Original SWAT Kats Story


By Keith Nickeas

  • 1 Chapter
  • 11,799 Words

(Unfinished) Dr. Leopold Borgus’ new inventions are so advanced they get him kicked out of Pumadyne, but that doesn’t mean the end of his experimentation…

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Author's Notes:

A big hello and welcome to all you SK fans out there. It’s me, Keith Nickeas, and this this is my masterpiece of a story. I’m having a few problems with my “Brave New World” series, so in the mean time, here’s something for you to be getting along with.

Now, as to the plot; I’m a BIG Star Trek fan, mostly of “The Next Generation”, but “DS9” is good and “Voyager” is getting better, for a reason I’ll explain in a minute. Now, one of the Federations main foes is the Borg Collective. They were in the latest Star Trek film, “First Contact”, and have been in numerous STTNG episodes and now are in Voyager. This is my own Borg story, set in the SK world.

No, Chance and Jake are NOT in command of a starship. (Not yet… ? ). In this story, we see the rise of the Borg collective and what happens afterwards. It starts 7 years before the very last episode of SK (Kill tED, kill tED), but part one is the start of the Borg collective in Megakat City. You’ll also find that I’ve included a few special guests, so that you know that it’s set in the SK world.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough. Time to let you read and enjoy. (I hope.) P.S. If any of you fan artists out their want to draw a picture of anything in this story, please do so. I think that this story could offer challanges to anyone who likes to draw pictures from fanfics. If you want to send me the picture as a sort of look over, send it to nikata@dccl.net. Note – if you use hotmail, please don’t send anything, since i can’t recieve anything off anyone using hotmail. Thanks.

Swat Borg Part I 

Pumadyne, Megakat City, 1990.

Doctor Leopold Borgus was, to put it simply, more nervous then someone on their first date. His tail swished impatiently from side to side. This would be his big break, the one he had been looking for. Ever since he joined the “Inventors Department”, he had been looking of a way to move up and into fame. Now he had the perfect ammunition, for Borgus had done what others thought was impossible: melding biology and technology together.

Over the past three years, he had and his faithful assistant had toiled and slaved to met their dream. Borgus had discovered Hugh, his assistant, while he worked on the interviewing panel and found that his special knowledge was a new field called cybernetics. Borgus had used his influence to get him hired and the two had worked together ever since. This project was their brain child and dream and when he became famous, Borgus would make sure that Hugh would get the credit he deserved.

Hugh came into Borgus’ lab then, carrying his lab coat, which he handed to the doctor

“You look nervous,” Hugh commented.

Borgus looked at him. “You have to be kidding. This is it Hugh, the moment we’ve worked so hard for. This is make or break day.”

Hugh smiled. The doctor was always so melodramatic. Though, he knew was he was going through. His nerves were on edge as well.

“You’ll be fine, sir. You have nothing to hide and everything is working fine. Horborg 7’s systems are all in perfect order, no sign of deterioration. Everything will go fine, you’ll see.”

“I wish you could tell my tail that. The stupid thing won’t stop moving.” Just to prove the point, it lashed about faster. “There, do you see that?”

“Perhaps if its owner calmed down?” answered Hugh.

“Argh!” Borgus walked across to the window and looked out over Megakat City. He could see from here the renovations being done to the Enforcer’s Headquarters. Borgus decided that get his mind of the matter in had and changed the subject.

“Have you heard about that new commander?” he asked Hugh.

“Yeah. His name’s Feral, from the Feral family. Youngest kat to made commander yet.”

“Feral! There’s a Feral on the board, whose coming here. Argh!” With that idea out of the window, he walked over to the mirror to adjusted his hair, for the millionth time.

“Sir, your going to give a heart attack.”

Borgus looked at Hugh. He looked back at him with a look a hopefulness. Borgus walked over to him and put his paw on his shoulder.

“You’re right, as always. Everything will be fine. I will not end up like Hackle.”

“No, sir. You’ll be running this city within seven years.”

“I wish,” replied Borgus.

Just then, the doors to his lab opened and in stepped six very important looking kats. The seventh was Professor Pebble, head of Inventor Department. He was talking to the kats as he came in the room.

“… one of our best here. I hope that you will enjoy seeing his work, since his work is the best. Simply the best.”

“Wish me luck,” Borgus whispered to Hugh before walked over to the group.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlekats. I’m Doctor Leopold Borgus. This,” he indicated behind him, “is my assistant, Hugh. Well, let us begin.” He led the group into the middle of the lab were six chairs had been placed. A seventh was set facing them. The six board members sat down, followed by Borgus. Pebble stood at the back, near the door.

“Now, you are probably wondering what the “Horborg Project” is. But before I tell you, let me start off by asking you, if you have ever seen “The Six Million Dollar Kat”?”

There were six nods, all synchronized.

“Good. Now, how far do you think anybody on the planet is closed to that program, melding kat with machine?”

“Not very far,” answered one with the name-tag that said “Feral”.

“That is what I expected you to say. But I’m here to tell you different. For that past three years me and my assistant have been working on a way to melding kat and machine. And now we have achieved it.”

This sent a murmur through the group. “Are you saying,” asked Professor Feral, “is that you have made a bionic kat?”

“No, we have made a cybernetic life-form.”

This sent more murmurs through the six again. “Explain” asked Professor Feral, the voted speaker of the group.

“Certainly. Cybernetics is a very new term for what we have done. It basically means melding metal onto living tissue. It can also cover implanting a computer inside a subject.”

Professor Feral raised his eyebrows and stared at Borgus. He leaned forwards.

“You have made a kat into a machine?”

Borgus looked back at him with a look of shock. “No of course we haven’t. With have done this to a cow.”

“A cow?”

“Yes. It was the only animal I could be granted to experiment on. Would you like to come see for yourselves?”

Professor Feral turned to his colleagues, then back to Borgus.

“Please, lead to way.”

The seven stood up and Borgus took the led, with Hugh and Pebble joining them. They reached a metal door with the words “Do Not Enter” on the front. Borgus ran a card in a slot and punched in a code on the door, which then opened.

“This way please.”

The nine kats walked into a large room filled with computers, consoles and tubes running from one side of the room to another. In one wall was large metal window covering. Borgus walked over to a computer and keyed in a command. With this, the metal doorway slowly opened, making a loud grinding sound. When it had opened, Pebble and the six board members gasped in surprise.

The room they saw was just as large as the one they were in. In the centre was something that looked slightly like a cow, expect that most of its body was covered in metal and had tubes running from one place to another. Above this cow was a large upside down cone that came off the ceiling. Wires from the cows head went into this cone, which buzzed and flashed with many coloured lights. Lining the wall were many computer consoles and at intervals was a circle that had a flashing arch of electricity. From various points, tubes and wires lead from the wall into the cone. All these wires and tubes looked like some perverted spider’s web. The cow turned its head and from the side was a red laser beam, which hit Borgus.

“Good morning, Doctor Borgus,” came a voice into the control room. It was strange, having no evidence of gender, but not flat either. It was… pleasant.

Borgus pressed another key. “Good morning, Horborg 7. How are you feeling today?

“I am very well thank you doctor.” The beam moved to a female member of the group. “Are these the kats from the board?” the voice asked.

“Yes they are. Say hello, Horborg 7.”

“Good morning, ladies and gentlekats of the board. I hope that you are well.”

“My I introduce you to Horborg 7, the world’s very first cybernetic life-form.”

The six members looked at each other, then back at the cow. “That’s Horborg 7?” asked a male member of the board.

“Yes, I am Horborg 7,” said the voice

Professor Feral gasped again. “Are you self aware?” he asked.

“Yes, I am fully self aware and functioning.”

“What exactly is contained within your memory banks?”

“My data banks contain information from countless sources that cover a large field of subjects, such as history, science and social aspects of life. I understand everything that I learn and it is stored inside my vast data banks. My speciality is that of Megakat City.”

“What do you mean, speciality?”

“I know everything about there is to know about Megakat City, dating from the time of Megalith City to the installing of the new commander.”

“Thank you Horborg 7,” said Borgus. “Now, will you follow me back to the main lab. We have much to discuss.”

“Good bye,” came the voice of Horborg 7.

The group left to room and went back to the lab. They sat back at the chairs. Borgus smiled at the six. “I suppose you have many questions.”

Professor Feral was the first to ask. “How did you do that? How did you turn that cow into a computer?”

Borgus’ smile widened. “Well, I won’t give away trade secrets. But it’s a lengthy operation that involves actually going into the brain. But I have the technique now so we have no more mishaps.”

“What mishaps?” asked a female member of the group.

“Well, as the name Horborg 7 suggests, he is not the first one. He is in fact the ninth attempt. The first two did not survive that operation. The third, Horborg 1, was the first to survive the operation. However, its body could not stand the strain and died after a few hours of life. Horborg 2 and 3 were both the same.

With Horborg 4, we tried a different approach. Before, we would convert the cow completely. This lead to a cascade failure 1, 2 and 3. In Horborg 4, however, we did the primary operation first, then added components afterwards. This worked fine, until there was a power failure, which shut off the whole system. It turned of its brain. We solved this by powering the lab with a small hydrogen reactor, that I might add in no harm of blowing up.

Horborg 5 was again a success. However, when we tried to install information onto the hard drives inside its head, it overloaded and died. Horborg 6 was the same, but this time it actually communicated with us. But unfortunately, it, too failed and died.

We tried a different way with Horborg 7. Instead of putting the hard drives inside its head, we put them separate, connecting them into Horborg 7’s brain. That was seven months ago and so far there is no sign of failure.”

“It is pretty amazing work you have done. You have certainly broke many records here and have most probably entered the history books as well. But what do you think will be the benefits of this technology?”

“There are many benefits,” Borgus answered. “Think of this: A kitten is born with serious brain damage. The only way is to bring it up, looking after it, knowing that there is no way it could ever understand anything. The only alternative is to abort the foetus into before its born.

But now, with a simple operation, that kitten could grow up to live an ordinary life, going to school, making friends, falling in love. Without the implant, that kitten is doomed to a life of emptiness.

Another example would be for a kat who has lost both arms and legs. With a simple implant, that kat could have artificial limps that would work just like, or even better, then the originals. A bionic kat!

But what I think could be the most interesting and beneficial to society would be implants in criminals.”

“What? In criminals? Why?” stuttered Professor Feral.

“Simple,” came Borgus. “With an implant, a kat who is a mad killer could be “re-programed” to act in a different way, to be productive member of society.”

“Re-programable kats? That raises a lot of social questions.”

“Such as?” asked Borgus.

“What would happen if a would-be dictator got hold of these implants. They could implant everybody in a country, have them vote for them, then have them as an army.”

“That’s why the re-programing would be in the hands of the government,” replied Borgus. “It would be up to them who has to be re-programme and who won’t. There would be strict guild-lines that would have to be followed.

This leads me onto my request; to start experimenting on kat subjects. The technique is safe, I just need to see how well it can be done a subject that is already self aware.”

Professor Feral looked back at his colleagues. “Well, I think that we have heard all we need to hear. Thank you for your time, Doctor Borgus.”

“Thank you for your time. And please, take this folder,” he added as he handed Professor Feral a gray folder. “This has documents that contain more information that you can read and discuss.”

“Thank you again doctor. We will discuss your request.” With this the two kats shook paws and Pebble lead the group out of the lab. Hugh walked up to Borgus and put is paw on is shoulder.

“You were great, sir.”

“Thanks. Now, we sit and wait.”  One Week Later

Professor Pebble was playing with his claws, waiting for Borgus. He had just received the answer to Borgus’ request. And it wasn’t good. Pebble was disappointed, not just for Borgus, but for Pumadyne. Borgus’ project could have changed the world, but it had fallen through. Now he, Borgus’ close friend, had to tell him it was a no go.

Doctor Borgus walked to Pebble’s office, again nervous about the outcome of a weeks talks. The board had had more then enough time to go over his plans. This long could only mean that they had excepted his ideas. Even that Feral had said how record breaking his project was.

He knocked before he went into Pebbles office. They maybe friends, but authority was still in place.

“Come in,” came the voice inside.

Borgus stepped into the office. He always thought that this office was the most tidy in the whole place. Even his office was cluttered and he was a methodical kat. Behind Pebble were framed pictures, one which showed Pebbles shaking hands with Professor Hackle, his predecessor. Hackle’s genius was legendary in Pumadyne. No one knew exactly why he left, he just did. Pebble was next in line and took the office before Hackle was even out the building. Hackle spent most of his time in the lab, while Pebble spent most of his in this office. Still, he was a good kat.

“Sit down, Leo.”

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room.


“I’m sorry Leo. They turned down your request.”

“They… they… they what!?!?” Borgus stammered.

“I’m sorry. They believed that your project had too many… well… moral implications. They thought that programing a whole community could be too risky. That’s why they… uh… they want you to… uh… to…” Pebble became lost for words.

“What? What?!?”

“They want you to cancel the Hoborg project and turn all ideas over to the board so that your project can never be used by other scientists.”

Borgus just stared at Pebble. He could not believe his ears. Not only had they said no to his request, they wanted him to give up his dream. He got up and headed to the door.

“Leopold. It wasn’t my decision. I had no say,” Pebble called after him. Borgus turned to him, his face blank. “I know.” With that, he left. Pebble hoped his friend would be able to get over this let down.

Hugh was busy cleaning out specimen trays when Borgus came back. He expected his boss’ face to be a picture of triumph, but instead, it was completely blank. Oh no, Hugh thought.

“They cancelled the project,” Borgus said. Before Hugh could say anything, Borgus raised his arm and swept it across the top of the nearest bench top. Everything smashed on the floor, glass breaking, chemicals spilling. Borgus then lifted up a stool and brought it crashing onto another bench. The air was again filled with sound of breaking glass. Hugh rushed over and slapped him around the face.

Borgus was so surprised by this he fell to the ground. Hugh stood over him.

“Destroying your lab won’t solve anything, sir.”

Hugh held out a paw and helped Borgus to his feet. He rubbed the area of grey fur that Hugh had hit. “You’re right, you’re right.” He sat down on a stool and stared at the mess he had made. Green katalysts ran into red katalysts. They all ran together, mixing now that they were free.

Watching the freed liquids, an idea came started to form in his mind. He grabbed Hugh by the arm and pulled him into Horborg 7’s room.  He opened the window and Horborg 7 targeted him with his laser.

“Good afternoon, Doctor Borgus, Hugh. How did the request go?”

“It was denied and I have to terminate the project. In other words, kill you.”

There was silence form Horborg 7. Finally he asked “Why?”

“Because of social problems, such as making a whole population into machines. Not only that, they want me turn the whole thing over to them, so that in five or ten years, they can make the project public and stick the Pumadyne label on it. Forgetting us.

“What’ll we do?” asked Hugh.

“Simple,” said Borgus, smiling a smile that dripped of cunning and evil. It scared Hugh. “We will continue the project… by ourselves.”

“How can this be done?” asked Horborg 7. “Pumadyne is the only facility can houses the equipment you require.”

Borgus smile widened. “I thought ahead, incase of such a refusal. At home, below my house, runs a large underground system of caves and tunnels. There, I built a computer control centre like this one. Horborg 7, activate programme 35.79.”

The lights on the cone flashed faster. “Accessing,” came Horborg 7. “Running outside linkup programme to Remote one. Stand by. Please give access code.”

Borgus typed in a code on a nearby keyboard. “Thank you. Running command 35.79. Connecting to outside link. Link enabled.”

“Horborg 7, run command 777.78. This will allow you to copy your programme into the new Mainframe. Your body will be of no use here. I’ve created a new body for you. Do that now, they’ll be here soon to tear you apart.”

“Acknowledged. Downloading. Downloading. Downloading. Down… load… ing…. Down…” The lights stopped flashing, the hum ceased. Horborg 7 had been shut down. Borgus walked over to a console and read the information. He smiled again.

“It was a success. Horborg 7 is now in the new Mainframe. This will enable me to continue the project.”

“You? What about me?” asked Hugh.

“Hugh,” Borgus said putting his paws on his assistant’s shoulders. “I will not be defeated. I will continue this project, free lance. Looks like I did end up like Hackle.”

“You mean…”

“Yes, I’ll resign here. But I can’t expect you to. You have a promising career here.

“Yes, but who will help you. Only I know how it’s done. I will not let you leave, unless you allow me to keep helping you. This is our project, remember?”

“Yes it was. Still is. If that is what you wish, then I can’t stop you. It would be a big help.”

Just then three security guards entered the room, followed by a hand full of scientists. The scientists headed over to the computers, while the guards shoved Borgus and Hugh out of the room.

“Sorry sir. You aren’t allowed in there now.”

“Yes, I know,” said Borgus in a voice of defeat, but when he looked at Hugh, his eyes twinkled with knowledge and resistance. And just a touch of madness.

“It’s such a shame. Are you sure you want to resign?” Pebble asked Borgus. Their were in Borgus’ lab, which was now empty, Horborg 7’s room had now been stripped of everything.

“Yes. It seems that my talent is not needed here. I’ll do a Hackle and go free lance.”

“You do know that Pumadyne still has the right to recall you if you are needed? And that you hold some very sensitive information that you cannot tell anybody?”

“Yes,” answered Borgus, completely calm. Everything was under control. “I won’t move out of Megakat City limits and I won’t give out the information, upon pain of death. Yes, yes, yes. Besides, I’ll be busy on my new project.

“And that is?” enquired Pebble

“Artificial computer intelligence, without biological additions.”

“Interesting. Your assistant is helping you then, since he resigned this morning?”

“That’s right. We make a good team.”

“Well, I wish all the best for the future. Good bye Leo. And good luck.” Pebble shook Borgus’ paw.

“You too.” With that Borgus walked out of his lab for the last time.

Hugh had never been to Dr. Borgus’ house. He had only ever spoke to him at work, sometimes on the phone after work, but had never had to go around for anything. As he walked down the street, he couldn’t help but notice the empty houses that lined the road. Each looked the same, empty, soulless, without purpose, but serving Borgus’ in one way: seclusion.

As Hugh walked up the drive, he couldn’t help but notice how empty Borgus’ house looked. It was a two storey wooded and stone building, with windows that looked like eyes of zombies that looked down on Hugh. He wondered if he had the right house, until he saw Borgus standing on the doorstep.

“Good. I’m glad you found the place.” He held out a paw to take Hugh’s baggage. “This it?”

“Yeah. I don’t have many belongings.”

“Well, now your living here, everything I have is yours. It’s the least I can do.”

He allowed Hugh into the hallway, closing the door behind him. He lead him up the long flight of stairs and to his room. Hugh was glad the inside looked better kept for then the outside. And his room was no exception. A large four poster bed, the walls down in a dark red and wood effect, deep rugs and fireplace where a log fire roared away.

“Don’t mind the log fire. It’s the cheapest way to heat this place.”

“No its… this place is perfect.”

“I’m glad,” said Borgus with a smile. “Now, when you’ve unpacked, meet me in the hallway and I’ll give you the grand tour.”

Hugh didn’t take long to unpack and found the doctor waiting by the stairs. Borgus lead him around the rooms downstairs, going from the kitchen to the lounge to the music room, finally to the library.

“Now we’re here, time to see Horborg 7.” He walked over to a bookcase and beckoned Hugh over. Borgus put his paw on a book and invited Hugh to look. The title read “ADVANCED MECHANICS BY PROFESSOR HACKLE”.

Hugh looked at Borgus with puzzlement. “I never knew that Hackle wrote a book?”

“He didn’t,” replied Borgus, smiling and pulling the book. The entire wall open like a door and  Behind it were some metal stairs going downwards.

“After you,” said Borgus. The two kats entered the opening and the bookcase closed behind them. There was light that ran all the way down, and there echoed a soft thumping sound. The two walked down the stairs, the thumping got louder, like a giant heart beat. They came to a large metal door that looked like the one back at the lab. Borgus walked up to it and said “Borgus, 9537.001”

“Code accepted,” thundered a loud voice and the door open with a large grinding sound. The two entered the room and the door closed behind them.

Borgus couldn’t help but be amused at his assistant’s reaction at the room that they were in. It was twice the size of the lab and Horborg 7’s room put together and was completely square, with computer consoles and screens lining every wall. The middle of the room was taken up with a large four sided consoled that reached up into the ceiling, if that could be called a ceiling. It was completely covered in metal panels, with tubes that lead form various points to connect into the top of the main console. The main console was the same each side, with a chair and faced a large keyboard, above which was a massive view-screen. To each side of this were two other, smaller screens. All of the were angled so that looked down on whoever sat at the chair. The main ones, all four, showed a electronic wave that stayed steady. The whole room was dark, lit only by spotlights that were hidden in the mass of tubing.

“So, what do you think?” asked Borgus

“It’s amazing! How did you do it? Where did you find all this equipment from?”

“Well, as for the room, it quite an accident. As I told you, there are a series of caves and tunnels that run under this entire estate. I simply changed this one to my needs, plus one through that door,” He pointed at door that Hugh had not seen, since it was on the opposite side of the room, hidden by the main console. “As for the equipment, I…  have a “friend” who was kind enough to give me this.”

“Who was this “friend”?” enquired Hugh.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know. All I know is that he is one large kat, has a deep voice that scared me and has the initials D. K. Other then that, I don’t know anything else about him.”

“What did you tell him you were doing with all this?”

“Updating the Enforcer computers. I made a bargain so that in seven years, he could come and take control of the system and I would help him. It seems that there was a programme built into the computer allowing anyone with the right remote frequency to take control of the whole system.”

“Aren’t you worried that this D. K. could take over the city? At least take control of this computer system?”

“To tell you the truth, it never bothered me. And as for controlling this system, Horborg disabled it.”

“Horborg? He’s here?”

“Yes, I am.” The voice made Hugh jump. It sounded very loud and evil and very male.

“Horborg 7?”

“It is just Horborg now. And yes, it is me.”

One large monitor flicked and a large head looked down on Hugh. The head was green and very blocky. But the eyes looked threatening, menacing, as though there was feeling behind them. But Horborg was a computer. It, he, couldn’t feel emotions. Could he?

“Horborg, show Hugh our little surprise.”

Instantly, the image changed. It showed kats dancing in evening wear. The place was very lavish and the kats were very important looking. In the background was Mayor Manx with his deputy mayor, Mr. Dickens. Sat on Manx’s left was Commander Feral, who looked like he was in deep conversation with the mayor.

“Where is that?” asked Hugh.

“That’s the Megakat Ritz. I can tap into the security camera in any building anywhere in the city. That’s all I can do… for the moment.” The image flicked back to Horborg. “Well the question is now, do you still want in or not?” Borgus and Horborg looked at Hugh, who felt slightly uncomfortable. At looked at Horborg, then back at Borgus. “When do I begin?” he asked.

Borgus smiled. “Tonight. I have found the perfect subject to begin on, if he’s still there. But I doubt he’s moved. Shall we?”

“Led the way, sir.” The two kats walked out of the room. Horborg watching them as they left. He smiled to himself, a smile that dripped complete evil.

Des was tired, hungry and cold. He had been living on the streets of Megakat City for the past seven months, ever since he came here to make his fortune. But that fortune never came. Within two weeks of his arrival, he had been conned by landlords and empty job promises. Now he had nothing. No life, no possession, nothing other then the clothes he wore. Worst of all, he had no hope.

He walked down the street, seeing all the other bums and lowlifes. They couldn’t get money, they’d mug some poor kat. He, however, begged politely. In this, many kats just walked by and didn’t see him, least give him money. He continued down the street, passed a locked up shop. What he didn’t notice, was the way the security camera followed him as he walked…

Des settled in for the night, in his makeshift home. The night was cold, so he rubbed his paws together, but that made little difference. Oh, how he wished he could get out of this pit he had dug himself! But without a home address, he could never get a job. And without a job, he could never get a home. A vicious circle, to which there was no escape. He had even tried the Enforcers, but had the same result. He felt like a drone, made to perform the same task over and over again, without success.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming up the ally, towards his box. By the sound of it, there were two of them, and they didn’t sound as if they were friendly. The sound stopped right outside his box. Then, with a rip, the top came off one two figures looked down on him.

“There, what did I tell you ? A perfect subject,” said the one on Des’ left.

“He looks very thin, sir.” said the other one.

“That doesn’t matter. After we’ve done with him, he won’t need food – ever again.”

Des was now very frightened. At first he though they would come to beat him up and take what little money he had. Now they said he didn’t need food again. They were going to kill him!

“Please, please don’t kill me.”

“Kill you?” said the first one again. “Kill you?!” He laughed, a cold, heartless laugh. “I don’t want to kill you. In fact, after I’ve done with you, you’ll be more famous then you could possibly imagine.” With that, the figure grabbed Des’ arm and stuck a needle into it. Des struggled, but it was no use, the effects of the drug overwhelmed him…

Des woke up slowly, his head hurting with the side effects of whatever had been pumped into his system. As his vision cleared, he realized that he was no longer in the alley. He was strapped down to bed in a large computer room. The buzz of machines busy doing calculation invaded his skull.

He lifted his head to have a better look. In the centre was what looked like a large computer, with screens that had a large, green looking head on it. To his left and right was hospital equipment.

“Ah, you’re awake. Good.” The voice came from the opposite side of the room. It was the same voice that had spoken to him earlier. At last, he saw its owner.

The kat that walked up to him was quite small, probably five ft. and had gray coloured fur. He looked at Des through gold rimmed glasses that looked quite old, not like the new high-tech ones that kats wore nowadays. Des couldn’t see what clothes he was wearing because the kat was wearing a lab coat. A second kat came up behind the first. This one was at least four inches taller and had light brown fur. He too had a lab coat on.

“Where am I?” asked Des, sounding more confident then he felt.

“My lab. I’m Dr. Borgus and this is my assistant, Hugh,” said the doctor, pointing to himself, then to the other kat. “You, my dear subject, are to become the first in the line of cyborgs that will grace this world.”

Des was now very much afraid of this doctor. He struggled against the restraints. The doctor laughed.

“You don’t understand. Ah, well, soon you will. You have no choice. Like I had no choice. Hugh, get “the black sleep”.” Hugh got a needle and gave it to the doctor. Des struggled more, to try and stop this mad kat from sticking the needle into him. But Borgus managed to stick it into the his arm. As sleep came over him, his last memory was Borgus looking down at him and his last words as Des stopped struggling: “Resistance is futile….”

For the next five hours, the two kats worked on their first kat subject. They performed the procedure just as they had done with all the other times. the black sleep kept the subject unconscious, since it was a more powerful, and highly illegal, drug that worked the same as anaesthetic, except that it kept the patient asleep until the antidote was used. It was a chemical induced coma.

First was the brain area. The electrical components were added, plus other bits of metal that Horborg had insisted had to go in. Then it was the outside of the head, the attachment of metal plates and tubes that would soon feed fluid from one part of the brain to another.

At seven o’clock in the morning, the two kats had finished. Borgus injected the antidote and stood back to admire their work. The new cyborg stood up and looked around. Borgus walked up to it.

“Who are you?” he asked it. The cyborg looked at Borgus and Hugh was sure that it would attack him. But instead, the cyborg simply walked past the two kats and up to the main console. Suddenly, a wire came down from the mass on tubing and connected into the side of the cyborgs head. The main view-screen changed from Horborg’s head to files that ran down the screen. Borgus and Hugh walked over and looked at the screen.

“I don’t believe it!” exclaimed Borgus.

“What is it?” asked Hugh

“Look. This kats entire memory is being downloaded into Horborg’s memory banks. Horborg, what are you doing?”

There was silence, then a voice that Borgus had not heard before thundered in the room.

“Cyborg designation one of one. Serve, protect, destroy.” Borgus now began to worry. What had he done? Horborg’s head reappeared on the big screen.

“What I have done is evolved, doctor,” its voice was sounded as though two people speaking. Two joined together. “Using the memory of this cyborg, I will expand. And you will assist me in this action. Continue with your project. Increase the ranks of cyborgs. By doing this, I will become the most superior lifeform on Katopia.”

“What about us?” Hugh asked Horborg.

“You both have helped me by making me be, and saving me from Pumadyne. You two will be spared.

“So let me get this straight, Horborg,” said Borgus. “Each time we make another cyborg, you will absorb the memory into your system. Then each cyborg will be controlled, by you?”

“That is correct doctor. Each cyborg will add another dimension to my programing, helping me evolve beyond a mere computer. I will add their biological distinctiveness to my own. And each cyborg will be controlled by me, yes. But do not worry, doctor. As long as you are loyal to me, my cyborgs will not harm you or Hugh.”

There was nothing the two kats could do. they had to comply to Horborg’s wishes. For the next two weeks, they worked on the cyborg, One of One as it was now called. After two weeks of working on one, they would go out and get another, spending two weeks on this one. Horborg would absorb them into his system, giving them a designation and what action they would perform.

After eighteen months of working, thirty six cyborgs later, Horborg requested that access points be bit built for the drones to use as rest and re-charging areas. With the help of the drones, thirty six access points were built. They were taller there a cyborg, with a electrical globe above the cyborg. When a cyborg stepped into a access point, they began to re-charge their metallic parts. It also gave them access to Horborg’s “collective conscious”, as he put it. Horborg’s voice was now a collection of different voice, all combined into one.

The thing that gave the cyborg’s any sense of individuality was the way they looked. Every cyborg was different. Each had a hard body armour, some had only one functioning paw while others had none or both could be used. The arm, or in some case both arms, had been replaced will long instruments, either for construction or assisting in the assimilation of others. Each cyborg had tubes that fluid travelled through. Some had many, while others had only a few. Around the heads, apart from any existing facial features, there were metallic parts that were bolted to the head and that had wires that travelled deep in the brain. Other one eye they had a disk or covering that gave them heat seeking capabilities. Each had a red laser attached to the side of their had. Most of the fur had dropped out, leaving the skin looking pale and death-like.

Two years passed. Two years and forty eight cyborgs since Borgus and Hugh started down the road to destruction. One that wasn’t theirs.  Megakat city, Late 1992.

Borgus was hard at work down in Horborg’s room, being assisted by two cyborgs. He was working on another cyborg. The bed that had been used originally was had been replaced by a metallic table with more attachments that allowed Horborg himself to perform operations on the subject. Hugh had the night off since he had been up late working on the new cyborg.

“Crud,” Borgus said suddenly.

“What is it?” asked the multi-voice of Horborg.

“I’ve run out of BX 2 chips and copper wiring. I’ll have to go and get some more. Make sure that the subject’s vital signs are stable.” With that, Borgus walked out of the lab and back up to the house.

While he rode in the back of a cab, he thought of what he was doing. He was helping a mad computer expand, and most possibly take over the planet. But he had no choice. This project had become his life. Yet he was afraid, not only of discovery, but of Horborg. He was more then just a machine. He lived as long as he had his cyborgs, his drones.

He paid the cab driver and entered the shop. It was here that he got all of his supplies. He was glad that is uncle had died and left his entire $1 million dollar fortune to him when he was sixteen. Now he was a millionaire, he could mix with the rich Feral and Manx families if he wanted. But he was not the type.

Borgus got the chips and wiring, plus some other bits and pieces that caught his eye. Paying for it, and getting a look of surprise off the kat behind the counter, left for home.

He realized that finding a cab at this time of night would be difficult in this neighbourhood. Borgus wrapped his lab coat around him and set off for the main street of the city. He didn’t fancy the seven mile walk back to his house. Being so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t see six shadows start to follow him…

Suddenly, he was grabbed from behind and pulled into an alley way. Borgus was spun around and stared into the face of a very rugged looking kat wearing a leather jacket. Around him were five other kats, all wearing leather jackets. The kat holding his coat was roughly six ft. and glared at the poor doctor

“Who ‘re ya?” asked the one who had a hold of his lab coat.

“I-I-I’m Dr. B-B-Borgu-s-s,” Borgus stuttered.

“Do ya know ‘ho we ‘re?”


“We’re the Street Kats. And this is our patch. No one comes ‘ere without paying up.” The kat pushed Borgus into the wall.

“I don’t have any money. I spent in all ju…” Borgus was cut off. The led kat had produced a switch blade and slashed in across Borgus face, cutting his cheek open. Blood gushed from the cut onto his cost. Borgus grabbed his face to stop the bleeding.

“That’s not what we wan’ ta hear.” The led kat placed the blade against Borgus’ other cheek.

“Help me. Please, someone…” He was stopped by a kick to the stomach. Borgus dropped his bag and fell to the ground.

“Now, ya going ta pay for that.”

“Why don’t ya pick on someone your own size.” All seven pairs of eyes turned to the alley entrance. There stood two kats. One was as tall as the led kat, and more muscular. The other was smaller and very thin.

“Yeah, leave that poor kat alone,” said the smaller one.

“That’s it. No one tells Butch what ta do.” He signalled the others and all six attacked the two. Borgus cowered on the ground, one paw on his still bleeding face, the other on his bag. He saw that the two new arrivals were making short work of the gang, since they were using karate moves. Within minutes, all six were in a heap on the ground.

The two kats dusted their paws off, then turned their attentions to the kat on the ground. The helped him up and lead him out of the alley. Borgus was still in shock and showed little resistance. They helped him to the main street and called a cab.

“Megakat hospital,” said the bigger kat.

Cab lurched forward, just below the speed limit. Now that his eyes were cleared of dirt and dust, he regarded his saviours.

The bigger one had orange coloured and the smaller one was caramel coloured. Borgus was in the middle, feeling very ill and faint. He took his paw off his face, only to receive the feeling of blood running down his face.

“Here,” said the smaller kat, giving him a tissue.

“Thanks,” said Borgus, taking the tissue and wiping his face. The blood had matted his fur and felt very hard. “And thank you for saving me.”

“Ah, it was nothin’,” said the smaller one. The bigger kat just grinned.

“I’m Dr. Borgus,” said the doctor, wiping more blood off his face.

“I’m Jake Clawson. This is my buddy, Chance Furlong,” Jake introduced. Borgus smiled and shook paws with the two kats.

“What were ya doing in the rough part of town?” asked Chance.

“Buying… computer components. I’m a… computer specialist. The shop that I get my stuff from is there. I usually send my assistant Hugh, but he has the night off.”

“Yeah, maybe next time you won’t go out at this time to get your computer bits,” said Jake.

“Yes, maybe,” said Borgus smiled. “But what were you two doing there?”

“We went to a friend’s party who lives there,” answered Chance. The conversation ended as they arrived at the hospital. Jake paid the driver, while Chance helped the doctor in the hospital. They got to the desk and explained what had happened. Borgus cut in, saying that he couldn’t stop the bleeding, then suddenly collapsed as the blood loss got to much.

Borgus was rush into the emergency room. Chance and Jake rang their parents and said what had happened and that they would be later getting home then they thought. An enforcer got a statement from the two kats as to what had happened.

Jake and Chance stayed until they got word about the doctors condition. They were worried about the doctor, even though they had only know him for a few minutes. Six hours later, a nurse came along and said that the doctor was out of surgery and was asking for them. They followed the nurse to a room, where lay the doctor. His left cheek was matched up and most of the bandage covered his face.

The doctor smiled and beckoned them in. The nurse closed the door, while Chance and Jake sat down, Jake on a chair, Chance on the bed.

“How are ya?” asked Chance.

“Well, I’ve been better. But I’m not in to much pain,” said Borgus, smiling, then wincing in pain. “Well, only when a laugh anyhow.”

Jake and Chance chuckled. Borgus continued. “I wasn’t sure whether or not you’d left. After all, I am a grown kat.”   “Yeah, well, we had to make statements to the enforcers. Also, we don’t make a habit of leaving strangers after we’ve rescued them.”   “In case they give rewards,” Chance chipped in. This made Borgus smile again.   “Ah, Chance. There’s no need for that.” It was more to Borgus then to Chance, but the doctor suddenly had a look of determination.

“No, you do deserve something. After all, you did save my life.” He reached for his wallet and took out some notes, plus a few coins.

“Here. $300 each, for saving my life. And take it, I’m not hard up. Could you also do me a favour and ring my house. Hugh will be very worried by now.”

He shoved the notes into their paws. Chance took the coins and after Borgus gave him his number, went to use the phone. Jake and Borgus were left in the room together.

“Well, perhaps we can get to now each other a bit more. I’m a free lance scientist, working on a… very interesting project.”

“What’s that?” asked Jake.

“I can’t tell you. But I can say one thing though, after it’s done, it will change the world – forever!”

“Must be big then.”

“Very. Now, what about you?”

“Not much to say really. Taking a course in advanced mechanics at collage. Me and Chance go out a few nights a week. As I said, not really much.”

“How long have you and Chance known each other,” asked Borgus.

“Since kittengarten doc,” replied Jake.

“Please, call me Leo,” said Borgus.

“Leo? What’s that short for?”

“Leopold. Don’t laugh! my parents were very old fashioned.”

Chance returned then. He saw his friend trying to hide a smile and Borgus looked as though he was unsure whether to frown or laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

Jake and Borgus looked and Chance, then each other. Finally, they burst out laughing, while Chance looked at the two. After a few minutes, they calmed down enough for Jake to tell Chance that he would explain later.

“I called your house and Hugh said he would be over as soon as he can. Oh, he said that three of nine was growing unstable. Said you’d understand.”

Borgus’ face grew serious. “Crud. I thought I told Horborg to keep him stable,” he said under his breath.

“Whose Horborg?” asked Chance.

“Oh… ah… nobody. He’s… he’s just a friend.”

“Oh, okay,” replied Chance.

“Well, we better be off, doc… ah, Leo. Probably see again in the future?” said Jake, getting up out the chair.

“Yes, you can count on it.”

“Bye doc,” said Chance.

With that, the two kats left the room. Borgus sat and stared at the wall until Hugh came to pick him up. All the way back to the house, he remained silent. When they get back, Borgus went straight to his room and didn’t came down until the next morning. When he did, he acted as though nothing ever happened, explaining he had been lost in thought.

Three days later, Dr. Borgus received a call from the hospital. They wanted him to go back for further tests. When he asked why, they said that couldn’t say over the phone.

With Hugh in charge of the lab, Borgus set off for the hospital. When he arrived, they still wouldn’t tell him what was wrong. They simply took another blood sample and asked him to wait in the waiting room.

Two hours later, a nurse arrived and said that the doctor would see him. She lead him to an office that had the name “Dr. Elrod Purvis” on the front. Borgus went in, sat down and waited for the doctor. A few minutes later, the doctor entered the room.

He was a very small kat, being a good five inches smaller then Borgus. His fur colouring was black, and his black hair was swept back across his head.

“Dr. Borguss, I pressume,” said Purvis. Borgus couldn’t help noticing that he had a slight lisp.

“Yes,” said Borgus. “Can you please tell me why I’ve been kept in the dark for the past hour?”

“Yess, I can,” replied Purvis. “But firsst, do you know what Bitouss Disseasse iss, doctor?”

Borgus thought back to his time in medical school. “If I’m right, isn’t that something to do with the brain shutting down?”   “Almosst, doctor,” replied Purvis. “Actually, it iss a chemical imbalance in the brain that causse a blockage in the cerebral cortex. Bassically, yess, the brain shutss down. It’ss a very rare disseasse, effecting one kat out of ten thousand million, roughly.”

“And what has this got to do with me?” Borgus asked, while a nagging feeling started to grow in the pit of his stomach. Why is he telling me this, he thought, if I haven’t…

“We’ve down tesst after tesst, double checked our ressultss. I’m very ssorry to inform you, doctor, but have Bitouss Disseasse.”

Borgus just sat and stared to Purvis. The world melted around, all that remained were the words “You have Bitous! You have Bitous!”. He didn’t hear Purvis speaking to him.

“… guss. Dr. Borguss? Are you alright?”

“How long do I have to live?” Borgus asked in a weak voice that was more of a whisper.

“Ssix monthss. Nine at the mosst.”

“I see. Thank you doctor for your time.”

“Are you ssure you’re alright?” asked Purvis, concerned now. “If you need to sspeak to any…”

“That won’t be necessary doctor. Thank you again for your time.” With that Borgus left his office.

Elrod Purvis looked at the door that Borgus had just gone through. Shrugging his shoulders, he opened a draw in his desk and took out his application form for Megakat Biochemical Labs. Finally, he might get somewhere where his intellect could be used.

Taking one look at his pet lizard, he settled down to fill out the form.

Hugh was busy cleaning the kitchen when Borgus came back. He was pleased with the work that they were doing, even if it was a little macabre. It was all in the name of science. Also, he was scared of Horborg, since he controlled killer cyborg drones.

Borgus walked into the kitchen and found Hugh. He was now shaking very badly. Hugh saw this and helped him to a chair.

“Brandy. I need brandy,” whispered Borgus. Hugh got the brandy bottle and was about to get a glass when Borgus grabbed the bottle and took a large gulp form it. Wiping his mouth on his arm he took another swig, then gave it back to Hugh

Taking Hugh’s arm, he pulled him down to Horborg’s chamber. Hugh was now worried that Borgus was drunk and was going to damage Horborg. Not that Horborg didn’t deserve it, Hugh didn’t want anything to happen to his friend.

Borgus and Hugh came into the chamber. Horborg’s face appeared on the monitor and watched them both as they came towards him.

“Doctor, Hugh. What is the problem?”

“I’ll tell you the problem. It’s me. I’m too weak. One day I get mugged and actually have to be rescued by members of the public. The next, I’m told my damn body is to weak and that I’m dying.”

Hugh’s mouth dropped open. Even Horborg looked surprised.

“Dying? You’re… you’re DYING?!?”

“Yes Hugh, dying. In six months, maybe nine if I’m lucky, I’ll be dead.” Borgus was now getting very angry, under the influence of the alcohol.

“I am very sorry doctor. Perhaps there is…”

“No Horborg. This time YOU listen. I am sick and tired of taking orders. This time you will obey me.” He walked up to a cyborg drone and tapped its body armour. “See this? This THING no longer has to worry about death or bills or being discovered. All this THING has to worry about is serving you! Immortal, invincible… immortal.”

Borgus walked back up to the main monitor and stared Horborg in the eyes.

“I have been thinking about this for a long time. Now that my time is up, it is the only option open: Make me into a cyborg.”

“You?” asked Horborg.

“Leo! Sir, please think about what you’re saying,” Hugh rushed up to the doctor. “Look at the others. Their mindless drones. They have no purpose. Do you want to be like one of them?”

“They’re only like that because of HIM!” Borgus spat out at Hugh, pointing at Horborg. “You will make me cyborg, like them. But I do NOT want you to be like them. Mindless, soulless. Do you understand me Horborg?”

“Yes, doctor. You do not wish me to implant code 876.001 into your brain after assimilation. Then that is what will happen.”

Borgus turned to Hugh. “Prepare for the operation. This is going to be a total assimilation, Hugh. Every part of my body must become mechanical. If not, they will simply die within six months, along with the organic part of my brain.”

“Yes sir,” Hugh answered Borgus. “I just hope you know what you’re doing.

“So do I, Hugh. So do I.”

Horborg watched this satisfaction. Now he would join with his creator and finally achieve his dream; total domination of the world…

Hugh prepared for the operation with a sadden heart. His tail swished restlessly. Not only was his boss, his friend, dying, but it seems that working for a computer had driven him over the edge. But if that was what the doctor wanted, then that was what he was going to get.

Borgus entered the operating room, followed by three cyborg drones. He was wearing a white night gown, instead of his usual lab coat. He laid down on the bed while Hugh put the restraints on him.

“Remember Hugh, do not wake me until the operation is complete. Every part of my body must have at least some mechanical components.”

“Yes, sir,” Hugh answered his friend.

“I know you’re worried Hugh, but it’s for the best. If the procedure is a failure, there’s an envelope on my desk. That will tell you what to do.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Don’t worry Hugh. Everything’ll be fine. Now, send me to black sleep.”

Hugh injected the drug into the doctor. Within seconds, he was unconscious. He and the three cyborgs got to work, while Horborg assisted with the more delicate work in the brain.

First off was total brain assimilation. The skull was plated with metal, was were the insides of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Micro receiver were also put into the ears, so that the doctor would be able to pick up more sound then would be possible.

His body was completely replaced, all internal organs either exchanged with metallic parts or had so many bits added to them to they were unrecognizable. The bones were too metal plated, and the muscles were enhanced. Finally, the body suit itself was fastened onto his body. The only organic part of him visible was his head. Even his tail was implanted with microprocessors, as with the other cyborg drones.

The whole operation took three weeks to complete, since his body was radically altered, it had to have more time to adjust to the new implants. The very last alteration was to his face. A metal plate was bolted to the right side of his face, running from the bottom of his cheek to the tip of his right ear.

When it was complete, two cyborg drones carried the new doctor to Horborg’s main chamber. Standing him upright, Horborg connected a wire into the back of his head. Images appeared on the main screen as the doctor was absorbed into the collective.

Hugh ran forward to stop Horborg, when he realized what he was doing, but his stopped by two other cyborgs. After a minute of downloading, more images appeared on the screen, ones that did not seem to have any meaning. Finally, Horborg disconnected the wire.

“Awaken him,” Horborg commanded. Hugh was released and given a needle with the antidote inside. He injected the doctor, hoping that the past three weeks had not been in vain.

At first, nothing happened. Then, slowly, the doctors eyes opened. They were silver and shone in the light. He turned his head first to the left, then to the right. He started to move his fingers, then his arms, then his whole body.

“Amazing,” was the first word he said. His voice was load, grating and slightly metallic. He turned and walked towards Hugh.

“It was a success. I am now more superior then before. Thanks to you.”

“You seem… different, sir,” said Hugh, with a touch of fear in his voice.

“Yes, I am Hugh. You cannot believe what it is like. I can hear things that you could not passably hear. Voices. I hear voices, all saying the same. Oh, how sweet they sound.” Borgus turned to Horborg. “You connected me to the collective, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I did. You are my voice. You are the voice of the collective. And now we…”

“… are joined,” Borgus finished. “It’s all clear now. Each conscious has added their distinctiveness to your program. They exist here, combined together, working in unison. The collective… I am the collective, you are the collective.”

“We are the collective,” said Borgus and Horborg, as one.

Borgus turned around and faced Hugh. “I am no longer to be know as Leopold Borgus. I am now… Locutus. I am Locutus of… Borg. I am to be known as Locutus of Borg.”

“Locutus? Of Borg?” asked Hugh, very puzzled.

“Yes. Locutus because it is Latin for “He who speaks”. I am like the other drones, yet I am an individual. Borg because, well, look at the names: Borgus, Horborg, cyborg. Borg is the one word used throughout. It is quite simple.”

Locutus turned back to Horborg. “You are to be know as the Borg collective conscious, since this is where all the other Borg drones will connect to. There will be a new goal. The assimilation others into our collective is our primary goal. Our other goal is the complete assimilation of the entire population of this world, starting with Megakat City. We will make Megakat City into Megaborg City and used it as our central hive. From here, we will control everything.”

Locutus was now walking over to the monitor that was hooked up to the cameras of the city. He watched as kats went busily to and fro in Megakat Mall. “We will add their biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Their culture will adapt to serve as ours.”

Locutus turned towards Hugh. “Hugh, I want you to find a kat that has some resemblance to me.”

“Why sir?” asked Hugh walking over to Locutus.

“Because I need someone who looks like me so that we can make it look like I am dead. I cannot go out into the public now, can I?”

“That’s true, sir.”

“Good. Now go.”

Hugh left with a little resistance. Locutus turned and looked at Horborg. The smiled at each other, knowing exactly what the storm that was brewing would soon done. They spoke to each, not with sound, but with computer codes, making plans for the time ahead. So, everything will be Borg. And resistance is futile.

Professor Pebble sat in his office at Pumadyne, thinking about what had happen over the month. He was surprised that his friend had been attacked, shocked to learn that he had terminal illness, and just couldn’t believe that he had killed himself a few weeks later. Or to him, four days ago.

He had kept tabs on him, as was the policy. Pebble was glad that he was not pursuing his cybernetic project, and was getting on well with his new project. He had hoped that Borgus was doing okay. But when he learned from a associate that he had Bitous Disease, he simply couldn’t believe.

Now he was dead. Blew his own brains out at home. Hugh, his live in assistant had said that since the news, Borgus had become a recluse, staying in his room. One day, he found him dead, a bullet in his head.

The funeral was simple. Pebble, Hugh and a few others attended. Borgus had no family that Pumadyne knew of, and they were certainly no family members there. In his will, Borgus had left everything to Hugh. The house, the money, everything.

Now that Borgus was dead, there was no need for Pumadyne to spy on the house. Though Hugh was a former employee, he was no threat. All that Pebble had of Borgus now, were memories.  Megakat City, Early 1993.

Locutus stood in his control room, just off from the main chamber. For the past six months he had had the drones working, tunnelling and building under and around the main chamber. The base now had seven floors, in which, at the moment, nothing much happened. The first floor was the main chamber, where his control room was. The second floor was the assimilation facility. The next four floors had no real use, since they were mostly still in the stages of development. the only problems that Locutus had was where to get all the materials from. Though it was a difficult, it wasn’t impossible.

The only main problem was with the assimilation procedure; it took to long. Two weeks per drone. There had to be some way to speed it up. He had been going through medical entries had come up with a possible solution.

He went back to the main chamber, where Hugh was working at a console, trying to create a data link into the Enforcer main computer, without being detected.

“Hugh, I need you to do a job for me.”

Hugh sprang up and went over to Locutus. “Yes, sir?”

“I need some virus samples from Megakat Hospital and Biochemical Labs. I need you to take group Delta 7 and get up the samples on this list,” he said handing Hugh a list of virus’.

Hugh looked at the list, not believing his eyes. “Katalyst XY7? Ebola? Why do you need these lethal diseases and chemicals?”

“You will see, my friend. Get them tonight.” With that Locutus went back to his control room.

That night, Hugh and Delta 7 group broke into the hospital, with much success. Locutus was controlling the cameras, so their entrance was ignore by security. They went to the main chemical storage lab and got the vials that contain the virus’ that Locutus needed. Now, it was only Megakat Biochemical Labs.

It was much more difficult to get in, but with the cameras turned away from them, they avoided detection. The main storage lab was filled with bottles of different coloured katalyst. Thankfully, they were labled. On his way out, a bottle labled “Viper Mutagen 368” caught his eye. He though about taking that too, but decided against it.

Returning to the central hive, Locutus set about immediately with the diseases and chemicals. For nines days, he tolled in his work shop, just off from the main chamber. On the tenth day, he emerged from the room, holding vial containing a gray, metallic looking liquid.

“This is future of assimilation,” shouted Locutus, holding the vial high in the air.

“What does it do?” asked Hugh.

“Come and look, Hugh.”

The two entered the lift and went to the next level down. There, on the table, was another homeless kat, female this time, struggling at the restraints. They walked over to Locutus filled a needle with the gray liquid. He then injected it into the struggling kat.

At first nothing happened. Then, veins over the kats face started to bulge and turn gray. Her fur started to drop out, and the bare skin continued to change. It took on a mottled pattern and become very slick. Then, without warning, a metallic spider-like object burst from her right cheek and fastened onto the skin. Within minutes, this homeless kat had become a Borg. Other drones moved forward and started the alteration procedure.

Hugh was shocked beyond belief. What usually took hours was done within minutes. “How did you do that?” he asked.

“Simple,” Locutus answered. “By combining certain chemicals and katalysts together, I came up with a chemical that can do exactly what have been doing, not in days, but in minutes. This way, we can assimilate a kat in an hour, not two weeks. But think of this, each drone could have this capability, since it attacks the blood. Yes! One drone could assimilate an army. One drone could become two, two become four, and so on. An army! We now have the means to attack.”

“Shall attack soon, then?” Hugh asked, quite eagerly.

“No. We still the Central Hive to finish. We also need to gain more technology, and weapons. Perhaps Pumadyne could provide them.” At that, Locutus lead Hugh up to the main control room and began to tell him his plan.

Borg is a trademark of Paramount and everyone else who is connected with Borg A will love any feedback on this and any of my other stories. Views, thing liked/didn’t like, anything….

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