Original SWAT Kats Story

The Ness Empire Saga

By Liv

  • 9 Chapters
  • 28,012 Words

(Unfinished) Out on night patrol, the SWAT Kats encounter some new enemies… and find themselves facing an empire bent on conquering their world. Pokemon cross-over in later chapters.

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Author's Notes:

All right, I’ll explain: I’m making a new series of my SK fanfiction. It’s “The Ness empire series.” It’s based on 3 Japanese series : Changeman, Flashman, Black Kamen Ride and Jaspion. And of course, it will have some differences. If you want to know more about these Japanese series, e-mail me at liv_cat@zipmail.com.br Well, let’s do it.

Chapter 1

Revelation of Black Fox

In dark space, a crusader is near the Earth.

“My lord, that planet is perfect. It has many creatures,” said a male voice.

“Perfect!” said another male voice, laughing evilly.

Meanwhile, on the Earth in MegaKat desert, a black fox was looking at the sky.

“They’re coming – I need to warn Fang,” said the fox, running.

Meanwhile, T-Bone and Razor were patrolling the skies of MegaKat City.

Tonight is very quiet,” said T-Bone.

“Yeah, too much – let’s go home,” said Razor.

“Not yet, 10 more minutes. I feel something different will happen,” said T-Bone.

Then, they saw a blue light in the desert.

“What the hell is that?” asked Razor.

“I don’t know pal, but I’ll find out,” said T-Bone, flying over to the blue light.

In the desert, the blue light had gone. In the light’s place was a she-kat in white armor. She had very long red and purple hair and at her side was a white sabretooth tiger.

“This planet is not bad, is it, Bado?” asked the she-kat of her pet, the sabretooth tiger, looking at the Turbokat.

“Huumm… let’s see if those guys are faster than my Raygun,” said the woman, pointing at the Turbokat.

“There’s someone down there,” said T-Bone.

Yeah, you can call me crazy, but I guess it’s a she-kat with a sabretooth tiger,” said Razor.

But suddenly, the she-kat shoot a lazer at the Turbokat, and it exploded. But, T-Bone and Razor escaped from the explosion.

“How did she do that?” asked Razor.

“I don’t know pal, but she’s very dangerous,” said T-Bone.

When they got on the ground, they saw the she-kat, she looked like with Dark Kat but, in his female version.

“Who the hell are you?” asked Razor.

“I’m Lady Kendrix, one of the warrior Ness. And, who are you?” asked Kendrix.

“We’re the Swat Kats – my name’s T-Bone and that’s Razor,” said T-Bone.

“Swat Kats?! You are the guys who killed the space pirate Mutilor?” asked Kendrix.

“That’s right, lady, and it will be the same with that Ness,” said Razor.

“Ness is not a person – it’s an empire you fool,” said Kendrix. Then, her eyes glowed dark blue and threw Razor back, beating him on a rock. T-Bone ran over to him to see if Razor was Ok.

“Buddy, are you Ok?” asked T-Bone.

“Yeah, I’m ok. How’d she do that?” asked Razor.

“I said this no use, but I’ll give a chance to enjoy us.” Said Kendrix.

“WHAT?!” asked Razor, surprised.

“Just in your dreams, lady,” said T-Bone.

“I knew you would say that, but you don’t have choice,” said Kendrix, using her psychic attack. T-Bone and Razor couldn’t move, and, suddenly, they were gone.

The black fox was on a rock. She watched what happened and couldn’t believe it.

“This is bad, vary bad. I need do something,” said the fox.

The fox looked into the shadow of a tree and crossed the tree’s shadow like a gate.

Some time later, Jake opened his eyes. He noticed that he was being held captive in a bed and looked around, finding a few laminas on a table and some tubes that had some parts of aliens’ bodies.

“Holy kats, this is a nightmare, right?” asked Jake to himself, scared.

“No, this is not a nightmare – this is all real,” said a male voice.

Jake looked to his right and saw a dog. His legs were cybernetic as was his right arm and the left side of his face was metallic. “Welcome to the imperial crusader Ness. I’m Hacker,” said the dog.

“Ness!? The she-kat and her pet told me about this. Where’s my partner?” asked Jake. “You’ll join him soon… when you became a cyborg like me,” said Hacker.

When the lamina was nearly on Jake’s face, something attacked Hacker.

It was the black fox from the desert. Suddenly, the fox’s body glowed silver and her body became like a human body. But, she still had her black tail and fox ears. She had black marks on her face and she had longer black hair and white bangs.

Jake couldn’t believe what he saw. The fox-human freed Jake from the surgery bed.

“Who are you?” asked Jake, surprised and scared.

“I’m Vulpes, the shadow warrior of Avallon,” she said. Suddenly, they heard a weak voice and saw a tiger on a cage. He had cybernetic legs and arms. He also had cybernetic wings.

Vulpes destroyed the door and freed the tiger cyborg.

“Thanks,” said the tiger.

“Later you can thank me. Can you walk?” asked Vulpes. The tiger said yes.

“Please, I need your help to save my friend,” said Jake

“I’ll do my best,” said Vulpes.

“Well, well, well, looks who’s here, Bado – the fox of Avallon,” said Kendrix.

Vulpes knew she couldn’t fight with her, so she tele-transported herself, Jake, and the tiger.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” said Kendrix to herself. She went to another room and looked at a big glass tube. Inside of the tube was Chance sleeping in a green liquid.

“Soon you’ll be a warrior of Ness,” said Kendrix, laughing evilly.

Two hours later in a cave in the desert, Vulpes, the cyborg tiger, and a gray wolf had told Jake all they knew about Ness.

“What you’re saying is horrible. Are you saying your planet was destroyed by that empire?” asked Jake.

“Yes. And, it will be the same with your planet if we don’t do something,” said the wolf.

“What will happen to my pal?” asked Jake.

“A destiny written by those long dead says he’ll transform into an evil warrior,” said the tiger.

“Well, huum… What are your names anyway?” asked Jake.

“My name’s Vulpes from the Avallon,” said the fox.

“My name’s Fang from K-9,” said the wolf.

“And, I’m Airos from Nyuua,” said the Tiger.

“Well, Airos, Vulpes, Fang – We need to work together to save my planet. We’ll be a team more powerful than the Swat Kats,” said Jake.

“What are you saying?” asked Fang.

“We will be SWAT RANGERS,” said Jake very seriously.

To be continued……..

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