Original SWAT Kats Story

I Have the Power

By Liv

  • 2 Chapters
  • 5,942 Words

A “He-Man” and “She-Ra” crossover. Chance meets the Great Rebellion of Etheria, but the Pastmaster joins forces with the evil Horde, and they want Chance’s evil eye to open again.

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Author's Notes:

Well, I’m here again. I know my last Fanfiction was sad, but this Fanfiction will be cool because it is a crossover of He-Man and She-ra. Well, let’s go.

Chapter 1

Two days after Chance’s death, Jake was really sad.

He looked out of the window of his room and remembered how he and Chance became the Swat Kats when Yasha came into his room.

“Jake, are you alright?” asks Yasha of Jake, who shook his head and said.

“What do you think?”

“Well, I understood you’re sad, but if you still sad, Chance will be sad too,” she said.

“How do you know this Yasha?” asks Jake.

“The dead can feel the feelings of the living, and he’s in a better place now,” says Yasha.

In another world in a forest, a portal opens and drops Chance on the ground and Chance gets up.

“Holy Kats, h-how did I survive?” he asks of himself. Chance looked at his surrounding and found big blue trees and small pink trees.

“Where am I?” he asks of himself.

Suddenly he looked at himself and he was wearing Ashura’s armor and remembered when Ashram said to him that he had killed kats and almost killed Ashram and his partner.

“Never again will I use this armor,” says Chance.

Chance made a hole in the forest floor – he removed his armor and tossed it in the hole and later buried it. Chance walked with nowhere to go in the strange forest for hours. Hungry and tired, Chance found a cave, a big lake, and a tree with some apples. Chance ate it and went in the cave and slept.

The next morning, Chance woke up better after all that had happened in his dark past. When he was drinking some of the lake’s water, he heard a strange sound in the forest.

When he went into the forest to find the sound, he saw a horse with white hair and with black hair and black legs and a black nose. One of the legs of the horse had a sting on it that was giving grief to the poor horse and Chance decided help him.

“Calm down, buddy – I will not hurt you,” said Chance to the horse.

Chance removed the sting from the horse’s leg.

“Thank you, cat,” said the horse with a female voice

“Y-you can talk?!” asks Chance surprise.

“Of course, all the horses in Etheria can talk. I am Ponyta the mare and who are you?” asks Ponyta.

“I-I am Chance Furlong,” said Chance.

“Nice to meet you, Chance. I see you’re not a male feline of Etheria. Where did you come from?” asks Ponyta.

“I come from another world. I want back but I also don’t want back,” said Chance with a sad face.

“You mean you want back to your world but also, you don’t want back?!” asks Ponyta with a confused face.

“You don’t know what I did,” said Chance

“You want to talk about this?” asks Ponyta.


Chance and Ponyta listened for anybody who might have asked for help and they saw a white she-kat. Her long hair was blond and she was wearing a short blue dress.

“This is a cat woman of the snow and ice!” exclaimed Ponyta.

They were pursued by 2 robots with a strange symbol that looked like a red bat.

“Hordark wants you back right now,” said one of the robots.

“No way! I can’t use my powers, but I can use my force,” said the she-kat with an angry voice.

The she-kat began to beat up the robots with her claws, but one of the robots shot her with a laser and she fell to the floor.

“Let’s get her,” said the other robot.

“HEY, LEAVE HER ALONE!!” said Chance giving a blow to the robots’ faces and they fell to the floor.

“Tss… tss… tss…, I guess I have to do all the work,” said a strange woman using a red body with the same red bat thing and a red mask on her head and she had long purple hair.

“Who are you?” asks Chance.

“I am Captain Catra of the Horde,” she said putting her mask on her face. Suddenly, she became a purple panther. She jumped on Chance and bit his right shoulder.

Meanwhile, a portal opened allowing a man with blond hair and a pink shirt to enter. And, he was with a green tiger with yellow stripes.

“What the…,” said the man in shock.

“Ah, Prince Adam and Cringer the coward tiger, It’s good ….CRAUWWWW!!!” But Ponyta had given her a strong kick, and Catra was in the air.

“Adios Catra, hope to never see you again,” said Ponyta, looking at the sky.

“Chance, are you ok?” asks Ponyta looking at him.

“Ow.. my shoulder,” said Chance, but he was weak because of the wound in his shoulder.

“Hey, calm down – you’re injured,” the man said, trying to help Chance.

“Who are you and what are you?” asks Chance.

“You don’t know what I am?” asks Adam.

“Look, Prince Adam, he’s not from here – he’s from another world,” said Ponyta.

“We’d better carry him to the Bright Moon and fast,” said the she-kat helping Adam carry Chance.

A few hours later, in the Bright Moon’s great rebellion camp, the she-kat was caring for Chance’s wounded shoulder.

“Look, you were crazy to fight with Catra alone,” said the she-kat.

“You were in danger weren’t you?” asks Chance.

“Yeah, because of that, thanks for saving my life. My name is Princess Yan,” said the she-kat.

“And, I’m Chance,” he said.

In the camp, Adam was talking with Adora, his twin.

“Adam, it’s good to see you again, brother,” said Adora.

“Me too, sis – I will stay in Etheria for 2 weeks,” said Adam.

“But, what about Skeletor and his evil troop?” asks Adora.

“Ah, don’t worry about them, sis, because they’re chicken,” said Adam.

Adam and Adora began to laugh when Yan and Chance came in.

“Look, Adam, thanks for helping me,” said Chance.

“You’re welcome, what’s your name?” asks Adam.

“My name is Chance – where’s Ponyta?” he asked.

“She’s with Spirit, my horse, and Cringer, Adam’s tiger,” said Adora.

“What do you think of knowing the people of the great rebellion?” asks Adora.

“A rebellion? Cool,” exclaimed Chance, happy.

Meanwhile, Hordark was furious with Catra because she failed.


“Sorry, my lord, but a cat man and a horse helped her,” said Catra.

“By chance, does he have blond fur and brown strips?” said an other voice.

“Who the hell are you, or better, what the hell are you?” asks Hordark.

“I am called Pastmaster and I guess you had a little fight with my ex-demon, lady,” said Pastmaster.

Catra and Hordark were surprised because Pastmaster looked like a Skeletor-kat.

“What type was your demon?” asks a woman, wearing a long dress, dark pink, and a mask on her face.

“He was a Sanjiyan Unkara,” said Pastmaster.

“WHAT?! A SANJIYAN UNKARA?!” exclaimed the evil woman.

“What does it mean, Shadow Weaver?” asks Hordark.

“Hordark, it’s a demon – very rare and most powerful in the world of darkness,” said Shadow Weaver.

“Hay, maybe his demon can defeat the rebellion and especially She-Ra,” said Catra.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but we have a problem. Thanks to the butcher Ashura’s daughter his evil eye is closed,” said the Pastmaster.

“No problem – I can open his evil eye with my dark spell,” said Shadow Weaver.

“And what I will gain from this?” asks the Pastmaster.

“You’ll became a new wizard of the Horde,” said Hordark.

“Yes I accept,” said Pastmaster

Meanwhile, at the camp….

“And last, I am Adora, Adam’s twin sister,” said Adora.

“Nice too meet you all – I am Princess Yan, a cat-woman of the snow and ice,” said Yan.

“A snow cat-woman? They all aren’t dead?” asks a man with short light brown hair called Bow.

“Yeah, but I am the last,” said Yan with a sad voice.

“I-I’m sorry , I didn’t want..”

“It’s Ok, Bow,” said Yan.

“She lost her family too,” thinks Chance to himself.

“Well, what do you think we should do for lunch?” asks a strange woman with a very funny hat.

“Good idea, Madame Razz,” said a woman with purple hair called Glimmer.

“Abra cadabra pocus opus – we want a big and delicious sandwich,” said Madame Razz.

Suddenly, with the Madame’s spell, a big sandwich appeared and fell on everybody and they laughed.

“It’s delicious. Thanks Madame – I was hungry,” said Chance happily, eating the sandwich.

At night, everybody was sleeping but Chance and Princess Yan.

They were alone, sitting down on the floor and looking at the moon and stars.

“Now, I understand why this place is called ‘Bright Moon.’ Here can see a beautiful bright moon,” said Chance while Yan was looking in his eyes.

“Chance, I see your eyes are sad – why?” asks Yan.

Chance knew what she meant, but he don’t wanna tell her his secret and thought quickly.

“Well princess, when you mentioned your family, I remembered my mom,” said Chance. “She was a great horse master like I never saw before, and she led me to love horses,” said Chance with a sweet voice.

“So, because of this you like Ponyta and Spirit, don’t you?” asks Yan.

“Yap, but my mom died because she fell on her horse called Jet,” said Chance almost crying.

“I know what you are feeling,” said Yan

“Because of the stupid laws of my class I lost my twin brother,” said Yan with an angry voice.

“Do you have a twin brother too?” asks Chance.

“Yes, but cat-women can’t fall in love with a male because a cat-woman can become pregnant alone, with no male. Usually they give birth to girls, but if one has a boy, he’ll be killed. But, my mom left him in Bright Moon’s forest and he’s my only family now,” said Yan

“Well, how you will find him?” asks Chance.

“I know he has black fur and an amulet equal to mine. A cat-woman has her tears become diamond,” said Yan, showing her amulet to Chance.

“Because of this the Horde was after you, right?” asks Chance.

“Yeah, thanks to Glimmer – she removed the tiara that was on my brow. The tiara didn’t allow me to use my freeze powers,” said Yan

“Well, you have freeze powers but, you don’t have a frozen heart,” said Chance.

Yan looked at Chance and Chance looked at Yan with a sweet eye. They were ready to kiss when suddenly a familiar voice came to Chance.

“What a romantic sight. Two cats in love,” said an evil voice.

Chance wished he wasn’t still alive.

“No, not him! Yan, get out of here!” said Chance, afraid.

The Pastmaster appeared, to the surprise of Chance. “Hi, Swat Kat, did you miss me?” asks the Pastmaster evilly.

Pastmaster gets his watch and with the his spell, he traps Chance in a glass bubble. Yan tries to help Chance, but Yan was grabbed by Catra from behind.

“YAN!!!! NOOO!!!!” Chance cries out.

Suddenly Spirit, Ponyta, and Cringer appear.

“What’s going on here?” asks Spirit.

“A SKELETOR-KAT?! WHAT IS IT?” asks Cringer.

Quickly, Pastmaster teleports himself, Catra, and Chance to Hordark’s base. The 3 animals see Yan faint on the floor.

“Yan, are you ok?” asks Spirit. “Yes, but the Horde captured Chance. Ponyta, let’s go after them,” said Yan, getting up on Ponyta.

“Spirit! Cringer! Tell Adam and Adora what happened here. HURRY UP!” Yan cries out as Ponyta runs toward the Horde’s base.

“Let’s go to the camp, and fast,” said Spirit, running to the camp.

“Hey, wait for me Spirit!” said Cringer.

Meanwhile, in the Horde’s base, Pastmaster and Catra were in the center room when Chance, trapped in the glass bubble, saw Hordark and Shadow Weaver.

“So, is he your ex-demon, Pastmaster?” asks Shadow Weaver.

“Yes, Hordark,” said the Pastmaster.

“Ok, Pastmaster, I want you to answer me a question: How are we still alive? The last thing I remember we fell in a lava river at Megallith City,” said Chance.

“Well, we fell in the lava river, but I opened a dimensional gate at the last second and we are now here in Etheria,” said the Pastmaster.

“And what do you want with me? You think I will transform into a demon again? You can forget it!” said Chance with an angry voice.

“I guess you will,” said Shadow Weaver.

Shadow Weaver begins to use her electric spell on Chance and Chance cries out.

Meanwhile, Cringer and Spirit tell the rebellion about the trouble.


“That’s right, and Yan and Ponyta went after them,” said Cringer.

“Glimmer and Bow, you will go to the Horde’s base. Adam and I will go look for She-Ra to help us. I feel we will have big trouble from all this,” said Adora.

When Glimmer and Bow left to go to the Horde’s base Adam said:

“It is our chance to transform, Sis.”

Adam gets his magic sword and points it at the sky and says:


Suddenly, Adam becomes He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, and Cringer becomes the mighty Battle-Cat.


Suddenly, Adora becomes She-Ra, the princess of power, and Spirit becomes a flying unicorn called Swiftwind with a pair of big wings that are blue, pink, and yellow.

“Let’s go,” said She-Ra

Meanwhile, Yan and Ponyta reach the Horde’s base when suddenly a voice comes from behind Yan and Ponyta.

“Yan, wait for us,” said Bow.

“Bow! Glimmer! What are you doing here?” asks Yan.

“We’ll help you,” said Glimmer.

Yan, Bow, and Glimmer enter the Horde’s base and see Chance trapped in a glass bubble and also Shadow Weaver, Catra, Pastmaster, and Hordark.

“GUYS! FORGET ME! GET OUT OF HERE!!!!” Chance cries out.

“Ok, free him now or….”

“Or what?” asks Catra.

Yan freezes Catra with her power.

“This, you idiot,” said Yan to Catra.

“Your spell is too weak for me, lady,” said the Pastmaster.

“Can you do better than that, skeletor-cat?” asks Bow.

“What, you mean THIS?” asks the Pastmaster.

The Pastmaster shoots Bow, Yan, and Glimmer with an attack spell and they fall in the floor.

“GUYS!!! NOOOOO!!!” Chance cries out.

Suddenly, his evil eye opens.

“The evil eye is open! We did it!” said Hordark with an evil smile.


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