Original SWAT Kats Story

Clan Reunion

By KS Claw

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,127 Words

Nightlady gets an unexpected visitor in jail.

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Author's Notes:

Okay, this is what happened after both “3 mutants is 1 too many” and “Claws of the MareKat 2: Syphon Strikes Back” (for you people that have only read the first mentioned) in case you get a little confused. r & r k?

My biggest gratitude, to CL Furlong who helped me find a title for the story.

“Hey, purple chick! You ve gotta visitor!”

The purple-furred she-kat known as Nightlady turned from her cell-window and gave the guard an evil glare.

“To you, it s Nightlady!” she hissed and walked past him.

The guard grinned in response. “Most people in Alkatraz have no names. At least not their own, purple chick. Get used to it.”

She replied by clawing him across his left cheek. He growled and launched out after her, but she dodged him and kicked him in the gut. A second guard came and grinned at his unlucky comrade.

“Told ya, she would get pissed!” he laughed.

Nightlady rolled her silver-like eyes. Of course! The guards enjoyed getting her angry. And now, they placed bets about it as well!

“Typical. JUST typical!” she grumbled to herself as she walked through the door that lead into the visitors room.

“Your ‘guest’ will be here in a second,” the guard said and closed the door.

Nightlady killed the time by checking her surroundings. The visitors room was a large grey room with a single bulb lighting it up. A large black screen, which was used when the Enforcers “squeezed” a dangerous criminal for valuable information, was placed in the wall near the door. Then, the door was opened and the guard and a she-kat entered the room.

“We ll be right outside if you need anything,” the guard said to the she-kat.

Nightlady scanned the she-kat in front of her. The she-kat was tall and slim. Her fur was a deep grey color, and her eyes and her short hair was chestnut-brown. The she-kat looked at Nightlady with the same scanning look and let out a unhappy sigh and hugged Nightlady, who stood stiff as a statuette.

“Oh, my little Natalie, why did you do this to yourself!!??”

Nightlady narrowed her eyes and released herself from the she-kat’s arms. She stepped backwards and crossed her arms. “What brings YOU here, mrs. Patricia Khampton? You got bored with your new “friend”!?” she growled.

“Natalie, don t talk to me like I m some sort of stranger. Afterall, I AM your mother!”

“Mother? What s a mother!?” Nightlady snapped and started to walk in a circle around Patricia Khampton. “One who runs away from her husband and daughter? One who leaves no trace at all, except a note that says she s had enough? Or one who just sends simple birth- and christmas cards with greetings and excuses!!??” At the last word, she spun around, her tail twitching in anger.

Her mother sighed.

“Natalie. Try and understand! I wasn t happy with your father, but he didn t wish to lose me. That s why I had to run away. And, start all over again with my life.”

“Start all over again!!” Nightlady hissed. “You think it was easy for me to grow up without a mother!? The most wonderful moments could be something I could have made together with my mother! But instead, you left us! Left dad and me, because you only thought about yourself!” Tears of anger began to run down the villainess’ cheeks.

Patricia bowed her head.

“And you didn t even come to give dad his last respects when he died!” Nightlady said, her voice now thick with bitterness and sorrow.

Patricia tried to wipe away the tears on Nightlady’s cheeks, but she turned her head away from her.

“That s why I came here, Natalie. To take you with me and start all over again. As your mother….”

“Mother? I don t HAVE a mother!” Nightlady sneered through gritted teeth.

Patricia stepped backwards.

“You get out now….” Nightlady said in a low dangerous voice. “…Or I won t be responsible for the consequences!”

Patricia’s eyes were full of sorrow.

The guard came in and prepared to take Nightlady back to her cell. As the villainess passed her mother, she gave her a hard glare.

“Oh, and by the way! If you ever come back again, I swear I ll kill you!!” she sneered and almost ran out of the room.

Patricia covered her face in her hands and cried. “Oh, Denver. Why did you do this to our child? Why!?” ———————————–

The moonlight shined in through the cell window and shined up on the floor. Nightlady couldn t sleep. She lay still on her bed with closed eyes, wishing everything was different. That her father still lived. That her mother hadn t left them…..

Her eyes flew open at a sudden noise. As if someone, or something, was digging its way into the cell. She held her eyes locked on the place where the light from the moon hit the floor, and saw a crack, that slowly grew bigger and bigger. Suddenly, pieces of the cell-floor disappeared and a few screeching noises were heard. A few of her Erinjes appeared and chirped at the sight of their mistress. Nightlady let out a happy cry and hugged them tight.

“Oh, my little ones! You managed to escape from the zoo, and to find me!”

“Actually, it was *I* who released your Erinjes and found the right cell, my dear,” a familiar voice rumbled.

Nightlady looked up and gasped. It couldn t be! Could it?

“Father?” she whispered.

Darkkat smiled and nodded.

“Yes. It is me, Natalie.”

Nightlady jumped up and hugged her father tight.

Darkkat held her close.

“I ve missed you so much….” she whispered. “I thought you were dead.” A treacherous tear sneaked down her cheek, and Darkkat gently wiped it away.

“Come now, my daughter,” the huge kat boomed. “And, let s take over MegaKat City!” Then, he gave his daughter an evil smile. “As soon, as we have found a way to destroy the SWATKATS!”

“It will be a pleasure, father,” Nightlady said with a cruel smile.

A single guard came walking through the hall, checking that all the prisoners were asleep. He checked into Nightlady s cell and gasped as he saw the hole in the floor. He immediately panicked and speeded off.



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