Original SWAT Kats Story

Who’s That Masked Kat?

By Kitrina Wilding

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,305 Words

The daughter of a vigilante (that word is so negative!) picks up her father’s mask and identity. Also, some explanations on why Feral hates vigilantes so much.

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Author's Notes:

Whose That Masked Kat? Part 1 of ? By Kitrina ‘Kit’ Wildling


PG.-17 rating (at least this part if it changes I’ll let ya know)

NEW/in progress 7/29/98


Summary: The daughter of a vigilante(that word is so negative!) picks up her father’s mask and identify. Also goes into why Feral hates Vigilantes so much. Death of minor character(s) Death of insignificant

Disclaimer: I don’t own Swat Kats. It still be on if I did. If anything in this story remotely resembles anything anyone else has done or anyone living, dead, or hiding from Starr..forgive me, I just type the voices tell me what to do. Now if the disclaimer hasn’t sent you running scream that a mad woman is writing fanfic..here we go…. Note: All event in the first part take place about 19 yr. in the past from the present time line whatever that may be.

Lighten light the dark night sky, illuminating the deteriorating warehouse. Rain poured in through leaks in the roof, soaking everything. With a low rumble the storm announced that it was now directly over Megakat city.

Captain Amber Wildling crouched down never some old crates watching her quarry closely. She griped her gun tightly waiting for her chance. Across the way by some other crates she saw her rookie partner, Feral. For a rookie he was good, real good. She turned her gaze back to the middle of the warehouse, he violet eyes narrowing slightly.

“WHERE’S MY HELICOPTER ENFORCERS!!!” Screamed the kat who Amber was focused on. The all gray kat held a young sobbing she-kat. A knife was pressed to her throat. His other paw held a gun. “IF I DON’T GET IT SOON THE BITCH DIES!! YOU HERE ME SCUM!!??”

Feral growled low in his throat. He hated just sitting there waiting for the order to move in. Dam, he wanted to doing something!

Lighten crashed again, causing Amber to look up. Briefly in the flashing light she saw a Tom-kat dressed in mask and cape. A smile crossed her lips. Good timing love…

Her radio crackled slightly and the Commander’s voice came to her ears. “Move in, and take out this bastard..”

Ever since this sick kat had kidnapped, raped and killed the wife of an enforcer; it had become ever enforcers personal vendetta to bring this guy down. Amber went to move when a paw was put on her shoulder. She whirled around and was relived to see the Mask Avenger standing behind her.

“Jack-ass” she hissed.

He smiled and put a finger to his lips. She nodded tersely and made a brief gesture. He in turn nodded. In a flash he disappeared, and Amber began to move in. She gestured to Feral who nodded.

Before anyone knew what had happen, a black flash moved across the floor and slammed into the criminal. In another flash of lightening all could see the she-kat running to the nearest door as two Tom-Kats struggled.

It was a brief struggle and the enforcers hardly had a chance to get in on the fun. The knife was knocked away from the criminal kat and he slump to the ground seemingly out cold. The Masked Avenger stood triumphantly over him and grinned at Amber who approached with Feral at her back.

“We’ll take it from here,” She told him. With a grin he nodded.

“Knew you could Captain,” he winked at her. And began to move into the shadows.

Feral growled low in his throat watching the vigilante. “He should be arrested.”

“For what? The guy knew where all of us were but wasn’t expecting him…” Amber told the rookie.

“Still…” Something caught Feral’s eye. The fallen kat was no longer fallen. And he had a gun. “Captain—WATCH OUT!”

The Masked Avenger turned at the sound. Things seem to move in slow mode as Amber turned and drew her gun. The other enforcers seem froze to there spots. A lazer blasted erupted. The first blast hit Feral in the left leg knocking him down. Amber fired her own weapon hitting the culprit. But he still had enough in him for one more shot.


The second blast took Amber by surprise and she didn’t have enough time to move. The lazer tore into her chest knocking her down.

“You thought you could beat me enforcers..you thought…” He was cut off as he feel into out cold, brought about by the enraged Tom-Kat.

Running over to Amber’s side the Mask Avenger feel to his knees beside her.

“Amber..” he whispered.

Her eyes opened and looked at him. She smiled at him. Then her eyes closed. Forever.

He kneeled there in shock and sorrow when a grating voice jerked him back to reality.

“Get out of here..” Feral growled.


“You heard me..get out of here before I or another enforcer arrest you,” Feral’s eyes held such hate. “If you hadn’t of interfered she’d still be alive….”

The other Kat was gone before Feral could say more. He swore nothing like this would ever happen again.

A few roofs away a Tom-Kat in a black cape and mask feel to his knees in tears. “Amber…oh Gods Amber….”

He pulled off his mask revealing the face of Harley Wildling. “My love..I’m sorry..Amber…I’m so so sorry….”

“..my wife….”

Part of Harley Wildling’s personal journal:

I always knew there would be a price to pay for the life I’ve lead. The life of a vigilante. And tonight I paid it. Yes, I protected the city once again, that insane kat will never hurt another kat again. He’ll rot in prison for the rest of his nine lives. I’ll see to it. After what he did to her…my love…

Why? Why her? Why couldn’t it have been me who died tonight and not Amber? WHY!? Why did my wife have to pay the price of my mistake. Maybe that rookie partner of hers, Feral, was right. If I had let the enforcers do their jobs, instead of playing hero….maybe she’d still be alive.

I know she was an enforcer and the danger–the risk was part of her life. But damit..if I had been one second sooner….

Amber…how do I go on without you..how do I raise our kitten alone? Kit needs her mother…How do I tell her your not coming home Amber?

But one thing is for certain. I’ll never don that mask again. I won’t risk leaving Kitrina an orphan. She’s all I have left. I promise you Amber…I be the best father possible.

I won’t left you down in this. I swear it.

—————————————————————— ————————————————————–

Kitrina sat her father’s journal down. The golden furred female let her hair hang as tears damped her cheeks. Her brown hair fell into her violet eyes. Her slim shoulders jerked with force of her contained sobs.


Taking a deep breathe she lifted the mask and turned it over in her hands. Standing she walked slowly to the mirror. Looking deep into the reflection, she lifted the mask to her face. She took anther deep breath and slid the mask over her features and tied it in the back. Slowly she opened her eyes.

She gasped at the change in her appearance. Gone was the straitlaced young writer. Instead was a daring female kat with mysterious violet. A chance taker, who to nothing was too risky. A vigilante with one white ear and one black. Kit smiled slyly.

“Take that Dark Kat!” She whispered to herself.

Suddenly a young kitten’s voice broke into her thoughts.

“KIT!! Come see the TV!!” Her brother called. “The Swat Kats beat Dr.Viper!!”

“Coming!” She called back.

Quickly she took the mask off. Placing it and the journal in her dresser. As she left the room, she whispered a promise.

“Soon Swat Kats you won’t be the only one helping defend this city. I’ll make you proud, daddy..I promise…”

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