Original SWAT Kats Story

High Voltage

By Kit Kat

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,511 Words

Razor is kidnapped by Hard Drive, who has some pretty heavy demands for his safe return — but is he just setting a trap?

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Author's Notes:


“Can you get a lock on him buddy?” T-bone shouted over the roar of the Turbokat’s engines. “Almost got it!” Razor’s voice said, muffled by his oxygen mask. He narrowed his eyes focusing on his target. “Buzz saw missiles deployed.” Razor yelled. The two missiles raced toward Hardrive’s jet.

As usual they found their mark, slicing off one of the wings.

“Bingo!” Razor smiled and gave T-bone a thumbs up as they both watched the jet plummet to the ground.

“That’s my SureShot!” T-bone grinned back at Razor with his trademark smile.

“I think Feral can handle it from here.” Razor said as he turned his attention back to the scene below. Hardrive had parachuted out of the now smoldering wreck of his former jet, and was being handcuffed by the two enforcers who were standing next to Commander Feral.

Hardrive glared up at the Turbokat as it flew over them, already planning his revenge.

The sun was just beginning to set when the two SWATKats landed their jet inside the hanger. As soon as it glided to a stop they jumped out and congratulated each other on their latest victory.

“Nice flyin’ T-bone!” Razor said as he patted his partner on the back.

“Nice shooting Buddy!” T-bone ruffled his smaller friend’s hair between his ears.

The two dressed back into their mechanic’s overalls and headed back up to the garage.

As Hardrive sat in his cell staring angrily at the steel floor. He hated the SWATKats! Especially the smaller one…Razor!, He had shot down his jet and it wasn’t the first time either.

“He’ll pay for it! Hardrive thought. Just as soon as I get out of here!”

“Well, well, What’s this?” He spotted an outlet on the wall inside his cell. “Freedom!” He smiled to himself.

“Hey Chance, you want some milk?” Jake asked his partner as he headed into the kitchen.

“What? Oh. Yeah. Sure. Whatever buddy.” Chance answered, not really paying attention to the question at all.

Jake rolled his eyes as he opened the refrigerator to grab the cans of milk for them both.

When he returned to the living room, ScardyKat was just getting over, and Ann Gora’s face filled the screen. “This is Ann Gora with a Kat’s Eye News Flash! Hardrive has escaped prison and is causing power outages all over the city.”– —-She was cut off before she could finish. Her face was replaced with Hardrive, who was smiling wickedly. “Hello SWAT rats! Come and get me, or DIE trying! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The screen flickered and went dead.

“Let’s hit it!” The two shouted simultaneously.

As the famous Turbokat flew high above the city, Razor and T-bone looked down at the crowded streets.

The stoplights had gone haywire! Cars were everywhere! Razor saw that some had even crashed into buildings.

“I can’t wait to get a hold of that creep!” T-bone growled.

“You won’t have to look far SWATKat!” Hardrive’s grinning face appeared on the screen. “Just look below you!”

They both looked below them to see Hardrive waving at them.

“Now see if you can catch me!” Laughing he jumping into his hovercraft and sped away.

“Crud! He’s headed toward the Megakat tunnel!” T-bone growled.

“I’ll get ‘im, T-bone! Launching cyclotron!”

The cyclotron landed on the pavement and sped into the tunnel with Razor riding on it.

“Razor?” His communicator crackled to life. “I’m here buddy, but I don’t see Hardrive anywhere. It’s like he just disappeared.” said Razor with a confused look on his face.

“I’m going to see—Ahhhhhhh!” Razor yelled as he saw a metal wall clamp down in front of him.

He jumped off the cyclotron at the last second before it crashed in a fiery explosion against the wall. Razor landed on his back on the floor. He was shaken a bit but unharmed.

“Razor! Are You OK? Razor!? T-bone shouted over the communicator.

“I’m fine T-bone, I—Mmmmph!

The communicator buzzed for a moment then fell silent.

“Razor? Can you hear me buddy? Please respond! Razor!? Crud!”

T-bone swore to himself and landed the Turbokat next to the tunnel just in time to see Commander Feral’s car park next to his jet.

“What are you doing here SWATKat?” Feral demanded sharply?

“I’m going in there after my partner!” T-bone returned angrily, running into the tunnel.

“Razor? Are you down here? T-bone found the cyclotron as a fire ball in the middle of the tunnel.

“oh no.” T-bone wispered as he stared at the wreck.”Razor.” T-bone could feel himself getting sick. He sat down in the the middle of the tunnel as did so he spotted something beside him. He picked it up.

“Razor’s glovitrix!” T-bone gasped. He saw something else too. Razor’s communicator. only it had been smashed. “Hardrive took him!” T-bone thought to himself. “He’s going to pay for this!”T-bone growled

Razor’s eyes slowly fluttered open. “Ohhh. My head!”He thought. He tried to reach up to rub it only to find he was tied up, and gagged as well.

Where the heck was he? It wasn’t in any place he recognized.

“Well good morning SWATKat! Or should I say good afternoon. For a while there I thought you wern’t going to make it!”

Razor looked up at his captor angrily. “Hardrive.” He thought. Hardrive walked up to him and jerked his gag off. “Owww!” yelled Razor. ” What do want with me?” he demanded.

” Really I want you dead, but then what reason would your partner have to come here if he had no one to save?”

“Where exactly is here?” Razor asked suspiciously.

“We are 100ft. below the old Megakat City Power Plant! An excellent place for my hideout, wouldn’t you say? He answered almost proudly.

“It won’t be so great once T-bone gets here.” Razor murmmured.

“Oh, I count on your partner coming here. He’d better anyway, for your sake!”Hardrive laughed.

Razor gulped, worried for T-bone and himself.
“I need your help Lt.”T-bone said as he into Felina’s office.
“With what?”
“Razor was kidnapped by Hardrive. Do you have any idea where they might be?”
“I was just assigned to that.”she smiled
“Good! Then you know?”
“Well acually no, but I will keep working on it.”
T-bone pulled a communicator out of his pocket and gave it to her.
“I have one too Lt. so you can call me if you find out anything.”
“Thanks T-bone.”

Chance sat at the kitchen table back at the garage face buried in his paws. He had went to Felina and some other enforcer friends for help. They told him to go home and rest.They would work on it and tell him if they found out anything .He just couldn’t sit around, But what else could he do. None of the enforcer files  knew where Hardrives hideout was.

“Maybe some flying will help me think.”Chance pondered.

T-bone was soon flying high over the city.

“Now think T-bone! Where would you be if you were a high-voltage phycho?” He said out loud to himself.

“I’ll take that as a complement SWATKat!” A fimiliar voice came across his communicator.


“Well there’s no need to yell.”


“Wouldn’t you like to know.


“Alright! Alright! If you ever want to see your little friend in one piece again you’ll come to the abandond power plant, is that clear?”



Razor sat in his cell still tied up. The look of despair was all over his face. He didn’t have his glovitrix or communicator so he had no way of warning T-bone of the danger he was in. He looked up at Hardive who smiled wicked back at him seeing the look of fear in Razor’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, SWATKat. Your partner will be here soon to save you. Or try anyway.”

Razor looked back down at the floor despondently without saying a word.

“I swear if he does anything to hurt him!” T-bone thought as he landed the jet at the entrance of the power plant. He put on his glovitrix and cautiously made his way through the old building. T-bone heard a loud crash in the room adjacent to the one he was in. He slowly crept up to the rusty old metal door and stopped to peek in. “Ahhhhh!” T-bone yelped as the floor abruptly slid out from under him.

He slid down the steep ramp until he hit the bottom with a thump.

“Ouch!” T-bone groaned, rubbing his head. “It’s a good thing we ware helmets!”

“Finally! What took you so long SWATKat?”

T-bone growled in response. He looked up to see Hardrive holding Razor around the neck with a gun pointed at his back.

“Now drop your weapon or else!”

T-bone complied, dropping his glovitrix on the ground and holding his hands up. He saw the look of absolute terror on his partner’s face as Hardrive dug the gun deeper into his back.

T-bone’s ears were flat against his head as he looked at Hardrive with pure hate, but the last thing he wanted was to see his best friend shot so he tried to reason with him.

“Let him go and I’ll stay Hardrive. He can’t do you anymore harm.”

“That’s very touching , but you’re not in much of a position to bargin. Get in there, now!”

T-bone walked into the cell, while Hardrive watched keeping his gun firm. He knocked Razor into the cell across from T-bone’s, then headed out the door.

“Now if you two will excuse me, I have a few banks to rob. Oh, and if you were thinking about trying to escape I wouldn’t touch the doors unless you want 10,000 volts to jolt through your bodies.”

After he had left Razor looked at his partner across from him.

“I’m sorry T-bone.”

“For what?”

“This is all my fault.”

“No it’s not buddy. You can’t blame yourself for everything.”

“I still shoud’ve known it was a trap.”

“Nobody’s perfect Razor.”

Razor shrugged and looked back down at the ground. It was quiet for a moment until T-bone broke the scilence.

“Did he hurt you,buddy?”his voice was full of concern.

“Just my pride.” he smiled back reassuringly at his worried friend.

T-bone smiled back and sat down on the old bench in his cell. Putting his hands in his pockets he felt something and pulled it out.

“The communicator!” he shouted.

Felina had talked several other enforcers into helping her find Razor and Hardrive. She was sitting at her desk reading some files over Hardrive when the communicator T-bone had given her began to flash.

“T-bone? Did you find anything?”

“Sure did Lt. Listen we need your help.”

T-bone was just finishing his directions to Felina when Razor called his name.

“T-bone I think I found a way out of here! Does your cell have ventilation shaft above the bed?”

“Yes. I can’t fit through it though.”

“Maybe you can’t, but I might be able to!”

“It’s worth a try, partner.”

It wasn’t long before Razor was out of the cell and looking at the control panel to T-bone’s.

” I can’t hack the program, T-bone!”

“Find something to smash it with! Hurry! Before Hardrive gets back!”

Razor spotted a metal bar next to the control panel, it would do well enough.

“T-bone, stand away from the door!”

With all the strength he could gather he threw the it at the screen. A shower of sparks flew from it and both the cell doors. After the sparks died down T-bone was able to open the door with ease.

“Thanks pal!”

“No problem. Now how do we get out of here?”

Neither of them saw Hardrive sneak up behind them until it was too late. He grabbed Razor’s arm and pulled him toward himself, directing his gun at Razor again.

“I knew I should’ve shot you when I had the chance! I won’t make that mistake again!”

T-bone watched in horror as Hardrive began to pull the trigger.

Razor winced and waited for the bullet, but it never came.

There was a loud bang and Hardrive jolted let go of Razor and fell to the floor ……dead.

The two SWATKats looked behind them to see the welcome sight of Felina and several other enforcers standing there.

“Thank you Lt. you saved my life!”

“All in a day’s work, Razor.”

After more enforcers had arrived to investigate including Commander Feral, the two partners thanked Felina and the other enforcers who had helped them once more before heading home in the Turbokat.

Back at the yard, Chance and Jake were watching the news to see if they had said something about Hardrive. After the report was over Chance spoke.

“Guess he won’t be causing us anymore trouble, eh buddy?

When Jake didn’t answer Chance glanced over at his friend and smiled. Jake was fast asleep.




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