Original SWAT Kats Story

The Eye

By Liv

  • 2 Chapters
  • 4,678 Words

When the SWAT Kats are again pulled back to the Dark Ages, a new villain transforms T-Bone into a dangerous demon.

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Chapter 1

A New Foe

In the Dark Ages, time of the knights and wizards.

Pastmaster was doing a negotiation with Ashura the surgeon of the darkness.

“I need a new demon to work for me,” says Pastmaster looking at Ashura’s eyes.

“You know Pastmaster, my price is not cheap,” says Ashura with a serious and cold voice.

“In the bag I have 20 rubies,” says Pastmaster.

“It’s my favorite stone, especially when the ruby have the color of the blood, I’m listening.” Says Ashura getting the bag .

“As you know, I need a new demon. It’s got to be fast, strong and very powerful,” says Pastmaster

“I suggest a Sanjiyan Unkara,” says Ashura, cleaning his sword.

“Sanjiyan Unkara?! What’s a Sanjiyan Unkara?” asks Pastmaster, profit-sharing.

“It’s a kat with a evil eye in his brow.” “You need to choose the perfect kat, because nobody resists these surgery” says Ashura .

“Let’s make a deal: the Kat lives I pay the double, but he dies, I want my 20 rubies back, do you accept?” asks Pastmaster.

“I accept.” And they begin to laugh together.

800 years in the future, the Swat Kats are fighting Hard Drive with his dangerous rays.

“Crud Razor, today Hard Drive is nervous,” says T-Bone shooting Hard Drive with his glovatrix.

Razor looked around and finds a pail with water.

“I have a crazy idea , but I need your help, buddy,” says Razor.

“What’s the matter Swat kats? Are you afraid of me?” asks Hard Drive.

T-Bone shoots Hard Drive while it Razor runs and gets the pail shooting the water in Hard Drive.

“My rays!” cries Hard Drive

“I think you need a new jacket Hardy Drive,” says T-Bone getting Hardy Drive.

“Nice work, Buddy” Says T-Bone.

“Thanks …hun?” Suddenly, Razor and T-Bone looked at a black portal right behind them and a strong wind begins to pull them, leaving Hard Drive behind and then the portal closes. The portal leaves the Swat Kats in a wood.

“Ow, my hand – Razor, are you ok?” asks T-Bone.

“I’m fine buddy, where are we?” asks Razor.

“I don’t now, but I’m think here is the Dark Ages.” says T-Bone.

“How brisk you are,” says a strange male with long black hair, blue eyes a white fur and a scar in his right eye and he was in the company of some wolves.

“Who are you?” asks Razor.

“I am Ashura,” says Ashura.

The wolves slowly come close and the Swat Kats was dismissing and T-Bone falls in a big hole and faints.

“T-BONE!” cries Razor looking in the hole.

“Kill him,” says Ashura

Razor begins to run and the wolves go behind him.

“I will come back to save you, T-Bone, I promise,” thinks Razor to himself. Razor runs but, he stops and looks at an old table bridge.

“I think I don’t have a choice,” says Razor to himself in panic.

Razor runs in the table bridge but, suddenly the cord to break up, and Razor falls in the river. The river was wild and violent, Razor catches a rock.

“HELP” Cries Razor.

Not very distant, a kat with a long red hair, blue eyes and white fur, rides a white horse, and listens to Razor’s cry. The knight kat gets to the river and looks at Razor holding on a rock.

“Calm sir, I will help you,” says the strange knight kat.

The knight kat get his whip and with it he gets Razor’s arm and takes him out of the river.

“Are you alright, sir ?” asks the knight kat. “My god, you have a violent fever, I will to carry you to Megallith City,” says the knight kat.

Meanwhile, Chance opens his eyes. He notices he’s being held captive in a bed and looks around and finds a few laminas in a table.

“Holy kats, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking it is,” says Chance to himself, scared.

“Finally you wake up. ” Says Ashura.

“Who are you and what are you gonna do with me?” asks Chance with a furious voice.

“My name’s Ashura and you are my prey,” says Ashura. “You my dearest prey have 2 destinies,” says Ashura.

“What destinies?” asks Chance, fearful.

“Die or transform into a demon.” says Ashura. “I suggest a thing: if you feel pain, cry,” says Ashura. Ashura gets a lamina and begins the surgery and Chance begins to cry, while Jake wakes afraid.

“T-BONE!” cries Jake.

“Sir Razor!? Are you alright?” asks a familiar figure.

“Can’t be! Queen Callista, is that really you?” asks Jake, surprised.

“I see you are fine now, but where’s Sir T-Bone?” asks Callista.

“Well he’s …..”

Suddenly, a knight kat enters Jake’s room.

“My Queen, is your friend alright?” asks the knight kat.

“He’s fine now. Sir Razor, I want you know Ashram. He did take you out of the river,” says Callista.

“Nice to meet you, Sir Razor. Callista told me about the way you and your friend saved Megallith City and her,” says Ashram.

“Nice to meet you too, Ashram. Thanks for saving my life , and….. where’s my mask?” asks Jake.

“You were feeble and sick when I took you from the river and I had to take y our mask off – sorry,” says Ashram

“That’s ok, Ashram. Call me Jake now. I am too worried about my friend T-Bone,” says Jake

“What happened with him?” asks Callista, worried.

“He was captured by a guy. He was with a few strange wolves and….”

“Wait a second – by chance, that guy you’re talking about, does he look like me but has black hair and a scar in his right eye?” asks Ashram, nervous.

“Yeah, you know him?” asks Jake

“Yes, his name is Ashura,” says Ashram.

“ASHURA?! THE SURGEON OF THE DARKNESS?! YOU KNOW HIM?!” asks Callista, surprised.

“Yes, my queen, Ashura is my twin brother,” says Ashram

“YOUR TWIN BROTHER?!” exclaimed Jake and Callista together.

Few hours after, in his laboratory, Ashura has finished the evil eye’s surgery. Chance survived, and Ashura was very satisfied.

“This was a miracle, my dear Swat Kat. When you wake up, you will have forgotten all your emotions. You’ll have forgotten about love and friendship,” says Ashura to the unconscious Chance.

“Did he survive?” asks Pastmaster.

“Yes, he survived and what about my payment?” asks Ashura.

“It’s right here,” says Pastmaster.

“And, don’t worry about his armor, I have some for him,” says Ashura.

“Good, and when will he wake up?” asks Pastmaster.

“Huumm… maybe the next week,” says Ashura.

When, suddenly, Chance opens his eyes and discharges a big evil power and in a few seconds Ashura’s laboratory is destroyed.

“MY LABORATORY!!!” cries Ashura in panic.

In the center of the smoke, Chance shows his undokara’s form.

“I mean, today,” says Ashura surprised.

In his room, Jake looks at the stars through the window.

“What are you thinking about?” asks Ashram

“About my friend – poor T-Bone, I don’t wanna think about what your brother is doing with him,” says Jake with a sad voice.

“Believe it or not my twin brother once was a good guy,” says Ashram.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” says Jake. surprised.

“I’m serious. He became a bad guy when his wife died,” says Ashram with a sad voice.

“I’m so sorry for him Ashram,” says Jake.

“That’s not all – his daughter has been missing for 15 years,” says Ashram.

“Poor guy,” says Jake

“You’d better sleep now – tomorrow we both will search for your friend,” says Ashram.

“Thanks for everything, Ashram – good night,” says Jake.

“Good night, Jake – I see you tomorrow,” says Ashram leaving Jake’s room.

Jake lay down in his bed and closed his eyes.

(Author’s Note: it’s now Jake’s dream) Jake was in a shadowy forest and saw Chance in front of him.

“CHANCE!! WAIT!” cries Jake.

But Chance suddenly disappears in the darkness.

“Chance, where are you buddy?” asks Jake in panic.

Suddenly, Jake sees a black dragon with a third eye in his brow and it attacks Jake.

(Author’s Note: end Jake’s , dream)

Jake woke up in his bed.

“What a horrible nightmare!” exclaimed Jake to himself.

Jake got up, getting a white T-shirt and blue paints and socks and a pair of boots and leaves the room.

“Good morning, Ashram. Good morning, Queen Callista,” says Jake.

“Hey. Good morning, Sir Jake, you want us to search for T-Bone now?” asks Ashram.

“Yes, I want to,” says Jake.

“But, you two didn’t eat anything?” asks Callista.

“Don’t worry, Callista, we’ll eat on the way to the prohibited forest,” says Ashram.

In the stables, Ashram gets two horses.

“Get up o the blond horse,” says Ashram.

“Are you sure I can ride this horse?” asks Jake.

“Don’t tell me you never rode a horse before?” asks Ashram. “To tell the truth, never in my life,” says Jake.

“No problem – it’s easy. Now, get up on the blond horse,” says Ashram.

“Ok, you win,” says Jake.

Jake gets up on the blond horse and Ashram on the white horse.

“Well, and now?” asks Jake.

“Wait a second,” says Ashram.

Ashram puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles and the blond horse runs.

“ASHRAM!!!” cries Jake.

“Hey, wait for me,” cries Ashram

“Be careful, you two, and good luck,” says Callista.

30 minutes after, Jake and Ashram reach the prohibited forest.

“I don’t like this place, Ashram,” says Jake.

“Me neither, but I am sure my twin brother is here,” says Ashram.

Suddenly, the horses prance.

“What’s the matter?” asks Jake.

“Something is scaring the horses,” says Ashram.

Suddenly, a few wolves and a beautiful teenage she-kat with white fur, long pink hair with purple fuses and green eyes with a short dress appears.

“What you doing here and what you want?” asks the teenage she-kat.

“We are searching for a friend of mine,” says Jake

“What is your name, young lady?” asks Ashram.

“My name is Yasha,” says the teenage she-kat.

“Well, Yasha, maybe you can help us,” says Jake.

“How can I help you?” asks Yasha.

“We are searching for two guys and ….Uh-oh.”

“What is it?” asks Jake.

“I forgot the prohibited forest’s map – we have to go back to Megallith City.”

“Can I go to Megallith City with 2 wolves of mine?” asks Yasha.

“Sure. Well,let’s go,” says Ashram as he helps Yasha to get up on his horse.

Ashram, Jake, Yasha, and 2 wolves are almost to Megallith City when …

“Stop please!” says Yasha.

“What’s the matter Yasha?” asks Jake.

“I smell smoke,” says Yasha

“Look!!” says Ashram gasping.

“The city – it’s in flames. Hurry let’s go,” says Jake.

While in Megallith City in the flames, a demon with black armor is ready to kill a villager.

“It is your time to die,” says the demon.

When, suddenly, an arrow bolt in his right paw.

“I don’t know who are you or what are you but, you will not kill anybody,” says Ashram with an angry voice.

“You really think you can defeat me with a simple arrow?” asks the demon of Ashram.

“This voice – I know this voice,” Jake thinks to himself.

When the demon shows his face, it is Chance with the evil eye in his brow.



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