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By KS Claw

  • 12 Chapters
  • 27,673 Words

A new villain is in MegaKat City, and he is after Elrod Purvis for a certain reason. Rated M for disturbing images and violence.

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Author's Notes:

A/N: Here we have it people. The final chapter. We all knew it would come to this sooner or later, and it’s not like it hasn’t been fun, but there are other stories to write and other ideas to get. I have enjoyed working on this final piece of my first saga and I appreciate all the comments that I have received through the few years I have been here in the SWAT Kats fandom.

Keep your whiskers clean Katsfans ?

Chapter 11

Emet and Met

Syphon growled as he overlooked the battlefield. Everything was complete chaos, the stench from rotting corpses ripping in his nostrils like the claws of a dragon.

He loved it!

If only his beloved Milai had been alive to see this… but she wasn’t. And, it was all that cursed Viper’s fault! But, no matter. He was getting what he deserved this very moment. The mere thought of it made Syphon let out a wild crazy cackling, causing a few scavengers to run off in fear. And someone else to draw their attention to the MareKat.

He heard them before they saw him. He turned at the sound of their thundering hooves and smirked, seeing the steeds of the knights of the Apocalypse, lacking Nexus the Deathknight for some reason. The earth trembled as the Hell Horses landed, the fire from their hoofs briefly igniting the dry ground before it was gone once more. The Marekat bared his fangs in a grin and gave a small ironic bow for the three knights, Plague, War and Famine.

“Well if it isn’t the three of the four who claim doom upon this world…” he chortled, one eyebrow raised in a teasing manner. “And, what gives me the honor of seeing you from my humble perspective?”

“We have been sent by our Dark Mother…” War said calmly in his deep, strong voice.


T-bone moaned softly as he was slowly regaining consciousness. Pain ached through his entire body, making him wince and forcing a hissing sound through his teeth.

“Kats alive… What happened..? Where am I?” he groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. He saw he was on the ground somewhere, the cold concrete below him making him shudder, causing him to wince more in pain. Then slowly, ever so slowly, T-bone pushed himself up into sitting position, teeth bared in a silent growl as he could feel more than one rib was broken.

“Ahh, you’re awake. Good,” a smooth, cold voice hissed from somewhere.

T-bone lifted his head and gasped at what he saw. A few meters in front of him, at the edge of the roof stood Nexus. Large bat-like wings sprouted from his back, folded like a leathery cape around his shoulders. But, despite his majestic looks, it was more the object and the person in his grasp that made T-bone shake his head in fear, worry and anger.

Dangling from Nexus’ left hand was Razor, bleeding from several scratches and deep-looking wounds, with a look of pain on his features that told the tale of a broken arm or leg, or several ribs. In Nexus’ right hand, however, the knight had a glassy orb cradled in his palm. And, inside was Callie, fearfully shifting her gaze from Nexus, to Razor, to T-bone and back to Nexus.

“You should have let me finish off that old bonebag,” Nexus growled, baring his fangs. A weak painful sound was heard from Razor as the knight tightened his grip around his wrist.

T-bone growled, then stopped with a wince of pain.

“Aww, what’s the matter? Baby got a booboo?” Nexus asked with a twisted, pitiless tone.

T-bone frowned slightly as he noted Callie was looking at something that seemed to be behind the wounded SWAT Kat, but what Nexus seemed to be ignoring for some reason.

“I am in the mood for a little game, SWAT Kat…” the knight smirked as he tightened his grip further. “I call it: ‘gotta catch them!’ You must catch your friend here…” he motioned to Razor with his tail tip. “Or the mayor..” he motioned to the orb with Callie..”Before they hit the ground! You can use your glovatrix, but ahh… you can only catch one…” he grinned, and T-bone watched in frightened shock as he slowly started to loosen his grip on Razor…


Inside of the skyscraper, everything was dark. Thick vines covering the windows blocked out the sunlight, almost making Elrod unable to see anything, had it not been for the flashlight in his hand. Hugged close to him, wrapped in a blanket was David, his eyes closed and his breathing quiet. After a moment, Elrod stopped at a corner, looking out for any possible dangers even though they had met none this far. They were close to the roof now, and it seemed as though David got weaker for each second they got closer to Nexus.

“Hang in, David…please…” Elrod whispered as he made his way to the door leading up the roof. It was locked. With a silent curse, Elrod carefully placed David on the floor before looking for a fire axe. Finding one close by, he smashed the glass with his elbow and grabbed out the axe, then proceeded to wreck havoc on the door. Then, Elrod picked David up once more and proceeded up the stairs.

A door led outside to the roof there, and Elrod frowned as a flash of memories came back to him…. Himself as Viper, laughing in triumph and disdain as the Enforcers and the SWAT Kats were unable to defeat his plantimals… The rush of adrenaline, making him feel thirsty for more power… making him feel like a *god*…!!

“No..” Elrod swiftly shook his head angrily. That time was over. This was now. And, he had important things to do. Like saving his son.

“Daddy..?” a quiet whisper sounded from David.

Elrod looked down at the kitten. “Yes David?”

“I’m tired…” David whispered, barely managing to snuggle closer to his father’s chest, comforted by the sound of his heartbeat.

Elrod’s expression softened, and he gently stroked David’s face with the back of his hand. “Just a little more, David, and then you can sleep…”

He grabbed the handle of the door and opened it….


Each breath he took caused him to break out in coughs, which as a sarcastic bonus splayed blood all over his chest and stomach…. what was left of it that is. Syphon the Marekat, one of the most horrid Nightmare creatures of his time, the last of his own race, was dying. Oh, Syphon had tried that one once about six years ago when his own creator, the Master of Past and Present, had sicced a Shantu, a powerful panther-like beast with tentacles growing out of it’s shoulders on him, thus severely mauling him. But, Syphon was far from dead. Hei Ying, the Goddess of darkness and all that is night, had gathered the pieces of him together and kept him in limbo to heal him. There, he had slowly healed through the six years that had gone by… resting… planning his revenge… and waiting.

But, here he was now, coughing up blood and ripped into pieces. Literally! Quite unexpectedly, the three knights of the Apocalypse: War, Famine and Plague, had attacked him! Startled at this, Syphon had done his best to defend himself, even to escape. But, in the end, War had sliced him in half with his two-bladed axe. Coldly, Plague had infected Syphon’s wounds with Ebola and Famine had drained Syphon of all his energy, leaving him starving for the power of a mortal’s soul, blood and flesh. Then, they had left.

So, here he was now. The mighty Syphon. The most powerful of all Marekats… used and thrown aside like an old sock. But still, he did not know *why* Hei Ying had abandoned him like this.. or sent her Apocalypse lapdogs to finish him off. All he knew was that this time he would not survive his wounds… His magic, granted by Hei Ying had vanished, so there was no way for him to heal himself or flee into Limbo to cover up there….

Somewhere far off in the dark, a werewolf was howling, ready for the hunt of the night. Syphon heard it and shuddered.

For the first time in many eons he felt fear.

In the deep dark of the night, the glowing eyes of werewolves came closer, their eyes glowing in the dark and their fangs shining in the light from the full moon as they came closer to the dying creature, attracted by the foul scent of his blood.

Syphon did not have to wait long before they struck.


“There they go!” Nexus laughed as he dropped Razor and the orb containing Callie.

Callie shrieked while Razor only managed to croak a weak, “T- bone…”

“RAZOR! CALLIE!!” T-bone hollered in shock. Pain screaming in his body, he fought to get up on his feet, Nexus watching him amused.

“You better hurry up, SWAT Kat, or they’ll both be ugly red splotches on the pavement!” the reptilian kat snickered, his tail dashing behind him. A sudden drift of wind made him turn around though, and his golden eyes widened in disbelief at what he saw.

Five wyverns hovered in the air before him, on two of them, were the Pastmaster and Nicky, while the third and fourth carried Razor and Callie between their claws. The fifth one had already set off towards T-bone, screeching all the way and reaching out its claws. Taking the hint, T-bone reached his arms up in the air, the wyvern grabbing him in its claws and carrying him off to safety.

Nexus roared in fury.

“YOU INSOLENT LITTLE TROLL!!” he bellowed, shaking a threatening fist at the Pastmaster and his wyverns. “How *DARE* you interfere in my plans!!”

The Pastmaster grimly narrowed his eyes and smirked coldly. “As they say in these modern times: Bite me!” Then, without a warning, they had all disappeared.

Nexus snarled in fury, then spun around at the sound of a door opening. Out on the roof came Elrod Purvis, carrying a limp form wrapped in a blanket in his arms. Elrod looked calmly at Nexus who glared back with cold hatred.

“Son… we need to talk.”

“I am *not* your son. And, we have *nothing* to talk about!!” the Deathknight snarled as he grabbed his scythe out of nowhere and pounced on Elrod.


Hei Ying laid relaxed in the darkness around her that was Eternity. Sitting crosslegged opposite of her was Jumenai, the God of light and Hei Ying’s brother. His all-seeing eyes gazed strangely at her, a light frown upon his brow. Not of worry, more of puzzlement.

“I do not think I will ever understand you, dear sister..” he said, his fingers absently rubbing across the wooden staff he was holding.

Hei Ying just smirked, opening one eye and gazing lazily at her brother. “That is why you will always be the God of light and I the Goddess of night, dear Jumenai. Perfection and Chaos. Balance.” She yawned, stretching before settling once more in a relaxed position.

Jumenai frowned more before crossing his arms. “Your Knights of the Apocalypse have caused all this trouble…War, Plague, Famine..”

“Baah, it is the usual that is going on in the world. My boys just spiced things up a little,” Hei Ying interrupted, swatting the air with an irritated motion. An image of the three of the four knights gathered in an incomplete circle around a pentagram appeared, all of the three looking weary and tired.

“And look! The poor dears are even quite exhausted from all of this. That is what happens when they are out of shape for quite some time, no thanks to you,” Hei Ying finished before glowering slightly at the God of light who shuffled uncomfortably.

“I just try to-”

“Make all things nice and well, blah blah blah,” Hei Ying responded coolly, glowering more. “Listen. All I did was give my boys some exercise. It is imps and demons and all the lower gods that make the mess of creating wars and disagreements and making people forget how to take proper care of their crops, thus creating famine and disease. All these mortals have *forgotten* us, Jumenai. And we *created* them!! Now ,we are all degraded from the Highest Gods of creation to some low, cult-worshipped ants! I gotta admit, your idea about “promoting” Sharrakus was slightly genius…”

“Well, neither of us got the idea of making a mortal woman pregnant…”

“Zion was always such a trouble-maker and you know it,” Hei Ying responded, snapping her fingers in irritation. “I always warned you that your dear *son* would make a mess of taking the credit for creating the world, and the humans! Then, one disaster happens and we can start all over! *Who’s* idea was it to start all over with *evolution* instead of the whole mess with the garden, the clay and the snake!? Remember the mess with Yggdrasil and Ragnarok!?”

“That one was your fault, dear sister.” Jumenai snapped. “YOU forgot to keep watch on that snake that Lokii gave birth to! And, that dragon too! It completely ruined the tree-roots of Yggdrasil like a worm in an apple!”

Hei Ying rolled her eyes and huffed. “*Why* are we having this discussion again!? Oh right. Nexus. What do you suggest, dear brother, that we should do about him? Hmm?”

Jumenai frowned and sighed. “We let the boy’s father tell him the truth behind that accident. Meanwhile, perhaps we can think up something better about this…”


Elrod made no attempt of dodging or defending himself. However, what stopped Nexus’ attack was the sight of the bundle in Elrod’s arms. A weak and tired, much younger and unmutated version of himself peeked out and a fearful look in the boy’s bright green eyes appeared at the sight of the nasty looking scythe. Instead of slashing Elrod in two as Nexus had planned, the Deathknight swung it the other way, slicing over an air vent.

Furiously, Nexus glowered at Elrod, who stood his ground unfazed by the other’s glare as the Deathknight pointed at the scared kitten who huddled close to Elrod’s chest.

“How did you get that illusion to work!?” Nexus hissed, his tail dashing furiously.

Elrod’s eyes narrowed slightly. “He is not an illusion. He is you… or what you where once,” he said softly, holding David close. The kitten was now shivering, as if feeling extremely cold, though he was burning with a raging fever.

Nexus narrowed his eyes in suspicion and was about to answer when a burning pain he thought had vanished blossomed in his chest. A HOWL of pain echoed by a shriek of agony from the kitten escaped Nexus’ throat as he fell to the ground, clutching his chest. Elrod watched him as the large snake-kat curled up on the ground, hissing and writing in agony as David squirmed and whimpered, tears of pain running down his cheeks.

“You and David have been separated for so long it is taking the toll on both of you,” Elrod said calmly, slowly as if choosing his words carefully.

Nexus slowly lifted his head and glared angrily at him, wincing and twitching from the pain burning in his chest. “I..have abssssolutely no… idea… what you are on about…” he managed to growl out between gritted teeth. He was surprised to see a sad, almost mournful expression upon Elrod’s face, as the tomkat came over to him and kneeled next to him with the weakened kitten in his arms. The closer David came as well, the more the pain vanished, Nexus noticed… It seemed to be a relief for the kitten as well, who had passed out from the exhausting agony.

“You are each a side of the same coin…” Elrod said quietly. “David is all that is good in you… and you are all that is bad in David… Hei Ying separated you, did she not? She made a mistake in doing so, because the more time you both have spent from each other, the more you fall apart… become unbalanced…” He closed his eyes and lowered his gaze.

“Nexus… David… you are dying… and unless you reunite, you will perish…and, if anything, I don’t what that to happen…”

“Then perhapssss you sssshould have told the truth from the beginning!” Nexus sneered, slowly and painfully sitting up, still wincing as he held his chest with one arm, supporting himself with the other.

Elrod only looked at him sadly, absently stroking the kitten’s back. “I know that now… and I am sorry… so horribly sorry…. All I ever wanted was to protect you… from my past…”

“WELL YOU DIDN’T!” Nexus bellowed. “You lied to me! To us!!”

“BECAUSE OF MY LOVE FOR YOU!!” Elrod shouted back, tears escaping from his eyes now.

Nexus fell silent and stared at him as if he had never seen him before.

“Because of my love for you… for my little boy…” Elrod continued in a harsh whisper. “…I lost you.. to that horrible mutagen… instead of *doing* something that could have prevented all of this…” Gently, he laid David on the ground before covering his eyes with his free hands. “But, instead… I failed…” he sobbed. “I have lost the battle…” He looked up at Nexus once more, tears soaking the fur below his eyes. “…and if anything, I don’t deserve to live because you have suffered so much. All because of me.”

Nexus sat dumbfounded. He didn’t know what else to do! He tried asking Hei Ying for advice and guidance, but she remained silent. He tried going over the various known lectures he had heard and been taught through the years he had spent in the other world. But, he found no answer in any of them…. Finally, he decided to look for the answer in his heart. He saw past all the anger, the bitterness and sorrow, the confusion and doubt… and to the other part of him that was still the kitten David. The kitten looked at him tiredly, almost mournfully. And then, he knew what he had to do.

Slowly, he reached out and picked up the boy in his arms. The pain vanished completely at that and gave him back the strength and security he had lost before. Then, he looked to his father. Elrod Purvis, who had once been Doctor Viper, had suffered so badly under his order and hand….. all because of a foolish mistake that the kitten David had made by following a bully from his class to prevent him from getting into trouble….

Slowly, Nexus stood up and gazed sadly at Elrod who came to his feet as well. The two stood there in what seemed like forever. Then, without a warning, Nexus reached out with his free hand and pulled Elrod close in a forgiving embrace. At first, Elrod was startled, until he figured what was happening. Then, he returned the hug, carefully embracing both Nexus and David. This was the true moment of forgiveness…

“I love you, dad…” Nexus whispered, tears escaping his eyes, the salty drops rolling down his cheeks and soaking the cloth of the blanket David was wrapped in. Then, carefully and gently, he placed his free hand over Elrod’s eyes and said one word.


Before Elrod could react, he was hurled down into a maelstrom of a deep, safe unconsciousness….


It began as a light trembling, like the earth itself was getting a light case of goosebumps.

Then, everything else started to shake and shatter, pictures and vases and everything else not secured falling to the floor. Clocks ceased working, animals howled in fright and agony, men, women and children screamed out their fright and confusion. All was chaos.

Kathy and Samantha both shrieked as they clung to each other, cowering underneath the dinner table in their living room as things fell down and smashed around them. Both of them felt the same fright inside of them. Like something close to them, something very dear was about to be lost to them forever…

And, they knew it was impossible to prevent.

From their place in Eternity, Hei Ying and Jumenai watched. Sharrakus was with them, all three of the gods watching. Hei Ying with curiosity, Jumenai with a worried frown and Sharrakus with a sad, mourning expression.

“How very interesting…” Hei Ying uttered to herself. “He is using the Chaos And Balance spell… That has not been used in ages…”

“Indeed..” Jumenai responded, frowning even more. “He must have a very good sacrifice at hand to perform this…”

“Indeed he does….” Sharrakus said sadly, looking truly like an old and tired tomkat this very moment.

“Indeed he does.”


Emet= If anyone knows the story about the Golem, you probably know how Emet is Hebrew for “Truth” while erasing the E makes it into Met, the Hebrew word for “Death”. If you don’t, I can recommend a really good version of the story as told by R.L Stine, the author of the “Goosebumps” books. It is also found in any known Jewish folk-tale collection. If not, correct me if I’m wrong.

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