Original SWAT Kats Story


By Laser

  • 3 Chapters
  • 8,587 Words

(Unfinished) T-Bone, Razor, and Enforcers find themselves up against a deadly enemy out for revenge and world domination. The only real block in their path is Razor and Felina have been transported to another universe.

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Author's Notes:

It’s just something else that tells about the characters.

Just some character information that you don’t really need to know to read my other stories, but it does explain who the character is more than the stories do.

Chapter 3

Character Introductions

Slerec Gadge Esket

Slerec is one of the few enforcers that moved up to piloting starships. Before he moved up, he used to partner with Jake when Jake first joined the Enforcers. Slerec years ago adapted to the name “Wedge” because all his friends called him that. Slerec Esket is considered a good pilot, and he has known the SWAT Kat’s identities when they first were created. Slerec’s 24 years old.

Mark Samonn Listro

Listro is a commander for MASA and good at spying on McNintre. Though, no one exactly knows how or why he hasn’t been discovered and how he manages to be in the right place when he has to be there. He isn’t the best pilot, a fair one, but he prefers ground operation vehicles.

McNintre Farlower

He is almost the ruler of the entire universe, seeking out planets that are not yet under his control. He doesn’t only want to rule the universe, but he also wants to get back at the SWAT Kats for defeating him once and getting tossed in jail. He has his men very well trained, though he’s noticed that something has definitely gone wrong because of the way his pilots are acting. If something or someone was intentionally causing it, he would definitely kill it. He designed the V-S assault vehicle a few months after he was discovered by the enforcers.

Pelleon Skidriff

As the highest ranked commander of McNintre’s forces, Pellaeon has ordered the Yolaken attack against MASA, the Kats from Earth who have been transferred to one of the disappearing MASA assault centers, with the approval of McNintre. Pellaoen was one of the best pilots McNintre had and a very smart commander. He can make the best decisions whenever he has to think fast.

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