Original SWAT Kats Story


By KS Claw

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,585 Words

After a visit to her sister’s place, a shocking report on the news makes Molly tell Mac they have a daughter named Becky… and now they have to rescue her.

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Author's Notes:

Since I ve already written so much about Dr. Viper, I thought it was time to write a story about my other favorites of the villains from SK. The Metallikats!

Here s the result. Enjoy.

Molly Metallikat zoomed off in the Metallikat Express, keeping her distance from the other drivers. She turned around a corner and parked the huge van in front of a large house. Even from where she was sitting, she could hear the sound of laughter from kittens and birthday- song. She sighed and reached into the small space by the drivers seat. She pulled on a biologic-mask, making her look like a real she-kat, except for the red eyes. She then stepped out of the huge van and walked up to the house’s front door. She pushed the button and waited a little. Then, she heard some rushing steps, and a she-kat almost identical to herself, except for the fire-red hair and the ocean-blue eyes, appeared. The she-kat stepped up and looked at Molly. A little smile twitched in the corners of her mouth, and Molly returned the smile.

“Hi, Molly,” the she-kat said.

“Hi, Jenny,” Molly replied.

Then, they both laughed and hugged each other.

“Oh dang, it s so great to see ya, sis!” Molly said and looked at Jenny, whose smile reflected in her eyes.

“The same to you, Molly. Come in! The party is right on it.”

“How is she?” Molly asked.

Jenny smiled. “She s been looking forward to seeing you. Shall I call for her?”

“Yes. Please do,” Molly replied.

Jenny walked into the living room, from which the laughter and birthday-song could be heard. She returned shortly after with a little she-kitten with strong dark-brown hair and huge amber-golden eyes. The kitten gasped and beamed at the sight of Molly.

“MOMMY!” she cried happily and sped into the thin she-kat’s arms, hugging her tight.

Molly laughed and lifted her up. “Hello, Becky! How are ya?”

“I m fine. And you?” the kitten beamed.

Molly laughed and nodged the kitten’s nose. “D’ same here, kiddo. Wanna see the gift I got for ya?”

The kitten nodded, excited, and Molly set her down and pulled a small box out from her pocket. The tall she-kat knelt down and opened the box, showing the kitten a small golden necklace with a small heart-shaped locket.

The kitten gasped happily and clapped her tiny paws. “Oh mommy, it s beautiful!! Can I put it on?”

“Of course, honey. Here, lemme help ya.” Molly opened the lock on the necklace and placed it around the kitten’s neck.

Jenny smiled and looked at her sister. “We can talk in the kitchen. That s the only place where the kids aren t causing havoc.”

Molly smiled and patted her daughter on the head. “OK, Becky, you run along now and have fun, okay?”

“Okay, mommy!” The kitten beamed and ran into the living room.

The two grown-up she-kats walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Jenny, who had closed and locked the door, nodded to Molly, who pulled off her mask.

“So, how s it going between you and Mac?” Jenny asked.

Molly shrugged. “Depends. His driving ain t getting better though.”

They both chuckled.

“And, I still quite haven t forgiven him for breaking my car back then!” Jenny said, and they laughed again.

“Oh, it feels good to be back here.” Molly sighed. “How is things going between you and that dork, what s-his-name…?”

“George,” Jenny muttered. “It s not going at all. He comes here sometimes. Mostly when Becky s in school. Last time, he threatened to kill me.”

“That bad, huh?” Molly said.

Jenny nodded.

Molly growled and clenched her hands into fists. “I still can t figure out why you married him!”

Jenny sighed. “You know the drill. I was young, he was handsome and kind. But, when our honeymoon was over, he started to change…”

“And, became that bastard who doesn t want a divorce!” Molly snarled.

“Have you told Mac about Becky yet?” Jenny suddenly asked.

Molly stiffened.

“No….But, I will do it soon.”

Jenny fumed. “You already said that last time. And last time again! Heavens, Molly! Becky is eight years old now! When will you let Mac know he has a daughter!?”

Molly looked down.

“When…when I am ready….” The fearsome cyber-kat hid her face in her metallic paws.

Jenny sighed, walked around the table and hugged her sister.

“I m sorry Molly. It s just that….George comes closer every day. What if he comes one day when Becky is home? What wouldn t he do?”

Molly narrowed her eyes. “I don t know. But, if he tries to hurt her….!”

Jenny laid a hand on her sister’s robotic arm.

“Please, Molly….Don t act in a hurry. We both know you have a temper like a rhino sometimes, but don t let it hurt Becky.”

Molly sighed. “You’re right,” she sighed. Then, she rose up and walked over to the kitchen table and scribbled down some numbers on a small piece of paper, and then handed it to Jenny.

“Here. It s the number to the place where Mac and I have our “hiding place.” If anything happens, call me.”

Jenny took the note and nodded. “You got it.”

Molly nodded and pulled on her mask again, and opened the kitchen door.

Becky came running and hugged her mother.

“Mommy, do you REALLY have to go?” she asked with a sad face.

Molly smiled and picked her daughter up from the floor. “Yeah, sweetie. I m sorry, but ya wouldn t want daddy to go wreak havoc, would ya?”

Becky giggled and shook her head. “No thank you. Mommy, when will I see daddy?”

Molly gently nodged the kitten’s cheek. “Soon, honey. I promise!”

Then, she put Becky down on the floor, and walked out the door.

When she was on her way back to the hiding place, she smiled as she remembered the day Becky had been born.

It had hurt like crazy, but to feel the small body of the kitten in her arms had awakened a forgotten feeling in the bad-tempered she-kat.

“I swear…” she muttered to herself. “That if that son of a bitch even dares to THINK about hurting her, I m gonna do something to him so painful that not even Darkkat will be able to outdo it!”

Then, she stopped the Metallikat express in an alley and walked through the door which lead into the hiding place of the two cyborgkats.


“Good night Jenny,” Becky said and hugged her aunt.

Jenny smiled and hugged the kitten. “And, goodnight to you too, Becky. Sweet dreams.” Then, she kissed Becky on the forehead and closed the door, not noticing that she had dropped the note with Mollys number.

As Jenny readied herself for bed, the doorbell rang.

“Who would come at this hour?” Jenny thought. She opened the door and gasped.

George smiled at her. “Hello honey. I ve come to wish my niece happy birthday!”

Then, before Jenny could react, he pulled out a gun and shot her in the stomach. The she-kat fell to the floor with a cry of pain.

Becky, who had been on her way down the stairs, to give Jenny the note with her mom’s phone number, screamed. George gritted his teeth with a grin and ran up the stairs. Becky tried to escape, but was too slow. The huge tom-kat grabbed the kitten and rushed out the door.

Jenny couldn t move and watched helplessly as her husband forced the kitten into his car and drove off.

The neighbors came running, and called the Enforcers and an ambulance.

When the first-aid kats took Jenny to the hospital, the she-kat thought of her sister.

“Sorry, Molly….” she whispered to no one special and lost consciousness.


“This is Ann Gora, Kats Eye News. Last night, a young kitten known by the name of Becky Mange, was kidnapped by the thirty-seven year old George Mange for unknown reasons. The Enforcers are on the track and…”

Molly sat stiff like a statue, paralyzed in shock. Mac came walking in and saw his wife s expression.

“Molly? Is something wrong?” he asked.

Molly blinked and looked at her husband. Then, she jumped up and hugged her husband tight, crying loudly.

Mac blinked and patted his wife’s metal back, extremely confused. He had never seen his wife like this before.

“Molly, what s wrong honey? Is it something I did?”

Molly replied by pointing at the TV.

Mac listened to what Ann Gora said, and then looked at his wife. “Molly, what is it with ya? You ve never broked down because of the news that some kid has been kidnapped.”

“It s not just “some kid” Mac!” Molly shouted unhappily. “That is *our* daughter that has been kidnapped by that bastard!” She began to cry again and sat down on the couch.

Mac stood dumb-founded.

“O…our daughter?” he said. “What s that supposed to mean? When did we have a daughter?”

“Since eight years ago,” Molly sniffled. Then, she looked at her husband. “Mac, do you remember when we weren t…machines, and we had a fight because I was expecting?”

Mac thought for a second. “Oh yeah….I told you to get rid of it, and you got pretty upset!”

Molly nodded. “I stayed away for a whole year. The nine months of my pregnancy and the last two to think about what to do with Becky. Jenny convinced me that I couldn t take her with me since she maybe could be killed, or worse, taken away by the Enforcers and delivered to some orphanage. Finally, I decided that Becky should grow up at Jenny s in safety. But now, that bastard George has kidnapped her, and I don t know if she is dead or alive! Oh Mac, I don t know what to do!” The cyborg she-kat began to cry again.

Mac sat down and gently hugged his wife. Sure, they had their fights, but he still loved her the same way he had done the day they married.

“There, there, Molly. I promise ya, we re gonna find that bastard and make im pay!”

Mac was interrupted by the phone. Molly jumped up and zoomed over to it and grabbed it.

“Hello?” she called.

“M…mommy? Is that you?” a little scared voice sounded.

Molly’s eyes widened. “Becky! Yeah, it s me, sweetheart! How are ya?”

“I…I m fine. Mommy, please come and help me? I m using a phone at a motel. George is out to get food. Mommy, I m scared!”

“Shhh…” Molly said gently. “Don t worry, honey. I ll come and get ya! Where are you now?”

At the other end of the line, Becky looked around to get a good description. Then, she eyed a sign outside the door.

“I…it s a motel near the city, I think. There is a sign that says “You are heading for DogCity”. Oh no! George is coming!”

“Don t worry, honey! I ll be RIGHT there!” Molly shouted and hung up.

Becky just managed to do the same and laid down on the bed and pretended to be asleep when George came in.

“Hey, kid!” George growled and shook the kitten. “Got food for ya.”

Becky sniffled and ate the burger George had brought without arguing.


Molly snarled.

“Now, that son of a bitch is in for it!” she growled and sped out to the Metallikat Express, with Mac right at her tail, and headed straight out to the place where Becky was.


George stole a glance at the kitten beside him. He sighed. Then, he looked at Becky.

“Kid?” he said. She turned her head and looked on him with huge, scared eyes.

George looked away. He couldn t take a look like that.

“Listen….it s not because I wanted to hurt you or anything…it s just….Uch, I don t know how to explain this.”

“Please, uncle George. Let me go home.” Becky whispered, a tear rolling down her cheek.

George growled. “I can t and I won t!” he suddenly snarled and jumped up from the motel bed and sped out of the room.

As he walked along the road, he spotted something on the horizon. He gasped as it got closer. It was a huge van of pure metal, speeding along the road. He tried to run, but the van caught up. The van’s doors flew open and out jumped Molly Metallikat. And, she was pissed.

She grabbed George by his collar and snarled. “Where is Becky!”

George gibbered and pointed at a door.

Mac ran over and blasted the door open. “HEY!” he shouted into the room.

A small kitten sat trembling on the bed.

Mac blinked. “Molly! I think I found her!” he shouted.

Molly came running and handed George to Mac before going into the room. She knelt down and looked at the kitten.

Becky looked at her. “M….mommy? Is that you?”

Molly smiled and nodded. Becky jumped down from the bed and into her mother’s arms.

“Oh mommy! I was so scared! Please don t ever leave me again! Never!”

Molly held her kitten tight and cried into her brownish-red hair. “Never, Becky! I ll never leave you again!”

Mac came in and cocked a metallic brow. “Hey, aren t I gonna get introduced??”

Molly smiled and lifted her daughter up from the floor. “Becky, sweetheart? This is your dad, Mac. Mac, this is your daughter Becky.”

Becky gave a small smile and waved shyly with a little paw. “Hi daddy,” she whispered.

Mac smiled and dropped George. He carefully took the kitten from Molly. “Hello there, sugar. Mind if I call you sugar?”

Becky shook her head and giggled and then hugged Mac. “Hello there, daddy. Mind if I call you daddy?”

Mac grinned and returned the hug, and Molly joined in shortly after.

Now, they were a real family.


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