Original SWAT Kats Story

A Blaze of Love by Midnight

By Kenneth Beltan

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,227 Words

Chance and Felina spend some quality time together.

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Author's Notes:

My last writing I dedicated to the ones who made it all possible. This one I dedicate to the wildest teacher in the world. Ms. Williams Who was positive and supportive of my ideas, including the production of the piece. “Go on girl!”

Before you read this short story of mine, I would like to point out that though I have no lover, I cannot portray the true feelings and emotion that true lovers have. I can only express what I feel and present what my limited pallet of emotions for love can allow, so I can only make an almost perfect effect. This is unfortunate but unavoidable, for true love can only be expressed when it is shared with another with the same love. So I apologize for the unfulfilled effect. Enjoy ! Kenny K

The night was calm and serene over Megakat City. The sky was clear and the stars twinkled above in the midnight sky. The moons soft translucent glow of pale- yellow cut through the warm summer air and it casts its light over the city, reaching all the way to the beaches where its light shimmered and sparkled over the soft ripples of the water. The water acted as a living mirror, molding and shaping the glazed image of the moon, the stars and the sky reflected in the rippling water’s surface. The light of the moon, the stars and the sky wavered and danced over the shiney surface of the water as it worked its way up to the sandy shores. As the dancing lights ascended upon the beach, a new light joined the dancing array. The flickering orange glow of a warm fire, occupied by a couple, burned silently afar from the shores of the beach.

The couple sat apart, eyes focused on each other, taking measure of one another and liking what they saw. Chance sat across from his fiance, Filena. His eyes caressed her form, taking in every detail. He watched her over the fire. She sat cross-leged in the sand. She wore a pair of denim shorts, exposing her long, beautiful legs. In her lap rested her small, folded paws that wore a beautiful cat’s-eye engagement bracelet her lover had given her. It rested on her right wrist where it seemed to sparkle when the light of the dancing flames before them shot it’s glance at her. The Atakata Island t-shirt she wore with the picture on the front of her and Chance that they had taken on their last trip to Atakata Island. Her face, to him, was the most beautiful face in the world.

He admired her smile, soft, sweet, warm and full of love. Her long, black hair fluttered in the gentle breeze, as did the white streaks of hair that ran down the sides of her head. They interlaced in a dazzling mix of black and white, creating an effect Chance considered “wild”. He yearned to take her in his arms, to not only feel the comfort and pleasure of her gentle touch and the warms of her soft brown fur but to absorb the firey radiance of her love and bask in her heavenly embrace as she would in his. Their eyes once again met. He looked into her eyes, her beautiful, brown eyes that not only reflected the light of the fire and her lover’s profile but from inside, a feeling, a love that surfaced in abundance. It could only be seen by Chance, for his heart, like the fire, burned for her – and her only. Felina could see her lover’s feelings and love, for like the fire, her heart burned only for him. Their eyes said things words could not express. Their love was immense. It blazed with a fire of passion and stature. Locked and bound with the chains of eternity. Their hearts burned greater and more radiant than the fire in which they sat around. As did Chance, Felina studied his form, taking in every detail. Like her, he sat in the sand. Like her, he wore a pair of denim shorts, revealing his legs of muscle and build. His torso, bared and seemed to glow in the light of the fire. His tan colored fur and brown stripes were like shadows in the flickering light. She marveled at the sight of his abdominals, the way the muscles stood out as many individuals. She thought that the firmness of them, as well as the rest of him, resembled that of rocks.

The sight of his god-like upper half excited her, with its clearly defined mucles, again standing out as many individuals. His shoulders broad with mass and bulk, stood out in a sight of power and dominence as did his arms rippling and tight from massive muscular build, ending with paws of wonderous emotion and strength. His great paws of power and fury raged like the fires of hell, with the power and strength of a god. But yet, they could be so calm and sentimental, like the summer breeze that blew through her long black hair with the interlacing white streaks, and as gentle as a mother’s loving touch. His god-like appearance to her was exciting yet soothing, intimidating yet protective, especially when she looked at his face, so strong and proud and yet so gentle and kind. And there was so much more, more than a single thought could think. More than words themselves could say. And the possibilities were infinite, only giving her more to love and to cherish.

Chance, still holding the urge to take Felina in his arms, was now overwhelmed by it. He stood and walked around the fire to where his lover sat. He sat close to her and put his arm around her waist. She leaned into him and took his free paw. They sat there and basked in the heat and random movement of the fire, and in the love and warmth of each other’s close presence. They gazed into the wild blaze of the fire for a while before they brought their attention to the blaze of emotions burning in each others eyes. Within burned the flames of love and compassion, lust and excitement and the sworn truth of their unspoken, yet to be said words. “Felina”, Chance spoke softly. “I love you so much. Your the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life. I’ll love you always, and I’ll keep on loving you until the day I die and go on into the afterlife, where I’ll carry the love I hold for you in my soul for all eternity. Never to have it fade and die.”

“Oh, Chance. I love you too. I’ll always love you, but most of all right now. I can’t wait until our wedding where I’ll become Mrs. Felina Furlong”, she replied with a smile.

“Me neither”, Chance whispered back softly.

He withdrew his paw from hers and wrapped it around her waist, so he now embraced her. His relentless urge to take her in his arms was now satisfied. She returned his embrace by putting her arms around his neck. She pulled him close, and they kissed each other passionately as they lowered themselves to the sand, she on top of him. They continued to embrace each other and kiss each other passionately as the light of the moon, the stars and the sky that ascended onto the shore of the beach stealthily crept its was up to the blazing fire and the couple and swept their watchful gaze from behind the lights over them.

Chance and Felina never knew and never would know that they were being watched, not by another kat but by the watchful gaze of heaven’s lights and the eyes of God as they basked in the love and passion of one another. They knew for certain that, unlike the fire, their flame for one another would never die out.

The End

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