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By KS Claw

  • 12 Chapters
  • 27,673 Words

A new villain is in MegaKat City, and he is after Elrod Purvis for a certain reason. Rated M for disturbing images and violence.

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Chapter 3

The First Strike


“Kats alive. What a dead morning,” T-bone grumbled as he steered the Turbokat through the air.

Razor showed his agreement by yawning tiredly. He had been up since 5 am along with his partner in order to finish a few chores.

One: calm the baby who was teething.

And Two: Get ready for morning-patrol.

None of the two pilots had anything to look forward to. Dark Kat had kept lowline since his mysterious return a few years ago, Viper had disappeared, and most of the other criminals were in the slammer. So, all in all, things where not something to look forward to. Usually, the two kats had looked forward to another day of patrolling, stopping criminals, bothering Feral….

But, it wasn´t the same anymore. With some of the main villains ‘missing’ things were…boring!

“So, whatya think will happen today?” Razor asked, looking down on the streets.

“Probably the usual… old ladies getting their purses taken, bank-robbery, that stuff,” T-bone responded.

“Maybe we should ju- AUGH!!” Razor was interrupted as he saw a enormous creature clinging to the side of MegaKat Tower. It looked like some sort of giant caterpillar…and it was eating off the tower!?

“Looks like we finally got something to do!” T-bone yelled with a glint of anticipation in his eyes. “Let’s get it!”

A place far away from the tower where one of the swamp-beasts had found an easy meal, Nexus was watching. He looked up as he heard the roaring engines of the Turbokat and narrowed his eyes that seemed to be glowing despite the bright morning sun. He was seated on a top roof where no one would bother looking, so he would not be disturbed. He smirked as he saw the jet fly towards the swamp-beast.

“Actorsss are in place, the play can begin,” he muttered. Then, he vanished into thin air.

The swamp-beast grumbled, contented, as its powerful beak broke through the cement and metal holding up the tower, ignoring the panicked screams from the kats inside the building. It was hungry, and it hadn´t been eating for many centuries. Now, it wanted to soothe its hunger. It ignored the small, annoying buzzing insects that seemed to wanted to draw its attention away from the tower, sometimes firing off something that exploded on its back, but the swamp-beast ignored it. Its thick hide protected it from being hurt. So, it simply ate on.

“Crud! That thing must have a hide as thick as a mountain!” T-bone growled as another missile hit the beast’s back without leaving as much as a scratch.

Razor nodded, being in deep thought. Nothing went like they had planned, and they were running out of missiles too!

“Problemssss SWAT KATSsssss?” a disdainful voice asked from somewhere to the left.

Both vigilantes turned their heads and their eyes widened at the sight.

“DOCTOR VIPER!!” they both yelled, spinning the jet to face their enemy.

Viper seemed to be standing in the air, but both kats were too hooked up on the situation to notice or care.

“I knew it could only be you!” T-bone snarled. “You’re the only person who could think up the creation of this kind of monster!!”

The snake-kat laughed in response.

“I am not who you think I am. And, certainly not that weakling Viper,” he said calmly, his arms crossed and his eyes glowing. It was now that the two kats noted his different appearence… He was alot different from Viper. Being taller, clad in a leather outfit that fit him like a extra piece of skin and showing off muscles that could put SuperKat to shame, he was definitely not the one they had first thought of him to be.

“If you are not Viper, then who the heck are you!?” T-bone growled, baring his teeth.

The snakekat smirked.

“I am the servant of the Goddess of night, Hei Ying. I am the Death-knight of the apocalypse, taking the life for those who’s time has come. I am Nexus!”

The two SWATKATS sat paralyzed in shock. Hei Ying was one of the oldest gods ever to have existed! No one had mentioned her in centuries! There had been rumors of small cults formed in her honor, but they had quickly been wiped out by the Enforcers because of what they did in the name of their Goddess. Rape, murder, bloody rituals… everything they did was in the name of Hei Ying. Was this another of those freaks or….

“I know what you are thinking, SWATKAT. And no, I am not another ‘freak’ as you put it,” Nexus said calmly, a sneer of disgust forming on his muzzle. “Those pathetic mortals who formed so-called “cults” in the name of the Goddess whom I serve, were mindless fools, not knowing her true ideals. She rules the night and the dark creatures who roam in it. She does not tolerate rape, murder or any other sick and perverted “ritual” in her name. She is far more wise than that.”

“Then, if you are serving her, how come your doing this?” T-bone snarled, pointing at the swanp-beast.

“Oh, do not mind the swamp-beast. He is only but hungry,” Nexus said with a smirk. “He will retreat..oohh….in about two or three days.”

“TWO OR THREE DAYS!!??” both SWATKATS shouted.

“But…But then it will have eaten the whole building!!” Razor gawked.

Nexus threw his head back, letting out a thunderous laughter.

“My you’re clever, SWATKAT! Of course he will have eaten the tower! It is but a small demonstration of my power! At least that will ease you from your boredom, no? Now, if you will excuse me? I have some other business to attend.” With that, Nexus made a light bow in the air and laughed as he vanished from sight, leaving T-bone and Razor paralysed.

“He….he could read our minds!” T-bone whispered hoarsely.

Razor nodded weakly. “T-bone?”


“We’ve got ourselves a big challenge here!”

—————————————————————————- ——————–

Kathy was worried, and with a good reason.

Elrod hadn´t come home last night, and she was wondering if he had yet again gone out, searching for David. It had been like that the past couple of weeks. Elrod would go to work and would be late home because he would go look out in the streets for David. One time, he had even considered searching in the swamp, but he had dropped that idea.

“We have warned David about going to places like those… He knows better than that… and besides.. I doubt my old plantimals would recognise me,” he had told her.

“Elrod…please be OK….” she whispered. “We have been through so much….we can´t give up now that we are so far….” Absently, she placed a paw on her stomach. She had news to tell Elrod…. and she would do it when he came home.

For some reason, she had gotten nauseous, and she had found herself sprinting to the bathroom, “delivering” her breakfeast. Elrod had been so concerned for her that for the first time in a long time. He had taken care of her and the chores in the house, while he at the same time went to work. In the end, he had suggested that she went to see the doctor, and, just today, the results of the tests had been told.

She was pregnant.

The phone rang, snapping her out of her thoughts. She went over and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Kathy Purvis speaking.”

“Mrs. Purvis, this is Dr. Stevenson from MegaKat General Hospital…”

“Yes? Is something wrong?”

“It’s about your husband………”

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