Original SWAT Kats Story


By KS Claw

  • 12 Chapters
  • 27,673 Words

A new villain is in MegaKat City, and he is after Elrod Purvis for a certain reason. Rated M for disturbing images and violence.

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Chapter 9

Capture and Disobedience



“No! You can’t do this! I…I won’t allow it! I *can’t* allow it!!” Kathy shouted as she watched her husband help their son David into a jacket and shoes.

“I have to, Kathy. You know what Sharrakus said. If we don’t do something….our entire existence will be gone forever. Nothing will be able to bring it back.” Elrod looked sadly at his wife as she stood leaning against the wall, one hand resting on her growing womb, the other clenched against her mouth, tears streaming from her eyes. A soft whimper escaped her as she slowly slid down to the floor and hugged her knees, her body shuddering as she now cried.

David looked first at his dad, then at his mom. Then he walked over and hugged Kathy around her neck. Hesitantly, almost as if he was made of delicate china, she put her arms around him and hugged him tight.

“I love you, mommy….” David whispered in a tired, mourning voice. As if he knew that whatever would happen, they would never see each other again. Kathy looked at him, her eyes teary and mournful. “I love you, David….” She hugged him tightly once more, weeping as she then slowly released him.

“C’mon champ…” Elrod muttered softly, picking up his son. “…It’s time we go save the world….”

And with that, they left.


They stood awaiting. Plague, War and Famine. The Knights of the Apocalypse.

Waiting for the fourth member. Death.

He appeared in a burst of black smoke, a black cape curling around him like a dragon’s wing, his golden eyes narrowed and glowing.

“Greetings to you, my brothers.”

“Greetings to you our brother,” was their response.

“The time has come.”

“The end of time.”

“War, spread chaos and confusion!”

“It shall be done as you command.” War rode off on his stallion, Kazgeroth, towards east.

“Famine, destroy all crops and all that is nourishing!”

“It shall be done as you command.” Famine rode off on his mare, Alcippe, towards west.

“Plague, spread your diseases and pestilences!”

“It shall be done as you command.” Plague rode off on his mare, Hadria, towards south.

Nexus got up on Xerxes and looked towards MegaKat City, narrowing his eyes.

“Death, raise your scythe and ride with pride,” a voice whispered in his mind. A cold smirk cruised his lips.

“It shall be done as you command, Goddess Hei Ying.” He set off Xerxes towards north, towards MegaKat City.


The Klaxon blared through the hangar as Jake and Chance were in the middle of a sparring match. Both of them rushed towards it and turned on the speaker as they reached it.

“What is it Callie?” Jake asked, frowning.

“Jake, Chance, Nexus is back! He is taking over the Mayor’s office with armies of plants!” Callie responded in a hectic panicked whisper. “I’m hiding in a broom closet, but I don’t know how long it will be before I’m discovered… You have got to come and help! Quick!!”

“We are right on it. Don’t worry Callie! We’ll have this guy nailed!” Chance growled, clenching a fist.

“Please, hurry u-” *CRASH*

What sounded like an explosion interrupted them. They heard Callie scream, hissing and snarling, then……nothing.



Elrod looked around as he was driving down the street, David in the seat next to him, having dozed off. The poor kit hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before due to nightmares about a “dark lady” and “the red kat”. Elrod could only name two with that description. Hei Ying and Syphon. A soft sigh emitted from his mouth as he recalled the earlier conversation he had with Sharrakus before he had taken off with David towards the center of the city….

“Only if the good and the evil part are reunited, the balance will return to normal and everything will be safe. Just make sure they are both together when you use the Colbratech Sword. Only that bites on Death itself.”

Elrod paused the car at a stop sign and closed his eyes. The Colbratech Sword. It lay stored in the backseat, wrapped up in oiled clothes so it wouldn’t rust. What kind of rush had he felt when he grabbed its handle once more, hearing its blade sing as he gave it a trying swing?

It had felt so.. so…. indescribably fantastic! Like the rush you get when you know you’re winning a fight or a game…. the rush of adrenaline, the taste of victory, and the lust for battle…..

“The best we can do is wait and see how things turn out….” Elrod thought as he turned a corner, heading towards the Mayor’s office.

David stirred in his seat and murmured, slowly waking up, rubbing his eyes. “Hrmmnn…Daddy? ‘r we there yet?” he yawned, squinting sleepily with his eyes.

Elrod gave his son one glance before turning his attention back to the road. “Soon, Champ….it will be over soon. And, everything will turn out good…”

“Daddy?” David said quietly, looking at his dad, his green eyes tired and sad.

“What is it, David?”

“I love you,” the kitten reached out and took the grownup’s hand, holding it close to his chest. When Elrod looked down at him and into his eyes, he saw something mirrored in them.

“I love you too, David…” he whispered, squeezing the kitten’s hand, before looking back at the road, still holding the kitten’s hand, feeling a single tear roll down his cheek as he thought over what he had seen in David’s eyes.

Hope. Sorrow…..and death.

No matter what happened….


As Callie slowly came to her senses, the first thing she noticed was the glassy surface she was laying on. Sitting up, rubbing her head, she looked around. Everything around her was crystalline, in a round shape like in a ball.

“Ahh, so you have awakened. Good,” a deep voice chuckled.

Callie looked up and gasped, staring into the enormous face of the Deathknight, Nexus!

“Oh don’t worry, Mrs. Clawson-Briggs,” Nexus said with a grin as he held the orb.”Your knights will come and get you. And, when they do….the party will start! Hah!!”

“Why are you doing this?” Callie whispered in a defiant tone even though she was trembling from fear.

“Why? Oohh these SWAT Kats have an annoying habit of being able to stop those who wish to reach their ultimate goal. I am going to make sure that is stopped, and *GARGH!!*” Nexus yelped as a purple beam shot out from nowhere and struck him in the back, sending him rolling across the ground, while the orb with Callie bounced off. A skeletal pair of paws grabbed the orb and Callie screeched seeing it was the Pastmaster!

“Oh, stop your squirming and calm down! We’re here to help!” the Pastmaster growled as he handed the orb to a kitten. “Nicky, take the orb to my tower, I’ll keep Nexus from following!”

Nicky nodded as he took the orb. “Just be careful, sir.”

The Pastmaster smirked. “I am an 800 year old sorcerer, who has been through many magic duels in my time. I think these old bones can last for a few more.”

Nicky managed a nervous smile but said nothing as he headed off to an awaiting wyvern that would take him to the Pastmaster’s tower.

Nexus growled as he got up, shaking his head to clear it. Looking up, he glared at the skeleton sorcerer who stood ready with his enchanted watch.

“Well, youngling? Are you going to get up or are you going to lay around like a common worm?”

“I’ll show you who’s a worm!!” Nexus snarled as he got up in a crouched position, his tail lashing crazily behind him.

The Pastmaster smirked, tightening his grasp around his watch. “Show me then!”


David felt it like he was getting weaker and weaker the closer he and his dad came to the Mayor’s office, where his bad self, Nexus, would be waiting for them. A soft whimper escaped him as an all too familiar pain roamed around in his stomach, slowly spreading out in his entire body. A warm, comforting hand gently brushed against his cheek, making him feel safe. He sighed softly as he slumped back against the seat, and closed his eyes. Soon, he was asleep.

Elrod narrowed his eyes as he saw the Mayor’s office come into view. Greenish vegetation was all over the building, but upon coming closer, the vegetation turned into more visible plants and plantimals crawling all over the place.

“Deja vu all over again…” the former reptilian kat muttered as he stopped and parked the car. He gently picked up David from the passenger seat without waking him up and looked around for the nearest kathole. Finding one, he only put David down once in order to get it open.

And so, he crawled down into the darkness with his son, who slept peacefully, cuddled against his dad’s chest as they headed off in the darkness of the sewers.

“Hopefully, I am able to find my way down here…. it’s been so long….” Elrod thought, his eyes squinting to see through the dark.

Then something large, slimy and green lunged out and grabbed him around his waist! Elrod had no chance to do anything as he was yanked hard into the darkness, hugging his son close and protectively to his chest.


The Turbokat’s engines roared out like a furious animal as the fighter jet itself and its passengers zoomed through the air. T-bone’s eyes were narrowed in concentration as he steered the jet towards the Mayor’s office. How he hoped they weren’t too late to stop Nexus from whatever he had intended….

“Razor, you doing OK back there?” he called out to his partner and friend.

Razor looked up from the panel, and nodded. “I’m doing fine. I just hope it’s the same with Callie…. If that Nexus has done anything to her…” The rest of his words were drowned in a growl.

T-bone frowned. He knew well how Razor’s feelings towards innocents being harmed were. But, this was different… Granted, T-bone knew he wouldn’t be too happy if something happened to Felina either, but still, he knew it wouldn’t do any good to let feelings control your actions. Accidents or failures had happened mainly because of that.

The tabby sighed softly as he recalled the time with Turmoil. She had been cool… in a nasty sorta way… but she had just not been his kind of she-kat in the end. Just two years ago, she had been released for good behavior and had left the city. She had probably gotten herself a boyfriend, or if it suited her, a boy-toy. T-bone snorted at the thought. He felt sorry for whoever ended up as *that*!

Razor looked concentrated on the weapons panel, yet his mind was wandering elsewhere. ‘Oh Gods and Goddesses, please keep her safe…’ he thought as they were now close to the Mayor’s office. ‘I couldn’t bare it if I were to lose her….’

A purple beam zapped out of nowhere, almost hitting the right wing of the Turbokat had T-bone not done a daredevilish barrel-roll to the left.

“What the-..” the large tabby started, but didn’t get to finish his sentence as another beam, this time greenish, struck out, this time almost hitting the belly of the fighter-jet. T-bone smoothly went into a dive, circling around the tall building.

“What in the Holy Kats name is going *on* down there!!?” Razor questioned as they came closer to the rooftop.

“I don’t know. But, it sure is heck of a fight!!”

And, he was right. The entire rooftop of the Mayor’s office was illuminated in a green and purple-ish light, almost in the shape of a bubble, as a hectic fight of life and death went on. You could just barely see the shape of two figures, jumping around in a deadly dance, shooting rays of magical destruction against one another.

“You’re out of time, old man!” Nexus snarled, firing yet another ray that the Pastmaster dodged. “You should have stayed in that coffin you were locked in years ago!!”

The ancient sorcerer only grinned as he dodged another beam. “Then, *you* should go back to that darkness which gave birth to you, Knight!”

Nexus hissed as a purple beam strafed his shoulder, causing a deep wound. “You will pay for that, you old BONEBAG!!” he roared as he pounced on the sorcerer, forcefully grabbing his shoulders.

The Pastmaster hissed, kicking with his small legs as he was lifted up into the air. Nexus narrowed his eyes and growled as he arched his neck backwards, then *SMACKED* his forehead against the Pastmaster’s skull. The connection dazed the sorcerer who saw suns, stars and moons dancing before his eyes. Then, before he could react, the Deathknight dropped him roughly on the ground and kicked him *hard* in the ribs, sending him tumbling across the roof.

“Psh, foolish bag of bones! How pathetic can one be!?” Nexus growled, baring his fangs in a disgusted grimace.

The Pastmaster looked up, grimacing from the pain, though managing a grin. “Pathetic enough not to look over your shoulder!”

Nexus smirked coolly. “Please, you actually think I am going to fall for that ol-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence as a Spider-missile shot out of nowhere, and, shortly after, had him wrapped up like a Christmas gift, sprawling and writhing on the ground in fury.

The Pastmaster looked up, grinning as he saw a familiar black jet hover above the rooftop, preparing to land. With slow movements that sent surges of pain through his bony body, he managed to get up to stand, leaning, exhausted, against the side of an air vent. Nexus snarled and hissed in fury as he struggled with his bonds, glaring hatefully at the two SWAT Kats who now had jumped down on the roof and were making their way across it.

“You’re late,” the Pastmaster commented dryly, wincing as he could feel that some of his ribs had been broken.

“Yeah, well, Razor hadn’t emptied his bladder before we took off,” T-bone commented sarcastically before getting twapped by the slimmer SWAT Kat.

“What have you done to Callie, you psycho!!??” Razor then snarled as he grabbed Nexus around his throat.

The Knight snarled, refusing to say anything.

“She is alright, SWAT Kat,” the Pastmaster answered. “At this moment, she is trapped inside an orb, but I will do my best to get her out without harm.”

Razor snarled angrily at Nexus, who only grinned at the Pastmaster.

“Old fool! You think it’s going to be *so* easy getting the dear Mayor out of that orb? Think again!”

The Pastmaster ignored the teasing, staring neutrally at the Deathknight with his single eye. “I don’t take anything for being easy, Knight. You of all people should know that.”

Nexus growled in response.

[“My oh my, do *you* look tied up!”] an all too familiar voice teased in Nexus’ mind.

He bared his fangs, easily recognizing it. [“Syphon! Get me out of this!!”]

[“Now, why would I do that?”] Syphon asked innocently, failing to hide his glee over Nexus’ capture.

Nexus mentally hissed angrily, writhing to get free of his ropes. [“Get me free at once! It isss an order!!”]

[“Oooh, an *order*! I am so scared! What would happen if I *don’t* follow that order!?]

[You lowlifed slimy little *worm*!! I’ll rip your throat out for thissss!!!!”]

Syphon only laughed at the threat, and the feeling of his presence disappeared.

Nexus snarled as he struggled in his bonds, cursing demon and devil to Hades’ deepest abyss. When he got his hands on that MareKat, he would *indeed* pay for his disobedience!

—————————————————————————- ————-

Hei Ying watched the whole scene in an orb, her golden eyes narrowed in thought. Syphon was becoming more and more arrogant as time had passed since his revival…

She would have to get rid of him soon. But, at the moment, the game was turning out interesting.

“Syphon will learn what it means to disobey a servant of the Goddess….” she muttered, folding the enormous black wings around her. In the darkness surrounding the black goddess, shadow creatures roamed around, hissing, slithering, crawling, creeping. Green, red and white eyes where fixated on their mistress, their creator, awaiting her orders. One word, one move, and the creatures would kill to satisfy her Dark Majesty. Hei Ying narrowed her eyes, suddenly spreading her wings out in a flash, letting out a horrifying *SCREECH*!

“Spread out, children! Spread out and spread your nightmares, spawn seeds that will flourish in the mortal minds, spread disease, spread illness, spread conflicts, SPREAD CHAOS!!!!!!”

The creatures screeched in one horrifying choir of darkness, then they all disappeared in the surrounding dark to fulfill the orders of Hei Ying.

She kneeled by the orb, her smooth, black paws touching and caressing the glassy surface like a mother touches her child while it sleeps. Her eyes glowed in the dark in competition with the ghastly white light surrounding the orb in an aura.


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