Original SWAT Kats Story

Claws of the Marekat, Part 2

By KS Claw

  • 1 Chapter
  • 13,400 Words

Samantha comes and asks Viper to babysit her kitten, Nicky. Meanwhile, Syphon turns to get help from our two favourite vigilantes.

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Author's Notes:

Here you are people! The second of my COTM stories. Nothing much to say than that you probably know the routine with the copyrights and stuff, and that I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ? OH YEAH! And in this story, I introduce ::drum roll:: Nicky! Viper s baby nephew! Samantha s not gonna stay for long this time, and neither is Nicky. But, they and other chars that aren’t in the show are copyright to me, and you have to ask before using them! Use my e-mail, which you will be able to see at the end of the story. ::Ducks when someone throws a bottle after her:: “Shut up and get on with it!!” ::glares evilly at the one who threw the bottle:: OK, OK!! There s no need to get rude! OK, well, as I was saying: Enjoy the story and DO send me comments and complaints in my e-mail. See ya. ::scurries off the stage before people start to throw more bottles::


Viper had been taking a long walk through the swamp, collecting new test-samples for his experiments, and was now on his way home. He sighed contented as he crawled up the ladder and walked inside to the lab he had built with his own paws inside a huge tree outside MKC. He locked up the few swamp-animals he had caught in some cages, laid the swamp-plants he used for his experiments on the lab-table and stretched lazily. Kats sake, did he feel both tired and hungry. He wrinkled his forehead in irritation as he noticed there was no more food in his small storeroom.

“Oh well. Lookssss like dinner s on cressss,” he murmured.

When he rarely ran out of food, and didn’t feel in the mood (or was just plain old lazy) of bursting into some Enforcers or the meddling SWATKATS, he simply would go outside, and collect some cress, which was growing outside on the tree. If you cleaned the cress and boiled it in perfectly hot water, it would become a very delicious and nourishing soup, which you also could drink as a healthy kind of tea.

Viper was so busy looking for the cress that he didn’t notice a small boat coming with its engines off, carrying only two passengers – a pretty black-haired she-kat and a little baby kitten curled up in a comfy, warm basket, sleeping peacefully.

The she-kat paddled silently over to the ladder, crawled up and tiptoed over to Viper, who was picking some cress from the tree. She suddenly covered Viper s eyes with her paws, whispering into his ear:

“Guess who!”

Viper gasped and spun around, but sighed relieved when he realized that it was his sister.

“Ssssamantha! It s you!”

Samantha laughed and the two siblings hugged. “Viper, it s great to see you. How are you?”

Viper smiled and cocked an eyebrow. “Let ssss just sssay, that my nine livesss have been reduced to eight.”

Samantha smiled. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Viper managed to look surprised and insulted at the same time. “Ssssscared? Me? Oh come on. I jusssst wasn’t expecting you. Which remindsss me. What are you doing here?”

Samantha lifted a paw. “Just a second!”

Then, she crawled down the ladder into the boat, picking up a basket and a small bag. She reached the bag up towards Viper, who took it with his tail. When she crawled up again, she took the basket with her and showed it to Viper as she lifted up in the blanket. “Look,” she said and smiled.

Viper cocked his head to one side, and looked on the kitten. Suddenly, the little kitten yawned, and opened its small eyes, and looked on Viper with a tired, but curious look.

Samantha smiled. “See that grown kat, Nicky? That s your uncle Viper…Yes, it is. It s your uncle Viper.”

Viper smiled as he recognized the kitten. “Why, if it ain t…,” he said. “Lassst time I sssaw that little guy wassss when he jussst laid in a hossspital-cradle!”

The kitten blabbed happily and grabbed Viper s finger. Any other then a relative of Viper’s would have been very surprised to see the snake-kat’s face soften in gentle curves instead of the hate and bitterness you usually would see. Samantha looked up on her brother with a smile.

“Yes,” she said. “It s almost been a whole year!” Then, her face turned worried. “Heard anything from the big S?”

Viper shook his head. “No. Luckily! But come on – letsss go inside. Tell me what you have been doing the passsst year,” he said and showed her inside.

Samantha looked impressed by the sight of his huge lab.

“WHOoooo! John was right! Like taken straight from a Frankenstein movie!” she said.

The kitten just bubbled and giggled.

Viper grinned. “Heh. I know. But, enough talk. Care to join me for sssome dinner?” Samantha nodded. “Sure, why not?” she said and took the bag, from which she took a pizza- box. “Care for some pizza? Only prob is how do we warm it?”

Viper grinned, and took the box from his sister. “I m no ALL out of “Facilities”,” he said and showed Samantha the way to a small kitchen. “I do have sssome electrical sssstuff.”

“But, how do you get the power!?” Samantha couldn’t help to ask.

Viper pointed out a window. Samantha looked out and spotted a small watermill.

“Assss the water runssss through the mill, it alsssso givesss power to all of my equipment,” Viper explained.

Samantha looked thoughtful. “Just like that science project you once did in school at home,” she said.

Viper nodded. “Precisssely. It doesssn t cossst anything, AND I don t have problemssss with the electrical-bill.”

Samantha rolled her eyes. “D oh! That joke was rotten!” she said.

Viper shrugged with a chuckle.



Syphon the MareKat mourned over his dead mate. He had turned himself into a horrible- looking blood-coloured panther that barely looked like himself and ran through the realm killing every being that stood in his way. As he was running down a path after he had feasted on the body of a Shantu, he nearly ran into a cloaked figure. He was about to attack when the cloaked figure lifted a paw. “Syphon. Stop!”

Syphon suddenly realized who it was. He quickly turned back to his normal form and fell to the ground, shivering like a kitten.

“M…Master…I am sorry…I didn’t recognize you!”

The Master of Past and Present laid a paw on Syphon’s back. “I forgive you this time, Syphon. But, I am not too pleased with you. You haven t gotten the she-kat eliminated or retrieved the child which is rightfully yours and trained him. Not to mention that being that calls himself Viper!”

“He killed my Milai!” Syphon snarled, his single eye glowing in bloodthirst and hate. “I want to avenge her!!”

The mage lifted his paw. “Then, you shall have your revenge. But, don t dare to fail me this time! The child’s first birthday is approaching, and I intend to follow the rules of this game. Dare to defy me, and you will be punished. And remember! This is your last chance!” Then, he disappeared into the forest of the Nightmare Realm, laughing evilly.

Syphon looked after his master with a bitter snarl. “Oh, don t worry, my master. I won t fail again!” he murmured and ran back the other way.


Kats who might have seen this wouldn’t believe their own eyes if they did. Dr. Viper, one of the most dangerous criminals in all of MKC s history, sat calmly, eating a slice of pepperoni pizza, patiently listening as his sister talked about how things had been going the past year.

“…And, believe it or not: John actually works at Microsoft now!” she said and took a bite of her pizza-slice.

Nicky still laid in his basket, playing with a chewing toy.

Viper nodded. “And, that isss one of the reasonssss he sss not here with HISSS bad jokes around?”

Samantha nodded as she chewed on the hot pizza. Then, she smiled with a dreamy look in her eyes. “And, guess what. I got a new boyfriend.”

Viper grinned. “Ooooh! Tell me, tell me, tell me! How issss thiss guy? One you can trust?”

“Better!” Samantha said as she took another bite. “He s one of the sweetest guys you can be together with. He s handsome, cute, smart, doesn t treat me like dirt. And, he s good with kittens too.” She looked down on the little baby-kitten. “Who knows. If he proposes to me, he could get to be a better father than…..” She paused.

Viper gave her a understanding look. “I can underssstand that you still fear him. But, I don t ssssee any reason to fear hisss name.”

Samantha looked down. “I know. But still….” she murmured. “I can t get over what happened back then. Both you and John were nearly killed…”

Viper shook his head. “No no no!” he corrected. “*I* wasss nearly killed. John managed to essscape when that psycho-she-kat appeared. If it hadn t been for the Colbratech-ssssword, we wouldn t sssit here.” Samantha nodded. “Yeah. By the way, where IS the Colbratech-sword? I don t remember you giving it back to the museum or anything.”

Viper nodded. “The Passsstmassster took it in hisss care to analyssse it, as he sayssss. Why, I don t know. He jussst hasn t delivered it back.” Samantha shrugged. “Nah. Sorcerers,” she said.

Viper shrugged. “And, you ssstill haven t told me why you came!” he then said.

Samantha sighed and laid her pizza-slice on the plate. “OK. So I didn t come, just to get a nice chat with my brother,” she said. “I m here to ask for a favor.”

“Ssshoot,” Viper replied calmly.

“Well…Uh…I was wondering if you perhaps….could be a babysitter for Nicky?” Samantha said shyly.

Viper raised his eyebrows and stared at his sister. “Be a babysssitter!?” he asked surprised. “How come?”

Samantha sighed. “Well….Mick, my boyfriend, works at Microsoft as well. He made sure John got the job. Now, he s at this big conference in Chicago and he needs a date for a big party they are having. And, kittens are not allowed, so….” She looked up at her brother.

“Isn t there sssomeone else to ask?”

“John is at the conference as well and Jodie (our dear step-mother) is outta town to visit her sister. And…then there s no one else left but you…”

Viper looked thoughtful. “Hmmm…Well, I certainly don t have anything to do at thissss time ssso….” he murmured.

Samantha jumped up from her chair and gave Viper a big kiss on his black nose. “Oh, thankyou SO much! You saved my life!”

Viper laughed and pushed her away.

“Easssy now! I can take care of Nicky asss long asss you like. And hey! I helped taking care of John, ssso why not?”

Samantha sighed, relieved. “That is GREAT to know.” Then, she took the bag and began packing out. “OK, lemme see. Diapers for about three days…a few toys…kittenfood..There. That should be all.”

Viper raised an eyebrow. “You were prepared for thissss, weren t you?” he asked.

Samantha grinned. “I had a feeling you would say yes.” she said and looked on her watch. “Holy KATS! I d better hurry if I want to catch the train!” She “unpacked” Nicky from the basket and handed him to his uncle. “Here you are, “Uncle Viper”. He s all yours.” Then, she gave him a warning look. “But, don t you DARE use one of your chemicals on him! Or I ll rip you apart!”

Viper gave her a hurt look. “Ssssamantha! You’re hurting me! I wouldn t DARE mutate my own flesssh and blood. Besssides, it would ruin hisss cutenesss.”

Samantha laughed. “I know I can trust you, Viper. I ll be back before his birthday, which is just in about three days.”

The two siblings said goodbye and Viper stood with Nicky on one arm, waving with the other as he watched his sister disappear into the heavy fog of the swamp. Then, he looked down on the baby-kitten, who just looked back.

“A-bruu?” he said, questioning.

Viper smiled to his baby-nephew. “That ssss right, little one. Now it sss jussst you and me,” he said and walked inside to his lab with the little baby. —————————————————-

A tom-kat came running into Enforcer HeadQuarters and demanded to speak with someone immediately. Commander Ulysses Feral came jumping.

“I am Commander Ulysses Feral. Is something wrong?” he asked.

The tom-kat glared at the commander. “Is something wrong? IS SOMETHING WRONG!!” he shrieked. “I was just walking in the park with my little, barely one-year old son, when suddenly, a green striped…thing came and grabbed my son and disappeared before I could do anything. I come to ask for help and YOU ASK IF SOMETHING’S WRONG!!??”

Feral chewed a little on this. “Viper…” he murmured. “I knew he was screwed, but to kidnap a child in the light day!! He s gone too far this time! FELINA!” he called.

Felina came walking up. “You roared?” she asked calmly.

Feral sent her a glare and then pointed at the tom-kat. “Yes, this is..uh…,” he looked questioningly at the tom-kat.

“Simon Mar‚kus,” the tom-kat said. “And, I really need help. A creature that the Commander here called Viper has stolen my son! Please! You gotta help me!”

Felina nodded. “Calm down, Mr. Mar‚kus. I am sure we will find out something. I know someone who can help.”

The tom-kat looked relieved. “That would be VERY nice. You see, my wife is coming home in about three days, and if she hears about this, she s going to kill me!” he said.

Felina nodded and turned to her uncle. “Uncle, I am going to see the Deputy Mayor. Maybe she can help.”

Feral narrowed his eyes. “Hmm. Do as you want, Lt,” he grumbled and walked away.

Felina sighed and then turned to look at the tom-kat. His fur was a deep-brown color and his hair was grown in a long forelock, which covered his left eye. “It seems as if his fur is dried blood!” Felina thought and shuddered.

“Come with me,” she said. “I know someone who can help.”



“Yes, Miss Briggs?” Chance answered in his usual “T-bone-greeting.”

“It s Dr. Viper again, you guys. You d better meet me at the Mayor’s office. Felina needs help.”

“Coming.” Chance hung up, and called Jake, who was fixing an engine.

“Jake, it s Viper again. Callie told us to come to the Mayor’s office.”

“I m right with ya, buddy.”

Later, the two SWATKATS, Callie, Felina and Simon Markus were gathered at the the Mayor’s office.

“T-bone, Razor, Mr. Mar‚kus here came and told me that Dr. Viper kidnapped his son in broad daylight in the park!” Felina said.

T-bone narrowed his eyes and growled. “I knew that guy was screwed all along!!” he snarled.

Razor laid a paw on his partner’s shoulder. “Easy buddy! I know you re probably pissed at Viper for turning you into a mutated monster, but save your anger for the fight.”

T-bone looked at Razor, and then nodded.

Then, Razor turned to the tom-kat. “Don t worry, Mr. Mar‚kus. We ll get your kid back. Be sure about that.”

Mr. Mar‚kus sighed and looked tired.

“Thankyou. I know I can trust in you two. Do call me if you find him.” He took a picture from his pocket and handed it to Razor. “This is what he looks like.”

T-bone and Razor looked on the picture. A little kitten sat on a towel with a teddybear in front.

“Heh, he s cute!” T-bone said.

Mr. Mar‚kus smiled. “I know,” he said. “Well, I d better be going. Good luck, SWATKATS.” Then, he disappeared out of the door.

“Well, we d better be going,” Razor said.

Callie walked forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Good luck,” she whispered and backed off.

Razor stared surprised at her. —————————————-

Simon Mar‚kus made sure no one would be able to see him and ran off to his temporary headquarters – a lousy, stinking apartment, ran over by rats and cochroaches. To him it was PERFECT!

He picked up a piece of chalk from a table and drew a pentragram on the floor. Then, he drew some mystical symbols at the six points of the pentragram. He sat down in the middle of it, completely relaxed, and closed his single eye. Silently, he began to call for his master.

“Master of things that have been, you have heard my cry and have come through the fogs of the past. Master of things that are to come, you will hear my prayer and come to me from the unclear future. Master of times that are happening now, HEAR MY CALL!!!” he shouted out the last bit and opened his eye.

Bloodred fog sorrounded him. A cloaked figure stood in front of him, his hexing red eyes glowing.

“You have found the child, Syphon?”

Syphon, still in the body of Simon Mar‚kus, nodded. “Yes. I have asked two mortals known as the SWATKATS to help me. And, best of all, the one called T-bone has a personal business to settle with the mortal called Viper.”

The Master of Past and Present smiled evilly. “Excellent. Soon, the child will be ours, and, when the time has come, he shall be the armed leader of my pack of nightmare creatures and open the portals to VICTORY!!!” The mage laughed and before Syphon knew of it, he was back at the apartment. A loud knocking was heard on the door.


Simon Mar‚kus narrowed his eye, but said in a humble tone: “Sorry, Mrs. Threstikal. It won t happen again.”

And then, he thought to himself: “You just wait, you old dragon-lady! Soon, you will have your judgement and burn in the abyss!” ————————————————-

Nicky blabbered happily as his uncle had tied him in a baby swing and tied it to his own tail. The kitten was enjoying himself and bubbled happily in his own baby-language as Viper was mixing some chemicals. A day had already passed since Samantha had left, and Viper had already been back in the old routine of taking care of babies.

He smiled to himself as he remembered the time when he had been taking care of his half- brother John, when his father had been married again, two years after Viper s mother s death.

The kitten suddenly noticed something out of the window and tried to use real words.

“Inow! Inow!” he said and pointed with his little hand.

Viper turned and smiled at the kitten. “Yessss, little one. That ssss a window,” he said gently.

The baby babbeled happily and waved with his little paw. “Inow! Inow!” he cheered.

Viper smiled and shook his head. Oh well, the child was barely one year old, and he was already trying to talk. Time suddenly ran fast.

“Before I d turn around, you will have graduated and will perhapsss have gotten a niccce wife and sssome children.” He smiled and turned back to the table.

Suddenly, there was a smash, but before Viper could turn around, someone, or something, gave him a uppercut and all turned black.


Razor had grabbed the kitten in the baby-swing and had freed it as the mutated doctor had fallen to the ground. Razor glared at T-bone.

“You could at least have grabbed the baby first!” he said, annoyed.

T-bone just gave him a hard look. “Whatever. Come on now. Let s get out of here!” he growled.

The kitten didn t understand anything and began to whimper. Razor gently hushed it.

“There there, little buddy! We re the good guys. We re going to take you home to your daddy!” he murmured.

The baby didn t calm down.

“Ahr, come on!” T-bone growled, and Razor followed his partner out to the turbo-boats – two special boats that could be sailed everywhere.

Razor un-zipped his G-suit and zipped it up again as he set the baby in a comfy position with help from the baby swing. Then, he turned on the engine, and the two kats were off. But if they had taken time, they would have noticed a piece of T-bone s suit had been ripped off by a piece of glass in the window, waving in the breeze of the swamp.


Viper groaned in pain and sat up. “Ooooh, my aching head!” he thought and massaged his chin. Suddenly, he remembered and gasped.

Nicky was gone. Viper jumped up from the floor, but had to lean himself at the table. Apparently, whatever that had hit him, had also given him a concussion. Viper groaned in pain and swayed a little as he walked over to the smashed window. A piece of blue-colored rag hang on the hasp and Viper quickly recognised it by the color.

“The SSSWAT KATSssss have kidnapped my nephew!” he gasped.


“Oh, he is adorable!” Callie said as Chance and Jake had told her how they had decided to take care of the kitten until they could find a way to contact Simon Mar‚kus.

“Yeah. Only prob is, how are we gonna deliver him back to his parents if we don t have the number?” Jake said.

Chance shrugged. “Felina said she would start searching, and then tell us if he d come and ask,” he just said.

The little baby-kitten sat in the couch, looking at each of the three kats one at the time. He opened his mouth in a toothless smile and babbled in his own baby-language.

Callie was toast. “Awww….If he ain t the cutest you have ever seen!?” she said and picked him up. (since they just had changed his diaper, there was no, “danger” of an “accident.”)

“I can t believe that Dr. Viper could DO such a thing!” she then said, and looked at Jake and Chance. “It s good you got him rescued.”

The two mechanics nodded.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a car stopping and Felina entered. When she saw Nicky, she was (like Callie) totally toast!

(A.N: NO, it s not because he s part MareKat that they are almost drooling over him. It s because I had this thought he was so wonderfully cute that most she-kats can t resist hugging him.)

“Aww, he is so cute that it should be illegal!” she said and got Callie to hand Nicky over.

Nicky blabbed happily and pulled on Felina’s white locks.

“OUCH! Careful now. My hair is not a toy!” Felina said.

“Which reminds me!” Jake said and pulled a old rattle from his pocket. “I have had this since I was a kitten,” he said and shook it at Nicky, who reached out and grabbed it, and let go of Felina’s hair.

Felina sat him on the couch and then turned to Chance. “By the way, I have to tell you that Mr. Mar‚kus has called. He is a little busy, so you have to take care of Nicky until he can come.”

Chance and Jake nodded. “It will be a pleasure,” they both said.

They waved goodbye to Felina who drove off.

Then, Callie turned. “Well. I d better be going. I m waiting for a cab,” she said and left.


“PASTMASSSTER!!!” a very familiar voice shouted.

The Pastmaster looked up from the scroll he was reading. ,”Ahhh, greetings, Dr. Viper. Long time no see, as the mortals say.”

Then, he paused as he noticed Viper’s upset looks. Viper s tail swished from side to side, and his eyes were glowing in fury. He hold a blue-colored rag out towards the Pastmaster.

“What is thisss!?” he asked.

The Pastmaster looked at the rag. “Hmmm. As far as I can see, it s a piece of blue-colored rag,” he said.

“That isss correct! And, it isss also from one of the sssuits of a SSSWATKAT, which have kidnapped MY nephew!!” the snake-kat snarled.

The Pastmaster cocked an eyebrow. “Kidnapped your nephew!?” he said surprised, and then remembered. “Oh yes, the incident with the MareKats a whole year back, if I m not wrong.”

Viper nodded with a sour look. “Exactly. But why they have taken him, I have no idea.”

The Pastmaster nodded. “Perhaps…” he murmured.

Then, he snapped his skeleton-fingers. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. I need to show you something!” Then, he grabbed a book from the shelf and looked through it.

“Here it is! There is a chance to get the kitten safe, never to be bothered again, by Syphon or The Master of Past and Present!” the Pastmaster said in triumph and handed the book to Viper.

The snake-kat grabbed the book and started to read.


The kitten pouted with a sour look. Chance held the spoon towards it.

“Ahr, come on, just eat a LITTLE! For me!?” he begged. The kitten turned his head in disgust. Chance s forehead wrinkled in thought. Then, his face brightened.

“Ahr, see here, Mmmmmm…yummy kittenfood, yes yummy kittenfood…” he said, and took a spoonful of kittenfood in his mouth. Then, he swallowed it with a sick look.

“See? (yeark) That was good. Come on, just a TEENSIWITSY spoonful?” he said and held the spoon towards the kitten again.

“Bleah!” the kitten whined and threw the bowl with kittenfood in Chance s face. Nicky laughed a bubbling laughter. Then, he slowly stopped, and started to cry.

Jake came running. “What is it this time?” he asked. Then, he saw Chance and started to laugh.

Chance growled and wiped the mush away. Nicky didn t stop crying. Jake lifted him from the chair.

“Awww, what is it little guy? Need a diaperchange?” He sniffed the air. “Nope. No diaperchange. Then, what?” he asked.

Chance shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe he s still hungry. But, he won’t eat.”

Jake looked at the jar with babyfood. “Chance. This kitten is barely a year old, and you want him to eat normal food already?”

Chance shrugged. “I just thought he would like it.”

Jake shook his head. “I think he s just tired,” he said and laid the kitten on his bed.

“Sleep wel,l little guy,” he murmured as he turned on some gentle music.

The kitten slowly stopped crying.

Chance sighed in relief. “Perhaps we should just fix one of those cars?” he asked. Jake nodded and they snuck off, leaving a crack in the door.

The kitten sat up and looked around. His small ears twisted in different directions, as if they were listening to an unclear sound. Then, he looked over at the corner and giggled as he noticed an unclear form coming towards him. It had the form of a pretty she-kat with long black hair and golden eyes.

She sat on the bed and gently stroked the kitten’s cheek. She smiled at the little kitten.

“There now, child. You shouldn t be so hard to these two living kats. Oh, if they only knew what they have gotten themselves into.” A silverlike tear ran down her cheek.

The kitten babbled happily and hold the ghost-kat’s paw. She smiled at him.

“Oh, how you remind me of my own dear Elrod when he was your age, little one…” she whispered gently.

(A.N: Yes, Nicky is “talking” with the ghost of Miranda Purvis, Viper and Samantha’s mother. You can read about her death in Claws of the MareKat 1)

Nicky yawned tiredly. Miranda Purvis smiled.

“Your uncle is worried about you. But soon, little one, you two shall be re-united..” she whispered and rose from the bed.

The kitten looked at her with sleepy eyes, and laid back on the pillow, where he fell asleep. The ghost-kat smiled and disappeared into the thin air.


The phone rang and Felina grabbed it.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hi, this is Simon Markus. How is the rescuing going?” a voice sounded.

Felina smiled. “Oh, Mr. Mar‚kus, it s going fine. The SWATKATS have resqued your son. He is back, safe and healthy. They left him with two mechanics at the local salvage yard. I can give you the address…”

“Oh no, it won’t be necessary. I know where it is. Thankyou.” Then, he hung up. Felina shrugged and dialed the phone. “Hey, Chance? Guess what. Mr. Mar‚kus is on his way after the baby. Good luck. Bye.” ———————————————-

Jake and Chance waved goodbye as the tom-kat drove off with the kitten.

Chance sighed. “Oh well. Guess that settles it all, don t it?” he said.

Jake nodded. “Yeah. But, strangely, I have this weird thought that we ve made a mistake…”

Chance groaned. “Ahr, come on. It was the right kid, it was the right villain, it was the right dad. What else do you want? That Viper suddenly calls and blames us for being kidnappers?” Suddenly, the klaxon beamed and Chance turned the monitoring on. Vipers hissing voice sounded from the other end:

“At lasssst we get to talk, SSSSWATKATSssss. Be at the ccccityhall in an hour and bring me my nephew with you, you pair of kidnapperssss, or your deputymayor is toassssst!”

Chance and Jake stared at each other.

“Nephew!?” they asked in unison.


Viper had been excited about the news about how to help his sister. And, he had gotten a plan. He had rushed to city hall, and had waited for the deputy mayor to come out. Finally, he had caught her and took the intercom she had pulled out of her handbag.

“I ll jussst borrow THAT, Missss Briggssss!” he hissed and knocked her out.

Finally, the two vigilantes answered and he told them to come to city hall and then crushed the intercom in his paw.

After awhile, he heard the engines of the TurboKat, and hissed as his two enemies jumped out of the jet. They both growled in anger as they noticed the unconsciouss deputymayor.

Viper noticed their exspressions.

“You can be calm, SSSWATKATSSsss. Ssshe isss only unconciousssss. Now, you tell me where my nephew isss or I ll…”

“HOLD IT! What do you mean exactly with ‘nephew’?” T-bone said.

Viper gave him a weird look. “Well, when you have a ssssister and ssshe getssss married, and sssshe and her husssband gets a child, then biologically, the child issss your nephew or niece,” he said.

(A.N: And THAT, kids, was this fanfic’s biology lesson for today. ::smacks head:: D OH!)

T-bone and Razor were NOT amused.

Viper narrowed his eyes and growled.

“Lisssten you two idiotsss in flightsuits. I am in a VERY bad mood, and when I am in a bad mood, I can get VERY nasty! You tell me where my nephew is and I will ssspare your dear deputy mayor’s life.”

Razor fumed. “Now YOU listen! First of all, we are NOT idiots in flightsuits. Second, we have delivered the kid back to its rightful father. Just because you..” “YOU HAVE WHAT!” Viper shouted.

The two vigilantes was shocked at the way he quickly changed moods.

“I said, we have delivered the kid back to its rightful father,” Razor said.

Viper was definately shocked. He took a deep breath and started to walk back and forth while mumbling to himself.

“Oh my god. This isss NOT good. Those two idiots! My sssister isss going to KILL me!”

T-bone and Razor looked at each other. Then at Viper.

“Sister!?” they asked in unison.

Viper stopped and glared at them. “Yesss. My SISTER! She came and asked ME to take care of HER child while she wassss off to thisss congress in Chicago with her boyfriend and my half-brother. And now, you have delivered the kitten back to its father, and if I don t get him back, we re all gonna be doomed!”

“He is right about that, SWATKATS,” a familiar voice said.

T-bone and Razor spun around and faced the Pastmaster.

“What do you have to do with this, Pastmaster!” Razor growled. “And, what do you mean ‘he is right about it’?”

The sorcerer sighed and shook his head. “You two pathetic mortals don t have any clue about anything, do you!?” he said and pulled a sword from out of nowhere.

T-bone gasped. “HEY! Isn t that the Colbratech-sword!? It was stolen from the museum over a year ago!”

The Pastmaster nodded, walked over and handed it to Viper, who calmly grabbed it and swished it through the air.

“You are correct. And, the guilty parties are both me and Viper,” he said calmly.

Viper nodded with narrowed eyes. “It was necessary to defeat a MareKat,” he said and stuck the sword in its sheath and hung it by his side.

The two SWATKATS looked blank.

“There is no such thing as a MareKat,” T-bone said. “That s just kitten stories.”

The mutated kat shook his head. “That sss what I thought until over a year ago. I had to fight for my life you know!” He lifted up in the labcoat by his shoulder and pointed. “I definately didn t get thisss from a glass-cut!”

When the two SWATKATS looked closer, they noticed a long scar by his collar-bone, unseen when the labcoat covered it.

Razor made a face. “Nope. That s definitely from a blade,” he said.

T-bone looked thoughtful. “Come to think of it, there were also these weird bloodmarks at the museum, when the Enforcers arrived. They haven t figured out where it came from yet.”

“Aooooowww…..” a voice groaned. It was Callie. She sat up and moaned in pain. “Ow, that hurt….” she said and gasped as she saw both Viper and the Pastmaster.

“T-bone! Razor!” she started, but Razor calmed her down and told her the whole story.

When he was done, she sat dumbstruck.

“Sooo….” she said slowly. “Simon Mar‚kus is really named Syphon and is a MareKat. And, we have given the kitten to him, who it turned out to be Viper’s nephew, which he was babysitting for his sister?”

The two vigilantes nodded. She looked slightly embarrassed.

“Ooops,” she murmured under her breath and looked down.

Razor looked up and looked after Viper. The sun reflected on the Colbratech-sword, which the mutant hold up.

Viper sensed a special feeling touch his mind. The sword was talking to him in a strange language which only he could understand.

“A year has gone and you still need me?” the sword asked.

Viper narrowed his eyes. “Why do you else think I grabbed you once more? There is need for your power to kill the dark. A dark shadow which lays heavily upon my whole family as long as Syphon lives.”

The emerald glowed.

“Then I shall obey you. But only until I again taste the blood of evil. Then, I will be my own again.” Viper narrowed his eyes till they were tiny slits.

“That shall be a deal,” he murmured and put the sword in it s sheath. Then, he turned and faced the Pastmaster.

“Ssssorcerer. Can you use a tracking ssspell ssso we can find Syphon?” he asked.

The Pastmaster nodded. “Yes. But it might take about two days. That means we will maybe get the child rescued in time before it s too late.”

T-bone cut him off. “Wait wait wait! What does it mean with: ‘before it s too late’?” the big tom-kat growled.

Viper fumed. “It ssssimply meansss that if we don t get the child back to sssafety before midnight in about two daysss, Syphon will be able to turn him into a bloodthirsty psycho like himssself.” “And, I suppose you know all about that, don t ya!” T-bone said sarcastically.

Viper hissed. The SWATKAT growled and extended his claws. Razor stepped in front of the two enemies.

“Alright you two. That s enough!” he barked. “I m not willing to admit this, but we actually need to help him, T-bone.”

The tom-kat glared at his partner.

Razor sighed. “T-bone, have you forgotten? We protect the innocent. And, that includes the kitten as well. No matter HOW related he is to Viper, then it s our fault that he s in trouble. You got that clear!?”

T-bone narrowed his eyes and then glared evilly at Viper. “You’re right, Razor. But, I m only doing this for the kid,” he snarled. The Pastmaster fumed.

“I shall go back to the tower and I will inform you if I find anything. If I succeed, we shall meet at the place where they might hide.”

The four enemies agreed on this.

Viper turned to Callie. “For onccce, I am sssorry to have done harm to you, Misss Briggssss. But, only thisss time.” Then, he disappeared back to the swamp, while T-bone and Razor took Callie back to her place, as the Pastmaster returned to his tower at the old graveyard.


Syphon the MareKat was doing a very difficult spell. He closed his single eye and raised his arms. With his mind, he reached out to a place far out of his reach. As he chanted, he reached out spiritually and searched for something. Something necessary. There!

Still with closed eyes, he grinned, and chanted on. Soon, he would have the perfect servant and guard for the child. Then, no one would be able to disturb him when he would end the ceremony, and the child would be turned to a MareKat.

As he slowly stopped chanting, he grinned as he could feel his servant come from its tomb and obey his calling.

“I call you, my servant. Come to me. Come to Syphon.”


Scaredy Kat was on, but Chance didn’t laugh. He just sat and stared blankly at the screen.

Jake licked his lips and walked over to his friend and partner. “Yo, Chance, what’s up? Finally giving up those silly cartoons?” he asked teasingly.

Chance just turned his head and gave Jake a weird look. “I can t believe it! We re actually helping a enemy!?” he snapped.

Jake shrugged. “It’s our duty to protect the innocent, remember? And as I said before..”

“No matter how much the kid is related to Viper, we must help it. I know, I know!” Chance growled and jumped up from the couch and turned to face Jake. “But hell, Jake! He is not Feral goddamnit! We are dealing with Dr. Viper himself! One of the most dangerous psychopaths in MegaKat City!”

Jake nodded and replied calmly. “I know, buddy. But, try to think of the kitten instead,” he chuckled. “Heh, the short time we had him here was fun. Especially when he slammed that kittenfood in your face.”

Chance stared at him. Then, a little smile smile twitched at the corner of his mouth.

“Heh, yeah. And, he did look really cute when he laid down and was sleeping in your bed.”

Jake smiled and nodded. Then, his face turned worried. “I can t imagine that little guy turned into a killer, Chance. Just as much as I can t imagine you trying to kill me.”

Chance frowned. “Me neither buddy. Me neither.”


Viper sat outside his treehouse on a thick branch. He looked up on the stars, thinking. A whole year had passed since he had killed a she-MareKat named Milai, which had turned out to be Syphon’s mate. All of a sudden, he remembered back to when he was a kitten, when his mother had still been alive. Long before that car-acident…. ***************************

“Mom, come on! It s right this way!” A five-year-old Elrod Purvis squealed. He pulled on his mother’s arm, desperately wishing, that she would go faster.

Miranda Purvis laughed. “Easy now. I can t go that fast with this rag over my eyes!”

Eric Purvis, Elrod’s dad, smiled at his young son. “You mother is right you know. What is it you want to show us?”

The kitten replied with a sneaky smile. “Wait and see. It s a surprise!”

Finally, they were outside. It was Miranda Purvis s birthday, and the sun was setting over Kembertonville.

Samantha, Elrod’s one year older sister, stamped impatienly on the ground. “What is it you are up to, Elrod!? Why are we out here? It s cold!”

Elrod didn t answer. “Mommy, you can take off the rag now,”he cheered.

His mother took it off and sat down on the ground with her son. “Now, what is it Elrod?” she asked.

Elrod pointed up in the sky. They all looked up and saw the evening’s first stars appearing in the sky.

Miranda looked at her son. “Yes. I see the stars. Is that what you wanted to show me?” she asked.

Elrod shook his head and pointed again. His finger aimed at the most shining star.

“That one!” he said. Then, he looked down at the ground. “I couldn t find anything for your birthday, mom. So, I thought you should have that one,” he pointed at the star again. “As my birthday gift. Happy birthday, mommy.”

Miranda looked at him. Then, a tear velved up in her eye. She hugged her little son tightly. “Thankyou. Thankyou so much, sweety,” she whispered. “That is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten the whole day. Thankyou.”

Samantha grumbled. “Thats it!?” she said. “A stupid star!? What kind of gift is that?”

Her dad laid a paw on her shoulder. “Sometimes, it s the thought that counts. And, you know your little brother isn t old enough for pocket money yet,” he said and winked at her. She replied with a smile. Then, she went over to her little brother.

“Ya know? That gift wasn t so stupid after all, when I think about it,” she said and grinned.

Elrod smiled in response.


Viper smiled and looked up at the stars. Then, he climbed down from the branch. But, just before he went inside, he stopped in the doorframe, turned and smiled up towards one star in particular that seemed to shine brighter then the others. He sighed.

“Mother. If you hear me, please protect the child from evil.”


There was the sound of a banging on the door. Mrs. Threstikal grumbled and cursed under her breath as she went to open it.

“I m not buying anything, you…” She stopped as she saw the large figure. It stood silent and stared at her with demon-like golden eyes. Mrs. Threstikal screamed at the top of her lungs and fainted. The figure just stepped inside the house and went up the stairs. The large figure stepped inside the lousy apartment and glared at the nightmare creature. Syphon grinned and spread out his arms in a welcoming greeting.

“Ahhh. Nice to see you again, Darkkat. Once again, I need your services. Is that clear?”

The zombie growled deep in his throat. Syphon narrowed his single eye.

“That s what I thought.”


ABOUT ONE DAY LATER (to be exact, right on the day before Nicky s birthday)

The Pastmaster sat and was meditating, when, suddenly, he felt a strange disturbance in the balance. He jumped up and hurried over to his kettle and looked down. He gasped as he saw what was whirling in the potion of the seeking spell. An image of Syphon saying something to a very familiar character. The Pastmaster let out another gasp as he recognised the evil person of Darkkat.

“Oh no. This can NOT be good,” he murmured and cursed under his breath. He turned away from the kettle and summoned one of his wyverns, to which he gave a letter.

“Find Viper and give him this. As fast as you can!” he snarled and pointed out of the window. The wyvern screeched and flew out the window to obey its master. —————————————-


Callie heard a toc-toc sound at the window and quickly recognised Viper s golden eyes. Callie quickly opened the window.

“How did you know my office was here? And, how did you come up? It s ten stories high!” she asked.

Viper narrowed his eyes. “Oh, I have my own secretsss,” he said and then handed her an old scroll.

“Look here. It isss necessary that you call thosssse two vigilantesss immediately! The Passsstmassster hasss found Syphon’s hideout,” he said.

Callie read through the scroll and quickly picked up her communicater. Suddenly, there was the sound of steps outside the door. Viper quickly ducked under Callie’s desk to hide.

Manx entered the office.

“Callay, do you have the speach ready?”

Callie mentally cursed herself for forgetting. She quickly rushed past the mayor. “Uhh, yes, Mayor Manx. I ll just go get it,”she said and hurried out.

Manx nodded. “Good. And, after tonight you can take a week off or so.”

Callie thanked the mayor and walked out of the office to get the speech. Viper waited in silence, but could hear that the mayor hadn t gone off. He heard the mayor tiptoe to the desk and open a drawer and then the sound of a contented chewing.

“Mmm. While she s not here, I might as well take one of these delicius candies she has,” Manx murmured contented. “Oops! Dropped the paper.”

Viper stiffened as he felt a foot stomp on the tip of his tail. It had accidentally stuck out from beneath the desk. Luckily for Viper, Manx didn t notice it. As Manx was about to bend down after the candy-paper, Callie entered the office.

“I m back Mr. Manx. And, I got the speech here as well.”

Viper gritted his teeth in pain as Manx turned, still with his foot on the villain’s tail.

“Move your foot, you fat idiot!!” Viper mentally screamed.

Callie gave the mayor a suspicious look. “You haven t been in my candy-drawer, have you?” she asked.

Manx shook his head wildly. Callie noticed the candy-paper on the floor. But also that Manx was standing on Viper s tail.

“Oh well, I ll be off then.” Manx quickly said and then walked out of the office.

Callie sighed in relief. “It s clear now,” she said and Viper raised up from beneath the desk with a mean look, cussing and swearing under his breath.

“Ow my tail! How on earth can anyone cause so much pain without doing so much…”

At that moment, the SWATKATS entered the office.

T-bone narrowed his eyes at the sight of Viper. The snake-kat just ignored him.

“Well?” Razor asked.

Viper responded, “I jussst recieved thissss letter from the Passstmassster. He writesss that he hasss found Syphon’s hideout and that it isss at the graveyard.”

T-bone fumed. “And, I suppose that s it? Just meet at some place where dead people are put in the ground?”

Viper shrugged. “Got a better idea?” he asked, mocking.

T-bone gritted his teeth and growled. Viper yet again, ignored the angered SWATKAT. Instead, he walked over to the open window and leapt up on the frame. He took time to look over at the two vigilantes.

“We ll meet there in an hour. Be there!” he said and disappeared.

When the two SWATKATS looked out of the window, he was nowhere to be seen.


The clock hit 11:30 PM as the two vigilantes arrived at the cemetery on their cyclotrons. T- bone looked around and shivered.

“Ech! This place gives me the creeps!” he grumbled. Razor nodded in agreement.

They placed their cyclotrons someplace where only they knew where they were and started looking for Viper and the Pastmaster. They walked along a path inside the cemetary, among all the white tombstones, which were marked with the names of the heroes who had died during Megawars I and II. Soon, they came to an older part, where there were dead leaves on the grass, cracks in the tombstones and dead trees which formed scary figures up towards the forming storm-clouds. Soon, the two vigilantes eyed an old church where the roof was missing. The two masked kats sneaked closer when, suddenly, Razor felt someone pull him into the cover of some bushes.

It was Viper. His yellow eyes glowed alertly.

“Get down and be quiet!” the Pastmaster hissed.

The SWATKATS quickly too cover. Razor couldn t help it but notice that Viper had the sword with him.

“What s that for? Needed a bread-cutter?” he asked.

Viper didn t respond. His eyes were fully aimed at the church.

“Syphon is in there with the kitten. One thing’s for sure. There is big trouble. And, I seriously mean big. Look!” the Pastmaster said and aimed his skeleton-like finger at the church.

Razor and T-bone gasped as they saw a familiar figure step out of the church and start to patrol the area.

“Darkkat! I thought he was dead!” T-bone whispered.

The Pastmaster nodded. “He is. And, yet he isn t. Syphon has called him back from the realm of the dead and turned him into a zombie. These creatures are almost impossible to beat in a battle. I should know that for I used many of these undead creatures when I tried to win queen Callista’s heart.” The Pastmaster paused.

“But then…..I have realised it is impossible. I still love her, but I can never have her.”

Razor stared at him. “What made you change mind?” he asked curiously.

The Pastmaster shrugged. “Let s just say, I heard a story with about the same result.”

Viper stole a glance at the Pastmaster, but didn t say anything. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the zombie. Then, he turned on his heels in his crouched position to face the SWATKATS and the sorcerer.

“OK, I have figured ssssomething out.” He pointed at the Pastmaster. “Ssssince you have knowledge of zombiesss, you take care of Darkkat.” The Pastmaster nodded in agreement. “Normally, I don t take orders from a simple mortal, but in this case, I will see what I can do,” he said and sneaked off in the dark.

Viper turned to Razor and T-bone.

“You two mussst bring the kitten to ssafety. Ssssince you were the ones resssponsibel for thisss to start with,” he growled.

T-bone narrowed his eyes. “And, what are YOU gonna do!? Hide here in the bushes?”

Viper grabbed the Colbratech-sword.

“I will take care of Syphon. Besssides Darkkat, he isss one of the most dangerous opponents you can have. I once won over his mate, Milai, but I am not sssure if I will win thisss. Besssidessss. You haven’t got the weapons to defeat him.”

Then, suddenly, there was the sound of chanting, and a fireball lit up the heavy night-sky. The zombie growled and ran off in the direction it had came from.

Viper signaled to the two vigilantes and they ran up to the church, where they separated and Razor and T-bone ran around the church while Viper took the main door.

Viper looked through the door and gasped at the sight. Millions of candles were lit and, on a old sarcophagous that served as an altar lay Nicky, babbling happily while he hold tight to his left foot. Syphon stood nearby, sharpening a very nasty-looking dagger with a kat-skull on its staff.

Syphon spoke over his shoulder to the baby: “Soon, my son, the ceremony will begin. I will cut out your heart and, with the help of your future master, you will be brought back to life. Once I have cut out your heart, you will not be able to get those weak things that mortals call: Feelings and emotions.” Syphon spit out the words as if he had just swalloved a piece of soap.

“Without a place for feelings, you will not be a slave of your heart and will become the perfect army leader for our master once your training is done. And then, doomsday will be here and all katkind will be destroyed from the planet. Mwuhahahahaha!!!”

Viper hissed low in anger. Slowly, very slowly, he sneaked inside the church and hid behind the altar. Nicky babbeled happily as he noticed and recognised his uncle. Viper gently smiled to the little kitten and then turned his attention back to Syphon. The Marekat hadn’t notised him.

Suddenly, there was the sound of steps and the Darkkat zombie came in, with an unconcious Pastmaster flung over his shoulder and a SWATKAT under each arm.

Syphon turned and grinned. “Ahhh, I see you have captured some uninvited guests,” he said triumphantly.

Viper mentally cursed the two vigilantes for getting taken down so easily.

The zombie growled something and dumped the three kats on the ground, and then walked over to a corner. Viper kept silent and waited.

Syphon finished sharpening the dagger and turned to the alter. He slowly walked over and raised his arms towards the stormclouds. He slowly started to chant in a strange language, which Viper couldn t understand. He slowly raised the dagger and hold it right over Nicky s heart. He then shifted to speak in almen tongue.

“Oh, Master of Past and Present. Hear my words, as I yet again am giving you a servant. The clock turns, the candle burns, and now the heart shall die!” His arms shot down, but were stopped by the Colbratech sword. Viper stared into Syphon’s eye with burning hate.

“No way, you lunatic!” he hissed and and slammed the dagger out of Syphon’s paws. It glided over the floor and ended at Darkkat’s feet.

Syphon snarled and launched himself at the snake-kat, who quickly ducked and sped out of reach.

Syphon growled. “You have no right to interrupt this holy moment!” he scowled.

“Well, when someone triesss to cut out your nephew’s heart, I’d say I have all the rights to interrupt it!” Viper replied, mocking.

Syphon stiffened and then backed away with an evil grin. “In that case, mortal, take a good look at your “nephew”. It will be your last!”

Two strong arms grabbed Viper from behind and started to squeeze him. The zombie-creature of Darkkat had sneaked up behind Viper, and was now trying to kill him by squeezing out all the air in Viper’s lungs. Black spots started to dance in front of Viper’s eyes. He struggled and kicked, but nothing happened. The zombie continued it’s evil deed.

They say, that when your life is on the very edge of ending, you see it all in a flash before your eyes. Viper heard all the evil things that had happened to him in his life:

“Miranda Purvis didn’t survive. I am sorry, but there was nothing we could do.”

“Alright then, Purvis. It’s time to beat the geek!”





Laughter, mocking voices, calling him names. It all rushed through his mind, causing him to struggle even harder. But especially a single voice kept coming again and again. At first, he didn t notice it, but now, he realised it was himself!

“What’s a matter, weirdo!? To weak to fight for your life? All of your life you have been weak! You just didn’t want to admit it. You have been too proud to notice it. Freak, weirdo, lunatic! That’s your true names!”

The mocking voice grew louder and louder.

Viper finally let out a high piercing roar of agony and kicked himself out of Darkkat’s grip. He jumped across the floor and grabbed the Colbratech-sword.

He gasped and whispered angrily to the voices. “I…am…not…weak!”

Then, he suddenly remembered the weird riddle Syphon had chanted.

“The clock turns, the candle burns….” What was that supposed to mean?

“Wait a minute! What did that page read again?” Viper thought and quickly thought back to the time in the Pastmaster’s tower….


“Most important, the child of a MareKat is out of danger when he or she has turned one. That’s how the Fullmoon samurai managed to help a mortal she-kat many years ago, because her child was of a MareKat. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the father back then was Syphon as well. The Master of Past and Present was furious! And, that caused one of the greater storms that had ever been seen in the land for many years,” the Pastmaster said as he watched

Viper read through the book once more. The snake-kat looked up. “And, besssidess me, the Fullmoon Sssamurai hasss been one of the few who managed to control the Colbratech- Sword?” he asked.

The sorcered nodded. “Yes. In fact, some old stories even say that he was the one who created the sword in the first place. But, before you go, I have something else for you,” the Pastmaster said. “IF you should be unlucky and run into Syphon along the way, or one of his servants, there is this.” He held up something that looked like a cross. A dragon was twisted around it, mouth open in a silent roar and wings outstretched. A few Latin words were shaped along the middle of the cross. “Use this dragon-cross, and with it you can summon the spirit of the dragon Silmar‚th and get help to defeat the source you are up against,” the Pastmaster said and handed it to Viper who laid it in his inner lab-pocket. “But now, I think it is time you go and…summon the two mortals that have caused all this.”

Viper narrowed his eyes and nodded. “Indeed, sssorcerer,” he said. “Indeed.”


Viper quickly grabbed the cross from his pocket and held it towards the zombie of Darkkat. Viper instantly shouted the words that were written on the cross.

“Oh Silmar‚th, ego advoco es in caligo. Ego opto administratio!”*

A bolt of lightning crackled through the ink-black sky and hit the ground between Viper and the zombie. Where there had been nothing, there now stood a huge blue dragon with eyes like gold and teeth like daggers. Its golden eyes aimed at Viper who stood dumbstruck over the dragon’s beauty.

“What does my master demand?” the dragon asked with a voice like a gentle rumble.

At the same moment, the zombie of Darkkat chose to attack the dragon’s leg. He let out a bloodthirsty roar and bit the dragon’s leg. It had no effect.

The dragon looked at the zombie with narrowed eyes. He didn’t seem angered. Just…annoyed. As if Darkkat just was a stupid mosquito. The dragon pinned the zombie to the ground and looked back at Viper.

“Want me to get rid of this simple creature?”

Viper couldn’t find words. “Uhh…Jussst make sssure he won t interrupt, OK?” he then said.

The dragon nodded and then zapped Darkkat with a lightning that came out of the dragon’s mouth.

Syphon looked at the clock. Fifteen minutes. He had to hurry now.

In the meantime, the SWATKATS and the Pastmaster had awakened.

T-bone moaned. “Owww. Now that’s some head-ache!” he muttered and then saw the dragon. “Razor! Look!”

Razor and the Pastmaster gasped. “Ha ha! The cross worked!” the Pastmaster laughed triumphantly.

The two SWATKATS looked at him.

“The cross?” they asked in unison.

The skeleton-like sorcerer quickly explained: “A long time ago, I found and created a spell known as the dragon-cross. One that has need of it, can summon the mighty sky-dragon Silmar‚th and he will help you destroy a supernatural monster. Take the Darkkat-zombie as an examble. And now, since Viper ordered it, Silmar‚th has now got the zombie out of the way. Now, there is only Syphon left.” The Pastmaster suddenly looked at his watch and gasped. He signaled and shouted to Viper:

“Viper! Get your nephew away now! There’s only ten minutes to go!” Viper spun and looked at the sorcerer. Then, he looked over at Syphon. The MareKat stood with the dagger, chanting the last few words. He was so deep into it that he didn t notice the snake-kat and the dragon.

“Sssilmar‚th! Stop him before it’ss to late!” Viper shouted.

The dragon rumbled in response. “I hear and obey!” A flame shot out and melted the dagger.

Syphon roared in surprise and pain and flung the ruined daggert away. He spun around and gritted his teeth in a snarl.

“Oh, you wanna play, eh!?” he snarled and started to chant. “Bryagh I say! Come to me!” he shouted.

The earth started to shake. Many of the candles tipped over and were blown out when they hit the cold stone floor. There was an explosion and a huge red dragon with burning yellow-red eyes stood in the middle of the floor. It turned and looked at Syphon and asked with a voice like a storm.

“What does my master command?”

Syphon pointed at Silmar‚th and snarled: “Attack, my pet! Attack, and destroy the one who wishes to disturb the ceremony.”

Bryagh growled and crouched like a huge tiger. “I hear, and obey!” he growled and jumped.

The two dragons crashed together and scratched and bit, roaring and howling.

Viper took the opportunity to attack Syphon. The attack came as a surprise, but Syphon quickly took over. Soon, the two kats fought like the dragons. The over-natural who wished to avenge his mate. The mutated who wished his family to be safe.

Meanwhile, Razor had run around the two fighting kats and had luckily avoid the two dragons, who had now took off were fighting in the air. He ran to the altar, grabbed the baby, and ran over to T-bone and the Pastmaster.

“I got the kid! Let s go.”

Syphon suddenly saw the three fleeing kats and let out a cry of rage. He slammed Viper into a wall and ran after them. The connection with the wall had slammed the air out of Vipers lungs and left him gasping for breath. Slowly, he raised himself from the floor and limped after the MareKat. ——————————————

Syphon snarled as he raced after the three kats. No one could prevent him from succeeding THIS time! He stopped as he suddenly saw unclear figures cross his path. He suddenly realised it was ghosts. But, not ordinary ghosts. He growled as he recognised the spirits of the Purvis family.

A male kat stepped in front of the others and raised his paw.

“Stop there MareKat! I, Eric J. Purvis hereby command you to leave the child alone.”

Syphon growled in response. “Oh, what are you gonna do? Yell buh, and scare me off?” he mocked.

The ghost of Eric Purvis smirked. “Actually, we will use OUR kind of magic to stop you.”

Then, the ghosts attacked.


Viper s ears perked up as he heard the sound of Syphon’s screams. He limped as fast as he could down the path and stopped when he saw THEM.

Howling and yelling, ghostkats flew around Syphon, who yelled and screamed as he launched out with his claws. The claws had no affect on the ghosts, who just ignored them, and continued their attacks. Viper, however, didn’t feel afraid. He felt it as if he was in the company of someone or something familiar to him though the ghosts flew so fast that he couldn t see their faces clearly.

At the same moment, the Colbratech-Sword started it s enchanting song.

“Grab me, swing me! Use me to kill the dark creature!”

Viper narrowed his eyes. Slowly, very slowly, he dragged the sword out of its sheath and and held it up in front of him.

The glow caught Syphon’s attention and he snarled as he eyed Viper. “YOU! You have summoned these ghosts to torture me! It will be a great pleasure to rip out your heart for what you did to stop my assignment!” Syphon jumped and attacked Viper with outstretched claws.

Viper quickly swung the sword and managed to cut Syphon in his stomach. The MareKat roared with pain and stared at his own blood on his paws.

“H…how can this be!?” He whispered. “I can t be wounded! I am a MareKat!”

Viper smirked. “Ssshame on you, MareKat. Didn’t you listen properly in your hisstory class? MareKats are not immortal when it comesss to the Colbratech-sssword.”

Syphon replied with a snarl. “How dare you humiliate me!” He held his paw towards Viper and shouted something.

A ball of energy shot from it and hit Viper in the chest, sending him flying into a old tree. He hit the tree so hard that everything blacked out. Syphon laughed evilly as he notiscd the sword was out of Viper’s reach.

The MareKat knelt down, grabbed the unconcious snake-kat and was ready to tear out Viper’s throat when suddenly….


Syphon looked up at the clocktower. (of the newer church, mind you) and roared.

There was an ear-piercing shriek as Bryagh’s throat was torn open by Silmar‚th. The devil- dragon fell to the ground and crushed the few ruins that were left of the old church. Silmar‚th roared in triumph and then returned to his place in the dragon-cross.


The clock had struck midnight. It was now the fifth of April. The day that Nicholas Purvis, son of Samantha Purvis, had been born.


The clocktower reached the final turn.

Syphon roared in anger. “NO! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!”

A dark voice sounded in the MareKat’s mind. “It has happened, my servant. I demand you to return to the realm of Nightmares. You know the rules and MUST obey them.”

Syphon saw that his paw was starting to disappear. He started to panic. “My master! Please! Give me another chance….”

But, the Master of Past and Present was unmerciful.

Viper opened his eyes and just managed to see the angered look on Syphon’s face before it disappeared.

“This will not be the end, snake-kat! I WILL have my revenge!”

Then, he was gone.

Viper sat dumbstruck.

A gentle, yet ice-cold paw stroked his cheek. Viper turned his head and gasped.

His parents stood in front of him, smiling.

“At last,” the ghost of Eric Purvis said. “We can rest peacefully.”

Miranda Purvis laid a paw on her husband’s shoulder.

“No. Not yet,” she whispered.

Eric looked at her and then turned to face his adult son. Viper stood, leaned up against the tree Syphon had slammed him into, and stared unbelieving at the two ghosts.

“Mother? Father?” he whispered.

Eric Purvis smiled sadly. “My son…..” he began. “Can you ever forgive me for have being such a self-pitying fool?”

Viper just looked at him. “Dad….” he finally whispered hoarsely and shook his head slowly. “It wasssn t your fault. I have never blamed you for your attack. I have always managed to forgive you…..”

Eric Purvis shook his head. “If I had been there for you, you wouldn’t have turned into….” He paused. “This…” He gestured to his son’s body. Again, Viper shook his head.

“No, dad,” he said. “I am fully responsible for the path I have chosssen. It hasss alwaysss been like that.”

His father hung his head. “What I wouldn’t give to be able to give you a hug right now….” the ghost whispered and a silvery tear rolled down his cheek.

Viper couldn’t help it but feel sorry for his father. Even though he had been dead for many years, Eric Purvis had been the only true father for him.

Miranda, Viper’s mother, watched the two kats. She folded her paws and whispered silently. “Dear god. Please….let my husband and son be able to have this moment….”

In a weird reaction, Viper reached out to lay a paw on his father’s shoulder to comfort him before he realised what he was doing. He expected his paw to go right through the ghost’s shoulder, but instead, it felt as if he touched pure flesh and blood.

Eric Purvis looked up. Then he gave his son a warm smile. Viper couldn’t help it but smile back. Then, Eric hugged his son tightly.

To Viper, it was a wonderful feeling. Tears ran down his cheeks.

“I love you, father,” he whispered.

“I love you, son,” his father replied. Then, the ghost slowly started to fade away. Eric Purvis smiled gently. “Farewell, my son…..Be careful what you do….”

A single tear rolled down Viper’s cheek. “I will, dad…..” he whispered.

Then, all the ghosts were gone.

Viper looked up at the stars. “Goodbye, father…rest in peace,” he whispered.


Razor, T-bone and the Pastmaster were waiting outside the wall of the graveyard. Razor stood with the little kitten. Nicky had falled asleep in the SWATKAT’S arms. The Pastmaster walked back and forth when, suddenly, he eyed a movement up on the hill.

“There he is!” he shouted.

Viper came with the Colbratech-sword in its sheath, limping and exhausted. The two SWATKATS and the sorcerer watched in silence.

“Well?” T-bone asked.

“He s gone. Nicky isss ssafe for now,” the snake-kat replied.

Razor bit his lip and then handed the baby-kitten to Viper. “Careful. He has just fallen asleep,” the SWATKAT mumbled.

Viper didn’t say anything. He just looked at the kitten and smiled. Then, he looked at the two SWATKATS. “Normally, I d hate to sssay thisss. But, in thisss cassse…. Thank you.”

The two vigilantes just nodded.

Viper grabbed the sword and handed it to T-bone “Here. Deliver thisss back to the museum. I have no need of it anymore,” he said.

Then, his eyes glowed, and he gave them a nasty grin.

“But don t think thisss little episode will keep usss from remaining enemiessss,” he hissed.

T-bone grinned and clenched the sword in its sheath. “Don’t worry. The next time we see you around, we’ll kick your tail.”

Viper replied with a chuckle. “Don’t be sso sure about THAT, SSSWATKATSSsss. Don’t be ssso ssure.”

Then, he nodded to the Pastmaster who replied the nod and walked the other way while Viper disappeared in the dark with the baby-kitten.

T-bone sighed. “Well. There goes one of our enemies. I never thought we would come this far to work together with one of those.”

Razor smiled and shook his head. “Me neither, buddy. But let’s not bother our heads with stuff like that.”

T-bone grinned as he saddled up on the cyclotron. “Though there is one thing that still bothers me,” he then said.

Razor looked at him. “And, what’s that?”

“You actually kept a rattle from the time you were a kitten?”


Samantha Purvis sailed calmly through the swamp, knowing where to go. A beautiful diamond-ring glimpsed on her finger. She approached the huge hollow tree where her brother lived and climbed up the ladder. She calmly knocked on the door. There was no response. She knocked again.

Still no answer.

She opened the door and peeked inside.

“Hello?” she called. No one answered. Suddenly feeling anxious, she walked in and started to search through the whole tree. She suddenly heard a strange noise and stopped. It came from the other part of the laboratory. She walked over and nearly laughed in relief and happiness at what she saw.

Viper sat in an armchair with his baby-nephew in his arms, snoring softly. The baby slept peacefully in his uncle’s arms. Samantha walked quietly over and gently touched her brother’s shoulder.

“Psssst,” she called softly. “Psssst.”

Viper slowly woke up and yawned tiredly. He smiled when he saw who it was that had interrupted his nap. “Oh, Sssamantha, hi,” he yawned.

Samantha smiled. “Hi there. May I have my baby?”

Viper nodded tiredly and handed Nicky over to his sister. Then, Viper raised himself from the chair and stretched.

Samantha smiled. “Thank you SO much for taking care of my baby, Viper. I sure hope he wasn’t too much trouble.”

Viper grinned. “Oh no. Not at all,” he said as he crossed fingers behind his back and smirked. ——————————————


A gang of punks came walking over the hill. The gang-leader ordered them to stop.

“WHOA! Look’s like there’s been some party here!” the gang-leader said.

“Ahr man! What has happened to the church!?” one of the punks whined.

“How ’bout our stuff!?” another growled.

“Shuddup you!” the gang-leader snarled. “We’ll check through the ruins and see what’s left,” he said calmly.

They did as he told them to. They always did. “Hey, you guys, I think I found something!” one of the punks shouted.

The others gathered around. A purple-colored paw lay visible among some bricks.

“Yo come on guys, let’s help ‘im out. We might get a reward for it!” the gang-leader said and started to dig.

Suddenly, the huge paw lifted up and grabbed the gang-leader by his arm The punks screamed and panicked. The gang-leader shouted and got his arm free and ran off with his gang-mates.

Slowly, a huge figure rose from the bricks, covered in dust. A pair of demon-like golden eyes glared over the ruins of the old church.

“Where am I?” the figure asked itself. “What has happened?”

“WHO am I?”

Slowly. Very slowly, his memory came back to him.


He knew who he was.


He knew what he should be doing.

“The eternal….”

He should be destroying MegaKat City and raise his own city. He lifted up his arms and roared up towards the orb-formed moon.



Authors last note: Phew! Finally, I am done with the sequel. But still, the adventure isn t over yet! Be on the lookout for the third and last part: “CLAWS OF THE MAREKAT 3: A BATTLE IN A DIFFERENT FORM”

* (Viper’s Latin spell) “Oh Silmar‚th, ego advoco es in caligo. Ego opto administratio” means: “Oh Silmar‚th, I call for you in darkness. I wish help.”

Questions? Complaints? Comments? Mail me at: fantasygirl47@hotmail.com

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