Original SWAT Kats Story

Darkest Nights

By KS Claw

  • 10 Chapters
  • 20,028 Words

(Unfinished) Alternate Universe. Based on a more twisted outcome of “Mutation City”. We follow the POVs of the few struggling survivors as they each struggle with an inner demon.

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Author's Notes:

A/N: And, so here we got chapter 6, lads and gents. Enjoy people

Chapter 6

A Monster's Mind

The moon had vanished beyond the horizon, but the creatures that roamed through MegaSwamp City could have cared less. Somewhere, a large fish swam lazily through the dark waters in search of something to eat, its tail dashing lazily from side to side as it circled around a large container that had once contained all kinds of trash, from banana peels to tuna-cans. Now it was the home of something else….

Without a warning, a webbed paw snatched out of the darkness, the claws digging into the fish and shoving it into a fanged mouth, before the owner of both surged upwards to the surface. There, the mutated feline that had once been Lt. Felina Feral crawled up on the edge of a roof, where she started to devour the fish, flesh as well as bones and intestines.

Indeed she was not what she once been. The niece of Commander Ulysses Feral, lieutenant of the Enforcers and protector of MegaKat City. She was something else. A victim to the Mutaxin. A mutated beast. A predator and a prowler, something being a cross between a kat, a snake and a frog.

A monster.

Snarling, Felina finished up the fish and started to groom herself, cleaning the gooey mess that had been the fish off her paws with a long forked tongue, once in a while stopping to scratch herself or gnaw at her hide. Something bothered her, but what it was she had no idea. Strange pictures kept appearing in her mind now and then. Pictures of kats that she had once known… some in strange, blue clothes… others in grey uniforms… and a third part flying these strange noisy things that reminded her of the Master’s giant wasps or mosquitos, some of these things having a similarity to a dragon-fly. Only not as glittery and pretty, and *definitely* more noisy!


The sound made Felina jump up on all fours, the fur on her back rising in alert, her snake-like tail whipping around as she bared her fanged mouth and snarled. However, she calmed when she saw who it was. A green-scaled paw reached out and scratched her between her ears, and a sound emitted from Felina’s throat, something sounding like a cross between a soft growling and a hiss. A contented kind of purring…

Master was good to her. Master was her friend… Those where the signals that came from the petting and the cooing hisses resembling a sort of speech that only most reptiles could understand. Felina did not care though. She had long ago stopped listening to those strange voices in the back of her mind, telling her how her Master was her enemy, and not her friend. In the beginning, she *had* tried listening. But, as time passed, and she had spent more and more time around in the mutated waters of the once proud metropolis, she forgot to listen to the voices. And, it seemed like the voices forgot her.

“Come my pretty…ssss…” Master cooed to her, and she gladly followed him like a puppy follows its owner. They walked, swam or climbed for a while until they were in different surroundings. Felina looked around, unsure, a nervous growl escaping her. Around her were different cages, many of them containing a mutated feline or other sorts of creatures. Very few where un- mutated, and all were either Toms, She-kats or Kittens, many looking starved and frightened, others just curled up and staring emptily out of their prison. The Master waved Felina over to a table with all kinds of strangely colored beakers, and she slowly followed. There, he brushed his claws through her thick mane of black hair, making her feel more safe, before he plunged a syringe into her side.

Hissing, she swiftly backed away, but the concoction had entered her system. Pain ripped and tore through her insides, and she shrieked out wildly as she found herself rolling on the ground, everything in her body feeling like it was set on fire. Her back arched painfully upwards, straightening out as she, for the past five years had been nothing but a hunchback in her mutated form. Her large front paws slowly lost their webbing and the claws shortened to normal size before once again becoming the hands of a normal feline. The long reptilian tail and the frog-like hind-legs kicked and slashed around, as they too went through the transformation, which caused Felina to shriek out in pain, again and again and again until….

Finally, everything turned into darkness….

Doctor Viper smirked coldly as he witnessed the works of the Antimutagen. Good thing indeed that he had caught them before the SWAT Kats could do anything. He had been tampering around with the precious liquids for the past few years, ever since he had established himself in what was once MegaKat Towers. The reptillian kat grinned to himself as he looked at the now emptied syringe in his hand before he catiously placed it in a special holder, before lowering it into an old aquarium filled with sterilizing, boiling water.

“Now, my pretty…We ssssshall ssssee if my work will bear the fruitsss of ssssuccessss…” he uttered, rubbing his scaly palms against each other before lifting up the unconcious form of Felina and putting her in an empty cage.

Inside, from the neighbouring cage, a loud *SNARL* was heard before a large claw slashed after Viper. The reptilian calmly lifted a hand and caught the claw before it struck him, digging his own claws hard into the beast’s palm. A loud yelping sounded, and the claw retreated back to the cage, a pair of green eyes glowing strongly and furiously as a large tongue tended to its owner’s paw.

“Now now, no need to be with sssssuch bad mannersss.” Viper smirked as he closed and locked the cage. “You will be sssset free once you are willing to do asss I say. And get me what I want!” With that, he headed for a flight of stairs and headed upwards, to his favourite place in all of the tower. The very top of it, from which he could view all of the city which was now under his complete control.

The plantimal who had once been T-bone, snarled as he watched Viper leave. Once the reptilian scientist was gone however, he looked to the unconcious form of Felina in her cage and frowned sadly….

“I’ll get us both out of here, Felina…I promise…” he whispered in a hoarse, struggling voice.

“I promise…”


Somewhere in MegaSwamp City, Kathy was dreaming… dreaming of her past life… a life she had been happy with. She had been married with the man of her dreams, given birth to a wonderful son… everything had been wonderful until…..

Jake dreamt too. He dreamt of his academy days at the Enforcers… how he had met Chance… how they both had become like brothers to one another in their strong bond of friendship… the day they had become the SWAT Kats in order to protect the city…

Only two of the group were not asleep. Callie lay awake, thinking… remembering… the time before Mutation City. What would happen to her… to the others… when.. if.. they ever got out?

David was on watch. He watched the others sleep and then turned his attention back to the outsides, staying out of view of stray plantimals and giant wasps or mosquitos.. He was only a kid, but his faith, self-confidence and stubborness was reflecting around him like an aura in the dark night. Had Kathy been watching him instead of being asleep, she would have seen a much younger image of the boy’s father. Elrod Purvis, who was now the ruler of this mutated Metropolis of MegaKat City. Doctor Viper.

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