Original SWAT Kats Story


By Laser

  • 3 Chapters
  • 8,587 Words

(Unfinished) T-Bone, Razor, and Enforcers find themselves up against a deadly enemy out for revenge and world domination. The only real block in their path is Razor and Felina have been transported to another universe.

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Author's Notes:

I took one of the names from a book I’m reading, mostly because I liked it.  I’ll try to get the next one done.  I’ve tried making one before, but failed, either because I hated it or because I was stuck.  If I ever get my second story done, it should have more about this story in here, because in some of this story, it talks about things that haven’t yet been explained.

Chapter 1


“Hey, Jake,” Chance called. “Have you heard that the Enforcers finally caught that whatever his name is villain?”  Chance looked at Jake sitting on the couch.  The television was on, turned to the news.

“McNintre?”  Jake walked over to the couch and sat down.

“Yeah, him.”  Chance looked back at the television.  “They have him locked up somewhere.”

Jake got of the couch and started walking towards the hanger.

“Where you going?”  Chance asked, flipping the channel to scardy kat.

“I’m just going to work on the Turbokat.” Jake answered.  “I have some new designs for it.  I guess I’ll just leave you here to watch scardy kat.”

“Okay, well I think I’m going to bed now; It’s pretty late.”  Chance said.  “See you in the morning.”

Jake entered the hanger just as Chance started to walk up the stairs.


“Let me out or I will destroy the whole city!” McNintre yelled at some Enforcer officers passing him in his cell.

“Yeah right, and how are you going to get out of there?” one of the Enforcers questioned him.

“You expect me to tell you?” McNintre yelled.

“No, but we so know that you don’t have a way out of there,” the other Enforcer said.

“You’ll see, I’ll get out!” McNintre yelled even louder this time.

“Yeah, right.”  Both of the Enforcer officers laughed.


“Is that McNintre under heavy guard?”  Feral asked one of the officers in Enforcer Headquarters.

“Yes, sir,” the officer replied.  “And, even if he wasn’t, there’s no way out anyway; no one’s ever escaped from Klatsco prison.”

“I still want him heavily guarded,”  Feral told him.


Fools McNintre thought.  Soon I’ll be out of here and have control over every city in the world unless they want to die!

The guards were there, but didn’t see him reaching into a little bag and pulling out some blue powder which turned solid.  He dropped it on himself and turned towards the back of the cell.  He walked right up to it and, disappeared.

“Now, any city I want to destroy will be destroyed, starting with Megakat City!” Said McNintre  in a building not far outside Megakat city.

“They’ll never know what hit them!”

A smaller kat walked up to them. “Um, sir, the Enforcers are clueless to what happened,” he said.

“Good,” McNintre said.  “That’ll make it even easier!  Go prepare the weapon!”


The next morning, Chance and Jake were up watching the news.

“Last night, McNintre somehow escaped from prison.”  The reporter said.  “The guards said they had no idea how it happened, but it did.”

“Did you hear that, Jake?”  Chance asked.  “That guy’s already broken out!”

“Yeah,” Jake said. “I doubted the Enforcers could hold that guy for long.”

“I doubt the Enforcers can bring him in a second time; I guess it’s up to us.”


“Any idea where he might be, Razor?”

Jake and Chance were now in the Turbokat, flying right around the city limits, nowhere near McNintre’s base.

“I haven’t a clue,” Razor answered.  “But I doubt it’ll be around here; there’s practically nothing out here except a couple of houses.”

Four Enforcer jets flew up right beside it.

“Found anything?”  Felina asked.

“Nope, still looking though,”  Razor answered.


“Ready to fire, sir.  Target, locked,” the smaller kat said at controls to their secret weapon.

McNintre and the smaller kat were now in a much larger room with a lot of controls.

“Okay then, fire!” McNintre ordered.

“Yes, sir!” the other kat said.

Two large missiles fired from a missile launcher at the top of the building, aimed at Megakat City.  In a few seconds, they slammed into the center of Megakat City.


“Razor!  Did you see that!”

The Swat Kats and the Enforcers saw the explosion too.

“Where the heck was that from?”  Chance asked.

“I don’t know, but it sure destroyed the entire city!”  Razor said, looking at the blown up buildings carefully.  “But, I think we might want to check it out.”

The Turbokat started to hover a couple of feet above the ground. The canopy opened, and Razor climbed out.

Felina’s jet quickly landed along a pathway.


“Maybe I won’t have to use ALL my missiles after all; a couple of more missiles and the world’ll be into Mega War Three!” McNintre said aloud.  “They’ll think that the missiles were from this country, and this country’ll think that they came from then other!” McNintre looked at another kat sitting at some controls.  “Send a message to the four biggest countries in the world.  Tell them that unless they surrender their country, they will get blown up by six disintegration missiles, and don’t tell them who it’s from.”

“Yes, sir!”  The kat said, excited.  “Should I get the squad ready, sir?”

“Yes, see to it personally,” McNintre said, very enthusiastically.

The kat started to type something. “Messages sent, sir!”  The kat said to McNintre, this time real excited.

“Good,” McNintre said.  “Is the squadron ready?”

“Yes, sir!”

“And what about our missiles?” McNintre asked another question.

“The missiles are all locked on target, sir!” the kat replied.

“Excellent!” McNintre said. “Go get everyone else, I want them to watch!”


Razor, Felina and two Enforcers were now carefully looking at the destroyed Megakat City.

“Razor, have you found anything yet?”  T-bone asked.

“No, but we’ll keep looking,”  Razor answered.

“Razor, over here!” Felina called, not far away.

Razor came running over to where she was, and saw her looking at a building that was still standing, but burnt.

“It’s Enforcer Headquarters,”  Felina explained.

“Yeah, I wonder if we can find anything in there, or anyone still alive,” Razor said, now also staring up at it.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Felina said, starting to run towards it.

Razor followed her into the building. “T-Bone, Felina and me are inside Enforcer Headquarters; we’re going to see if we can try to find something,” Razor explained.


Feral awoke, thinking he was dead.  He found himself in a huge room, with everyone else that was in Enforcer Headquarters at the time.

Where in the world am I?  He thought.

He was laying on nothing but the white floor.  He sat up and saw some kind of blue lasers guarding the exit.  Then, suddenly, he had the urge to go up there and see what it was.  He walked up to it, stuck his hand through it, and soon found himself screaming out in pain.  He then walked back and sat down, ignoring all the other kats that were staring at him.

All of a sudden, two guards walked up to the blue lasers as they disappeared.

“Come with us,”  one of them said to Feral.  “McNintre wants to see you.”


Razor and Felina and another Enforcer they had found that had hidden, made their way through Enforcer Headquarters, searching everything.

“Haven’t found anything yet, T-Bone,” Razor said.

They were coming to one last door, Feral’s office.  Razor opened the door, and walked in, followed by Felina and the other Enforcer.

Then they all saw it – Feral, laying on the ground, dead.


“Fire at will, commander!” McNintre ordered.

“Yes, sir!”  The kat worked rapidly on the controls.

Missiles fired into the sky, going in all directions at high speed.  Each of them soon reached a city, destroying at least half of them. McNintre and his men watched as the world broke into another Mega War.


Razor, Felina, and the other Enforcers were now about ten feet away from the Enforcer jets, and T-Bone was just about to pick Razor up when twenty black jets  appeared in the sky, each rapidly firing missiles at the ground.

Felina climbed in her jet, and since it would take too much time for T-Bone to pick Razor up, Razor climbed in also.  Both Enforcer jets quickly took off.

“Razor,” T-Bone said over the com. “More Enforcers are on their way from, well wherever it is.”

The black jets now started to fire at the Turbokat and the Enforcer jets.  Two Enforcer jets disintegrated when they were hit by red lasers.  The Turbokat shot two scrambler missiles at the black jets.


“Send a message to every country in the world, and tell them it’s from me this time,” McNintre said.

”Yes, sir!” the other kat said.

All of McNintre men were now watching the war on a big screen in the control room.

“Message sent, sir.”

“Is F-1 ready?” McNintre asked.

“Yes, sir!”

“Get everyone aboard,” McNintre ordered.


Razor kept firing missiles at the jets, but none even made a dent.

“What the heck are those things made of?”  he asked.

One of the black jets fired a missile at, and hit an Enforcer jet.  Then another.  A laser hit another Enforcer jet, making in spin out of control.  Hitting one of the black jets, both jets blew up.

“It’s no use,” T-Bone said disappointingly.  “These idiots just won’t die!”

One of the black jets fired a blue laser at Felina’s jet, hitting it and making it disappear into thin air.  The same thing happened with a couple of other Enforcer jets.

“RAZOR!”  T-Bone yelled.


The rocket’s engines ignited, lifting itself and the shuttle off the ground.  The huge rocket, climbing into space, soon disappeared into the sky.  The flames become blue when it went past the atmosphere.

“So far, so good, sir,”  a kat said, at some controls to the rocket.

“Sir!”  another kat walked into the room.  “All the countries have surrendered!”

In an hour, a planet came into view in a window.

“Sir, we’re approaching  Xylophen,” the kat at the controls said.

“Finally,” McNintre said.  “Prepare my shuttle.”

“Yes, sir.”  The kat typed something into the computer, then gave an order to some of the crew.  “Bislamantatri four ready and are awaiting you’re command, sir,” the kat said, turning to face McNintre.

“Let them wait for a while, commander.” McNintre said, sitting down in his chair.  “There have been no spotted Rebels or anything like that anywhere near here.  Go back to work.”

“Yes, sir,” the commander said, turning back towards the controls.


Razor and Felina soon found that they were in a very modern city that looked like it was from far in the future.

“Where the heck are we?”  Felina asked.

“Well, wherever we are, I sure haven’t seen a city like this.”  Razor looked at her, then back at the city.

In a few seconds, they saw a weird vehicle coming right at them.  The vehicle hovered a couple feet above the ground.

“Duck!”  Razor yelled.

They both ducked, and the vehicle went right over them.  Turning around, the vehicle started to hover even lower.

Razor got up first, then Felina.  Razor raised his glovatrix, fired a couple of missiles, and then they both started running.  The missiles hit the vehicle, but didn’t do any damage.  They started running faster along a wall, then turned a curve.  Stopping short, they saw another vehicle coming right at them also.

Razor looked up.  He saw a top to the wall and another that had not been there a second ago.  Razor found that there was only one door in the room, but then saw another vehicle guarding it,  and that was the only way out.  Razor thought for a couple of seconds.


“Did our transportation laser capture the Swat Kats?” McNintre asked, hopinglly.  They were now in another control room on Xylophen.

“It got one of them and an Enforcer,” the commander said.  “They’re on a planet called Yuwaye.”

“Excellent,” McNintre said.  “You know I want them separated once we get both of them.  I don’t care about an Enforcer.”

“Sir, the squads running low on weapons,”  the kat said.  “Shall I have them return?”

“Yes,” McNintre said.   “We’ll get that other Swat Kat later.”

The commander spoke through the com.  “This is Commander Pellaeon; return to base.”


T-Bone felt sad after losing the battle and Razor.  He was now just sitting in the Turbokat.  There were more Enforcers now, but he wished they had gotten there earlier.

There’s someone behind this, and I’m going to find out who it is, he thought.

He climbed out and walked over to an Enforcer trying to fix his jet.

“Need any help?”  T-Bone asked.

“Yeah, I could use a little,” he answered, staring at him.

“What happened to it?”  T-Bone asked another question.


Razor ducked as one of the Vehicles fired a missile.  The Missile flew over him and hit the wall with great speed.  Part of the wall exploded, leaving a big hole in it.  Razor and Felina started running towards the hole, but another vehicle suddenly blocked the hole.  Razor and Felina stopped short.

“Crud,”  Razor said, taking a few steps back.

As soon as the vehicle in front of them fired a missile, they ducked.

The missile went flying over them and crashed into one of the other vehicles.  It fired two more missiles before they stood up.  Each missile went crashing into a vehicle.  The last vehicle right in front of the hole in the wall shut down, and a kat got out.

Razor and Felina stood up as they saw a missile blow up the last of the vehicles.


“Commander Lastro ,” Pellaeon said over a screen that showed the another commander’s face.  “A force of Esdesquians have been spotted in these systems.”

“I know,” Lastro said.  “And just what do you suggest I do about it?”

“I don’t exactly know, but at least have more fighters on guard,” Pellaeon said into the screen.

“Already done.” Lastro’s face disappeared.

“Commander, may I speak with you for a moment?” McNintre asked as Pellaeon spun around, surprised.

“Yes, sir” Pellaeon said.  “What is it you want, sir?  Something to do with the Esdesquians?”


Instead of the vehicle blowing up, it just disappeared, along with the entire room.  Razor and Felina were back where they had first found themselves.

“What in the world just happened?”  Razor asked.

They both started walking towards the road.  They saw little green aliens walking around, and some other aliens, but mostly green ones.

“And who are they?”  Felina said, pointing at one of the green aliens.

“We?” one alien said.   “We are Yuwayeians, and this planet is called Yuwaye,”  the little green alien spoke very quickly, and without a change in his voice.  “The reason we speak English is because McNintre rules us.”

“Yes, and all we can do is wait, hoping someday for someone to come along and defeat him,” another one explained, walking up to the other alien.

“May we help you?”  They both said.  “Can you defeat McNintre for us?”

“Wait a minute,”  Razor said.   “Did you say McNintre?”

“Yes, can you help us defeat him?”

“Yes, I think we can.”

All the little green aliens stopped whatever it was they were doing and started cheering and jumping with joy.

“We will prepare a shuttle for you, with a squad of military officers,” one of the aliens in front of them said.  “It will be ready in two days.”


T-Bone looked up At the moon.  It was the same the last time he had seen it, except an eighth of it was missing.  T-Bone looked back down, almost sure he was seeing things, when he heard an explosion.  He looked up at the moon again and saw that a fourth of the moon was gone now.  He got up, still staring at it.

All the Enforcers were now looking up, also.

“Is there any space centers left?”  T-Bone asked.

“There’s only one,” an Enforcer said.


“How’s the attack around the moon going, commander?” McNintre asked.

“Fairly well, sir,” Pellaeon said.  “They’ve lost about twenty ships so far, and we’ve only lost six.”

“Very good, prepare to bring back all remaining fighters,” McNintre ordered.

“Yes, sir.”  The commander turned back to the controls.  “All fighters, return to base!”  He gave an order through the com.


Later, T-Bone was sitting in a seat of a shuttle attached to a rocket, just entering outer space.  Four Enforcers and four pilots were in the shuttle with him.

In just hours, the moon came into view.  It was much larger than it appeared on Earth.  Many strange ships were fighting, blowing up each other.

Just as T-Bone saw one of the fighters, it fired a very thin green laser at the shuttle.  There was an explosion in the front of the shuttle, killing all but one of the pilots.  The lights went out, and when the explosion disappeared, the front of the shuttle was still there, but with damage.

“A dimentatation laser?” the remaining pilot said.  Studying the controls.  “I thought they haven’t  even finished designing that thing.”

“Will you mind telling me what just happened?”  T-Bone asked.

“A dimentation laser is a laser that won’t destroy a ship; it will just damage  it.  It’s a way of disarming a ship if there’s something aboard that you don’t  want to damage,” the pilot told him.


“That’s it?”  Razor asked.

Razor and Felina were now staring up at a huge rocket.

“That thing’s probably bigger than a twenty story building!”

One of the two of their alien guides said something to the other in their language.  The other pointed to a spot near the shuttle, with a clear platform there.  As soon as they walked onto it, it lifted them up to the top the middle of the rocket.  A door fell backwards inside the rocket, stopping to look just like a flat floor instead of a door.  Walking onto the door, they saw a floor that stood vertically, most likely for when they were in orbit.  They only saw about six seats that were standing vertically so they could sit in them more comfortably.  There were doors at the bottom and top of the walls.

“What are we supposed to do, jump?” Felina asked.

Then, a couple of seconds after she asked her question, the door extended to the seats.  Razor, Felina, and the two aliens walked in and hopped in the seats.  The door de-extended and closed.

“We’ll be able to walk around once we’re in orbit,” one of the aliens said.  “The crew is preparing for liftoff now.  It should take us exactly…”  The alien thought for a minute.  “One hour eighteen minutes and forty-four seconds to get there.”


“Sir, reports just came in,”  McNintre reported.  “All ships have evacuated.  All major ships just went to .5  lightspeed.”

“Fire!”  McNintre ordered.

“Yes, sir!”  The commander said.  “And, sir, just to tell you, half of the planet has been destroyed.”


They were now exiting the atmosphere, and the seats were tilting  to their normal position.

“Hang on,” an alien said as the rocket shot forward into lightspeed.

Exactly one hour eighteen minutes and forty-four seconds later,  the came out of lightspeed.

“Xylophen not found,” a voice seemed to come from the ceiling.

“What?”  One of the aliens hopped out of its seat.

“It must of moved,” the voice said.  “Should I conduct a search?”

“Yes, but only use one shuttle,” the alien said.  “I’ll prepare a crew for the  other one myself.”

“What was that?” Razor asked.

“It’s, well, it’s like a radio,” the alien answered, sitting back down in his seat.  “Only you can’t see it.”

“Weird,” Felina said, looking up.

“Hang on,”  the alien suggested.

“Why?”  Razor asked.

In a few seconds, holes opened up underneath each seat and the chairs fell, stopping in another room.  It was inside one of the shuttles.

“Detach,” the alien ordered one of the pilots.

The pilots were the only ones in there, but there was six of them.  There was a loud click and the shuttle dropped off the rocket.


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