Original SWAT Kats Story

The Trial of Dark Kat

By KS Claw

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  • 1,762 Words

After “Katastrophe” Dark Kat is judged by the other villains for his betrayal.

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Author's Notes:

OK, I admit I was inspired for this by a TLK fic, so don t fry me! The chars are co. to Lance Falk and the Tremblay brothers, while the idea of the story is co. to some TLK author whose name I can t remember. But, if you read this, don t blame me for stealing. Besides, I can t remember it all.

((Archive Host’s Note: Actually, the series “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron” is copyright to Hanna- Barbera Cartoons, Inc.))

KS Claw


The old tuna-factory exploded into bits! The Turbo-seakat appeared a few miles from the shore, and T-bone opened the main hatch.

“Wasn t that a little too close this time?!” he asked, his voice having a light shaking.

Razor grinned as he freed Callie from her paw-cuffs and replied teasingly. “Oh, were you starting to get nervous?”

“Ahh, Darkkat has spared the tax-payers a valuable trial!” Manx sighed, relieved.

Feral nodded.

“Yes, and with the criminals are gone, then MegaKat City will probably not see much of you

SWATKATS and your actions anymore.”

“You really think we have seen the last of those criminals, Feral?” Callie asked.

Feral narrowed his eyes.

“Let s hope so, Miss Briggs, but if they would EVER dare to show their ugly faces in the city again…”

“…Then, the SWATKATS will handle it all again,” T-bone grinned.

“Oh and by the way, Feral, could we borrow a jet and let the city pay for rebuilding ours?” Razor asked.

Feral scowled while Mayor Manx coughed.

“Y…you want the citay to p..pay?! Uuhh…maybe a nice parade would do it?”

Callie shook a warning finger at Manx.


The mayor sighed.

“Alright, then it s a deal, but…would someone please remove those cuffs from mey?”

T-bone sat down at the steering device and steered the Turbo-seakat back to shore.


When Darkkat came to his senses, he was tied to a chair with chains. He was seated in a dark room, where the only source of light was settled in a huge ray surrounding him. He looked around.

“What is happening here?” he asked no one in particular. “Where am I?”

Suddenly, light was switched on and brightened the whole room. Benches were arranged so they were placed on each side of him, and a court-podium was placed up in front of him. A door was opened and numerous villains, “amateurs” as well as

Supers, walked in and settled down on the benches. The techno- villain Harddrive walked up and stood up by the podium.

“All rise for the high judge of the court: Dr. Viper!”

All the villains rose from their benches and Viper entered wearing a black cloak which reached to his feet, some of his snake-like tail visible from underneath

swishing slightly from side to side.

(A.N: No! I m not making him wear that stupid “judge toup‚” or whatever it s called!)

He walked up to the podium and sat in the chair, and the other villains sat down as well. He slammed the gavel down on the desk and said loud and clear:

“The cassse!”

Harddrive nodded and read from a piece of paper.

“Case: All of MegaKat Villains, VS. Darkkat. Charges: Traitor, liar, thief, and killer!”

Viper stared coldly at


There was a mumbling throughout the crowd. Viper slammed the gavel onto the desk.

Silence fell immediatly, and Viper nodded to Harddrive.

“The court calls in the first witnesses: Molly and Mac Mange also known as the Metallikats!”

The two cyborg-kats rose from a bench and walked up and settled on the smaller podium. Harddrive held up his right hand, and they did it after him.

“You swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Harddrive asked.

“Yeah!” both cyborg-kats replied.

“Mac and Molly: can you tell usss what happened from your point of view?” Viper asked.

They both nodded, and Molly started to tell.

“Well, it all started when our powers were returned because Darkkat and your honor…” She gave a short nod towards Viper who motioned her to continue “..Switched us on again, and Darkkat wanted us to help

im take care of the SWATKATS.”

Mac told more.

“Well, as some people know…” He gave a short glare towards the kat-nip dealer Fango in the crowd. “..Molly and I work alone! But, Darkkat had placed some nerve-neutralizer necklaces around our necks, and he directly forced us to work with him and your honor.”

He gave a nod to Viper. “As you probably can guess, we didn t have any other choice, but when we failed at the MegaKat bridge and he used the remote for the necklaces, it was the last straw!”

Molly nodded in agreement, and there was a mumbling through the crowd. Viper slammed with the gavel and silence returned.

The snake-kat turned to Darkkat.

“Darkkat. You have heard the witnessesss. Do you deny your guilt?!”

“No,” Darkkat replied. “For it is true that I had to force them, but in the end, both you and they betrayed ME!”

Viper calmly folded his paws and said with look as hard as Agrecite:

“The court callssss in the next witnessss. Palmeroy Cougar.”

(A.N: OK, he s just a former henchmen I made up for Darkkat, so he is MINE!)

Darkkat hid a smirk. Palmeroy Cougar was one of his henchmen. One that would never DREAM of putting up a charge against his own boss. The thin cougar walked up to the podium and swore the oath. Harddrive started questioning.

“Mr. Cougar. It is said that Darkkat threatened you to join him. Why?”

“Because I have a contact at Pumadyne, and I am therefore able to get the newest plans for weapons, super- powered vehicles and such,” Palmeroy replied.

“And, how exactly did heforce you?”

Darkkat smirked by the thought of what he would do to Viper once he was free, but gasped as Palmeroy said:

“He threatened to hurt my family. He told me that if I didn t join, he would hurt my wife and my kids.”

“LIAR!” Darkkat roared. “You have no family! I offered you money and you jumped right in! You….you..”

People started yelling and objecting.

“ORDER IN THE COURT!” Viper snarled and Harddrive send out some warning lightnings. People fell silent immediately.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Cougar. You can go back to your seat,” Harddrive said, and Palmeroy walked back to his seat.

“The court will now recess while the jury decidesss the punishment,” Viper said calmly and sat back.

Harddrive nodded and walked out through a door with a few other villains. Among them were Mac, Molly, Chopshop and Turmoil.

It took about fifteen minutes. Then, the jury returned, and people started to mumble. Viper slammed the podium with the gavel, and silence fell once more.

“Hasss the jury come to an decision?” Viper asked calmly.

Harddrive nodded and rose from his seat.

“Your honor, considering

the charges and the witnesses: The jury finds Darkkat GUILTY!”

Again, the crowd broke into mumbling.

“And furthermore, your honor.” Harddrive said when the silence returned. “We, the jury, sentence Darkkat to DEATH!”

Viper nodded. The crowd broke into gasps, and some cheered. Darkkat glared out into the crowd, but didn t see the one who had cheered.

Viper leaned forward, his golden eyes glowing dangerously.

“Darkkat, you are now sentenced to death. BUT! There issss one chance for you to sssurvive,” he said.

“Admit, you lied to ussss all, all along, and you will go free. Else…” his eyes glimmered.

Darkkat scowled.

“Alright….ALRIGHT!” he growled. “I lied…”

“Say wha

?” Harddrive asked innocently.

“I LIED! I LIED TO ALL OF YOU! Once I had been chosen for mayor of MegaKat City, I would have destroyed Viper and the Metallikats! And every other that would be in the way!”

Viper leaned back with half-closed eyes and a smirk.

“Alright. That ssss enough. You did your part, and now we will do oursss. Harddrive! Do your ssstuff.”

The techno-crook grinned and zapped the chains that held Darkkat. Unfortunately, the chains didn t open. Instead, the metal reacted like a special “leader” and electrocuted all of Darkkat’s body.

The large purple kat howled in pain as the electric volts zapped through his body. When they stopped, the former super-villain’s head dropped down on his chest.

Harddrive walked over and searched for a pulse, but there was none. He nodded to Viper, who rose from the chair and looked over the crowd.

“As I jusssst said, he did hisss part. To admit he had lied to ussss in the face of every other criminal in MegaKat Ccccity. And, we did ours. as we decided before he awoke that, becaussse he didn t keep hisss promise, we wouldn t keep oursss. Ladiesss and Gentlekatssss, the court isss clossssed.” He slammed the gavel into the desk once more, and the villains began to walk out.

Just when Viper had pulled off the judge-cloak, Fango came over.

“Say eh….doc, whaddaya wan t us ta do with the corpse?”

Viper narrowed his eyes and then gritted his fangs in a scary grin.

“We ll leave it to the ratsssss. They gotta eat too, you know.”

Then, the criminals followed after the others back to each of their hiding places, leaving behind Darkkat’s smoking corpse.


Phew, whaddaya say to that? PLEASE R&R

k? OH and for you DK-lovers out there: PLEEEEASE Don t fry me! I m just a young amateur author with a twisted mind! Can you blame me? I mean…ahr forget it! And, as I said, I couldn t remember it all, and I m not sure that the thing they said in the start was correctly translated. You can thank the Danish CN for that! ::growls:: They just put up a lame Danish translation!

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