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One Dangerous Vehicle

By Kelly Quinlan

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Author's Notes:

One Dangerous Vehicle by Kelly “Jessie” Quinlan (banjo@mail.coos.or.us)

Warning: to all who will read this…this story does contain bad language

Updated 6-18-98

The beautiful waxed new jet, the most powerful jet that Megakat city has ever seen as flying freely in the air going 4, 500 MPH.

“Yea hoo!” T-bone cried excitedly moving the gear shift up.

The Turbokat did a little spin and went higher in the air. Suddenly a white light came toward them.

“What the—”

The white light was so bright that T-bone had no choice but cover his eyes as the light slammed into the jet. Razor who had his hand on the controls was zapped. T-bone too was zapped by the light and then it was gone.

The Turbokat then, started to go down as the engines when out.  Right when it was going to crash into a building the two engines kicked in and the jet landed on the sidewalk.

T-bone slowly opened his eyes as the hatch opened. The cool breeze gave back Razor’s sense as he slowly opened his eyes.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know!? And I don’t remember landing the jet—-and I know you can’t fly the jet that well—”

“Then who did?”

“You guys are such god damn idiots!! I’m the one who landed us! In stead of a ‘thank you’ I get this!!”

“Identify your self!” Razor demanded.

“Hooo?! So—is this like—20 questions?” Said the voice.

T-bone was getting pretty annoyed with the person or thing that was being a damn smart mouth. “All right! Who are you!” T-bone snapped.

“You should know exactly who I am T-bone!! Or shall I say—Chance Furlong.”

“How did you know that!!”

The voice didn’t answer as the hatch closed and the jet rose into the air by itself. T-bone tried to maintain control of the Turbokat but he wasn’t strong enough.

“Huuu—T-bone? Were are you taking us?” Razor asked.

“I’m not taking us anywhere!! The Turbokat  is not responding to me!?”

“That’s because the jet is mine?!” Said a familiar voice.

“Hard Drive!” They both said at once.

Just then Herd Drive appeared on the screen. “Well done Turbokat. Now bring them to me.”

“I’ve should’ve known that son of a bitch was behind this!” T-bone muttered.

“Hea!? That’s my friend you talking to Swat Kat!”

The image of Hard Drive faded away as gas filled the cockpit. The fear on their face’s left them as they remembered nothing more. The Turbokat went to speed of heat and was at the outskirts  of a little town called Pumadinne.  The jet slowed down when it reached the desert. The Turokat landed as Hard Drive walked up.

“Well done, my boy.” He said patting the jet.

The jet moved two inches away from Hard Drive.  “Yek! Get way from me!”

Hard Drive wrinkled his lips to one side of his face. This is going to be a lot harder than I planed. “Look! We both don’t like the Swat Kat, right? And we want to get rid of them! Right?” Hard Drive questioned.


“Then  hand them over!”

The hatch opened. Hard Drive hopped on the wing. He walked to T-bone and unbuckled him, lifting the heavy Swat Kat, he drug T-bone to the edge of the wing and rolled  him off…. Thud! T-bone landed on his back.

Hard Drive pivoted and walked to the other Swat Kat. He reached for Razor’s seatbelt but Razor grabbed on to his hand and pointed his glove-o-tix-ed right at him.

“Not one move Hard Drive!”

He touched Razor and zapped the poor helpless Swat Kat.

Two hours went by.  T-bone opened his eyes, staring at the bright sun light.  He pushed button on his helmet and shades came down over his eyes as he painfully sat up. T-bone looked at Razor who was still out; he pushed a button on his helmet and shades came down too.

“Buddy? Razor. Wake up.” Said  T-bone, shaking him.

Razor slowly sat up and painfully shook his head. Then looked around and Hard Drive and the Turbokat was gone, he sighed as Razor got to his feet  and  looked at his friend who rose to his feet.

“It’s going to be a long walk back to Megakat city. So we better get started.” Said Razor looking at the sun.

T-bone took a step and a sharp pain ripped through his back and cried out in pain.

Razor spun around surprisingly and pushed a button and the shades rose.  “T-bone are you all right?”

“I-I-will be.”  He answered painfully.

Razor walked up turned around and placed T-bone’s arm on his shoulders. So they started to walk and walk and walk.

That night the Swat kats stopped to rest, Razor helped T-bone sit down.

“How’s your back T-bone?” Razor asked.

“It’s not as bad as it was.”

Razor turned and looked ahead and sighed, he pivoted to T-bone. “We should keep moving T-bone. If we’re going to make it to Pumadinn in the morning.”

“Can’t we rest first Razor? Then continue in the morning?”

“Okay! But don’t blame me if it gets too hot!”

So both Swat Kats took their helmets off as T-bone painfully laid down as Razor laid down too.

Two days later Chance’s senses started to come to him but he didn’t open his eyes yet he did move.  A soft nice cold washcloth was placed on his forehead.

“He’s all right, Jake.”

He slowly opened his eyes to see Jake and a female kat looking over him.  She had sandy colored hair muddy colored skin and ice blue eyes she also was wearing a light brown summer dress. Chance tried to sit up but his back was still shot from the fall as the rag fell.

“You shouldn’t move, Chance, you had a nasty fall that almost threw your back out of whack!”

He moaned and shrank in the covers like he thought that it was his fault that he hurt his back.

“Don’t worry buddy. Bamy said that in two more days  you will be on your feet.”

“Who’s Bamy?”

“I’m Bamy…now…Jake…Chance…I have work to do.”

“We can help.” Said Chance trying to sit up.

“No! You are staying in bad until your back gets better! Come on, Jake, there’s something I want to show you.”

Bamy grabbed Jake and pulled him out closing the door.

Chance shook his head and sighed. I hope this won’t be another one, he thought, (if ya know what I mean by zat…okay, I meant  Jake could’ve found another lovemate? Well read and find out yourself)

After resting for one more day Chance felt much better. Jake and Bamy were on the steps talking and laughing.

“If ya want I can drive you two back to Megakat City, it’s the least I can do.” She suggested.

“You don’t have to do that Bamy. We can probably find our own way back.” Said Chance walking up.

“You won’t make it out there. That’s almost two days worth of desert!”

“Then I guess you could.”

They finally got to Megakat City at six-thirty that night and drove to the Salvage Yard, the three kats got out and walked in the garage.

“Thanks for everything Bamy.”

“My pleasure. Oh yea,” she said handing Jake a bag, “don’t forget  to wear your symbol of truth and justice.”

She pivoted and walking to the beat up truck.  They all waved good by to each other as she honked  and drove off.  Jake looked in the bag and inside was their Swat Kat suits.

Soon they were on the road tracking down the Turbokat.

“It’s going to take all damn night to find the jet!”

“Not unless he fines us first!” Said T-bone pointing to the sky.

Just then a clang and a thud and the whole truck was lifted five stories off the ground.

“We have to get away or we’re going to be next on the endangered species list.” Razor teased.

T-bone rolled his eyes as he opened his door and Razor jumped out as T-bone their parachutes came out of their back and they landed gently on their feet.

“Now what!”

“C’mon Razor, the Turbokat’s getting away!”

“T-bone you’re crazy! We’ll never catch up with the jet if we’re walking!”

Just then lights came up behind them as they turned and a car stopped. Callie got out of car as cop cars drove up.  Feral stepped out and pointed his gun and the other enforcers did too.

“I’m sorry, Swat Kats, but I have to place you guys under arrest.” She said turning her back on them.

“But Callie…we didn’t do it, it was Hard Drive and the jet…”

“Yea! Somehow our jet has a mind of its own!” Said Razor.

That caught Callie’s attention and she pivoted. “Are you sure?” She questioned.

“Yes! And if you lend us an enforcer jet we’ll bring in Hard Drive and see what we can do with our jet.” Said T-bone.

“All right! I’ll give you guys three hours to settle the matter!”

“Don’t worry Callie, you won’t be disappointed!”

The Turbokat, however, distorted another building when an enforcer jet came right behind them and fired on the Turbokat.

“Razor!? What are you doing!?” T-bone  asked.

“The only way to bring sparky and Mr. Moodier Mouth down is to smoke them down!”

Razor pushed a button and a missile came to the jet and exploded underneath the Tubokat. The jet spun wildly down to the ground as it slammed into a building. Even though Razor likes to say ‘bingo’ when they win but this time he was not in the mood.  The enforcer jet landed as Hard Drive stumbled up.

Razor pointed his glove-o-trix-ed first right at him, so did T-bone but Hard Drive walled and passed out. Razor tied him up as T-bone walked up to the jet that he liked so much.

“I’m sorry that we had to do that, but it was the only way to save the city.”

Razor walked up and surveyed the mess. The jet didn’t look too bad; they could take it home and fix it.

Two days later there were no clouds in the sky except a few gray ones. When suddenly something black ripped them apart, it was (that’s  right) the Turbokat.

“It’s nice to have the jet back, huh, buddy?”

“You’re going too fast!?”  Said Razor sound like the jet.

The Turbokat stopped.

T-bone looked around; Razor’s laughter was unexpected.  “What’s so funny?”

“You should’ve seen your face man!”

“Very— funny!”  Said T-bone realizing what happened.


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