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Katculla: The Vampire Kat

By LadyDaisys

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,953 Words

The Swat Kats must save Deputy Briggs from Katculla, a 3,000 year old vampire searching for his vampire queen. They must stop him from unleashing his terror and unending thirst on an unsuspecting Megakat City. (Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Katculla: The Vampire Kat, Chapter 1
Author: LadyDaisys
Email: llope729@gmail.com
Date: 05/09/2017
Rating: K+
Warnings: Some scary scenes of Katculla attacking his victims.
Disclaimer: Again, I don’t own Swat Kats, but I do own Katculla. He is not a character on this show.

Author’s Note: Katculla is not a character on Swat Kats, though I wish he was.


At Megakat International Airport, two baggage handlers were just unloading boxes.

“Watch it!” One of them told the other, who accidentally dropped a large box.

“Sorry, but this box weighs a ton.” The tom replied, ” I wonder what it-oh, my God!” He cried as the top of the box fell off.

“What is it?” asked the other tom.

Both of them were taken aback.

There, inside, was a huge wooden coffin. It was heavily polished and had strange writing on the outside.

“Okay, why’d someone ship a casket to the airport?” One of them said.

“It looks like it’s from Katsylvania.” The other replied.

“‘Wonder what’s inside.” The first handler said, opening the casket.

“Wait! Wh-what if there’s a body inside?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. This isn’t some horror movie!” He said, lifting the lid. Then he gasped.

There, inside was the body of an older tomcat. He had dark hair with white side burns.

“Okay, this is why I hate working the graveyard shift.” The second tom said.

“Think he’s alive?” The first handler asked.

To answer his question, the eyes of the tomcat flew open and he got up. The white of his eyes were yellow and the pupils were a dark green hue.

“Good Evening. I am Count Katculla. And, whoever you are, you look tasty!”

His eyes suddenly grew bright red and large fangs suddenly grew out of his mouth!

“A vampire cat!” The first handler cried out.

Both handlers took off running. Unfortunately, they didn’t get far as the count extended his dark cape and flew towards them.

“Look into my eyes!”

Both baggage handlers were frozen to the spot as the old cat approached them.

The dim light of the dank airport cast shadows on the wall. It showed a shadowy figure attacked the two baggage handlers.

After a few minutes, the now mesmerized baggage handlers were walking with the older tom cat, who now looked younger.

“This way, master.” One of them said.

“Follow us.” The other one said.

A streak of blood ran down the older tom cat’s mouth.

“Right behind you.” He said, happily wiping it away.

“Now lead me to my queen.” He said.

The next morning, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs was on her way to City Hall. When, suddenly, her sedan gave out on her. It began smoking, so she pulled over to the side of the road.

“This is the second time this week.” She sighed, then whipped out her cell phone. The first call she made was to her two trusted mechanics.

And, at the Megakat City salvage yard, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong, AKA Swatkats Razor and T-Bone, had already gotten up and had breakfast. The toms had just opened up their repair shop. They were now making repairs on one of their customer’s car. The driver, an old lady she-kat, was super cranky.

“Young man, how long is this going to take? I have to get to the supermarket.” She asked Chance.

Chance was doing everything he could to keep it together. He tried very hard to be patient in spite of the old lady grating on his nerves.

“It shouldn’t take long.” He replied cheerfully.

“Hmmph! That’s what you said an hour ago! And, you still haven’t fixed my brakes!” She retorted.

Chance grit his teeth. While Jake looked away, trying to stifle a laugh.

The phone rang, and he answered it.

“Hello, oh, hey, Callie.” Jake said.

“Callie’s on the line?” Chance asked as his face lit up like a million light bulbs.

The big tom had a major crush on the pretty deputy mayor for a number of years. But, he never had the guts to ask her out. He was always afraid of being turned down. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was interested in Jake. Always making it a point to greet him whenever she came there to get her car repaired.

“Besides, a classy she-kat like that deserves a guy with a good steady job who doesn’t live in a salvage yard.”He told himself sadly.

“What’s that? You’re stopped on the side of the road? It conked out again? Wow.” Jake said, interrupting his thoughts. “I’ll get the tow truck to come get you and the car. Where are you? Oh, it’s no trouble at all.” Jake said, writing down something on a yellow notepad by the phone, “Be there in five minutes. See ya soon. Bye!”

He hung up.

“Callie’s car went out on her again.” Jake told him.

“Don’t know why she doesn’t just get rid of that old clunker and buy herself a new one.” Chance replied.

“You know how attached she is to that car. It belonged to her dad. It has sentimental value.”

Chance was putting in a sparkplug in the old lady’s car when it suddenly blew black smoke in his face.

“My goodness! Do you even know what you’re doing?” The old lady fussed.

Chance sighed.

“You go get Callie, and I’ll finish up here.” Jake said, placing a paw on his friend’s shoulder.

“You sure, buddy?” Chance asked, “She’s kinda expecting you to come.”

“Tell her I had a customer. She’ll understand.” Jake told him.

“Oh, go on!” The old lady said, “Don’t keep your sweetie waiting.”

“But she’s not-“Chance blushed, ” Ah, never mind.”

He quickly glanced at himself in the mirror. He licked his paw and ran it over his head.

Jake threw him the car keys to the tow truck, and he walked out the door.

After she got off the phone with Jake, the next call Callie made was to Mayor Manx.

“Mayor, it’s Callie. I’m gonna be a little late. My car stopped on the road. You’re gonna bring the limousine to get me? Well, my mechanic is going to be picking me and the car up. We’re on our way to his repair shop. You need me to write you a speech for tomorrow? You found a new buyer to purchase the Megakat Towers?”

Callie’s blood ran cold. Those towers have been nothing but a thorn in her side. The mayor had been trying unsuccessfully to sell them to Mr. Young, a rich Siamese cat, but he backed out of the deal.

First, Dr. Viper took over the towers so he could spread plant spores over Megakat City. Then Dr. Harley Street, under the control of an alien ci-kat-a, tried to infect her with a single bite. Thank goodness the Swat Kats showed up to stop them cold. After all that, no one wanted to buy Megakat Towers.

Till now.

Mayor Manx has had those towers rebuilt and remodelled so many times it’s nearly bankrupted the city treasury. He was desperate to sell them to the higher bidder to bring in a lot of revenue to line his own pockets, not caring who got in the way. Callie suffered many times because of his greed and selfishness.

There were times she got tired of being his troubleshooter and glorified secretary. She did all the work while he did nothing but play golf. But, she was good at what she did. And, she saw she made a difference keeping the city safe by keeping dangerous criminals like the Metallikats behind bars.

“Sure, Mayor. Send the limo. Oh! There’s the mechanic! I’ll see you soon! Bye.” She got off as she saw the tow truck drive up. She quickly got out her compact and looked at herself in the mirror. Then put it away.

“Hi, Jake!” She cried out happily, then looked surprised to see the driver was Chance. “Oh, hey, Chance.” She said politely.

“Jake had to help a customer, so he asked me to get you.” He replied.

“Oh, I just spoke to the mayor. Can you believe he found someone else to buy Megakat Towers?”

“No! Isn’t that the place where the Swat Kats sent that nutso Viper packing?” Chance asked, knowing full well that he and Jake did it.

“It sure is. Anyway, the mayor got some rich guy to buy it. Tomorrow he’s presenting it to him. Kat’s Eye News is going to be there to interview him.”

“Sounds great. Hop in. You thirsty? We just bought a whole new case of milk.” He purred.

“Thanks, but I really can’t. His Honor wants me to write him a speech for tomorrow’s dedication. So, when am I gonna get the car back?”

“Jake can work on it this afternoon.” He said, “I’d be happy to drive you into town.”

“No need. The mayor’s sending his limo to pick me up. And, there it is. Thanks, Chance.” She said, “Say hi to Jake for me.”

She climbed into the limo, and it was gone.

“That is one gorgeous she-kat!” Chance mused, watching her go.

As the limo pulled away, Callie’s polite smile quickly faded.

“I was hoping Jake would’ve come.” She thought, “Does he even know how I feel about him?”

She’s had a crush on him all the years she’s known him. Not that she didn’t like Chance. She just didn’t think he was her type. She knew he liked her. Always following her around like a lovesick puppy. She wished Jake felt that way. But, Jake was always quiet and hung back. Chance was the more outgoing of the two. Plus, her job as deputy mayor kept her very busy. She hardly had time to take her morning jog let alone go out on a date.

And, at City Hall, Mayor Manx was entertaining someone in his office. A tall tomcat in a fashionable black pinstriped suit. His dark hair complemented his clothes.

“I’m very glad you’ve come to Megakat City, Mr. Alluctak. Very glad indeed.” Mayor Manx said.

“Especially if it means more capital in your bank account.” Laughed Mr. Alluctak.

Then he saw the mayor’s shocked look.

“The money’s for the city’s treasury. The treasury, I tell you!” He said, annoyed.

“Relax. I would never accuse you of having mercenary thoughts.” He chuckled,” Besides, Megakat Towers suits my needs perfectly. I intend to put it to good use.”

Mr. Alluctak walked over to the window to look out. He saw the streets down below. A white limo stopped in front of City Hall. A blond she-kat in a lavender suit and matching high heels ran up the flight of stairs into City Hall.

“Interesting.” He thought.

“Of course, I’m going to need some one to show me around.” He said, turning from the window to the mayor.

“My own troubleshooter, Deputy Briggs, will be glad to do it.”

Callie ran into the mayor’s office.

“I came as quickly as I could, Mayor.” She said.

“And, here she is now. Ah, Callay. This is the new client that’s going to buy Megakat Towers.” Mayor Manx said, “May I present Mr. Alluctak.”

“Alexander Alluctak. Charmed.” The older tomcat said, taking Callie’s paw in his own and kissing it.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Alluctak. Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs at your service..” Callie replied, blushing.

“Thank you and please call me Alexander.”

Callie couldn’t help but notice how captivating his eyes were. They were a deep dark green hue and the white of his eyes were light yellow. He also wore a black pinstriped suit, white Italian shirt, and black dress shoes.

“Mayor Manx has told me a lot about Megakat City. I would like it very much if you showed me around.”

“I’d be glad to.” She replied.

Suddenly, a metal helicopter flew by followed by an Enforcer chopper. Callie, Mayor Manx, and Mr. Alluctak watched out the window.

“Who is that wreaking havoc in my fair city?” The Mayor asked.

“It’s Chop Shop!” Callie cried.

“Who?” Mr. Alluctak asked, puzzled.

“A hoodlum of the worst kind.” Callie replied.

“Now, Mr. Alluctak, you’re going to see how we handle dangerous criminals in Megakat City.” Mayor Manx said, picking up the phone, “Commander Feral, this is Mayor Manx. Capture that wrong doer Chop Shop ASAP!”

“Right on it, Mayor!” Feral replied.

The Enforcer chopper stayed right on Chop Shop’s tail. It fired a laser, which the metal chopper quickly dodged.

“Does Feral think he can get me?” Chop Shop laughed hysterically.

“Keep on his tail, Felina.” He told his niece, Lt. Felina Feral. Ulysses Feral opened the door of the chopper and put a bullhorn to his mouth. “Chop Shop, you are ordered to stop in the name of the law!” Feral cried out.

“Save your breath, flat foot! Chop Shop answers to nobody!” Chop Shop replied.

“Is there no one who can stop that maniac?” Mayor Manx asked.

Suddenly, a black and red jet flew through the air past the Enforcer chopper.

“The Swat Kats!” Callie exclaimed, excitedly pointing at the jet.

“Looks like that two bit hood Chop Shop’s up to his old tricks.” T-Bone said.

“Then let’s cut him down to size. Deploying splicer missiles, now!” Razor replied, pressing a red button the computer console.

A compartment opened under the Turbokat. Two missiles flew out, and sharp metal blades protruded out.

“I’m not going down that easily, Swat Kats!” He cried out.

The missiles bounced off an invisible shield.

“Aw, crud! He activated a forcefield!” Razor exclaimed. “Good time to try out my Banshee missiles.”

“Razor, those things are duds.” T-Bone groaned.

“Relax, I’ve made some improvements on them since then. Deploying now!” He replied, pressing a toggle switch.

Two missiles shot out, releasing an ultrasonic beam of some kind. Chop Shop looked shocked to see smoke and static electricity coming from the computer console.

“No! What’s happening?” He cried out.

“Bingo! Knocked out his weapons system!” Razor cried out excitedly.

“Time for this cat to eject.” Chop Shop said, ejecting himself from the chopper. The cat in question seemed to be escaping.

At this time, Callie and Mr. Alluctak had just come outside. The metal chopper had turned around and was headed right for them.

“Look out, Mr. Alluctak!” Callie cried out, pushing him out of the way.

The latter glanced at her. The chopper was about to crash into her. Callie gasped and shut her eyes, looking away. The chopper was dangling in midair. The Turbokat deployed a giant metal claw that grabbed the chopper. Callie saw the Swat Kats in their jet. Both of them got out and went to her.

“You okay, Miss Briggs?” T-Bone asked.

“Yes, considering I almost lost one of my nine lives. Thanks.” She said.

“Who’s your friend?” Razor asked, motioning toward Mr. Alluctak.

“Alexander Alluctak. The Swat Kats.” She replied.

“Ah, I have heard a lot about you.” Mr. Valuate replied, shaking paws with Razor.

The latter shrunk back, removing his paw.

“Cold.” He said.

“The night air. It seems to disagree with me.” He replied. Then, seeing Chop Shop ducking away in an alley, “If you’ll excuse me, Ms. Briggs, it’s been a pleasure meeting you.” He then slipped away.

Razor shuddered.

“You okay, buddy?”T-Bone asked.

“Something about that guy gives me the willies.”

Chop Shop had just rounded the corner when a shadow blocked his path.

“Hello.” Mr. Alluctak said.

“Who’re you?”

“Someone on a quest to find my queen. But, I missed dinner. Glad you showed up.”

“Well, what’s for dinner?”

Mr. Alluctak’s eyes glowed blood red, and large fangs grew out of his mouth.

“You are.”

Chop Shop drew back in fear as he got closer and closer. The last sound you heard was an agonizing scream followed by biting sounds.

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