Original SWAT Kats Story


By KS Claw

  • 12 Chapters
  • 27,673 Words

A new villain is in MegaKat City, and he is after Elrod Purvis for a certain reason. Rated M for disturbing images and violence.

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Chapter 6



When he awoke, he thought he had gone blind, due to that it was pitchblack around him. Unsure, Elrod scanned his surroundings and found himself tied to a wall, chains locked around his wrists and ankles. He didn´t remember how he had gotten here, but he remembered the last thing that had happened. That minotaur that had bought him had thrown him into a wall and then…..nothing. Elrod groaned slightly in pain, feeling something wet and sticky at the back of his head. No doubt about HOW powerfully the minotaur had thrown him.

“What is this place?” he muttered lowly to himself. “Am I dead? Is this Hell??”

“No. This is not Hell. It is something far worse,” a dark voice sounded, a cold cruel laughter following suit.

Elrod’s head snapped up. He knew that laughter and could recognise it anywhere he went, no matter if he was. His eyes widened, seeing a familiar form step out of the darkness.

The blood-red fur, the muscular body, the white forelock, and the deep-black eyes narrowed being accompanied by a cold, evil grin showing large sharp fangs….

“Whats wrong, old *friend*!?” Syphon smirked. “Aren´t you happy to see me? How is Samantha and that rotten carcass she calls a husband?” The Marekat grinned as he extended the claws on his right hand. “But you….you look like a mess! Let me make you feel better!!” Syphon stretched back his arm and slashed out, striking Elrod across his chest.

Elrod shrieked in pain and began to struggle wildly in his chains.

Syphon only grinned at that. “Oh yes, DO struggle! It makes it more painful for you and more fun for me!” he laughed, then yelped as some sort of force whammed into him, sending him into the wall next to Elrod.

“That’s enough, Syphon. He is not here for your pleasure,” avoice hissed.

Elrod weakly managed to lift his head, his eyes widening as he saw the owner of the voice.

Tall, with skin blacker than a night without moon or stars and enormous wings spread out in a sign of anger as a pair of deep-golden eyes with only a needle-thin slit for a pupil regarded the fallen marekat with a glare of anger and disdain. Only one name came to Elrod’s mind, seeing her, but that was just enough…..

“Hei Ying,” he whispered hoarsely.

The dark goddess shifted her gaze to him and made a small calm smirk. “Your presuming is correct, you whom they call Purvis, or should I say….Viper.”

Due to old reflexes, Elrod gritted his teeth at being reminded of his past. Not a thing he had ever wished for…..

The dark goddess let out a harsh cold laughter as Syphon had managed to get up and take a place beside her.

“Wh..what do you want from me?” Elrod whispered hoarsely, feeling his heart speed up.

The dark goddess let out a fume of disdain. “I don´t want anything. I already got it!” Hei Ying smirked. With a wave from her paw, a servant, looking like the unlucky cross between a rat and a greyhound, came walking with a box in its arms, reaching it towards the goddess whom it served as it kneeled down. Hei Ying smirked coldly as she picked out a orb of the box and held it towards the golden-furred tomkat.

Elrod frowned, watching a sort of grey and black smoke whirl around unside the orb. Then his eyes widened seeing an all too familiar face.

“Viper,” Elrod whispered, feeling an all too familiar shiver down his spine.

Syphon’s laughter scratched cruelly in his ears.

“Oh indeed you are the fool I remember, with or without your scales!!” the Marekat laughed, laughing so hard he clenched his stomach.

The dark Goddess only stood calmly, the orb in her claws and fully showing the person in it. Elrod frowned, seeing this was not Viper! But someone else……

Hei Ying said:

“He is Nexus. The death-knight of the apocalypse. Now watch! For he is to lead his brothers into this battle!”


Nexus looked up towards the sky as the thunder was raging around him. He smirked as he saw three portals opening, each of them crackling with a special form of electricity. Three horses as black as the hell they came from, with glowing red eyes and fire bursting out from their nostrils and mouths came galloping out and into the stormy sky. Nexus’ own stallion Xerxes neighed, recognising his brothers. For, like those three, he was a hell-horse.

Nexus smirked and swung his scythe in greeting to the three riders riding on the horses. In name, they were his brothers. They were War, raising his bow and arrow that spread chaos wherever the arrow would land. Plague, whose whip would infect the air itself as it cracked loudly in competition with the thunderstorm around them. And, finally, Famine, being his own thin self, so skinny it would seem like he could snap over like a dry branch from one second to another. He did not need a weapon, so he greeted them by raising a glove-clad hand, waving to Nexus, the Death-knight of the apocalypse.

“Good hunt and good night, brotherssss of mine,” Nexus greeted, nodding to the other three as they landed.

“Good hunt and good night, brother of us,” they responded.

“Anything new with you, Nexus? Found anything we can dig our teeth in?” Famine grinned, showing lines of rotting teeth.

Nexus curled his upper lip in a grin. “Not yet, Famine. But, do not worry. Tonight, we will begin our reign of terror. The beginning of the apocalypsssse.”

“And, your father?” War asked calmly. “What about him?”

Nexus’ eyes glowed in deep anger. “Him? Heh, Ssssyphon has taken care of him. Hissss body is here in this puny world of mortalssss, while his soul is trapped in the dungeonsss of her dark majesty!” He laughed, Xerxes neighing as if giving credit. He then slashed his scythe through the air in a commanding movement.


With an ice-cold laughter ringing through the air, the riders spread to each corner of the world, their horses neighing all the way, their hoofs competing with the thunder around them.

Nexus was heading straight for MegaKat City.


The orb turned dark, leaving Elrod blinded for a few seconds. He didn´t realise he had tears in his eyes until he began blinking. Nexus…. the knight of the apocalypse…. was David… his own son!

“You should never have held back when he asked about yourself,” Hei Ying chuckled, holding the orb as carefully as one would hold a baby. Her black claws caressed the cold glass-surface, her eyes glowing in the dark.

“Why…” Elrod whispered, tears threatening to blind him. “Why have you taken my son…..”

The Dark Goddess smirked. “He is no more your son, Elrod Purvis. He is my servant. The Death-knight of the apocalypse.” She laughed coldly.

“It will be thrilling to see what is happening to your dear wife!”

Elrod’s head snapped up. “No! Please! Don´t harm Kathy!” he begged and pleaded her not to hurt his beloved, but she only laughed and smacked him in the face. With a silent whimpering plea, he collapsed in his chains, fully unconcious.

Syphon looked at Hei Ying. “What are we to do now?”

Hei Ying narrowed her eyes. “First. We are to get rid of an old foe of mine. The Master of Past and Present!”

Syphon glared angrily at the unconscious tomkat. “And him?”

The goddess smirked coldly. “You will have your fun with him, Syphon. When *I* say so!”


Kathy was dreaming. She lay asleep on the couch, softly snoozing with a book resting on her hip. But, alas, she was not dreaming pleasantly. She saw her husband caught by a creature that could only be coming from one’s worst nightmare… one that apparently sold slaves. She was the silent audience. She could hear and see them, but she could not touch them or get their attention. She had tried that. Seeing Elrod caught in a cage, looking as if all hope was lost was a pain to her heart. She wanted to reach through the bars and take his hands in hers and hold them tight, in a way so no force could separate them…. but it was no use. Her hands went right through, causing her to gasp. Elrod looked up, but not at her, more at the slave-man who had apparently sold him to a minotaur, his golden eyes showing a cruel and cold-hearted hatred. The golden-furred she-kat snarled seeing the cruel, rough treatment the minotaur gave Elrod, then followed them as the minotaur dragged Elrod off by some chains.

The most horrifying was when the minotaur punished Elrod for something not meant to happen. Kathy gasped, seeing the large minotaur grab the much smaller kat and beat him around, slamming into a wall and into the mud. She cringed visibly, swearing to herself she could hear Elrod’s rib crack. Then, the minotaur lifted up the now unconscious kat and dragged off with him until they reached a large castle. When Kathy tried to enter, the door was blocked. She hammered with her fists on the rough wood, screaming for them to open up the door so she could see her husband. Then, as if the door had grown tired of her knocking and screaming, it creaked open, the hinges squealing like thousands of tortured souls. But, when trying to go through, thousands of invisible hands grabbed and pulled her out through the door, hoarse whispering voices sounding like from ancient times whispering to her….

“No not the time…”

“Go away!”

“You don´t belong here…”

Kathy shrieked “NO!” seeing as the invisible hands were pushing her towards the dungeon. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn´t free herself from her invisible attackers and found herself thrown into a cold and dark cell. The door closed behind her, and before she could reach out, it slammed shut with a….


The golden-furred she-kat shrieked as she sat up, feeling tears on her cheeks… She had been crying in her sleep…. Sobbing, she wiped her tears away and looked out through the window, seeing the thunderstorm outside. Lightning had struck a tree nearby and now it was brightly lit, the flames eating off the wood like vultures from a carcass….

Kathy shuddered, then jerked up when another lightning bolt struck, followed by an eager banging on the door.

“Who could it be at this hour?” she thought, as she walked through the dark house. The power had gone dead, and she had not tried to check the system yet.

As she went to the door, she could note a small figure through the rippled glass. Somehow, she had an odd feeling about this….

The feeling was quickly forgotten when, upon opening the door, she revealed the door-knocker.


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