Original SWAT Kats Story


By Kim Dreamcatcher

  • 3 Chapters
  • 20,184 Words

While in pursuit of Dr. Viper, the Swat Kats run into five strange creatures from another planet with mystical armor, known as the Ronin Warriors. Can Razor, T-Bone, and Kat defeat Dr. Viper, who has once again joined forces with Dark Kat, and send the Ronin Warriors back to their world in time to defeat their own enemy? “Ronin Warriors” Crossover.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Swat Kats to Arms! (a.k.a. Ronin Warriors: The Radical Squadron)
Author: Dreamcatcher
E-mail address: dreamcatcher_12466@yahoo.com
Crossover: Swat Kats/Ronin Warriors
Summary: While in pursuit of Dr. Viper, the Swat Kats run into five strange creatures from another planet with mystical armor, known as the Ronin Warriors. Can Razor, T-Bone, and Kat defeat Dr. Viper, who has once again joined forces with Dark Kat, and send the Ronin Warriors back to their world in time to defeat their own enemy?

SWAT KATS TO ARMS! (a.k.a. Ronin Warriors: The Radical Squadron)
Author’s Note

I have a lot of explaining to do before you start reading this fanfic. First of all, there’s the significance of the title. If you ever watched Ronin Warriors when it was playing on Cartoon Network or the Sci-Fi Channel, a common expression used by the Ronin Warriors was “Ronin Warriors to arms!” I also combined the title of the Swat Kat show with the Ronin Warriors, in case you haven’t noticed. I honestly couldn’t decide which title to use, so I decided to use both. Second, this fic was inspired by a challenge I saw on one of my online Ronin Warrior clubs. One of the members (I don’t remember who it was exactly)
posted a list of Ronin Warrior crossovers that she thought would never work, and one of them happened to be a Swat Kat crossover. Well, if whoever wrote that list is reading this, thanks for giving me the idea.

Anyway, you probably want to learn a bit about the Ronin Warriors before you start reading this fic. Ronin Warriors is a Japanese anime show focused on five young warriors with mystical armor destined to save the world from a powerful demon known as Talpa and his Evil Dynasty. Here’s a list of the characters from the show that will be included in my fic:

Ryo is the leader of the Ronin Warriors. He wears the armor of Wildfire, which reacts to fire and heat. Ryo tends to be a little hotheaded and impatient, but he also cares a lot for his friends.

Sage is the levelheaded one of the group. He wears the armor of Halo, which reacts to electricity and light. Sage usually prefers to meditate on difficult decisions, and tends to be sarcastic at times.

Cye is the shy and calm member of the group. He wears the armor of Torrent, which reacts to water. Cye is best friends with Kento, and although he is normally soft-spoken, he speaks his mind when it comes to Kento’s actions.

Kento is the strongest member of the group. He wears the armor of Hardrock, which reacts to earth. Kento is an all-action kind of guy. He tends to act now and think later, which results in a lot of criticism from his best friend, Cye.

Rowen is the brains of the group. He wears the armor of Strata, which reacts to space and air. Rowen is the one who would normally suggest putting together a plan before doing anything.

Talpa is an evil demon from the Nether World who plans on taking over the mortal world with his army of Nether Spirits, Dynasty Soldiers, and his four Dark Warlords. He tried to take over the world before over a thousand years ago, but the Ancient defeated him and his spirit was exiled back to the Nether World. Talpa’s massive armor couldn’t be destroyed, so the
Ancient used it to form nine mystical armors: the armors of the Ronin Warriors and the Dark Warlords.

Mia is a young woman who taught Japanese mythology at the local university. She was familiar with the legend of the Ronin Warriors and helped them learn how their armors’ powers work. Mia worked with her grandfather, Dr. Coji, who had done extensive research on the Ronin Warriors’ armor, until his life was taken by the Dynasty.

Yuli is a little boy who got separated from his parents when the Dynasty took over the city of Toyama. He and Mia are protected by the Ronin Warriors as they try to find a way to defeat Talpa once and for all.

If you would like to see pictures of the characters mentioned above and get more information on the show, just go to this link: http://www.geocities.com/dreamcatcher_12466/roninwarriors.html
Also, this story is merged into the beginning of an actual episode of Ronin Warriors called “Raid on Talpa’s Castle.” The first six paragraphs and about the last two paragraphs are actual descriptions and dialogue from this particular episode.

Chapter 1

Unexpected Arrivals

SWAT KATS TO ARMS! (a.k.a. Ronin Warriors: The Radical Squadron)
Part One: Unexpected Arrivals

In the modern city of Toyama, Japan, there were no signs of life whatsoever. Every building was empty, every street was deserted, and abandoned vehicles lay among the deserted streets. The only people left in the city were five teenage boys wearing sub-armor, a young woman with blue eyes and long dark reddish-brown hair, and a little boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. The group of seven, along with a white tiger, were staring at a tall column of pale blue light leading into the dark billowing clouds above them. Suspended within the dark clouds was a huge feudal Japanese-style castle with tall spiraling towers and massive gates surrounding the castle.

“I can’t believe that the Ancient is really dead,” Kento muttered out loud.

“I know,” Cye whispered.

“But he had faith in us. It was his guidance that brought us to the place we are now,” Ryo reminded them.

“And his spirit is inside us, so let’s go show Talpa what we’ve got!” Sage shouted.

“Okay, let’s go. We can’t waste the Ancient One’s death,” Rowen announced.

“Let’s do it!” the five young warriors shouted simultaneously as they stood ready to enter the column of light.

“You guys trash those goons, okay?” the little boy asked.

“Yeah. Don’t you worry, Yuli,” Ryo assured the young boy. “We’ll be back after we beat Talpa, and we’ll bring back with us your parents and everyone else Talpa’s captured, okay?”

Yuli nodded his head in approval.

“We’ll be waiting, and please, you take care of each other,” the young woman requested.

“White Blaze, I want you to look after Yuli and Mia,” Ryo told his white tiger, who roared in response. “All right. You guys ready?” Ryo asked his four friends.

“Anytime,” Kento remarked.

“Gotta stick together, though,” Rowen reminded everyone.

“Let’s go!” the five friends shouted.

The Ronin Warriors simultaneously bent down and, with the strength of their sub-armor, jumped as high as they could into the column of pale blue light. Instantly, a strange force within the column grabbed the Ronin Warriors and lifted them further up.

“Good luck and come back!” Yuli shouted to the departing warriors.

“Ancient, please help them if you can,” Mia prayed silently in her thoughts as she closed her eyes…

Meanwhile, inside a dark room somewhere in the castle, there was a spirit of a pink metal head with a matching samurai helmet and long white hair. This strange demon was well aware that the Ronin Warriors were on their way to his castle.

“Ha, ha, ha! Stupid monk! You are dead, and still you resist me!” Talpa cackled sinisterly. “And your disciples are determined to follow you into the next world. Arise, Nether Spirits!”

Talpa’s eyes started to glow red, and instantly, hundreds of spirits cloaked in long pale blue robes and tall dark blue hats materialized into the room.

“Go now. Fly!” Talpa instructed his Nether Spirits. “Destroy their flesh! Spare only the armor!”

All the Nether Spirits’ eyes glowed a fiery red before they suddenly engulfed the room in a brilliant white light…

“What’s that?” Mia gasped loudly.

She, Yuli, and WhiteBlaze watched as some unusual pink lightning struck down from the billowing dark clouds and surrounded the tunnel of light leading up to Talpa’s castle. To their surprise, they suddenly saw hundreds of flying spirits, all dressed in pale blue robes and tall dark blue hats, coming from the castle in the clouds and circling around the bridge of light.

“Huh?” Ryo gasped. He and the other Ronin Warriors could see the numerous flying Nether Spirits gathering around the tunnel of light.

“Ooo, freak show!” Kento retorted.

“Friends of Talpa!” Sage shouted angrily.

Suddenly, the Nether Spirits became engulfed in a bright pink light.

“Huh?” Kento gasped as he and his friends watched the events unfolding.

All of a sudden, the several Nether Spirits turned into balls of pink light and gathered together into a massive beam of pink energy before striking the tunnel of pale blue light.

“They’re trying to destroy the bridge!” Rowen shouted.

“AHH!” the five warriors screamed in pain as the Nether Spirits formed a giant ring around the bridge of pale blue light, repeatedly striking at it with jolts of pink energy.

“I can’t see them! What’s happening?” Yuli asked worriedly as he clung tightly to Mia in fear.

“Hey, guys, do we have a plan? This is bad! We’re like sitting ducks up here!” Sage shouted as he floated upside-down in the tunnel.

“What’s that?” Cye asked loudly, referring to a strange dark blue gaping hole with swirls of green that had mysteriously appeared into the wall of the tunnel.

“I don’t know, but it can’t be anything good!” Kento remarked.

“Looks like some sort of vortex!” Rowen shouted. “Don’t get too close to it, guys!”

Suddenly, the dark blue-and-green vortex started to swirl around like a miniature tornado, pulling at them with an incredible force, like a black hole from outer space.

“Oh, no!” Ryo shouted as he felt the force of the vortex slowly pulling him in, along with his four friends.

“AHH!” the Ronin Warriors screamed as they got sucked into the mysterious vortex before it completely disappeared without a trace…

Meanwhile, outside a huge city on another planet known as MegaKat City, there was a large scrap yard with an auto garage. The sign right outside of the garage read “Jake and Chance’s Garage” and a second sign above the garage door read BODY SHOP & ALL REPAIRS. Inside the garage, a she-kat was searching for something in the refrigerator. Her fur was dark caramel brown with dark brown blotchy stripes on her forearms and a smaller blotchy stripe over her left eye. Her amethyst eyes appeared to glow from the light of the refrigerator. Her long dark brown hair was tied back in a ponytail and covered by a red baseball cap that she wore backwards. The she-kat was also wearing turquoise coveralls, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and black work boots.

“That should do it,” the she-kat told herself in an Australian accent as she took out three cans of milk and closed the refrigerator.

She carried the three cans down a short hallway and ended up in a small living room. There were two tomkats sitting across from each other in the living room.

The tomkat sitting on a chair was very muscular with light tan fur. The tomkat sitting across from the bigger tomkat on the couch was of a smaller build with caramel brown fur. Both tomkats were wearing the same mechanic coveralls that the she-kat was wearing, including red baseball caps that they also had on backwards. In addition, the bigger tomkat was also wearing a long-sleeve white shirt underneath his coveralls, which had sleeves that ended at his elbows. There was a table in between the two tomkats with a big bowl of red peppers sitting on top of it.

“Jake, Chance, here’s the drinks you wanted,” the she-kat announced.

“Thanks, Tabby,” the bigger tomkat admitted as he put on a pair of dark gray gloves, followed by the smaller tomkat. “Just put them on the table for now.”

“Fine, Chance,” Tabby agreed as she placed two cans of milk on the table and sat down in a second chair. “I still don’t get what you guys are trying to prove with this stupid contest. Are you trying to break a world record for eating the most mongo peppers or something?”

“No, we’re not, Tabby,” Jake replied as he tied a white bib with a picture of a red mongo pepper around his neck, along with Chance. “It’s just a little tolerance test, to see who can beat the heat!”

“Care to join us, Tabby?” Chance asked.

“No way! I’m just here to watch the fireworks!” Tabby remarked as she poked a couple of holes in her can of milk with her claw.

“Then you can be the referee, Tabby. Last time we had a mongo pepper eat-off, Jake cheated!” Chance accused his friend.

“I didn’t cheat, Chance!” Jake denied.

“Knock it off, guys! Let’s just get this over with!” Tabby shouted before taking a sip of milk.

Just then, a loud alarm suddenly went off.

“It’s Callie!” Jake announced as he, Chance, and Tabby stood up.

“Looks like we’ll have to settle this later, buddy,” Chance muttered out loud as he and Jake quickly took off their gloves and bibs.

The three mechanics ran into the hallway until they reached a small throw rug. Tabby kicked the throw rug out of the way, revealing a trap door. Tabby quickly opened the trap door and climbed down a ladder, followed by Jake and Chance.

The three mechanics eventually reached a huge concrete room with advanced computers, some beat-up lockers, a large black jet with red tiger stripes, red turbo engines, and yellow intakes, and a large black motorcycle with similar markings on it.

Chance headed over to a speaker on the wall and pressed a red button next to it. “Yes, Miss Briggs?” Chance asked.

“Swat Kats, it’s Dr. Viper again!” a female’s voice explained over the speaker. “He broke into MegaKat Biochemical Labs and stole some experimental chemicals.”

“Any idea what this stuff can do, Miss Briggs?” Tabby asked curiously.

“I’m not exactly sure. I don’t have all of the details, but I do know that these chemicals will be very dangerous in the wrong hands, especially Dr. Viper’s!”

“Hang on, Miss Briggs. We’re on our way,” Jake announced before he turned off the connection.

“Let’s hit it!” the three kats shouted simultaneously as they opened up their lockers, which held their Swat Kat uniforms…

Meanwhile, unknown to the Swat Kats, something very unusual was happening in MegaKat Swamp, located just outside of MegaKat City. A strange swirl of dark blue-and-green clouds appeared above a section of the swamp, forming a large gaping hole in the air.

“Heads up, guys! Looks like we’re getting out of this thing!” Rowen warned his friends.

The five teenage boys screamed as they flew through the opening and landed in a massive pool of shallow, muddy swamp water.

“Huh?” Kento gasped when he was startled by something jumping on top of his head. He looked up and realized that it was a big green frog.

“Chill, Kento. It’s just a frog,” Cye admitted with a quick laugh as he stood up, approached Kento, and picked up the frog. “It’s not going to hurt you.”

“I’m not afraid of some stupid frog, Cye,” Kento retorted under his breath as Cye let the frog go.

“Where are we?” Ryo asked. “Are we in Talpa’s realm?”

“If so, he should seriously consider re-landscaping the place,” Sage joked sarcastically as he looked around the swamp.

“I doubt it, guys. We weren’t even halfway up the bridge that the Ancient created for us when that strange vortex pulled us in,” Rowen revealed.

“Then where are we, Rowen?” Ryo asked.

“I’m not sure, Ryo. I think the best thing we can do is look around and see if we can recognize anything,” Rowen suggested.

“Yeah, good idea,” Ryo agreed as he and the other Ronin Warriors started wading through the shallow swamp water toward a muddy bank…

“Razor, any idea where Dr. Viper would be heading?” T-Bone asked his partner, who was sitting behind him in the TurboKat’s cockpit.

“If I were Dr. Viper, I would probably be heading for MegaKat Swamp,” Razor muttered thoughtfully. “His secret laboratory is hidden in there somewhere.”

“But, we don’t know that for sure, buddy,” T-Bone pointed out. “Viper didn’t leave any trail behind, according to your radar.”

“He still could have gone to MegaKat Swamp, T-Bone,” Kat, who was flying next to them on her TurboCycle, announced through the radio. “Dr. Viper could have escaped through the sewers, and there happens to be a sewage treatment plant right next to MegaKat Swamp.”

“Kat’s right, T-Bone,” Razor admitted. “My radar can’t penetrate through the streets. And besides, Dr. Viper knows the sewers like the back of his scaly paw, so he could have used them to make his escape.”

“And, that would also explain how he got past all those guards at MegaKat Biochemical Labs,” Kat announced.

“All right, guys. MegaKat Swamp, here we come!” T-Bone shouted as he flew the jet toward MegaKat Swamp, with Kat following behind them on the TurboCycle.

“Better bring it down here, T-Bone,” Razor instructed, pointing down at a stretch of dry land at the edge of the swamp. “It’d be easier to track down Dr. Viper on foot.”

“I hear ya! I’m bringing her down!” T-Bone agreed as he carefully landed the TurboKat on the stretch of dry land.

As the TurboKat’s glass canopy slid open, Kat landed the TurboCycle a few yards away from the TurboKat.

“You guys ready?” Kat asked as she approached the TurboKat with her Glovatrix already on her left wrist.

“You bet we are!” Razor announced as he and T-Bone put on their Glovatrixes.

“Let’s kick some Viper tail!” T-Bone shouted as he and Razor jumped out of the TurboKat.

Together, the three Swat Kats entered MegaKat Swamp in search of Dr. Viper…

“Crud! This is like looking for a needle in a haystack!” Kat complained loudly as she, Razor, and T-Bone waded through the thick murky mud. “This swamp is huge! How are we ever gonna find Dr. Viper?”

“Any ideas, Sure Shot?” T-Bone asked Razor.

“It’d be best if we split up. We’ll be able to cover more ground that way,” Razor suggested.

“Guess that’s our only choice,” Kat reluctantly admitted.

“Okay, we’ll keep in touch with our helmet radios. If either of you find anything suspicious, let the rest of us know, okay?” Razor asked.

“You got it,” T-Bone replied as Kat nodded in approval.

“All right. Let’s do this,” Razor remarked before the three Swat Kats split up and headed off in different directions.

After a few minutes of walking, Kat found herself at a large shallow pool of muddy swamp water.

“Ugh! That smells nasty!” Kat retorted as she covered her mouth and nose with her paw. She cautiously walked around the pool of swamp water, being careful not to slip on the muddy bank surrounding the pool.

“What’s that?” Kat asked herself when she noticed some strange-looking marks in the mud. “They’re tracks, but what the heck could make tracks like this?” When she looked closer, Kat realized that there were five separate sets of tracks in the muddy bank.

“I should let the guys know about this,” Kat muttered thoughtfully as she pressed a button on top of her helmet. “Razor, T-Bone, come in.”

“What’s going on, Kat?” Razor asked through the radio.

“I found some strange tracks in the mud, Razor,” Kat told Razor.

“Do they belong to Dr. Viper?” Razor asked curiously.

“Unless he was wearing some funky metal boots, I don’t think so!” Kat remarked. “I’m gonna follow these tracks and see where they lead to.”

“All right, Kat, but be careful,” Razor reluctantly agreed. “Radio us if you need any help.”

“Gotcha, Razor,” Kat replied before she turned off the radio. She took in a deep breath before she started to follow the strange tracks further into the swamp. Kat eventually wound up in a small thicket of trees. She was about to keep going when she heard some heavy footsteps approaching.

Not knowing who or what it was, Kat decided not to take any chances. She quickly jumped up into a nearby tree and used the thick branches to pull herself up. Kat stopped about halfway up the tree and sat down on a branch. She looked through the tree’s leaves to see what was down below her.

Kat gasped slightly when she saw five strange creatures in the area. Their bodies were completely covered with strange metal suits that looked similar to Japanese sub-armor. The creatures themselves would have been strange looking even without the armor. Kat noticed from their faces that they were furless creatures with no visible tails. The only hair they had was on the top of their heads and on their eyebrows. Their ears were shaped differently from hers and were about halfway down the sides of their faces, whereas her ears were on the top of her head.

Each creature was distinctively different from the others by their looks and by the color of the armor they wore. One creature had long black hair, blue eyes, and his sub-armor was red and white. The second creature had thick blonde hair, violet-gray eyes, and his sub-armor was green and white. The third creature had long reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and his sub-armor was light blue and white. The fourth creature had short charcoal gray hair, which was held back with a yellow headband, blue eyes, and his sub-armor was orange and white. The last creature had short blue hair, which was held back with a dark blue
headband, blue eyes, and his sub-armor was dark blue and white.

“You guys, I think we’re lost,” the creature in the red and white sub-armor told the other creatures.

“You’re right, Ryo,” the creature in the dark blue and white sub-armor replied in an Australian accent, which caught Kat a bit by surprise. “Those are our tracks from earlier.”

“You mean we’ve been walking around in circles?” the creature in the orange and white sub-armor exclaimed loudly. “How are we gonna get out of this place?”

“Calm down, Kento,” the creature in the light blue and white sub-armor reassured his burly friend, speaking with a British accent. “We’ll find a way back home.”

“I seriously doubt it, Cye,” the creature in the green and white sub-armor retorted. “We can’t exactly go back the way we came.”

“Unfortunately, Sage is right,” the creature in the dark blue and white sub-armor reluctantly admitted. “That vortex we came through closed up immediately after we ended up in here.”

“They got here through a vortex?” Kat whispered thoughtfully to herself. “Does that mean the Pastmaster’s up to something?”

“What are we supposed to do now, Rowen?” Ryo asked the creature in the dark blue and white sub-armor.

“Since walking around is apparently getting us nowhere, we should try to get a topside view of the area and see if we can find any signs of civilization,” Rowen muttered thoughtfully.

“Chill, guys. I’m on it!” Kento announced as he crouched down and jumped into the very tree that Kat was in. Kat had her back against the trunk of the tree in hopes that the creature the others called “Kento” wouldn’t see her.

Kento was almost halfway up the tree when he suddenly stopped climbing. He could see what appeared to be a large furry brown tail poking out from the other side of the tree.

“What’s wrong, Kento? Why did you stop?” Cye asked.

“Guys, there’s something else in this tree besides me,” Kento told his friends.

“You sure it’s not a squirrel, Kento?” Sage asked sarcastically.

“If that’s true, it’s a REALLY big squirrel, Sage!” Kento retorted.

Suddenly, the Ronin Warriors heard a loud creak of a branch coming from the opposite side of the tree that Kento was in.

“That wasn’t me!” Kento denied.

“Then what was it?” Cye asked curiously.

“I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out!” Kento announced as he carefully made his way around the trunk of the tree. He was surprised when he reached the other side of the tree to see nothing suspicious.

“Hey! Where did it go?” Kento asked himself as he looked around. He heard a slight creaking noise and looked up at the branch above him.

Kento gasped when he saw the strange creature. It looked like a humanoid female cat with brown fur and long dark brown hair. She was wearing some sort of uniform that was bright blue with a black collar, a red harness, and red triangles on the long sleeves. She also had on black low-heeled boots, black fingerless gloves, a strange metal contraption on her left paw, a black mask with mesh covering the eyeholes, and a blue helmet with a red triangle on the front.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” Kento murmured mockingly as he started to pull himself up to the branch where the humanoid cat was standing. To Kento’s surprise, he got a slap in the face from the humanoid cat. Stunned by the unexpected blow, Kento lost his grip and fell to the ground.

“Are you all right, Kento?” Cye asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Kento groaned as he struggled to get up.

“What happened to you?” Sage asked when he noticed the red handprint with four fingers on Kento’s cheek, which was already starting to fade away.

“There’s some sort of…cat creature up there,” Kento explained as he stood up with Cye’s help. “She slapped me in the face! It was the weirdest thing I ever saw!”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t talk if I were you!” a female’s voice retorted with an Australian accent.

“Listen, uh…miss, we don’t want any trouble,” Ryo replied.

“Then you shouldn’t be sending your friend up here to insult me!” the cat creature retorted.

“What did you say to her, Kento?” Cye asked curiously.

“I just said ‘Here, kitty, kitty,’ but I meant it as a joke!” Kento claimed.

“Excuse me, miss. We’re sorry if our friend here offended you in any way,” Rowen apologized. “Could you possibly come down here? We could use some help.”

“No tricks?” the cat creature asked suspiciously.

“No tricks, I promise,” Rowen replied.

There was a long pause of awkward silence that followed.

“All right, then. I’m coming down,” the cat creature announced.

The five Ronin Warriors stepped back a bit in order to give the cat creature some space as she climbed down the trunk of the tree.

“What are you?” Ryo asked.

“I was about to ask you the same question,” the cat creature remarked as she turned around. “And, how come you have the same accent as me?” she asked Rowen. “Last time I checked, there weren’t any strange furless creatures running around in Australia.”

“But, I am from Australia,” Rowen replied.

“That can’t be possible…” the cat creature muttered thoughtfully to herself.

“Afraid so,” Rowen replied. “I have a theory about this, but I’ll have to explain later. Do you have a name?”

“It’s Kat,” the cat creature replied hesitantly. “Now, what about the five of you?”

“I’m Rowen, and this is Ryo, Sage, Kento, and Cye,” Rowen introduced.

“All right, then. Now, on to the bigger question: What are you?” Kat asked curiously.

“We’re human beings,” Rowen explained. “You know, homo sapiens?”

“Never heard of them,” Kat replied.

“Can you tell us where we are?” Sage asked.

“Well, right now, you’re in MegaKat Swamp, just outside of MegaKat City,” Kat explained as she pointed at the towering buildings in the distance with a yellow-and-green tinted skyline.

“Whoa…” Ryo exclaimed slowly as he and the other Ronin Warriors stared at the large cluster of skyscrapers that Kat called “MegaKat City.”

“We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore,” Kento muttered out loud.

“You got that right,” Cye agreed.

“Is this…MegaKat City located in Australia?” Rowen asked curiously.

“No, it’s in California,” Kat replied.

“So, if you live in MegaKat City, then what are you doing out here in a swamp?” Kento asked curiously.

“My partners and I are pursuing this dangerous criminal who just stole some secret chemicals from MegaKat Biochemical Labs,” Kat explained. “By the way, did any of you happen to see a scrawny green-colored kat with a huge tail, glowing yellow eyes, and a white lab coat?”

“Afraid not,” Sage replied as Ryo, Kento, Cye, and Rowen all shook their heads no.

Suddenly, there was a loud beeping noise coming from Kat.

“Umm…Kat? Your helmet’s beeping,” Ryo pointed out.

“Oh, that’s just my helmet radio,” Kat explained. “It has to be Razor or T-Bone. Maybe one of them had better luck finding Dr. Viper.”

“Dr. who?” Kento asked curiously.

“I’ll explain it later,” Kat replied as she pressed a small button on top of her helmet…

“Where are you hiding, Viper?” T-Bone muttered to himself as he continued treading through the swamp. He stopped walking when he heard some rustling coming from behind a large cluster of kattails.

“Come on out, you scum snake!” T-Bone shouted as he aimed his Glovatrix at the kattails.

“Cool it, T-Bone! It’s just me,” Razor announced as he stepped out of the group of kattails.

“Sorry, Razor,” T-Bone apologized as he lowered his arm, which held the Glovatrix. “For a minute there, I thought you were Dr. Viper. Any luck finding him, buddy?”

“I’m having about as much luck finding him as you are,” Razor remarked. “Have you heard anything from Kat?”

“That’s a big negative, Razor,” T-Bone replied.

“Well, I’m gonna find out what’s going on with her,” Razor announced. “Maybe Kat did find Dr. Viper, but didn’t get a chance to tell us about it.” He pressed a button on top of his helmet. “Kat, come in. Do you read me?”

“Yeah, I hear you. What’s up?” Kat asked.

“Did you have any luck finding Viper?” Razor asked.

“No sign of him at all,” Kat reluctantly admitted. “I’m guessing that you didn’t find Viper either, otherwise you wouldn’t even be asking me.”

“Looks like we’re gonna have to wait for Viper to make the next move,” T-Bone reluctantly added.

“We’ll meet you at the TurboKat, Kat,” Razor told Kat.

“All right, then. But first, there’s something you should know,” Kat revealed.

“What is it, Kat?” T-Bone asked.

“Remember those tracks I told you about, Razor?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, I remember. What about them?” Razor asked.

“Well, I found out what made those tracks,” Kat replied.

“What are you waiting for? Who left them?” T-Bone asked a bit impatiently.

“Believe me, this is something you’ll have to see for yourselves!” Kat remarked.

Razor and T-Bone looked at each other curiously, wondering what Kat could have stumbled on.

“What’s your location, Kat? We’ll meet with you and check out what you found,” Razor requested.

“How about I bring them to you instead?” Kat suggested. “We’ll meet at the TurboKat.”

“I don’t know about this…” T-Bone muttered disapprovingly.

“Come on, T-Bone! They’re not any sort of threat!” Kat revealed. “We’re all on the same side here.”

“All right, Kat. We’ll meet you by the TurboKat. Out,” Razor replied before turning off the radio.

“Razor, what do you think you’re doing?” T-Bone asked.

“Don’t worry, buddy. I doubt that Kat’s gonna make up something like this,” Razor explained. “And, in case it turns out that she’s wrong about these creatures she found, we have plenty of firepower in the jet.”

“Roger that, Razor,” T-Bone replied as he and Razor ran through the muddy swamp…

“What’s taking her so long?” T-Bone complained as he leaned against the TurboKat’s wing.

“I’m sure Kat’s on her way, so calm down, bud,” Razor replied.

“Waiting on me, guys?” Razor and T-Bone heard Kat ask.

The two Swat Kats turned around and saw Kat walking towards them. Following right behind her were five strange furless creatures wearing metal sub-armor.

“What the heck are those things?” T-Bone asked.

“Hey! We’re not things, fur ball!” Kento retorted.

“The name’s T-Bone!” T-Bone shouted.

“Cool it, T-Bone!” Razor warned his partner.

“The same goes for you, too, Kento!” Ryo warned Kento.

“Sorry about our friend here,” Cye apologized. “His mouth tends to run faster than his brain sometimes.”

“We can see that!” Razor remarked. “Umm…do you have names?”

“Yeah, we do. I’m Ryo, and this is Sage, Cye, Kento, and Rowen,” Ryo introduced.

“I’m Razor, this is T-Bone, and you already met Kat,” Razor introduced.

“Incredible!” Rowen admitted as he stared in awe at the TurboKat. “A F-14 Tomcat! Very impressive.”

“Thanks, umm…Rowen, right?” Razor asked a bit uncertainly.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Rowen replied.

“Before we go any further, I’d like to speak with my partners in private,” T-Bone announced.

“What is it, T-Bone?” Razor asked curiously as the three Swat Kats huddled together.

“What do we plan on doing with them, Razor?” T-Bone asked.

“We have no choice but to take them back to the hangar,” Razor whispered.

“Are you crazy?” T-Bone whispered loudly. “How can we be so sure that they’re good guys? With that weird armor they’re wearing, who knows what they’re capable of?”

“What else are we supposed to do, T-Bone? Leave it to the Enforcers?” Kat asked. “They’ll just take one look at them and lock them up faster than you can say ‘Holy Kats!’ The Enforcers won’t even give them a chance to explain themselves just because they’re not exactly from around here.”

“Let’s give them a chance to explain their side of the story, T-Bone,” Razor whispered.

“Fine,” T-Bone reluctantly agreed.

The three Swat Kats looked up at the five human boys.

“Listen, we’re gonna have to take you to our secret hangar. It isn’t safe for you out here in the open,” Razor announced.

“Especially with that lunatic Dr. Viper running around,” Kat added.

“But, before we go anywhere, we’d like to ask you a few questions first,” T-Bone pointed out as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Sure thing,” Ryo agreed.

“First thing’s first: How did you guys get here?” T-Bone asked suspiciously.

“Well, we were sucked into a strange vortex that brought us here,” Rowen explained.

“What’s with that armor that you’re wearing?” Razor asked curiously.

“These are mystical armors that were given to us so we could defeat Talpa,” Kento explained.

“Who’s Talpa?” Kat asked curiously.

“Talpa is this evil demon from the Netherworld that’s trying to take over our world,” Cye explained.

“And, that’s why we need to find our way back, so we can finish off Talpa once and for all!” Sage proclaimed.

“I don’t know about you two, but I believe them,” Kat revealed.

“I think their story checks out, T-Bone,” Razor admitted.

“All right,” T-Bone muttered out loud. “But, how are we going to get them all to the hangar?”

“We do have two spare Cyclotrons stored inside of the TurboKat,” Razor suggested.

“How can we be sure that they even know how to ride a Cyclotron?” T-Bone whispered.

“Excuse me, but do any of you know how to drive a motorcycle?” Kat asked the five human boys.

“I do,” Sage replied.

“Same here,” Kento added.

“Does that answer your question, T-Bone?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” T-Bone muttered out loud as Razor pressed a button on his Glovatrix, which opened the TurboKat’s Bombay doors.

“You guys are going to be following me on the Cyclotrons that Razor and T-Bone are getting out of the TurboKat,” Kat explained as Razor and T-Bone walked up the loading ramp into the TurboKat. “They’re just like motorcycles, only they’re much bigger. Both Cyclotrons are two-seaters, so one of you will have to ride with me.”

“I’ll do it,” Rowen volunteered.

“So, it’s settled then,” Kat admitted just as Razor and T-Bone were bringing out the large red-and-blue motorcycles out through the Bombay doors…

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