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Darkest Nights

By KS Claw

  • 10 Chapters
  • 20,028 Words

(Unfinished) Alternate Universe. Based on a more twisted outcome of “Mutation City”. We follow the POVs of the few struggling survivors as they each struggle with an inner demon.

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Author's Notes:

A/n: Chapter 7 being T-bone’s POV. Nothing much else to say.

Chapter 7

T-Bone - My Free Will

I don’t know how it happened.

That I got my mind back, that is.

It all happened so sudden. I know I had been out hunting…and that I had returned to Viper’s lair, gnawing on a fish I had caught. Unlike so many other fish, this one had not been mutated like a lot of them are. When I finished eating, I went to sleep…..

And when I woke up, I remembered who I was.

Viper somehow did not seem surprised. He laughed at me and bathed in his triumph. I was a SWAT Kat in a monster’s body, he told me. And, I would remain like that until he had worked out his plans for me. What kind of plans I wanted to ask? But, even though he could tell I was aware of myself ……. There was no need to tell him of my ability to speak.

I always make sure to practise when Viper isn’t there to hear me. I guess that talking to myself or trying to comfort the kats in the other nearby cages keeps me from going completely insane. Along with speaking, it helps that I remember my past. The past week, I have thought out enough of my memories to publish six or seven books about my life. I inwardly smirk as I can just see the title.

“My Life: The Memories of a Mutant SWAT Kat.”

Feral would have a hoot.

I hear a slight moaning and turn my head, seeing that Felina is waking up. She’ll be slightly weak, but hopefully she’ll recover. And, her mind will be stable.

The other victims of Viper’s “healing” have not been that lucky. He has tricked them into his lab, injected the anti-mutagens into them, and then locked them in a cage as soon as their transformation was over and done with.

Unfortunately, their minds have been too fragile to handle the pressure of the transformation, or it has just been far too late. For some kats, the instinct of the beast has been only so lightly skin-deep that the effect of the mutation has only made it far too strong to quiet down once more, while others have just… broken. Maybe some day, like myself, they will find themselves…..

Until then, who knows?

Felina moans once more as she turns over, rubbing her eyes with one hand before opening them. They widen as she sees her surroundings and she sits up with a gasp, then curses when her head impacts with the upper part of the cage. Sure, Viper has made the cages wide enough for plantimals. But, not necessarily high enough.


She looks up and her eyes widen more, seeing me. I turn my head away as she is with no clothes at all. She has, by instinct, reached for a blaster that isn’t there, and, upon realising why, she goes all crimson and covers herself up as much as she can.

“It’s alright, Felina. I’m not that kinda kat ya’ know..” I utter.

She blinks in shock and realization before trying to say something…. Instead, she coughs a little, grasping at her throat.

“Easy on it,” I tell her softly. “It’s been a while since you’ve last used your voice.”

Slowly, she manages to find her tongue and looks at me as if I am the first living thing she has met in an alien world and she has to be cautious around me.

“T-bone…?” I only nod a little before shuffling around in my cage, then laying down.

“Kats…” I hear Felina utter.

I say nothing. I’m just glad she didn’t start screaming at me or something.

We both fall silent as we hear a sound. A furious shrieking and buzzing sound. Felina looks unnerved, but I keep my cool. I know what it is that lets out that sound.

Dr. Harley Street. The Ci-Kat-A, Dr. Harley Street.

I don’t know how Viper found him, but one day he had him in his grasp, dragging him behind by his tail. It was while I was out of my mind… I remember I attacked the Ci-Kat-A as it tried to attack Viper when he released it. Even with my mutated mind, I knew how to keep it in a grasp so that it was unable to bite me. I was even strongly tempted to rip out its throat with my claws, but Viper quieted me down, and instead he had me drag it to a room where I threw the creature in. Before it could attack us, Viper’s plant-wall “melted” down across the entrance, and the Ci-Kat-A is now trapped in that room until Viper says otherwise.

I explain all this to Felina the best I can, and, for a moment, she stares at me as if I’m crazy. Then she curls up and closes her eyes. I can tell she is still tired from the mutation and I leave her be.

—————————————————————————- ————————————–

The next time I wake up, it’s morning. The light shines as much as it can through the many vines covering what used to be the large windows of the skyscraper of MegaKat Tower. I think this used to be one of the main meeting-rooms, but Viper “redecorated” things by tearing away the upper levels with his powerful plant-creatures. And, with a little extra katalyst and a few extra plants, he managed to recreate his tree…. I have never really been there. One could only guess what his former lair looked like. But, I can imagine something very Frankenstein-ish.

Felina is asleep in the neighbouring cage. I hope she hasn’t tried to speak with Viper in hearing range. It would only make things worse for all of us. Viper is up to something. But, I just don’t know *what*! He could be planning anything. Extending his territories, capturing what few survivors that may be around, or something third. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable.

Kats, I have always hated feeling helpless. That has always been the main switch in a fight for me. If things get too out of hand, I know I must of all things *not* loose control. That’s how I always managed to survive… to make the Turbokat fly again whenever we were in a tight situation or were forced to rebuild it from scrap.

I remember when I was in the Enforcer Military Training-camp. It was to help us get prepared for our first years as Enforcers. To toughen us up, to make us stronger, faster and smarter.

Had it not been for Jake, I would have broken down after five seconds.

Our trainer was a real bastard. A large, burly tabby, with splotches like a leopard, a tattoo with the number ‘666’ on his arm and a toothpick in his mouth. Always dressed like he was in bootcamp and not in a military facility. But, he was there nonetheless. He roared like a storm at us about what challenges we would face, what skills we would be tested in, and how our sanity would be scratched up like a worn yarnball.

But, Jake was there, right beside me. He has always been there, ever since we first met in college. Once the trainer gazed in another direction, Jake mouthed to me, ‘We can do this! We’ll nail the guy by his own tail!’. And, I promised myself I would never let him down. Not him, not anyone, and especially not myself…..

Slowly, I stretch out my enormous body as much as I can in the small space of the cage, yawning until I feel like my jaws are gonna be yawned apart. A growling stomach tells me I should go and find something edible, but that is kind of hard when you’re trapped in a cage. Growling with frustration, I claw at the bars which withstand my assault. I would pace around if I had room to do so.

Seriously, you *really* can’t work out your frustration by spinning eighty times around yourself like a dog chasing its tail. Believe me, I’ve tried!

—————————————————————————- ————————————–

A/N: Eheh, sorry about that last bit. I got in a dorky mood. Next chapter will be Felina’s POV.

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