slip signed.

“Bye!” Kris ran out of the salvage yard with a smile on her face and a small satisfaction that she had showed up two kats that Jake and Chance had never had a chance to do.


Kris arrived at the garage about 4:30.

“What took ya?” Jake was fiddling with something, and turned to see Kris enter the garage.

“I needed to access some Enforcer files from the school computer. I didn’t wanna do it from here with my laptop, ’cause I didn’t feel like hooking up all those wires!” She replied.

“Could you help me with my homework?”

“I thought YOU were the genius in our family!”

“Well… You sure come pretty close.” They both smiled. Kris was well aware that Jake had a superior education, and not to mention more experience, but

she had always managed to find solutions on her own, and Jake knew it too.

“I’ve got some calculus and trig, which I can do, but I need some help on some other stuff.”

“Like what?”

“Can’t you come over here and see for yourself?” By now Kris had gotten her bookbag open, and was pulling out a notebook, and a LOT of text books. After a short while she and Jake had come up with finished homework assignments for philosophy, psychology, English lit, and a few other basic classes.

“Thanks Jake. You can help me with the rest, but I can do it if you want to do something else.”

“I wanna see what you’re taking besides the usual college stuff.”

“You asked for it!” Kris pulled out two more books, A french dictionary and…

“Quantum Physics! You’re taking quantum physics!”

“Yeah, so.”

“I can bearly understand this!”

“Just forget it.

I’ll finish later. How ’bout a game of Basketball?”

“You’re on!”


“Awww….. CRUD!”

“That’s 10, I win!” Kris sang.

“Two… out of… three?” Jake panted, how could he have lost? He had always won at basketball.

Kris interrupted his thoughts, “Sorry Jake, I’ve got to finish my homework before I can go to the Academy in an hour.”

“The Academy?”

“Um, yeah. The place at the edge of the city where I go every night to learn how to be an enforcer. Hello!” Kris was amazed at how stupid Jake seemed.

“You ok?” She asked.

“Yeah. I need a rest.”

“Ok. I’ll finish my homework, and you can take a nap. Where’s Chance?” The thought had struck her that she hadn’t seen him all day.

“I don’t know. He probably went somewhere, to that news stand on 5th, maybe?”

“Oh. Hey? Is that the one that sells all those neat comics?”


“Cool! Maybe I’ll head over there.”

“I wouldn’t. Chance might still be mad…” Kris cut him off.

“He wouldn’t mind. So what if we… bump into each other. That’s his problem.” She ran off.

“Kris, what about your… homework. I sure wouldn’t want to be around Chance when he gets home.” Jake mumbled.


“Hey Pops!” Kris yelled as she walked into the alley.

“What are you doing here!?” Chance asked, still a bit angry.

“Buying a comic. Whaddya think I was doin’ here?”

“I didn’t know you liked comics.”

“Just because I’m a super genius doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy good literature.”

“Heh. What’s your fav comic?”

“Hmmm. Probably… I don’t know. I like all of ’em.”

“I’ve got some other stuff to do, so I’ll see you when you get back from the academy.”

“The Academy! Aww Crud!!! I forgot to finish my homework!” Kris ran off.


“Jake! I need a ride to the academy!” Jake woke with a start.


“I need a ride to the academy!”

“Oh, ok. Come on.”

“I can drive myself, I just need the keys.”

“Oh. You can drive?”

“Yeah. Megakat City passed a law last year that allowed 15 year olds to get a drivers licence. I would think you, of all people, would know that; you always read the paper.”


“Today we’ll run the obstacle course. The 20 of you with the fastest scores will go on to the next class tomorrow. The rest of you are going to have to take ground training again,” one of the instructors yelled.

“Aldrich, Allays, Baileys, you’re up first!”

“We might as well go home, ’cause those three ‘ll never finish the course.”

“Heh. Quit complaining Meg. We’ve got a real good chance of getting into those top 20 scores.”

“Well duh, Kris. By the way, why do they have that top 20 scores thing?”

“It’s some kinda deal where they can’t have more than like 40 new grads coming in to flight training, or something like that.”

“Clawson, McClerson! You’re up. So far the record for this course is 3 minutes, 56 seconds. Let’s see what you kats can do. Get set. Go!!”


“Yeah!!!” Kris and Melanie exchanged a high five.

“McClerson, 4 minutes 13 seconds; Clawson, 3 minutes 49 seconds! A new course record!”

“How the heck did you run that fast Kris?”

“I dunno. I guess it runs in the family.” Kris smiled.

“Showoff.” Kris stopped the truck in front of Melanie’s apartment complex.

“Same time tomorrow, ‘kay?”

“Gotcha. Bye.”

“Bye!” She drove off.


Three weeks quickly passed. The days went by fast, being basically the same each day. Kris was doing her homework one Friday.

“I thought MKT was just a technical college?” Chance asked Kris.

“Huh?” She looked up from her books.

“Oh. The college majors in technical stuff, but they also have the biggest selection of classes in Megakat City. It’s the best.” Kris returned to her studies. A few moments later…

“Aahhhhh! What the?” Kris was conveniently sitting right next to the alarm. Chance practically leaped over her.

“Yes, Ms. Briggs”

“It’s Dark Kat! T-Bone, Razor, he’s…”

“Ms. Briggs!? Crud!”

“Jake, what the heck is going on?” Jake sighed.”Follow me.” All three of them climbed down into the hangar. Jake and Chance ran into another room; while Kris just stared in amazement.


“Yeah.” The voice came from the other room.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” By now Kris was in a room with Razor, T-Bone, and the Turbokat. T-Bone was in the jet, while Razor stood next to Kris.

“Listen Kris, you have to swear not to tell anyone, or we’re done for good.”

“Come on Razor!”

“Just say it, Kris.”

“I swear.” Razor ran and leaped into the Turbokat. Kris made her way back to the garage, and quickly turned on the TV to Kat’s Eye News.

“…kat City citizens! This is Dark Kat! Once again I have abducted your mayor and deputy mayor. I want no one to interfere with my plans or I will destroy them instantly.” The camera shot went from the projected image of Dark Kat on the clouds to a shot of the Turbokat.

“You got an idea? We can’t attack him or he’ll kill Cally and Manx for sure.”

“I know that T-Bone. We’ll have to head back; we can’t risk it.”


A week passed. Cally and Manx still weren’t back, but Dark Kat hadn’t done anything to the city. Jake, Chance, and Kris were all in the garage.

“You ok?” Jake asked Kris, who had looked really bad ever since she got home.

Kris didn’t answer.

“When’s you’re dad coming? It’s already been four weeks, and you were only supposed to be here for three.” Kris ran up to a room on the next floor and slammed the door. She was really upset.

“Kris!” Jake ran up and followed her. He opened the door, and Kris was laying on her bed, crying.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I… went to Enforcer Headquarters today,” she said between sobs,”they found my dad’s chopper. It…it was empty. He never cared about me! I knew he’d do something like this! Damn him!”

“Kris, I don’t get it.”

“Jake!? You are so naive! He ditched me! He went to that other city for “Enforcer business” and he probably ran off with some she-kat. I hate him!”

Jake had to face the truth; James had always been a jerk, and this proved it. How could he leave his only kid?

Jake snapped out of his thoughts, and looked at Kris. She was fast asleep.


Kris walked down the steps wearing one of Jake’s pairs of overalls. Jake was bent down in the hood of a car.

“All done.”

“I feel better much better today. Sorry ’bout the clothes Jake; I don’t have any more clean stuff. I’ll wash it.”

“How about going to school today?” Chance asked.


“Well… you do look a lot better.”

“Uh Chance; It’s Saturday. I didn’t schedule any classes for Saturday.”

“Oops.” Chance blushed.

“Hey Jake, wanna go for a walk with me?”

“Sure; to where?”

“I dunno. I just need some air.”

“Chance, will you be all right while we’re gone? Chance!?” All they could hear was outrageous laughter.

“He’ll be fine as long as we get back before the end of Scaredy Kat.”

“Heh. Let’s go.”


“I don’t know what I’m gonna do Jake. I knew he’d do somethin’ like this. Ever since mom died things have been getting worse and worse. He’s always been a real jerk!”

“You can stay with us.”

“I can help you with your business too!”

“Sounds great. This is gonna be one cool summer.”

“Thanks Jake… You know…

I’d like to have a look at your jet.”

“Oh all right! Geeze. Sometimes you amaze me.”

“Sometimes!? Jake?”

“I’ll race you back to the Salvage yard.”

“You’re on!”



“I won! Ha! Payed you back for that basketball game!”

“You cheated! You took a short cut!”

“Un uh. I won fair and square. It’s not my fault if you didn’t see me change course.”

Jake began walking towards the garage. Kris leaped at him, knocking him down.

“Gotcha.” She stood up, smiled, and ran behind a pile of junk. After a few moments she started walking towards the garage.

“I always get the last laugh, Jacob Clawson.” She said to herself. She was almost to the door.

“Oh really?”

Kris whipped around, only to be knocked down by Jake.

“Get off me.”

“Not until you admit that I won, fair and square.” For no apparent reason Kris and Jake started to really laugh hard! “Ok…. you won…now get off… me!” They were both still laughing.

“Mr. Clawson?!” A car door slammed. Kris and Jake both stopped laughing and got up.

“Just great; it’s Feral!” Jake whispered to Kris.

“Aren’t you a little young for him Mrs.?” Feral was right in Kris’s face.

“I’m his… Oh skip it. Jake I’m gonna start on the car in the back.” Kris walked into the garage.

“Who was she?”

“She’s my cousin, Kris.”

“You’re sicker than I thought!”

“Commander…” Feral interrupted him, “Here’s this month’s bill, now you’d better have it on time!” Feral quickly got back into his car and sped off.


Chance walked down into the hangar. He thought he heard voices.

“Those are the wires to all our extra systems, and the blue ones are our main power.”

“So the red ones must be hooked up to the emergency stuff.”

“Bingo. They’re coated with some space alloys and plastics so they wouldn’t get damaged.”

“Jake? Who are ya talking to?” Chance walked into the room where they kept their jet. He saw two sets of shoes on mechanic’s dollies leaning out from under the Turbokat. Jake rolled out. Kris quickly split one of the wires, and connected them again with a small, black box. She then rolled out from under the Turbokat also.

“Chance, I was showing Kris the Turbokat.” Jake was trying to explain things to an annoyed Chance.

“Thanks for the…um…’tour’… Jake; but I’ve gotta finish my homework.” Kris left the hangar.

“I was watching her, she didn’t touch anything. She’s gonna live with us now; so I don’t see how it can be avoided. It’s not like she’ll be another SWAT Kat!” Jake climbed the ladder back up to the garage.

“Hey Jake, I forget. What’s the formula for area of a triangle?”

“Can’t you look it up?”


“One half times base times height.”

“Thanks.” Kris returned to her work.

“Ow! Not again!” It was the alarm. All three of them jumped down into the hangar, only to find Dark Kat’s face lighting up the computer screen.

“SWAT Kats, I wish to make a trade. Your lives for those of your mayor and deputy mayor. If you do not come, I will be forced to kill them.” The screen shorted out.

“But; what if they don’t ssshow up?” Dr. Viper hissed.

“They will.”


“Let’s roll!” Jake and Chance said in unison.

“Yes!” Kris said silently to herself. She would finally get a chance to try out…

“We’ll be back as soon as possible.” The Turbokat’s engines roared, and they took off. Kris went over to the hangar computer and tried to get it on-line. A few moments later she succeeded.

“Now to program it.” She began typing furiously.


“Razor, can you get a fix on his signal?”

“Already on it. He’s using that same volcano base he used for his doomsday weapon thing.” T-Bone had the jet on full throttle already, and it would be a few minutes before they reached the volcano.

“What the?” Razor was staring, open mouthed, at his control screen.

“Hi Razor!”

“How the heck?”

“I hooked it up the other day. Impressed yet?”

“Razor, what is goin’ on back there?”

“It’s Kris! She outsmarted me again!”

“Stop, I’m blushing! Now I can follow you guys, and be a sort of back up.” Kris smiled.

“Wait a minute!” T-Bone was mad, for Kris was on his screen too.”Razor, I thought you said..”

“Give her a break. Kris, can you go on just audio, ’cause we need our screens.”


“There it is. Razor, we’re gonna need a door.”

“Roger. Missile Deployed!” A few moments later Razor and T-Bone were on the dual kat cyclotron, zipping

through the passages of the volcano.

“Dark Kat should be just ahead.”

“What the? Whoa!”

“Razor? T-Bone? Razor!? Crud!” Kris typed in something, and her screen came to life, showing the cyclotron wrecked, with no sign of Jake or Chance.

“Oh CRUD! Now what am I gonna… I got it!” Kris ran over to the lockers where Jake and Chance had kept their flight suits. She opened up Razor’s.

“Bingo!” Suited up, she jumped on the cyclotron they had left behind, and took off through the tunnel.


“Let us go you creeps!” Cally yelled from a cage overhanging a hole filled with molten rock.

“Sssoon all of Megakat Cssity will sssee all four of you dessstroyed.” T-Bone and Razor had been snagged in the cave by one of viper’s creatures, and the mayor had fainted. Kris was hidden behind a rock on a ledge overhanging the cave.

“I will ready the broadcasssting sssyssstem.” Dr. Viper slithered into another room.

“Got any bright ideas Razor?”

“Not one.”

“Crud!” Kris whispered.

“How the heck am I gonna get them outta there? I can’t fight Dark Kat and Dr. Viper with my bare claws! Or can I?”

“Attention Dark City citizens! This is Dark Kat. I am your leader now; and to prove it, here are your city’s leaders,” he gestured towards the cage overhanging a hole,” about to be dropped into a pit of molten rock. Hurry, my Kreeplings!” The lot of them flew over to a switch, and proceeded to pull it.

“No!” Kris was now in full view, and as she yelled, the cable to the cage broke. The last thing she remembered were the helpless looking eyes of both her comrades and the deputy mayor, and the yells and screams, fading, as they plummeted towards the liquid rock. The rocks under her feet became loose; she slipped and landed on her side on the rocky floor not ten feet from the hole. She didn’t move.

“What was that my Kreep…ANOTHER SWAT KAT?! Put her with the others.” Kris hissed, and threw the Kreeplings off of her.

“You killed my friends, and now you’re going to pay!” She leaped at Dark Kat, knocking him down. Her claws dug through the cloak he was wearing and into his shoulders.

“Get off of me!” He flung kris into a wall of the cave. She shook herself and quickly got up; advancing at Dark Kat again. This went on for quite some time. Kris’s anger was driving her now, and she showed little of weakness.

Dr. Viper slithered in.


He was knocked over by one of the Kreeplings.

Kris was soon cornered by Dr. Viper, Dark Kat, and various Kreeplings and plantimals. She knew she couldn’t take them all on. That, even for her, was too much.

She turned and scaled the cave wall; so she was now, once again, on the ledge. Kris ran the passageway in which she had entered the cave. Soon she encountered the Cyclotron, still flaming, and a tear fell where she stood. She ran the rest of the way until she saw the light from the sun, streaming into the entrance.

She found the Turbokat, and took off for the salvage yard. Her tears mixed with the blood from a cut on her cheek; and fell as she flew towards home.


End Part 1 Part 2 will be out soon, since it’s almost summer vacation. <sniffle> Any comments are greatly appreciated ?

Lt FFeral@aol.com Kris Clawson

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