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Vendetta: The Return of Turmoil

By LadyDaisys

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,578 Words

Chapter 2 Up! Turmoil has broken out of Alkatraz Prison. She only wants one thing: Revenge! Can the Swat Kats bring her down before she wreaks havoc on Megakat City? (Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Vendetta: The Return of Turmoil, Chapter 2
Author: LadyDaisys
Email: llope729@gmail.com
Date: May 09, 2017
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don’t in any way own Swat Kats or their characters.

Author’s Note: Razor is confronted by a now hypnotized T-Bone. He must risk everything to save his partner who is now been kidnapped by Turmoil.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Gauntlet

Chapter 2: The Gauntlet

Felina landed her uncle’s Enforcer chopper right near the entrance of the cave.

“Here it is. Dark Kat flew in there.” Felina said, shutting off the chopper and jumping out onto the ground. She then took out her blaster.

“Watch your back, Felina.” Feral said, taking out his own blaster, “This isn’t the time to play hero.”

The two Enforcers ran into the cave blasters in hand.

“Ha! Not so tough are ya, Swat Kat?” Hard Drive taunted an immobilized T-Bone.

“Quit it!” Turmoil told him, getting in front of T-Bone protectively.

“Aw, cool it, ice lady, I ain’t gonna fry your beau. Want me to deep fry his friend?” He asked excitedly.

“No. I have a much better idea.” Turmoil smirked fiendishly.

At this time, Razor had taken out the tool kit he usually has with him when he needs to make repairs to the Turbokat. He was bent over the Cyclotron expertly making the necessary repairs.

“There!” He said, removing his safety mask and shutting off his mini torch, “Afraid this was gonna take longer than an hour. I wonder what made the Cyclotron flip over?”

“That’s the least of your worries, Swat Kat!” Said a voice.

Razor turned around to face who just addressed him. The latter was in a fighting stance.

“T-Bone? What’s going on?” Razor asked, surprised at the angry look on his partner’s face.

“The end of your nine lives.” said a female voice.

Turmoil had now stepped behind T-Bone and placed her gloved paws on his shoulder. The she-kat was dressed in her Nazi-like outfit, light purple flightsuit, black and red cape, boots, and her black hat with the red plane logo on the top.

“T-Bone, finish him.”

“Yes, Turmoil.” He said, charging at Razor.

He jumped and backflipped away from him. T-Bone swung at him. He ducked and dodged each swing.

“What’d you do to him, Turmoil!?” Razor asked.

“Let’s just say I made him more obedient.” She smiled, holding up the stick of lipstick, “Thanks to Viper’s wunderval invention.”

“Freeze, Turmoil!” Felina cried out, aiming her blaster at her.

“Give up! We have you surrounded!” Feral cried out.

That distracted Turmoil long enough for Razor to snatch the lipstick out of her hand.

“What?” She gasped.

“Gotcha!” Razor said.

“I’ll take care of these two!” Hard Drive said, getting in front and using his Surge Coat.

Razor got on the now repaired Cyclotron.

“Mini scrambler missile, away!” He said, pressing a button on the console. The missile struck Hard Drive, knocking out the electrical defenses of his Surge Coat.

“Ahhhhh! I can’t control it!” Hard Drive cried. Then collapsed on the ground and was out like a busted engine.

“Come with me!” Turmoil whispered to T-Bone. She ran, and the latter followed her.

“T-Bone, don’t listen to her!” Razor called out. But, he was already gone.

“I might’ve known! A Swat Kat fleeing with the enemy!” Feral growled, “I’ve always said-”

“Can it, Feral! It’s not his fault. That crazy she-kat’s messed with his head!” Razor said, cutting him off and coming to his friend’s defense.

“He’s right, uncle. This isn’t like T-Bone to side with Turmoil.” Felina said.

“Viper concocted this.” He said, holding up the tube of lipstick. “I gotta get it analyzed so an antidote can be made. And, I know just the cat that can do this.”

Meanwhile, Turmoil had caught with Dark Kat and his crew.

“What’s the Swat Kat doing here?” Dark Kat asked, motioning at T-Bone.

“Relax. He’s on our side now. Aren’t you, T-Bone?” Turmoil purred.

“Yes, Turmoil.” T-Bone replied.

“You’ve done well, Turmoil.” Viper said ” My mind altering drug worked like a charm.”

“Excellent. Now we move onto Phase Two of our plan.” Dark Kat said.

“Not yet, Dark Kat.”

Dark Kat and Viper turned to Turmoil questioningly.

“Feral and another Enforcer are here as well as the other Swat Kat.” She said, “The latter also stopped Hard Drive.”

“Then allow me to annihilate them.” Dr. Viper said, “I just perfected the batch of Viper Mutagen 368 I stole from Megakat Biochemical Labs. With it I’ll create a whole army of bacteria that will wipe them out as well as all of Megakat City.”

“You’ll need a test subject. Go, my Creeplings.” Dark Kat said, directing three creeplings, who flew up to Dr. Viper.

Viper took a test tube full of some strange, glowing purple-greenish liquid and poured it on a creepling. It transformed into a giant gray bacteria monster. He did the same to the other two.
The giant bacteria monsters began crawling out.

“Dr. Greenbox?”Felina questioned Razor.

“He’s the only choice I have. The guy’s an expert on biochemistry.” Razor told her, “I gotta get to him right away.”

He then preceded to ride to the Turbokat and was suddenly blocked by Commander Feral. The latter had his arms stretched out on his right and left.

“Not so fast, Swat Kat! You’re coming back with me to Enforcer Headquarters.” He said.

“What for?” Razor asked.

“You’re going to answer some questions.”

“I don’t have time for this! My partner’s in trouble. He needs me.”

“A likely story. How do I know you two didn’t just stage this whole thing knowing I’d come here? You distract me long enough for Turmoil and your comrade to get away.”

“You’re nuttier than a dozen fruitcakes! What possible reason would I have to contribute to aiding and abetting a criminal?”

“That’s what I’d like to know. You Swat Kats are always taking the law into your own hands and-”

He’d only looked away for a minute before a net came flying at him knocking him down.

“As riveting as this latest tirade is, I still got a friend to save.” Razor replied, pulling back his Glovatrix and riding off.

“Felina, stop him!” Feral cried as he struggled to get out of the net.

The Enforcer simply watched Razor go, giving the tom a sympathetic stare.

“Didn’t you hear me? I gave you a direct order.” Feral told her.

“I heard you. He didn’t break any laws, so there’s no need to arrest him.” Felina replied, glancing at her uncle, who frowned at her.

“I should throw you off the Enforcers for this!” He growled.

“But, you won’t. We both know I’m the best pilot and marksman you have in the Enforcers.” She grinned, then her face suddenly looked grave, “Besides, I think you’re allowing your dislike for the Swat Kats to cloud your judgment.”

Feral looked surprised. His niece knew him like a book. As much as he would’ve liked to have kept her out of the Enforcers, he couldn’t. Her father was his brother. Kicking her out would create bad blood between them. He knew Felina could be stubborn, headstrong, and impetuous. Often getting into dangerous situations without thinking. But, she was right. She was an expert gunner and a crack shot. Of course, he’d never admit it.

“Whatever you say.” He muttered.

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