Original SWAT Kats Story


By Laser

  • 3 Chapters
  • 8,587 Words

(Unfinished) T-Bone, Razor, and Enforcers find themselves up against a deadly enemy out for revenge and world domination. The only real block in their path is Razor and Felina have been transported to another universe.

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Chapter 2

Rebel Assault

It was 1954, about forty three-three years ago at a MASA space center.  The first flight to the moon was about to take off.  But, they didn’t know that this first flight would not succeed.  The countdown started.  The rocket soon ignited its engines, disappearing into the sky.

“Command, all systems are working just great,” one of the pilots said into the comm.

A minute later, there was a strange yellow gas in the air.  Before the shuttle could even tell command what was going on, the shuttle flew right into it and mysteriously, it disappeared…


Feral walked into a room filled with computer equipment.  On the left side were three chairs, and McNintre was sitting in the middle. One of the guards tied him into the far right one.

“What do you want?”  Feral asked, talking through his teeth, an angry expression on his face.

“Wouldn’t you know?”  McNintre asked.  “All I want is the locations of your MASA flight training and assault centers.”

“How’d you know?”  Feral asked

“You don’t think I’d know about your six space centers?” McNintre asked.

“Six?”  Feral asked, just figuring out what happened.

“Yes, six.  We found two and destroyed them,  McNintre explained.  “You didn’t know?”

“I haven’t had any news from there for years.”

“Well now you have,”  McNintre said with a changing expression. “Now where are they?”

Feral didn’t speak, just gritted his teeth again.

“Commander, prepare an invasion for Earth,”  McNintre ordered.

Feral hadn’t noticed that Pellaeon was standing next to him.

“Yes, sir!”  Pellaeon said, running off and out the door.

“You can’t do that!”  Feral yelled at McNintre.

“And why not?”  McNintre asked, getting mad.  “My troops are the best kat fighters in the universe.”

“I doubt you’ll succeed,”  Feral almost whispered.

“Oh, I will,”  McNintre assured him.  “I will.”


“We’ve just intercepted a message McNintre sent,” one of the green kat-type aliens said.  “It sees that they’re planning something.  It came from-”  The alien paused to look at the screen. “InSitanty 2.  It’s the most feared planet known.”

“I’d think you should drop us off at a MASA assault center.” Felina suggested.

“I guess that’s a good idea,”  the alien said.  “We don’t have any assault starships anyway.” The shuttle turned around and headed in the other direction. “Hang on,” the alien said a few seconds before the shuttle went to lightspeed and disappeared.


“Assault center three, you’d better get over here and fast!” the pilot yelled into the comm.

The shuttle was trying to dodge lasers as best it could with damaged systems.  Then came a laser crashing into the side of the shuttle.  The shuttle’s lights switched to emergency lights.

“And I mean FAST!”  The pilot could almost hear him giving orders.

“We’ve picked up you’re location,” a voice said over the comm. “Hold tight, and watch yourself.”  Another laser came soaring at it, but missed.  “And don’t get hit by any more lasers.”

“Easier said than done,” the pilot said, still paying attention to everything around him.


In a few minutes, they came out of lightspeed to see a planet with a huge domed building.  It was the assault center.

After the assault center gave them permission to land, which took quite a while, the shuttle engaged its repulsor lifts.  It was about to settle down. when a door, just big enough for it to fit through, opened.  The shuttle flew inside it, then again engaged its repulsor lifts and settled down on a gray floor.

The shuttle door opened,  falling towards the ground.  Around it were weird look looking starships, or at least they looked weird. Some of them were a standard type of starship.

As they walked down, a kat in a black uniform greeted them, then introduced himself as Commander Mike Lastro, also a spy for MASA.

For a second, as they walked towards the starships, he wondered what would happen if McNintre found out about him spying on them.  He got rid of the thought as they approached a small starship shaped like a V with a cockpit and blasters at the ends of it.

Mike looked around to see pilots scrambling to their ships.  “My pilot’s are joining in the battle,” he explained.  “But some will just escort; you see there is a crisis down near Earth that we have to take care of.”

Felina was the first to climb in, and Razor was after her.

“You actually know how to fly these things?”  Razor asked as the canopy closed.

“I took minor courses on how to fly them,”  Felina said.  “And I’ve been told that they’re somewhat like jets.”

It lifted off with the other ships and flew out the opening in the dome.


“Isn’t there anything  that I can-”  T-Bone was interrupted by the pilot.

“Do you know how to fire deep space lasers?” the pilot asked.

“I know how to fire lasers,”  T-Bone answered.

“They are much different than regular lasers,” the pilot said, still trying to do his best to dodge lasers.  “What you can do is just hold on tight.”

Ships from Assault Center Three had arrived and taken out some of McNintre’s ships, so there wasn’t as much lasers to dodge.  Suddenly, a thick laser hit the shuttle’s side and sent it flying towards a mostly green planet with small some streaks of blue. Without getting hit by anymore lasers, and instead of burning up, the shuttle crashed in the trees of the planet.

T-Bone and the pilot were suddenly unconscious.


To the left was a huge ship that looked like a slightly flattened cylinder.  Ships could and were flying right through the center of it because it was hollow.  It was the Escort.  There were more of them on other sides, in front and in the back.

There was two ships, about fifty times the size of the escorts.  They were two main capital ships that were in the shape of an oval, with a couple of long bars sticking out of it.

Razor decided that it was too weird to be in a starship like this.  Most kats back on Earth didn’t even know such ships existed.  Although, he had known.

And then Razor saw two ships, large ones bigger then fighters, but much smaller than the escorts.  It was moving in the direction of one of the bigger starships.

It was a long ride, even though both captains of the two ships agreed that it was too short of distance to go to lightspeed. Suddenly, the escorts and both the capital starships changed course, then gave the order for all the starfighters to come aboard.  Most of the pilots of the smaller ships didn’t have a clue why, but they knew that when both captains gave an order like that, they meant it.

Docking wasn’t the easiest thing to do with a ship, and Felina certainly wasn’t an expert on doing so.  But after the first time, she decided it wasn’t that hard anymore.

Inside, kats were scattering around.  Just this docking area seemed to occupy everyone in the entire ship.  They had been told to dock in this specific area for some reason.  One of the bars on both of the huge starships had connected for passage, and now kats from the other ship were rushing in.  Then they both noticed that everyone had a gun/rifle in their hand.

“What the heck’s going on?”  Razor asked as they both climbed down.

Felina just shrugged.

Razor ran to Listro, who also had a gun in his hand.

“McNintre’s troops have entered the ship!” Listro almost yelled. “They’ve taken over and shut down the main generator.  We’re getting ready to attempt to reach it.”

Now Razor remembered.  That weird ship he saw may have been one of McNintre’s troop carriers.

There was silence as the door slowly slid open horizontally.  It took a minute for anyone to notice what was out there.  Two red lasers suddenly sprang out like lightning, hitting an officer in the shoulder.   Every one suddenly scrambled to get against the wall or hiding behind a ship.

Razor, now against the wall too, started to slowly slide toward the door.  He quickly slid around the corner, expecting to see something but saw nothing.  He walked forward, cautiously, not knowing what to expect.  Then it happened: one of McNintre’s troops stealthily came out from his hiding place, which was one of the long hallways to the side,and stuck a gun right up against the side of his head.

Razor dropped his gun, and raised his hands as Felina and four officers rounded the curve cautiously. Felina and the others were about put the guns how, when Razor unexpectedly tried to kicked the trooper in the leg but missed.

Stunned, the trooper moved back as lasers stared shooting at him.  He dove for his blaster and dodged lasers at the same time. Grabbing it, he quickly slipped into a room as the door automatically locked behind him.

Razor kept his gun pointing directly at the door until the others caught up, knowing how good McNintre’s fighters are. A few yards ahead, the long path way started curving.  And suddenly, a little ways into the curving path, Razor stopped and froze, not making a sound.  And then the others suddenly knew what was wrong: the sound of marching footsteps suddenly fell upon them, growing louder.

“Uh,”  Razor managed to say.  “Hide.”

Razor and Felina ducked into a long thin path, about one foot wide, hoping they wouldn’t notice it.  But at least they wanted to stay alive.

The other officers had other ideas.  They were still in the pathway, guns aimed straight ahead.  One was kneeling, the other standing,  Having a good idea of what was going to happen, one of the officers shook their heads sideways when Razor whispered to them.

It was probably the craziest thing Razor could think of right now, just standing out there with a couple of guns and just waiting for a handful of McNintre’s troops to come and get you.

They slid down the small pathway until they heard blasters open fire.  They stopped and looked back, hearing two screams.  Continuing down the pathway, they almost knew exactly what happened.

Coming out into an opening,  It was a wide circular opening with other pathways though the walls coming in a circle towards a bid ditch type ship with controls and things in it.  Yellow and black italic lines striped through with the words “WARNING” written all over it.

“Escape pod, I guess,” Razor said staring down on it.  He figured metal must cross over the opening before it detached.

They heard a voice cry out in fear.  “LET ME GO! LET ME GO!”  It managed to say.

A few seconds later, metal slid down over the entrance to the one foot wide pathways.  It was easy to see that there was not going to be an easy escape.

“Lets try another pathway,” Razor said, walking towards another pathway.

Felina thought for a moment.  “They’re all blocked,” she told him, questionably starting to follow.

“I know,” Razor said.

She followed him into the right center pathway in the dark, seeing only the light on Razor’s helmet.  Razor reached the end of the tunnel.  Turning around to face Felina, ignoring all the questions he knew she had, he pointed upward, shining his light at the pitch black rectangle above them.

For a second, Razor froze, hearing footsteps, and then he heard a familiar voice disappear…

“What is it?”  Felina asked him, whispering.

Razor looked down at the ground.  “Nothing.”

Razor removed the rectangle with his claws to reveal an escape hatch they must’ve installed when they built the ship. The ceiling wasn’t very high off the ground, so it was easy for them to pull themselves up.  After they finally climbed to their feet, they saw how long the tunnel was.  Hence the tunnel seemed to never end.  But a little farther forward, it widened where a metal ladder was, standing straight up.

It was dark.  Very dark.  But Razor dimmed the light so anything down there might not notice it right away as a light.  If anything was down there.

As they quietly moved towards the ladder, Razor thought he heard other footsteps.  Then the cocking of a gun. Razor spun around almost before Felina heard it and saw a figure in the dark.

“Freeze,”  the figure ordered, holding the gun on them.

Then, all of a sudden, Razor recognized the voice.  The light was too dim to see the figure, but he could hear him.

“Wedge?” Razor asked, clicking his light on high to reveal the Enforcer pilot Razor once flew with.

“Jake?” he asked, stunned.  “I though you were one of those weirdo guys in white,” he told him.

“I told you never to call me by that name when I was in my flight suit!” he told Wedge, knowing Felina heard.

Felina was silent, hearing every word.  She thought she recognized the name “Jake” as an ex-Enforcer that she heard her Uncle mutter once.  She would not under any circumstances tell anyone who he was.  And she knew Razor would more than just yell at her if she did.  Razor would kill her, then someone like her uncle would kill him.

They continued towards the ladder.  After Razor was up the ladder and about to remove the hatch, while Felina was starting to climb upward, there were gunshots.  Lots of them.  Coming from the above floor.  But then all of a sudden they disappeared, faded away. Razor removed the hatch, climbing upward onto solid ground.  About twenty officers, MASA officers, were lying on the ground, dead, not making a single move.  Razor could see blaster marks on the walls and floor.

Felina climbed up.  She took a look around as Wedge climbed up onto the metal floor.

“Uh, Wedge,”  Razor said, still looking around.  “Do you know your way around this ship?”

Wedge shrugged.  “I guess so.”

“Well then where is the main generator!”  Razor asked, looking towards him this time.

“It’s-”  Wedge paused.  “Right in front of us.”  He pointed towards a black metal door that  that said: WARNING DO NOT ENTER AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.  “It’s in there.”

Since the generator wasn’t functioning well, it had lost control of the door.  It was easy for Razor to kick it down.  Inside was the power generator, controls, and- lots of McNintre’s soldiers. They immediately started firing, hitting only one of the soldiers.


Unconsciousness failed to remain.  T-Bone awoke, feeling weird. Really weird.  He soon heard the pilot get on his feet and walk outside through the left side of the shuttle which was completely torn off.  He tried to open his eyes, finally getting them open.  As soon as he saw where he was, he remembered what had happened.  He followed the pilot a couple feet away from the shuttle after getting on his feet.

“Where are we?”  T-Bone asked.

“Skiff,” the pilot told him, looking around at the bunches of trees the shuttle had knocked down.  “A planet with not much civilization.”


It lasted a long time before most of the MSL, McNintre Stlager Lanck, which were what McNintre called his soldiers.  Felina had been shot in the left shoulder a few minutes before it was over.

Felina was holding her shoulder as now MASA officers, or mostly MASA officers, roamed the ship.  Walking down to the hanger, which was not covered in red emergency light, they made sure they didn’t run into any more MSLs.  As they entered, there was a lot less ships.  Some were back in space and two were totaled by blaster fire.  Big amounts of it too.

It was now that Razor realized the reason they attacked.  They knew they were about to attack them.  That was the most likely reason there was so much ships and so much power.  But Razor knew that wasn’t his entire army of MSLs.  Not even close.

Felina climbed into the V shaped ship.

“Are you sure you’re still able to fly?” Razor asked, climbing in.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” she answered.  “It’s not that bad.”

The ship took off, as did every other ship.  Flying maneuverably forward, it now was in space, surrounded by ships of all sizes.  But it was not long before a space station with four huge squares linked together by a long and big bar appeared, thousands of small objects flying around it.

Razor assumed the objects were ships as the fighter moved closer towards the huge space statioin.  Then another appeared not too far behind it, uncloaking itself.  Then another. Then another.  They stopped appearing when four were visible. All perfectly aligned, six small Starfighters in the shape of a square with a bar across the middle soared towards the already defending Alka F1 Star Cruisers, which the bigger capital ships had been called.  Uncountable amounts were now also attacking every MASA ship they found.

One of those fighters made a very sharp turn and all of a sudden was behind them as they neared the four huge stations, trying its best to lock on.  The well maneuvered ship finally caught onto a lock.  Preparing to fire.

Felina did her best to get out of the lock, making sharp turns around one of the space stations which were now as close as they could get, but the ship’s targeting system held onto the lock and helped the pilot maneuver the ship.

Felina came right up to face another ship, locking on.

Panning left, though the other ship’s tracking system was confused and lock on to the other box shaped ship, was a very bad mistake Felina made.

Not realizing what had happened, Felina saw what seemed to be millions of ships, though it was about two hundred thousand. As soon as they saw another MASA ship blow up in thin air, they also noticed the four squads of McNintre’s fighters following them and two other ships.

“Uh oh,” Jake said.


“Um,” Jake said in a low voice.  “Pull up!”  This time he almost yelled.

Felina figured he knew why the other ship blew up, and did as she was told.  Immediately, the ship pulled up, and they saw some of the fighters crash into the cloaked station.  A few seconds later, the station uncloaked with a symbol on one side and damaged spots where the fighters blew up.

Felina was much more cautious this time even though there were still fighters after them and one other ship that managed to pull up in time.

It was weird compared to flying a jet.  There is no bottom and top, as if you were always horizontal.  Though the ship maneuvered much better than jets.  Felina had to dodge the space station’s bars and avoid getting hit by lasers while Razor tried to get an accurate lock on the fighters, which wasn’t that easy either.

The pilots maneuvered their ships well and the targeting systems weren’t as good as theirs.  And there was a limited amount of directional lasers. Half the remaining Block fighters, as McNintre called them, gave up and moved behind a squad of MASA fighters, which were soon destroyed.

Razor and Felina both knew that McNintre’s pilots were all very well trained and could accurately make the right decisions quickly, so if the gave up like that it was for a reason.  And McNintre’s troops and pilots never gave up for any reason at all.  But there was still a handful of Block fighters behind them, throwing lasers at them.  Each accurately aimed.

Somehow, Felina managed to dodge the lasers.  And it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.  Or universe.

Razor found the weakest part of one of the space stations and locked on it as quickly as he could.  Setting lasers to maximum firepower, he fired, hoping that it would hit it.

It hit.  Correctly.

Razor found the second weakest part and fired, again it hit correctly, blowing it to atoms.

“Four left,”  Razor mumbled, hoping that they would just keep off for a few minutes.

Platinnxe 4, as it read in big black letters on one of McNintre’s space station, was the only one of the other three left that had opened fire.  It was blocked by another space station, but it was making a big effect on the fighters over there.  That was probably why most of the fighters were over here, but Razor still wondered why the others didn’t open fire also.

Maybe it wanted some of them alive, Razor thought.  Though he didn’t know why and doubted it was true.  And, he knew that if the fighters were firing lasers at them, it wasn’t true.

Razor concentrated on Platinnxe 1 since it was closer.  He locked onto the weakest part again and fired.  Then the next weakest.  They both hit, but it didn’t blow up.  And the lasers were still on maximum firepower.

A block fighter had finally got on them as Razor fired two lasers aimed at the third weakest spot.  This time it didn’t even get through.  It blew up a little more then ten feet away.

Shields.  It was the only possible explanation.

But the shield wasn’t there when he tried before.  Razor figured it was just activated.  But now it was impossible unless they were able to break it, but shields for space stations weren’t weak at all like starfighter’s and other small ships.

“I have an idea,” Razor announced.  “Get closer to that one over there.”  He pointed to Platinnxe 1.  “It worked before, and hopefully it will work again.”

The ship neared Platinnxe 1, pulling up a few feet away from the shied was estimated to be.  A couple of block fighters rammed into its shield and into it after the shield was destroyed.

Razor was glad, though he couldn’t understand why, as good as McNintre’s pilots are, they couldn’t pull up easily.  It’s not that he wanted them to survive, but it was a question he couldn’t answer.

After the starfighter had turned around, managing to get in front of it again while still dodging lasers, Razor locked on.  The laser did manage to destroy it this time.

Razor looked out the left side of the canopy to see a block fighter run into Platinnxe 3, blowing the station up just like the others.  Razor knew that block fighter pilots couldn’t make a mistake like that.  Something was wrong. very wrong.

Razor managed to lock onto a block fighter behind them and fired two thin lasers which blew it to bits.  That should of been much easier to dodge, he thought.


T-Bone found probably everything he could in the forest but civilization.  Though he could see, facing away from the moon, very small explosions and something that was slowly moving towards the planet.  It wasn’t there before, and either were the other huge ships.  It was like all of a sudden everything just appeared.  But it was moving towards the planet.  There had been a couple of bigger explosions, but that was it.  He thought that he was just dreaming, but suddenly knew he wasn’t when he heard a massive explosion behind him.  He spun around, just like the other pilot did to see that about a quarter of the moon had blown up.


Razor and Felina heard it too.  Somehow they had been dragged towards Earth, though it was still very far away.

“WHAT!” Razor yelled, ignoring everything else.  “We should have been lightyears away from it!!”

Suddenly, a laser came up from behind them and hit them in the left wing, causing the ship to spin.


Feral listened to McNintre, hoping that McNintre would not notice him pressing down hard on a dark red electronic button that was set to cause engine failure and all sorts of things to his fighters.

But Pellaeon noticed.

“Let go of that, NOW!” Pellaeon yelled at Feral, noticing what it was and hoping that it hadn’t screwed the block fighters up too much.

Feral immediately dropped it on the ground, letting it smash to pieces.

Pellaeon pulled his gun out and shot it, just to make sure that it was totaled.


Block fighters came from the left side, forcing them and the other pilots towards a planet’s atmosphere.  Dropping down into the atmosphere, the block fighters fired a wide red laser, hitting all the MASA Starfighters that were left.

The engines died.  The radar went dead.  They soon started falling towards the planet, falling towards the trees and an ocean.

To Be Continued…

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