Original SWAT Kats Story


By KS Claw

  • 12 Chapters
  • 27,673 Words

A new villain is in MegaKat City, and he is after Elrod Purvis for a certain reason. Rated M for disturbing images and violence.

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Chapter 5

What You Fear the Most

(Warning: Contains blood and gore)

Kathy sat up with a gasp. She had been awakened by a sound, but what it was she didn´t know. She got up from bed and quietly checked through the drawer in her night table, looking for the gun she had there. Finding it, she grabbed and loaded it, cringing slightly at the loud *click* it gave. She silently sneaked over the floor, out of her bedroom door and down through the corridor. Perhaps it was a mugger? You could never know these days.

As she sneaked down the corridor, she noticed the light was on in the living room. What mugger was stupid enough to try and steal something from a house in the dead of the night with lights on? Well, stupid or not, she would tell him a thing or two…

“Hello!?” she shouted.

There was no answer.

“Hello!?? Listen, show yourself! I got a gun and I am not afraid to use it!!”

When no one answered her, she narrowed her eyes. Fear twisted a knot in her gut, but she ignored it. She had been through a lot of stress lately, due to her son being gone for almost a month and her husband being in a coma. She came closer and closer to the living room and, when she reached the door that was half open, she reached out to the door knob and slammed the door open, aiming it at who ever would be in the room.

She blinked in surprise when she saw a baby-kitten on the floor. The kitten could be no more than about three months or so, and had its back turned to her, playing with something and giggling merrily, too occupied with whatever was its toy to note the she-kat aiming a gun at it.

Kathy sighed and smiled, half in relief and half in feeling ridiculous. She had been so nervous because of a kitten?

Slowly, she walked over and kneeled down next to kitten, careful not to frighten it. But, the kitten only took one look at her, gurgled, then returned to whatever it was playing with.

“Heyyy….” Kathy softly cooed at the kitten. “Where’s your mommy? Huh?”

The kitten ignored her, only casting her a small glance once in a while, then returned to its plaything.

Curiosity stroked, Kathy with a small chuckle, reached out a paw and put it on the kitten’s shoulder to see what it was so busy with…

“What’s that you’re playing with?” she cooed.

The kitten murmured and leaned back, half-turning to look at her. Kathy’s eyes widened when she saw what the kitten was playing with. Between the kitten’s legs lay the remains of a 4-week old fetus, freshly ripped out from where ever it came from.

A sudden pain went through Kathy’s gut, and, looking down, she saw blood over her midriff and stomach, staining her white nightgown. With a cry of terror, she fell backwards, ignoring how she dropped the gun and crawled across the floor until her back was against the wall. The kitten only giggled as it watched Kathy clench her arms around her stomach as she screamed, and screamed and screamed……


It was silent in the room, silence ringing like a bell between the kats gathered in the room. Kathy was seated next to Samantha, rocking silently back and forth, clenching her stomach and whimpering, stripes from tears staining her cheeks. Samantha softly whispered to her as she held her paws on her shoulders.

“Kathy take it easy… There’s no blood… There’s no ripped out fetus….”

Kathy only let out choked sobs in response, as her nephew Nicky looked at her with huge worried eyes.

“Mommy, what’s wrong with Aunt Kathy?” he asked quietly.

Samantha shook her head in response. “I don´t know, Nicky…. It’s nothing for you to worry about, really…. Go out and play or watch TV or something….”

“OK mommy…..” Nicky answered silently and slipped out of the room. He was not so old, but he knew when it was best for him to leave and let the grownups talk.

Mike, Samantha’s husband angrily stood up and began to pace around. “This is insane! Everyone gets so worked up because of some ridiculous nightmare and-….”

“In times like these, this kind of nightmare is not to be taken lightly,” the Pastmaster said calmly, seated in an armchair next to John. His single eye was narrowed and glowing.

Mike snarled in irritation.

“What would you know, eh? Eh?! All you do is blab about mythical creatures, spells and the gods know what else!!”

The Pastmaster fumed and stood up on the chair, glaring at Mike. “You dare taunt me about my magic?!” he snarled, baring his fangs.

Mike hissed, his tail poofing like a bottle-brush. “I can do more than that! I-”

“ENOUGH!! Both of you stop!! You’re not making anything easier!!” Samantha bellowed suddenly, silencing the two kats.

Mike stared on her as if she was insane. The skeleton-sorceror only let out a grunt and sat down with a small bump again, crossing his skeleton arms with a scowl on his face.

Samantha sighed and stood up as Mike sat down as well. “Look, all I´m saying is, we need to solve this puzzle!! The events that have happened must have some sort of connection!!” The gold-furred she-kat huffed as she began to pace, summing up what had been happening….

“First, David mutates and disappears, and he has been gone for weeks now. Elrod gets involved in an accident and thrown into a coma. And now, Kathy has had some freaky nightmare that involves some sort of death-sign… maybe a prophecy about someone’s upcoming demise….” She stopped and looked at the Pastmaster.

“What do you think, Pastmaster? Does it make sense or am I sounding completely insane?”

The gnomish sorceror stood up and jumped down from his place on the chair and huffed. “It makes a lot of sense, my dear Samantha, but it is also illogical….”

“….says the troll who mostly goes more with magic than logic(1)!” Mike interrupted in a disdainful tone. Before he could react, a purple beam zapped out from the Pastmaster’s watch and struck his face, framing it in a cloud of black smoke. When the smoke vanished, a muzzle-gag of iron was placed tightly around his face. Both Samantha and John broke into fits of laughter, and even Kathy let out a small smile.

“You asked for that one, Mike!!” John laughed and flopped back on the couch, howling with laughter.

The Pastmaster smirked as Mike furiously tried to get rid of the muzzle-gag then turned back to Samantha.

“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I did mean what I said about this whole thing seeming so… illogical…..” he sighed and looked down, stroking his chin with his skeleton paw.

“But, what can we do about it?” Samantha asked tiredly. “Elrod’s soul is trapped in some demon dimension, and, if Kathy gets more nightmares like this one…. she will end up with a nervous breakdown and perhaps abortion of the baby! And, I don´t mean with a doctor’s interruption!”

The sorceror only sighed. “I am only too aware of that, my dear….only too much aware….”


Dark clouds flowed across the sky, as if predicting what was to come. On top of a hill near MegaKat City, a lonely rider was posted. It was Nexus, his entire body posture in a relaxed state as he was seated on his enormous black stallion, Xerzes. The black stallion fumed and thrashed slightly with its head as it could sense the tension in the air from the storm that was to come. It stopped when its rider placed a gloved hand on its neck, sliding gently through the thick black mane.

“Easy Xerzes. It is beginning…..” Nexus muttered and looked up, hearing the sound of a thundercrack.

The black and dark-grey clouds were swirling around like water in a glass, lightning flickering across them now and then, like white or ice-blue ghost-fingers, seeking for something unknown to the common viewer.

A tension was in the air as Nexus waited. The stallion fumed, thrashing with its head once again, and when lightning struck the ground close to it, it reared and neighed, its front hooves kicking in the air. Nexus soothed it as it settled on the ground again, muttering gentle words to it. He looked up and into the sky, his eyes shining like twin stars of gold, flashing as he grinned. A figure was being formed in the clouds above the city. Slowly, the other clouds pulled back, swirling like a vortex around the formation comming to life. One who saw this could only freeze in terror by seeing the skull in the sky, its mouth opened in a silent cackling as if predicting the horrors to come. Mercifully unbeknownst to the katizens of the city at this very minute, other cloud formations alike were to be spotted elsewhere.

A pouncing rat could be seen above the United Kingdom and Europe.

A horrifying thin stray of a dog gnawing like crazy on a meaty bone above Africa, South-America and Brazil.

And, a laughing hyena above the Asian countries – India, China, Indonesia and Japan.

The skull was only to be found above the United States.

“Soon the other Knights will have found their shelter,” Nexus muttered, his hand sliding across the scythe in his hand.

The black stallion fumed and thrashed slightly with its head.

“Yes Xerzes. The time is nearing. The *end* of time!!!”

A cruel laughter rang across the city, freezing the blood cold of those who heard it.

The end of time was closing in.

The time of the apocalypse.

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