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And, Everything In-Between

By Kristen Sharpe

A collection of short fics and drabbles featuring everyone and everything SWAT Kats. Latest: When it’s always another day, another maniac, you’ve gotta take your fun where you can.

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Chapter 18

Nomenclature, Part 2

“Seriously?” Chance Furlong looked from the scribbled list in his hand to his friend.

“Those are just a few off the top of my head,” Jake explained.

“Bloodbath and Deathdealer came off the top of your head?”

“They’re missiles! They should be intimidating.”

“Like Chigger and Cootie?” Chance arched a brow.

“Well, a Chigger Missile could carry itching powder,” Jake argued. “The cootie one… I forget what I was thinking there.”

“Wait.” Chance held up a hand. “If the Chigger Missile has itching powder… what about the Ringworm Missile?” He gave his friend an incredulous look. “We aren’t gonna seriously use bio warfare, are we?”

“What?” Jake yelped. “No! It’s just a tough name for this idea I had where the missile has a circular cutting head.”

Chance put a hand to his face. “Right. Okay, maybe come up with some missile names that are somewhere between Bloodbath and Cootie?”

Notes: This came out of a conversation Sage SK and I had after looking at the recently released list of missile names that were suggested for “SWAT Kats”. …Yes, all of the ones I mention were on the list.

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  1. MoDaD says:

    At least he didn’t die in a tragic and spectacular fashion. Like by slipping on a banana peel. Then Ms. Sue would have to comfort Razor everytime they walked through the produce aisle. (for chapter 3)

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