Original SWAT Kats Story

Defending Armor

By Leen Sullivan

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,917 Words

Jake and Chance check out new armor at an air show, but it turns out they’re not the only ones interested.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Defending Armor
Author: Leen Sullivan
E-mail address: leengenius@yahoo.com
Date: 1 December 2003
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Swat Kats are registered trademarks of Hanna-Barbera etc. etc.
Summary: Jake and Chance check out new armor at an air show, but it turns out they’re not the only ones interested.
Author’s Comments/Notes:This is my first fanfic, so any and all comments will be appreciated!

“Hey, Chance! You ready to go?” yelled Jake Clawson as he stood at the entrance to the garage.

“On my way!” replied Chance Furlong, sprinting towards their tow-truck, “I’m driving!”

“Aww man! You always drive.”

“Yeah, ’cause I’m better than you, Jake,” said Chance as he gunned the tow-truck’s high-powered engine and sped out of MegaKat Salvage Yard. “What’s your hurry in getting to this Air and Technology Show anyway?”

“Jeez! Chance, didn’t you pay any attention to what I just said?”

Chance shrugged. “Nah, I tend to ignore all your techno mumble.”

Jake glanced at him and explained, again. “I heard that one of the exhibits is some new kind of superarmor, and I’d like to talk to the creator.”

Chance turned and looked suspiciously at Jake. “You aren’t planning on messing with the TurboKat are you?”

Jake looked rather sheepish and replied, “Uhhh, no. I just want to see what that new armor will hold up to.”

“That had better be all, Jake; the TurboKat is just fine.” With that, Chance turned on the radio and the two kats spent the rest of the ride to Megakat International in silence.


Meanwhile, at the exhibit Jake had been talking about, four kats in their early twenties hurried to get their demonstration set up. The youngest kat and only female, was setting up a presentation board.

“Hey, Kev’, where are those pictures you took during the TTD run?” she asked.

A large black tom turned to her and said, “The Test to Destruction pics, ‘Leen?”


“Here they are, but ya’ know we really shouldn’t call them TTD pics ’cause we didn’t manage to destroy the stuff,” Kev added.

The small she-kat looked up at him and asked, “Is it my fault the armor would survive a close proximity nuclear detonation?”

Another tom, this time stocky and yellow answered Leen’s question. “Yes. You’re the one that created it.”

Leen replied, “Yeah. I guess it is my fault. I could make it less durable if you guys want.”

All three of the boys replied in unison, “NO!”

The yellow tom, Alois, expanded, “Duralloy is our ticket to getting that unlimited grant for R&D.”

Leen looked at him with one eyebrow raised. “Duhh! I was just kidding, guys.”

Josh, a short Siamese with light blue eyes, looked at Leen with the same expression on his face and replied, “Duhh! yourself; you know we just enjoy heckling ya.”

Leen smiled. “I know, that’s why I …” Leen broke off.

A very tall and thin brown tom vaulted over the side of the booth. *puff* *whew!* “The mayor is on his way! Doing an inspection before they open the gates.”

Alois turned and replied, “Thanks, man. Hey, Leen! You done with that display yet?”

“Yeah, just finished. So…,” she looked at the new arrival, “Did’ja bring anything to eat, Matt?”

The brown tom frowned and said, “No, I had just gotten to my car when the mayor showed up ya know – ‘Calllieee! Where have you been?”

The other kats laughed.

Alois added, “Yeah, that’s just about right. Manx wouldn’t get anything done without Briggs.”

Josh got a dreamy look on his face and said, “Man! I wouldn’t mind having her work for me… Owww! What was that for, Leen?”

“You know! And, it wasn’t meant to feel good.”

Josh looked sheepish and apologized. “Sorry.”

At that very moment, Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs were walking up to the young kats’ booth. “Callie, what is this one?”

“The list says this is the Slammers booth.”

The Mayor looked skeptically at Callie, “The Slammers?”

Callie sighed. “Yes, Mayor Manx the new group of interns working at Puma-Dyne.”

“Oh, well then we had better go and say hello.”

As the Mayor and Miss. Briggs walked up the five kats in the booth fell silent.

“Hello boys,” said the Mayor.

Leen rolled her eyes. Her short hair had confused many people before, but the Mayor might have known better. Leen’s train of thought was interrupted as Miss. Briggs asked what the latest project was. Leen was about to launch into a rather complicated explanation.

Alois spoke first, “We’re working on an new super armor called…”

Alois was interrupted as the Mayor said, “Ah, yes very nice well. Callie, we had better get going, have to get to the grandstand you know.”

Alois nodded, as if accepting an apology as the Mayor and Miss. Briggs walked off.

Matt said quietly, “Well, that was pointless. I could have gotten us some breakfast instead.”

As he spoke, an announcement came over the loud speakers. “Welcome Kats of Megakat City to the first annual Air and Technology Show!”


At the now open entrance gates, Chance looked quizzically at Jake and asked, “How can it be annual if this is the first time they’ve held this thing?”

Jake just glared at Chance as he paid their admission and took a pamphlet showing what exhibits were where. Jake had barely glanced through the pamphlet when Chance grabbed it from him.

“So, bud, where did’ja wanna go first?”

Jake replied, “I was trying to figure that out when someone took the map.”

Chance mumbled an apology and asked hopefully, “Want to go look at the new jets?”

Jake shook his head. “I can look at those later. I’d like to go see the new armor before it gets too crowded.”

Chance looked crestfallen, so Jake added. “But, you could go look at the jets; it’s not like I’m your mom!”

Chance scampered off like a kitten. Jake shook his head and returned to figuring out where he was going. ‘Hmm,’ he thought to himself as he looked at the key ‘new armor, ‘Oh duh, the Slammers, booth 76D’ Jake walked up row D, counting to himself as he went. ’45, 46, 47, 48… figures at the very end of the row.’ He walked toward the small group of kats already surrounding the exhibit.

Leen was busy explaining the properties of her invention to an older kat.”So, as you can see from these experiments, duralloy is not only an extremely resilient armor but also a superconductor at room temperature due to its unique molecular configuration.”

The kat looked impressed in spite of himself. “This is an amazing material you’ve come up with..” He looked expectantly at her.

“Eileen sir, Eileen Sullivan.”

“Ah, you’re the one that got the full ride to ‘Kat-Tech almost four years ago?”

Leen flushed and replied, “Yes sir, I graduate in May with a masters in Aerospace Engineering.”

“Ahhh, please don’t call me sir, it’s Professor Hackle. Impressive. Well, I must be going.”

Leen’s eyes widened as she said “Thank you sir!, I mean Professor.”

Kev’ leaned over and asked who the kat was. When she told him, he said “Wow! Professor Hackle! He told you duralloy was impressive?”

A grin spread across Leen’s face. “Hey, not bad for the first hour, huh?”

Kev’ smiled. “Beginners’ luck.”

Just then Alois called her over to explain something to a curious tom-kat.

Jake had asked an unoccupied yellow tom who introduced himself as Alois, “How is it possible for this new armor to be a superconductor at room temperature when the electron configuration doesn’t seem to support it?”

Alois sheepishly replied, “I really didn’t know because I’m not the creator, but, if you’ll hold on for a sec, I can get our resident genius over here to explain.”

“Sure,” said Jake.

The yellow kat turned around and walked to the other side of the increasingly busy booth.

About a minute later, a short young she-kat with light brown fur, short red orange hair, two tone ears, and strange dark blue eyes walked up to Jake “Are you Jake?” she asked.

Jake nodded and asked, “Are you the resident genius?” He saw a bit of red through her pale fur.

She said, “Yeah, the guys sometimes call me that. I’m Eileen Sullivan but call me Leen. Alois said you had a question?”

Jake thought to himself, ‘Wow, I had no idea a girl created duralloy!’ and repeated his question about electron configuration.

As Leen walked up to the counter, she saw a young orange furred tom-kat standing patiently to one side. ‘This must be Jake.’ She introduced herself once her suspicions were confirmed and listened to his question about the electron configurations. She explained, “That confused me for a while too, but I discovered they don’t effect it. Here, watch.” Leen grabbed a chunk of duralloy from behind herself, connected a current meter to it and turned it on. The readout flashed ten volts. “See? Absolutely no resistance.”

“Weird,” said Jake.”So, what’s the composition of duralloy?”

Leen grinned. “Sorry, I can’t tell you; it’s classified right now.”

Just then, Jake got an idea and voiced it. “Leen, would you like to have lunch?”

Jake was amazed at his openness and was thankful for dark fur so his blush didn’t show.

Leen looked surprised. “Ummm, jeez I’m sorry. I’ve gotta stay. Yah know someone needs to keep an eye on the guys.” As she answered, she thought to herself, ‘This is the first time anyone has ever asked me something that.’

Jake grinned. “It’s alright. Gotta make sure they don’t make you look bad?”

“No, I need to make sure they don’t do anything dumb.”

Jake nodded and wandered off.

Leen stood and watched him go then turned and went to find Alois.

He was just finishing giving an explanation of duralloy’s properties to Commander Feral. Alois then reintroduced Leen to the Commander, and she further explained the usefulness of duralloy as an armor.

Jake had wandered from exhibit to exhibit, making his way to the end. Checking his watch, he realized that he had spent almost an hour and a half looking at armor. ‘I had better go find Chance or he might get bored and leave without me. I can’t believe I asked her to lunch. She’s not even that pretty, and I am definitely not her type.’ He mentally beat himself up as he walked over to the airplanes to find Chance.

*AHHHHHHH!!!* a scream jolted him back to reality.

“What the..” He took off running in the direction of the scream.

Jake searched for Chance as a crowd of terrified kats blocked his view.

“Jake! Jake where are you?” he heard a voice that definitely was Chance.

“Chance, I’m over here by the..”

Chance came running up. “There’s trouble. DarkKat’s got Callie. The SWAT Kats are needed!”

Jake didn’t need to hear another word. The two took off running to their tow-truck and sped off to the hanger.

As Jake and Chance became Razor and T-Bone, DarkKat was issuing an ultimatum. “If you bring me the creator of duralloy in one hour, I shall leave Mrs. Briggs and your city unharmed. If not, they will both be lost and, if the SWAT Kats interfere, the bomb that I placed outside MegaKat Nuclear Plant will be detonated.”

A voice came from a small figure wending it’s way through the crowd. “Hey, ugly ya done going off yet?”

Leen stepped onto the grandstand. “Well?”

DarkKat looked at her. “Well what?”

Leen looked exasperated. “I’m here. You can leave the Deputy Mayor and the city alone, or hadn’t that thought passed through your ugly skull yet?”

DarkKat looked astounded for a moment but quickly regained his composure. “Come with me.”

Leen rolled her eyes, gave the crowd a cherry wave, and swaggered after him.

As Chance and Jake jumped down into the hanger, the klaxon went off *BEEP, BEEP, BE…*

“Yes Miss. Briggs?”

“Razor, trouble at the air show. DarkKat threatened to destroy the city if the Enforcers didn’t hand over the creator of that new super armor, duralloy.”

Chance, or rather T-Bone, cut in. “We’re on our way!”

“But, SWAT Kats, there’s more! She gave herself up!”

Jake/Razor asked, “Who gave herself up?”

“Some kid that goes to Kat-Tech! She’s a member of the new Enforcer Intern team, the Slammers.”

T-Bone replied, “Don’t worry, Miss. Briggs, we’ll get her back.” He ran over to his locker and began pulling on his flight suit, then he noticed that Jake was just standing there, looking bewildered. “Hey, HEY! Jake, suit up, bud – we’re needed!”

Jake shook his head, thinking, ‘No way, it’s got to be a mistake.’

“Sorry, bud, don’t know what got into me.” Jake then walked over and pulled on his flight suit and mask.

As soon as Razor was dressed, the two vigilantes jumped into the TurboKat and flew toward the airport.


“T-Bone, I’ve been scanning for any anomalies that might be related to DarkKat, but nothing has shown up.”

T-Bone grinned. “Hey, sureshot, I trust ya. If anyone can find that wacko, it’s you.”

Just then, Commander Feral’s voice came over the radio. “SWAT Kats, break off. The Enforcers can handle this.”

T-Bone replied, “Yeah, you’re doing a great job with the airport, but we’re going after DarkKat.”

Razor cut in. “Hey, bud, I’ve got a strange magnetic trail heading into the desert. I think I found him.”

“Knew you could do it, buddy. So long, Commander! ROCK AND ROLL!!!” T-Bone pulled up on the stick, sending the TurboKat spiraling upwards into the azure sky. As he leveled out, he asked, “Razor, what’s the heading?”

“East 37.”

T-Bone pushed the throttle forward, and the sleek black jet accelerated. “So, Razor, this kid sounds kinda dumb. I mean, she coulda waited until we showed up. We could’ve taken DarkKat, no problem.”

“I was thinking the same thing hotshot, but I don’t know anymore than you do.” Razor thought to himself, ‘Why did she just go with him. She hasn’t got a chance of escaping.’ *Beep* He looked at his consol. “Hey, T-Bone, got ‘im. There’s an energy emission coming from that outcropping.”

“Roger, settin’ her down.”

As the canopy slid back, T-Bone and Razor jumped on to the shifting hot sands.

Razor consulted a small hand-held device (his portable x-ray beam). “There’s an opening behind that rock over there. Man, this is cake. You don’t think it’s a trap?”

T-Bone looked at him. “Yeah, I do. See if there’s another tunnel.”

Razor patiently moved the beam back and forth, bathing the rock faces. “Got it, right over there.” He headed in the direction he had indicated with T-Bone right behind.

T-Bone looked at a rock face that looked just like all of the others. “Uhh, bud, hate to tell you this, but the x-ray beam’s malfunctioning. There’s nothing here.”

Razor ignored him and fumbled with a section of rock. Suddenly, the rock disappeared revealing a large tunnel.

T-Bone’s jaw dropped.

Razor looked at him. “Holographic projection and shield.”

“Ohh, cover me.”

“Roger,” replied Razor, following the burly tom into the cool, dark tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel T-Bone and Razor were following lay a large natural cave, with stalactites eerily dripping water into shallow pools. Across from the pools was an amazing array of technological equipment. Creeplings surrounded a small object tied to a stalagmite

*Oufffff* “What a headache.” Leen stirred.

The Creeplings squawked and hooted, alerting their master.

“So, you’ve awakened.”

Leen was not in a good mood. “Thank you, Captain Obvious!”

A creepling attempted to get at something in her pocket. She lashed out with her bound feet, sending it flying across the cave.

DarkKat watched calmly. “There’s no need to be angry. After all, you volunteered to come.”

“Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t be mad. After all, the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.”

DarkKat smirked. “Nobel, but that will get you nowhere. Now, tell me how to make duralloy!”

Leen looked confused. “What?”

“Duralloy, your new super armor!”

Leen still looked confused. “Sorry, but I don’t know how to make this… dan-ally? stuff.”

DarkKat grabbed her shirt, pulling her off of the floor and snapping the stalagmite she had been tied to. “Don’t play stupid with me! You won’t like the consequences!!” he shouted at her.

She looked at him. “Did you really expect me to just tell you how to make it? So you can take over the city?”

DarkKat glared. “Fine. I have ways of making you talk!”

Leen grinned “Typical villain cliché. Can’t you be original?”

He threw her back to the floor where the Creeplings jumped on her. One squawked triumphantly as it grabbed the MongoPepper that had been in her pocket.

“Hope you choke,” she muttered.

DarkKat stormed off to another part of his lair, leaving Leen on the floor with the Creeplings in a far corner, fighting over the pepper. She kicked several more off, and they scampered towards their fellows. She looked for anything to cut the rope she was tied up with. She spotted the severed stalagmite.

‘ Yes! Man, DarkKat is way overrated, but I hope the SWAT Kats will come soon ‘cause there’s no way I’m gonna get away without help. But, meanwhile..’

She scooted over to the chunks of calcium carbonate, noticing several sharp points. She grabbed a small piece with a wicked looking edge. Sawing at her bonds, she looked around. Spotting something, she thought to herself. ‘Hmm, I bet that’s the remote detonator to that bomb he placed at the power plant. I wonder if I could disarm it.’

The sharp rock cut through the last strands of rope. She pulled her hands in front of herself, massaging her wrists. She reached to her calf and pulled up her pant leg, revealing a small dagger in a sheath. She pulled it out and sliced the rope at her ankles and stood up, stretching.

‘Now, to stop that bomb.’ She cautiously walked over to the large consol that the remote was on, trying not to alert any of the Creeplings that were still jabbering over the pepper. She picked up the remote and turned it over, careful not to jostle any of the buttons, thinking, ‘Okay, this is gonna be easy, just like in the movies. Cut the red wire.’ Leen then used her dagger to unscrew the access plate.


Once open, she saw not one red wire, but a multitude of blue ones.

‘Well, I just have to find the one that leads to the transmitter.’

She carefully examined all of the wires in the remote. Finally finding the one she thought was correct, she scrunched up her face and held the remote away from herself, as if expecting it to blow up. ‘I may have to get used to this place ‘cause if that bomb blows, I won’t be able to go above ground for about fifty years.’ She snipped the wire. Nothing happened. She looked at the LCD.

*Transmitter Disabled* scrolled across the screen.

*WHEW* she sighed.

One of the Creeplings looked her way and honked. The other Creeplings looked up too, squawking. Several of them took off down the passage DarkKat had taken, but the others swarmed toward Leen.

She grabbed the remote detonator and ran headlong down a side passage. Suddenly, she hit something soft and immobile. It grunted as she fell backwards. Leen looked up and saw T-Bone “Sorry,” she said.

“No Probl..”

She didn’t hear the rest of what he said as a group of Creeplings came around the corner after her. Without thinking, she grabbed the blaster out of T-Bone’s holster and fired a quick succession of shots. Five seconds later, eleven Creeplings lay motionless on the tunnel floor.

T-Bone had been about to protest the confiscation of his blaster when he realized that the Creeplings were all unconscious.
Leen handed the blaster back to him, but he pushed it away.

“Keep it, I have a feeling you’re gonna need it.”

Razor came running from the opposite direction that the Creeplings had come from. “What’s going on? I heard blaster fire!”

T-Bone turned to his partner. “Don’t worry, buddy, we got it under control.”


“Yeah, I found or rather the techie kid found me.”

Leen stepped in. “Umm, guys, I hate to interrupt, but more Creeplings are going to be on their way, probably with DarkKat on their tails.”

The two tom-kats stared at her.

T-Bone recovered first. “You’re right – let’s go.”

Razor grabbed his shoulder. “We can’t. Dark Crud will blow up the nuclear plant if we take off.”

Leen grinned, holding up the remote. “Not without this he won’t.”

“Be careful with that!!” Razor said.

“Why? I disarmed the transmitter back there,” Leen replied.

*Wow* said T-Bone under his breath. “We need to get moving.”

Leen quietly followed the two along the passage they had come in by, when it suddenly dead ended. “How do we get out?” she asked.

T-Bone pointed, and Leen looked up. They were at the bottom of a three hundred foot shaft. She looked questioningly at Razor. He looked back at her.

“The grappling hooks on our Glovatrixes will pull us up. The cords are tested to three hundred pounds, so I’ll take you.”

“Okay,” replied Leen. She wrapped her arms around Razor’s shoulders, and he grabbed her waist, shooting the grappling hook at the top of the shaft. Once he made sure it would hold, he activated the winch at the same time T-Bone did his. The three kats rose off the floor and up into the gigantic hole.

Leen was patiently awaiting the top when she realized it. ‘This guy is awfully familiar, but who does he remind me of?’

When they finally reached an opening in the side of the shaft, T-Bone and Razor swung towards it. Once on firm ground, they released the cords, and began walking. They soon reached the exit.

Leen blinked as she stepped into the bright sunlight. “Thank you!” she said to T-Bone and Razor.

Razor smiled at her. “You’re welcome.” Then, he turned to T-Bone. “We need to destroy this place, but how?”

Before T-Bone could answer Leen held up a PDA.“Will this help?”

T-Bone stared at her. “Umm, thanks, kid, but…”

She cut him off. “I managed to access the self destruct codes while I was down there. I loaded them into this for lack of a better idea.”

Razor thought for a moment. “Yeah, that should work just great. We may be able to get rid of tall, dark and purple and his hideout without wasting a missile!”

T-Bone grinned. “Then, what are we waiting for, buddy? Let’s go!”

All three ran over to the TurboKat, and Razor started to download the codes. “Hey, umm what’s your name? Why did you want the destruct codes?”

Leen was admiring the jet. “Huh? Oh, it’s Leen Sullivan, and I wasn’t actually looking for the destruct codes, but they were what I found.”

T-Bone walked over. “Then, what were you looking for?”

A grin slowly crept across her face. “I wanted the schematics for his ship. You see, I’m an aircraft designer, and I really couldn’t help wanting to see them.”

“Got it!”

T-Bone swung around. “What was that, buddy?”

Razor looked down at T-Bone from his weapons consol. “I said, I got the codes downloaded, but, before we blow this thing, we should probably move away.”

“Roger, sureshot.” He then looked over at Leen, who was examining the thrusters.

“Hey, uhh, Leen! We need to get away from the caverns. It’s a potential blast zone.”

“Coming!” she replied, beginning to walk over.

T-Bone then realized,‘Duh, the TurboKat only has two seats; there’s three kats here.’ “Hey Razor, you got room for a passenger?”

Razor looked up. “Hummm?”

Leen walked up.

“Ohh, yeah I guess she could sit with me.”

“I could sit with who?” Leen asked.

Both tom-kats jumped; they hadn’t heard her come up.

“Don’t do that!” said T-Bone.

“Do what?” Leen looked puzzled.

Razor cut in, glaring at T-Bone “Don’t worry about it. You’re sitting with me.”

Leen shrugged. “Okay. Are we going to go?”

“Yeah, come on get in.” T-Bone reached out a hand to help Leen on to the wing, but she backed up and vaulted on by herself. T-Bone shook his head and jumped on to the wing and into his seat.

Leen carefully climbed into Razor’s seat with him, both looking rather embarrassed. “Ummm, thanks.” Leen said.

“Uhhh, no problem,” Razor replied as he made room for her.

The cockpit slid closed as T-Bone revved up the thrusters. “You two strapped in back there?”

“Affirmative, buddy.”

T-Bone grinned, “Then, let’s ROCK AND ROLL!”

The sleek black jet lifted off the desert floor and streaked toward the city. When the TurboKat was about three miles away from DarkKat’s lair, T-Bone swung her nose around and hovered about a hundred feet off the desert floor. “Razor, you ready to detonate?”

“Roger, detonating… NOW!” Razor depressed a series of buttons on the remote, and a cloud of dust rose from the outcropping they had just been at.

“That takes care of DarkCrud,” said T-Bone.

“Yeah hopefully, permanently,” replied Razor.

Leen piped up.”Except you guys should know, what with the number of times you’ve tried to take him out. He’s kinda like a cockroach. Ya can’t kill ‘im!”

T-Bone frowned in the mirror that let him see the backseat. “Thank you, Miss Optimism!” He then added, “Since that’s over, where can we drop you off, kid?”

Leen thought for a moment then said, “Could you drop me off at the airport, please? I ran out on some people and need to apologize.”

Razor tried to think of something to say. He was about to open his mouth when T-Bone spoke first.

“We’re coming up on the airport.” He set the TurboKat down on the tarmac and the canopy slid back.

Razor climbed out of the jet and helped Leen down.

“I want to thank you, for saving my life back there,” she said.

“No problem, it’s what we do. Just, next time. don’t give yourself up.”

Leen smiled and waved as a crowd surrounded her, and the TurboKat took-off and streaked toward the horizon.

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