Original SWAT Kats Story

Darkest Nights

By KS Claw

  • 10 Chapters
  • 20,028 Words

(Unfinished) Alternate Universe. Based on a more twisted outcome of “Mutation City”. We follow the POVs of the few struggling survivors as they each struggle with an inner demon.

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Author's Notes:

Part-title: Meanwhile in Washington
Author: KS Claw
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. and are used without permission.

A/N: In a normal story-mode instead of someones POV. Kudos to C.L Furlong who gave me alittle help with the biological explanation from Feral.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile in Washington

Night had fallen across what used to be MegaKat City. Here and there, mutated creatures that used to be a common animal like a frog, a toad, a leech or a snake, had long ago been turned into a being you only see in your nightmares. Having a ghastly white light to some where it was disgustingly green due to the eternal fog hanging above the waters, it’s ghostly fingers creeping through every inch and corner, bone and flesh, the moon gazed tiredly down over the once so great metropolis. And, had the moon been given a personality, it would have felt grief for the few survivors, struggling each and every day to keep themselves alive. And, each and every day, one or more survivors would fail in their struggle and become a part of what was known under one common name in all of the United States of America.

MegaSwamp City.

Somewhere els,e however, as far off as Washington D.C., a conference of various characters was occuring. Several kats were gathered in a large circle in a large hall, everywhere having a quarrel, a heavy discussion or almost on the edge of attacking one another. A black kat stepped up on a podium and cleared his throat, tapping the microphone to make sure it was working. Clearing his throat again, the voices of every other kat in the hall silenced down.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Commander Feral of former MegaKat City.”

No one spoke as Feral stepped up on the podium. Everyone knew what had happened to him, but they were still taken aback by what they saw. Five years had taken their rough toll on the Commander of the Enforcers. Dark shadows lay heavy below his eyes from many a sleepness night, and a light-brown scar from a plantimal went from his left ear and half-way down to his cheek-bone. He had other scars, both mental and physical, but now was not the time to show either of them. Grey stripes were lined through his hair that due to the five years of little proper hygiene was long enough to be tied in a ponytail.

Calmly, he looked around on the crowd before him and cleared his throat before leaning forward to speak into the microphone:

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I thank you all for coming here tonight, to listen and understand what has happened to MegaKat City….As you all already know, Dr. Viper has succeeded in a scheme he has planned ever since Elrod Purvis became deceased, and caused by the Vipermutagen #368, mutated into the psycopathic reptilian kat we know as Viper…”

The large room darkened, and a soft humming sound purred through the air as a large white screen rolled down. The kat who had introduced Feral pressed a button on a remote, and a photo of Elrod Purvis and Doctor Viper showed. Feral scowled slightly as he looked at it, before turning back to the microphone. There, he noted a kat hold up his hand with a frown on his face. With a nod from Feral, he stood up and cleared his throat.

“Commander Feral, may I ask how it could be that Elrod Purvis turned into this…thing?”

Feral breathed a deep sigh before answering; “As Biology and Chemistry have never been my strongest point, I can only give you a few facts of what Doctor Norton Zyme told me, after our first encounter with Viper…

“Elrod Purvis intented to steal the Vipermutagen #368 in order to sell it on the black market. Dr. Zyme who had forgot his reading-glasses, returned to the laboratory and found Purvis in the process of the thievery, and proceeded to chase him to stop the crime. Purvis somehow tripped down a flight of stairs and the container with the mutagen was smashed, the contents spilling over Purvis. Being covered with all kinds of katalysts, the shock to Purvis’ nerve-system was too great, causing almost instant death. However, the mutagen also had a sort of strong side-effect..”

“In what kind of way?” the reporter asked, writing a few notes on his notepad.

Feral licked his dry lips a moment before continuing.

“Well, as I previously said, Purvis spilled the Viper Mutagen #368 over him when he attempted to steal it. I’m no biologist, but I don’t think it needs one to understand that the chemical compound infiltrated through Purvis’ skin pores and entered his system. From that point on, we can only guess what actually happened. According to Dr. Zyme, who later discovered the compound had mutagenic properties, the Viper Mutagen #368 must have made its way through Purvis’ skin pores, penetrating the interstitial spaces and, eventually, accessing his nervous system network. From there, it must have worked fast, controlling the local nerve endings and quickly reaching the brain. Systemic shock came within a few seconds, rendering all of Purvis’ systems virtually inert. It even fooled the pathologist at City Morgue, who declared Purvis’s clinically dead. The next thing we know, according to the morgue attendant, Purvis’ corpse literally rose up from the long drawer a few hours later. Even by Megakat City’s standards, that was odd. But still odder was what we found in the drawer. Filled with a green sticky slime, the dried out and hardened skin of Elrod Purvis was found. It was ripped in half as if something had come out from within.”

“Doctor Viper!” – the reporter completed.

“Precisely. Apparently, during the hours in which Purvis was unconscious, a cascade of biochemical events was taking place inside Purvis. Again, accordingly to Dr. Zyme, Purvis’ brain started sending out electric signals to all of Purvis’ cells. The cells became overwhelmed by the signals they were receiving. Somewhere during their cell cycle, they stopped inspecting the status of their DNA. This was the first step towards the transformation. Once the cells’ defensive mechanisms were disabled, the other step of the biochemical cascade took place. The brain started sending other electric signals. Those were now meant to open the cell membrane pores of every cell in Purvis’ body. When this was accomplished, the mutagen, which, in the meantime, had spread to the bloodstream, could access all of Purvis´ cells. The mutagen entered the defenseless cells, dispersed throughout the cytoplasm and finally entered the nucleus through its pores. Once inside, the mutagenic molecules attached to the DNA double strand and quickly started mutating it, switching on some genes that were dormant and deactivating other genes that were active. The result of such modifications on Purvis’ genome is well known of us all.”

Mutterings sounded throughout the gathered crowd. Feral took the chance to take a sip of the glass with water on the podium. Another kat raised a hand and Feral nodded to him.

“How could it be, that neither the Enforcers or the SWAT Kats could stop Viper from his scheme?”

Feral closed his eyes and sighed. “When Viper first attacked the city, we had no idea what was going on. Everywhere, the streets where flooded, normal plants and trees where turning into horrifying mutations, and normally small and harmless things such as snakes, toads and leeches had grown a tremendous size. We got a hold of a giant frog, and Doctor James Konway, who I lost contact with somewhat almost 3 months after the start of this catastrophic event, found that we could stop this if we used a special anti-mutagen that was stored in some tanks at MegaKat Biolaboratories. Mayor Manx ordered the SWAT Kats to go get it, even though I had advised him not to do so. Something went wrong, and the SWAT Kat known as Razor was left to fight Viper alone, when he turned into a enormous Godzilla-like creature. Unfortunately, Viper was far too strong, and the SWAT Kat was defeated…and now, ladies and gentlemen, Viper rules what used to be MegaKat City.”

A mumbling and whispering filled the entire room once more. Then, a strict looking kat stood up and regarded Feral with a dark, frowning face. “Well then, Commander Feral. Why have you come here, exactly? Why should *we* care about some lunatic and his plants!?” Feral glared at him darkly before answering.

“The defenses failed, and we were unable to stop Dr. Viper. Many innocent lives were lost…even the ones close to me…”

He sighed. “My niece, Lt. Felina Feral, did the best she could when the SWAT Kats failed. She brought katizens to safety and she fought against various mutations. But, she was taken down by the so-called Mutaxin.” More mutters sounded from the crowd.

“The Enforcers crumbled, the SWAT Kats were lost…and I…lost my niece….The katizens that I left behind desperately need your help, and that is why I am here.” Feral finished off. “If no one is willing to send a rescuing team into the city, I’m afraid there’s no hope for whoever is still alive in that horrible place.” Nothing but silence met him this time. Feral closed his eyes once more and quietly took a deep breathe.

“Thankyou for all the information, Commander Feral,” the black kat said gently, putting a hand on his shoulder. “General Marsh from Pentagon has retreated to a closed meeting-room and will soon give you a message about his decision…”

Feral said nothing. He tiredly retreated to a chair where he sat down, cautiously taking a few sips of his glass of water as if afraid it was just as infected as the waters of the nightmare-ish metropolis he had struggled to survive in the past few years. At one point, he just stared into the glassy surface, as if hoping to see something in there…or someone, other than his own reflection.


They were all gathered around the table. 8 chairs. 2 at each end, 3 by the sides. While they were about the double of the amount of chairs. The high generals, with General Marsh seated at one end and with Admiral Hutson seated at the other end. Around them were sergents, lieutenants and captains, eagerly listening to the minor debate among their superior officers.

“Do we have anything new on this ‘Mutation City’ case?” Admiral Hutson asked calmly, his steel-grey eyes rested upon the 4-starred General at the other end of the table.

Marsh gave a harsh nod and pushed a folder in front of him so that it skitted across the table, past the other generals and captains at the table. The Admiral picked up the folder and began to flip it through as Marsh began to speak.

“The situation is slowly getting worse. Our satellites have followed the city’s “movements” and it seems that it is slowly, but surely-”

“Growing,” Admiral Hutson finished, his brow furrowed as his eyes were darkly scanning across the papers and photos of the city seen from above, as far as outer space.

Marsh nodded slowly, nervously fidgeting with the buttons of his sleeves.

“It is as we feared…Dr. Viper is not contented with just MegaKat City…that, or he doesn’t care…” a 3-starred general, Jonah Simons, said quietly. “The President is also concerned about this…”

“Do we have his permission?” Hutson interrupted calmly, turning his gaze to Simons who nodded.

“Yes sir, we have complete permission to send in SWAT Teams to rescue the few survivors that are left…about 3 teams with 9 members each should be enough.”

“And, if all fails?” Simons clenched his hand and pointed his thumb down at the wooden surface of the table.

“If all fails, we’re allowed to fire missiles off and blow that Monstropolis from here to Kingdom Come.”


“I have to WHATNOW!?” Feral bellowed, jumping up from the chair he had been seated in.

General Marsh stood calmly, arms crossed and tail swishing patiently from side to side, unaffected by the other kat’s outburst.

“We want you to join one of the SWAT Teams we’re sending into the city…Ulysses, you know the city well enough to be a guide…”

“I am not gonna do it..,” Feral snapped coldly. “You don’t know what I have been through, Jack…” He added in a quiet hoarse whisper.

Marsh sighed and walked over and placed a paw on Ferals shoulder. “Ulysses..”

“No!!” Feral growled, brushing the other kat’s paw off him. “I thought I told you, Jack. I am *not* going back… I *can’t* go back….” he turned away from the general and walked over to the nearby window, looking at the skyline of Washington. “I have failed enough already…”

“Failed!?” Marsh replied with a look of disbelief. “You have *anything* but *failed*, Ulysses!!”

The large brown kat turned and glared at him. “Have I? If I had not *failed*, then why did I not manage to protect the few survivors I had gathered!? If I had not *failed*, then how come my niece isn’t here with me, alive and well!? If I had not *failed*….” the last bit almost came out as a strangled cry and he sat down on the nearby bed, hiding his face in his paws. Stress of all that had happened caught up with him, and bitter tears escaped his eyes.

Marsh sighed as he sat down next to Feral and comfortly put a paw on his shoulder.

“Ulysses…Felina did what she could by her own choice…”

“And, she *never* learned to take no for an answer. That was her greatest mistake,” Feral whispered. “She was your daughter, Jack…you should have been more strict to her…”

Marsh frowned sadly and looked away, saying nothing.


A/N: Looks like things are gonna be a blast, eh people? ::cheesy grin:: Anywhoo, be on the lookout for the next chapter! It’ll take a while, but it should come soon!

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