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Vendetta: The Return of Turmoil

By LadyDaisys

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,578 Words

Chapter 2 Up! Turmoil has broken out of Alkatraz Prison. She only wants one thing: Revenge! Can the Swat Kats bring her down before she wreaks havoc on Megakat City? (Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Vendetta: The Return of Turmoil, Chapter 1
Author: LadyDaisys
Email: llope729@gmail.com
Date: 04/24/2017
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don’t in any way own Swat Kats or their characters.

Author’s Note: This is my second Swat Kat Story. This story is still in progress.

Chapter 1

After the events of “Cry Turmoil…”

Turmoil sat on the side of her bed inside her tiny cell at Alkatraz Prison. In her hand was a letter. She had just read it. It was from T-Bone:

Turmoil, thanks for the generous offer, but it never would’ve worked out between us. Guess I’ll always be a good guy and you’ll always be a bad girl. Keep your whiskers clean, Beautiful.

Your Top Gun,


She shut her eyes and looked down.

“How could he have betrayed me? I gave him everything! Even command of my own ship!” She thought angrily.

Her hand unconsciously went to her lips. They had shared a long, searing and passionate kiss a few hours ago. Her mind went back to that moment…


T-Bone was dressed sharp as her new Flight Commander. He stared out one of the windows of her hovercraft. She walked up to join him till they were side by side.

“This is the Vertigo Cannon. Luckily for you, you’ll be on this side of it. Rather than outside.” She said.

“We’re gonna suck this city dry!” He chuckled.

“Yes!” Turmoil laughed, then in a flirtatious tone, “I love it when you talk tough.”

“I can do more than that.” He replied in a seductive and sexy voice. He dipped his face towards hers.

Within minutes, they were in a lip lock. T-Bone’s mouth was pressed firmly against hers. Her gloved paw rested against his shoulder. How she wanted this manly, virile tomcat to take her in his arms and make passionate love to her!

Then he broke the kiss. Their noses touching and rubbing against each other.

“I think I might enjoy this partnership!” She quipped.

End Flashback…

She could still taste his kiss.

She tore up the letter and walked to the only window in the room which had bars on it.

“This puny cell won’t keep us apart,T-Bone!” She cried out, tossing out the torn up letter, watching with glee. The wind blow its contents into the sea below and a few scattered among the crashing waves. “I will get out! Then I’ll make you pay!” She cried, cackling.

Suddenly, she heard screaming. She looked towards the other part of the prison. Guards were being attacked by giant vines. Turmoil watched in shock as the thick green vines wrapped around them, trapping them.

“What is this? Let go! Stop!” They cried.

She was even more surprised to see a green-skinned cat in a lab coat step on a big leaf and be lifted up to her window. The vine wrapped itself around the bars, tearing the window out.

“Come, my dear Turmoil. If you want to be free.” The cat told her.

“Dr. Viper, I presume.” She replied, smiling, “Your timing is impeccable.”

She then climbed out the window.

“Not just mine.” He said, helping her step onto the leaf, then into a small walkie-talkie, “Hardware, I got her. Now, disssable the security system.”

And, in another part of the prison, Hardware activated his Surge Coat.

“Will do, doc. One disabled security system coming right up.” He replied.

He went through the console, blowing it up.

Outside, a guard who escaped the melee with the vines saw Viper and Turmoil riding away on a vine. He whipped out his walkie-talkie. “Mayday! Mayday! We need help! Breakout at Alkatraz Prison! Turmoil has escaped! Repeat! Turmoil has escaped!”

“We’re gonna need the Enforcers.” The warden said, calling them.

Meanwhile, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong, AKA Razor and T-Bone, were patrolling Megakat City in the Turbokat.

“Bad news, buddy.” Razor said, “I just picked up a distress call from Alkatraz Prison to the Enforcer headquarters.”

“Who is it this time?” T-Bone asked.

“Believe it or not, your old flame, Turmoil. She broke out with the help of Dr. Viper and Hardware.”

“She’s not my old flame!” T-Bone retorted, then blushed.

“Whatever you say, lover boy!” Razor teased.

T-Bone admitted to himself that he was fascinated with the strong-willed she-kat. She had her own squadron of female pilots. She knew as much about aviation and more than he did. The lady had more firepower than the Enforcers. Sure, she was crazy and tried to extort the city for two million in gold, but he was attracted to her. She also wasn’t hard on the eyes, either. That blue eye shadow complemented her ebony eyes. He also caught a glimpse of the lavender flight suit under her red and black cape which hugged a curvaceous figure.

“Too bad she was a villain. We would’ve been great together.” He thought.

“Why would those two help Turmoil?” Razor asked, pulling T-Bone out of his thoughts.

“Don’t know. As far as I know, she doesn’t know them personally. Hardware works for Dark Kat. That sleazeball’s gotta be involved. Question is, what he wants with her.” T-Bone wondered.

And, on board Dark Kat’s airship…

“Welcome, my dear Turmoil.” Dark Kat said, motioning her to a chair. “Please, have a seat.”

“What is this all about, Dark Kat?” Turmoil asked.

“Simple. You want revenge against the Swat Kats, am I right?”

“More than you know.”

“I want their downfall as well. What do you say? Shall we bring them down together?”

“You anticipate my greatest wishes. But, I don’t want them both to be out of their nine lives. I still have use for T-Bone. I wish him to be on my side.”

“Oh, that will be easssy enough with this.” Viper handed her a small tube.

“Lipstick?” She questioned, glancing at it.

“Not just any lipstick. It contains plant spores or pheromones capable of making any male cat obey your every command. With one kiss, he’ll be your willing slave.”

Turmoil smiled slyly. “Excellent. Once the Swat Kats are out of the way, Megakat City will be ours for the taking!”

“I like the way you think, Turmoil.”

All four villains cackled happily. Their evil laughter filled the night air.

Lieutenant Felina Feral had just left Alkatraz Prison with Commander Feral. They flew in Feral’s chopper. Felina manned the controls.

“This is bad, Uncle. If Turmoil rebuilds her hovercraft, all of Megakat City’s skies are in big trouble.” Felina told her uncle.

“Not to worry. My Enforcers are more than capable to handle that homicidal maniac!” Feral replied.

“They wouldn’t be a match for her Vertigo Beam. I wasn’t. Thank goodness the Swat Kats were there or I would’ve crashed.”

“Those two vigilantes better stay out of my way if they know what’s good for them!”

“Why do you hate them so much? What’d they ever do to you?”

“Nothing. I just don’t like anyone thinking they’re above the law, that’s all.”

“The Swat Kats aren’t like that, and you know it. They’ve done more for Megakat City than you give them credit for.”

“Hmmph! You sound like Deputy Briggs!” Feral grunted, looking away.

Felina simply sighed. Once he made his mind up there was no convincing her uncle of the Swat Kats’ innocence.

“Uncle! The Turbokat!” Felina cried out.

Both cats glanced and saw the Swat Kats in hot pursuit of another craft larger than theirs.

“Dark Kat’s airship! Follow them, Felina!” He said.

“Hold on.”

Meanwhile, the Swat Kats were within a few feet of Dark Kat’s ship.

“Got a lock on it, Sure Shot?” T-Bone asked.

Razor pressed a button on his visor which gave him an infra-red screen. “Target is locked on. Splicer missiles, deploy!” He cried, hitting a red button on the console.

The airship flew out of the path of the approaching missiles.

“Crud! They dodged ’em!”

“The Swat Kats are right behind us. Want me to blast ’em outta the sky?” Hardware asked.

“No. Let them get closer. Then we can take them out.” Dark Kat said.

“Scrambler missile, away!” Razor hit a green button, releasing a missile which sent out an ultrasonic wave, disabling their defense system.

“One of their scrambler missiles.” Dark Kat said, “Fortunately, I learned from my mistake the last time. Activating forcefield.”

“Fly them to our rendezvous point to the cave near Megakat Springs.” Turmoil said.

“Looks like they’re landing.” T-Bone observed.

” Careful , buddy. Could be a trap.” Razor said.

Dark Kat landed his airship and flew it into a cave.

T-Bone landed the Turbokat a few feet outside the cave entrance.

“Time to pull out the Cyclotron.” Razor said.

Both toms got on the two seated motorbike and rode into the cave. T-Bone turned on the headlights and rode on.

“Creepy, dark cave filled with bats. Where else would a bad guy like Dark Kat feel at home?” He said as he and Razor waved away the bats.

“Actually, I find this place rather stimulating.” Dark Kat replied, “Creeplings, get them!”

Within minutes, T-Bone and Razor rode off followed by the purple, creepy servants of Dark Kat.

T-Bone pulled the pin off a bomb and threw it over his shoulder. Creeplings were blown through the air.

“Nice throw!” Razor said.

Suddenly, an energy bolt flew right at the cyclotron, knocking both riders off the bike. Both of them struggled to get up.

“You okay, buddy?” Razor asked T-Bone.

“Yeah. You?” T-Bone replied.

“I’ll live. How’s the Cyclotron? Is it working?”

“Gonna take at least an hour to fix it.’ Razor told him.

“Keep it and yourself outta sight. I’m gonna look for Turmoil.” T-Bone said.

“I dunno. She’s pretty mad at you right now. I mean, you did blow up her airship.”

“Yeah, well. I still gotta job to do. Later.”

And, before Razor could say more, he was gone.

T-Bone ran through the cave with a lit flare. Unbeknownst to him, a shadowy figure watched him. This figure put on a sliver of pink lipstick. T-Bone was looking around till he saw her bent over.

“Turmoil! Are you okay, doll?” He asked, rushing to her side then taking her in his arms.

“T-Bone… I…” She began, looking up into his face.

“What’s wron-?” He began.

He didn’t finish. In a split second, she covered his mouth with hers. Her lips pressed firmly against his. The pink lipstick glowed with an unearthly hue. A strange, mystical pink mist emanated from it. T-Bone inhaled it.  Turmoil pulled back to glance at him. He was as still as a statue.

“Now, I have you all to myself, T-Bone.” Turmoil chuckled, “You’ll be taking orders from me from now on.”

“From you from now on.” T-Bone intoned.

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