Original SWAT Kats Story

A Brave New World

By Keith Nickeas

  • 5 Chapters
  • 40,593 Words

(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats disturb the Pastmaster’s latest spell, and it leads to a minor dimensional mix-up.

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Author's Notes:

Hello and welcome all how are fans of the Swat Kats! (My greetings get worse don’t they) I’ve done it!! Yes, chapter 5 is done is longer then I really wanted, but what the heck, at leas it’s done.

Well, now I’ve got over that part, on to the story. Here we find Eddy settling in his new home. No action, sex or violence of any kind. (Sorry Ashryn.) It’s also kind of dull in places, but it lays the pace for chapters 5 and 6, which will be filled with action, I hope.

Anyway, before I leave you to read on, don’t be put off with the Star Trek references. It’s only there to fill it out a bit, and for description. I’m planning of doing a Star Trek cross-over with Strike sometime in the near future, so you Star Trek/Swat Kat fans will have to wait.

So without further adue, on with chapter 5  This story is dedicated to Strike, whose all seeing eye of Swat Kat Knowledge helped me with MAJOR problems. Thanks Strike! And of course, thanks to DJClawson for posting this and my other stories. Thanks DJClawson!

Chapter 4

Settling In

Eddy woke in a slight state of confusion. at first he did not realise where he was. All that he know was that his bed felt very strange. It was not very comfy and had bits on each end. Also he had no pillow and no cover. He sat up and looked around. The room was different from his bedroom. It had a t.v. in one corner and there was a table in front of him. Then it came back to him.

“So, it wasn’t a dream,” he said to himself. “I really AM in a different dimension.” He got up and found that his neck, shoulder and leg were a little stiff. Remembering that he had injured them yesterday, he stretched them, to find that they didn’t hurt as much.

The room was dark. He walked over to the window and pulled the curtains across, seeing the the sun had just begun to rise. The city was illumiated by many lights and he wondered what was happening there. He turned from the window and left the room and headed to the kitchen. He found it, thanks to his almost perfect memory. Almost perfect, since he had a knack off forgetting the most important facts at the most important times. The fridge beckoned and Eddy looked inside. There were many cans of milk, the very idea still amused him. There were four six packs. Two sets were ordinary milk, one of which had three cans missing. The other two sets were labled as alcoholic. The very thought of alcoholic milk struck him as odd. How they got milk to be alcoholic was beyond him. Why they would do that was also strange. Also there were many left over pizzas, a few vegetables, something that looked like cheese, a tub of butter and two cartons, one milk (again), one orange juice.

Eddy took the carton of orange out, plus an apple that was lurking in the very bottom the fridge. The next task would be to find a glass. He spent five minutes looking around until he found one in the sink, that was full of dirty plates, knives and many other odds and ends. Cleaning out the glass, Eddy poured himself some orange and sat down to look at the paper that was on the table. He read the paper while he ate his apple. There were many stories that filled in gaps about this world, such as the governing body of the city. It appeared that the mayor was called Manx (which remained him of a type of cat on his world), A kat called Calico Briggs was the Deputy Mayor and that this city also had a committee, made up a senior kats that had served the city for most of their adult lives. There was a t.v. listing, stocks and shares, adverts and many other articles.

By the time he finished the paper, his glass was empty and the apple was reduced to a core. Eddy threw the core away and turned to the sink. One thing that he hated were dirty plates. Spying a towel, dishcloth and washing up liquid, he set about cleaning the plates. Some of the dirt was so dried on that it was next to impossible to get it of. But finally, after minutes of srubbing, cleaning and drying, he had a pile of clean dishs. The next job would be to put them away, if he could find their places. After twenty mintues of opening drawers and cupboard doors, he found their places. However, this kitchen was in absolute chaos! Nothing was in proper places and everything had been put anywhere. So his next job was to rearrange the kitchen. Eddy had no idea of the time since their was no clock and he didn’t have his watch, so he had to be as quiet as he could so as to not wake his hosts.

He put plates in one cupboard, cups and glasses in another, canned food in yet another. Eddy found some cleaning equipment, so he gave every cupboard a clean, inside and out. After roughly an hour of  frantic cleaning, Eddy stepped back to admire his work.

The worktops sparkled, the sink gleamed, the oven shone. Won’t Jake and Chance be surprised, he thought. At that moment, Jake walked though the door.

“Well, speak of the devil in fur,” he said. Jake smiled.

“Morning Eddy. Hope I didn’t disturb ya,”

“Actually, I hope that I haven’t done the same.”

Jake eyed him. “How long have you been up?”

“No idea. I’d say at least a couple of hours, give or take a minute.”

“A couple?” said Jake surprised. “It’s only half past seven.”

“Oh. How come you’re up early?” asked Eddy.

“Force of habit really,” Jake replied, sitting at the table. “Oh, before I forget Chance hates mornings, so when he gets up, best leave him alone for, oh, the whole day.” He smiled at the last bit.

Eddy smiled also. “I’ll try to remember that.” He sat at the opposite end of the table. Jake suddenly started sniffing the air. “How come it smells like lemons in here?” he asked.

“Ah ha. That’s my little surprise,” replied Eddy.

Jake looked around the kitchen. At first he couldn’t see any difference. The kitchen looked the same. Then he noticed the sink. It was empty for a change. He walked over the sink and found that the sink was not only empty, but clean as well. He looked around the rest of the kitchen. The worktops were clean and shinning. Jake started opening the cupboards, finding that every one was clean and orginised. Jake turned to Eddy.

“You did all this?” he asked.


“Wow! This place hasn’t this orginised since, well, since we moved in! Thanks!”

“No problem. Just my way of saying thank you for letting me stay here,” Eddy replied.

Jake went into the cupboards and found a packet of cereal and a bowl. Pouring himself a bowl of cereal, he joined Eddy at the table. “I bet you something, though; Chance’ll get confused”.

“How much?”

Jake looked at Eddy. “What, how much, as in a bet?”

Eddy nodded. “Can’t say I’ve never gambled in my life. Today, though, I feel lucky.”

“Okay then. If he finds his way around the kitchen…. ah…..” Jake stumbled around. He couldn’t bet money since the human would have any that would be useful.

“I know,” Eddy interupted Jake’s thought. “If he isn’t confused, YOU have to clean this whole building, top to bottom. If he is, I have do to it. Deal.” He reashed out with his hand.

“Deal.” Jake took Eddy’s hand in his paw and they shook on it.

Jake smiled at the thought of Eddy doing all that work. He knew Chance better then the human. Tucking into his cereal, he noticed that Eddy wasn’t eating anything.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he inquired.

“I’ve already had something to eat, thanks,” he replied. For a time all that could be heard was Jake eating his cereal. Eddy broke the silence. “Might I ask what the plan is for today?”

Jake looked up from his bowl. “Well, from what you said, your whole room here, as well as you. Today’s Sunday, we have the day off. That way, we can try to salvage what we can and bring it in here.”

Eddy looked at Jake in a questioning way. “Where will all my stuff go?”

Jake thought for a moment. “The hanger. There’s room down there, if you don’t mind that is.”

“No, of course not. The hanger’ll be fine.” Just then, Jake’s ears turned in the direction of the door. “Chance’s up,” he said.

Eddy strained, but couldn’t hear anything. “How do you know?”

Jake pointed to his ears. Eddy then understood. “Your hearing must be able to pick up much more sound then mine can. That’s not very fair.” Jake only chuckled. Jake finished his bowl and put it in the sink. “What’d you think of the movie last night?” he asked.

“One of the best horror movies there is, in any dimension. My favourite part is when Kirsty solve’s the box and Pinhead arrives. Though the whole film is good.”

Jake smiled. “I’m glad there’s another horror fan in this dump. Chance isn’t to hung up on them. He prefers to watch “Scardy Kat”.”

“What’s that?” asked Eddy.

“It’s a cartoon about a kat that get’s blown up every five minutes. I prefer the Litterbin show myself.”

Just then, Chance walked into the kitchen. His eyes were half open and his tail was drooped. He sat down next to Eddy. Well, more of slumped.

“Morning Chance. You look like I feel,” said Eddy.

“Huhmp,” replied Chance. Suddenly, his eyes grew wide and he looked at Eddy. “Yes, I’m real and no, it wasn’t a dream,” came Eddy’s reply to Chance’s unspoken question. Chance opened his mouth, then closed it again. Eddy continued. “I felf the same when I woke up this morning.”

“Chance, we’re going to help him with his stuff.” Jake looked at Chance with a warning look.

“Sure, but not right now, I want some breakfast,” he replied, getting up. He opened the fridge and got out a plate of cold pizza. But when he came to find a plate, he couldn’t find one anywhere. Chance turned to the other two. “Where’re the plates?” he asked. All that he got was Jake laughing and Eddy banging his hand against his forehead, saying “Darn it” over and over.

At 9 o’clock, the three got to work outside. Eddy now had the chance to see what this world was like. The sky was a brilliant greenish blue, he noticed, with swriling yellow clouds. How strange, he thought. In the background was Megakat City. And he saw how it got it’s name. The city itself was massive, with towering skyscrapers and office blocks. He saw that three in particular were very big. When he asked Chance and Jake, he found out that they were Megakat Tower, Enforcer headquarters and City Hall. Eddy was shocked at the size of City Hall. It must have been three times as big as the Concil House back in Nottingham. Suddenly he thought what it must look like in this world.

The three found what was left of Eddy’s room. It had collasped a little more, but Eddy could still get in through the door. They spent the next hour shifting the ruined celing, and wall that had also come down. All of the bigger pieces of furniture had survived. It was all of the little things that were in bad shape. Worse was his computer moniter. When he picked it up, there audiable sound of rattling inside. He started carting the little things out and down to the hanger, since his shoulder was still in a bad way. Jake and Chance moved the bigger pieces to to hanger through the enterence in the salvage yard.

At midday, they took a break for a bite to eat and some drink. Jake made some tuna sandwiches. While the ate, Eddy decided to ask them about their “other job”

“So, what do you do, exactly? As the Swat Kats, I mean.”

“Well, mostly we fly above the city, do checks on the Turbokat’s systems or trying out anything that Jake’s made,” replied Chance, eating a sandwich in one bite

“And when called for, we protect the city from anykat who wants it as his own private scratching post,” finished Jake.

“Who are these villains that you fight then, I know the Lastmaster is one.”

Jake smiled at Eddy’s mistake. “It’s PASTmaster. Well there’s him. He’s an 800 year old sorcerer, from the Dark Ages. He wants to turn Megakat City back to Megalith City. Then there’s Dr. Viper. He’s a mutant sciencitist who wants to turn the city into Megaswamp City by mutanting everyone and everything. The Metallikats are next. They were a normal, everyday, husband and wife gangster team, but they were killed while trying to escape from prison. Their minds were transfered into robot bodies and have been like that ever since.”

Chance finished his fifth sandwich. “Turmoil’s next. She is one BAD she-kat. She wanted total control of the air space above Megakat City, but we stopped her and she’s been in prison ever since. Hard Drive is a small fry crook, but with the ability to turn himself into electric pusle and enter computer systems and the like. Finally there’s Dark Kat. Now, he is one evil kat if you ever met one. His plan is to either take control of Megakat City or destroy it and build his own Dark Kat City.”

Eddy couldn’t believe it. “Undead sorcerers? Mutants? Robots? It’s like something out of a science fiction story!”

“Maybe,” said Jake. “But it’s real.” He reached out for another sandwich only to find the plate empty. He looked at Eddy, who shrugged his shoulders. They both looked at Chance, who grinned, then emitted a loud burp.

After lunch, they got back to work. The ruined room had been cleared, the only job was to get rid of the rubbble. With the aid large sledge hammers, Jake and Chance broke up the larger bits, while Eddy carted them off to a different part of the salvage yard. After a couple of hours of breaking and moving, all that was left was the crater. With the aid of shovels, the three filled in the crater, then moved some trash over the newly filled hole. Soon, there could be no way that anyone, human or kat, could tell there had been a crater.

The three went back to the garage and when the went into the living room, they all collasped onto the sofa, exhausted. They had been working for the whole day, with hardly any breaks. Eddy was the worst off, since he had been injured when he landed. If there was one thing that he hated about himself, it was the fact that he was physically weak. His mind maybe sharp, but his body had much to be desired.

Chance turned on the television, to find that there was a news broadcast on. Ann Gora, the anchor kat was sat in the newsroom, with a sign above her that read “Kat’s Eye News.” Eddy noticed how human looking she was. Without the fur, ears and nose, she would be very human. And very pretty, he thought. She was giving report on the events that had happened yesterday.

“This is Ann Gora, for Kat’s Eye News, giving you the updates from yesterday’s events. Late last night, the Pastmaster tried, yet again, to take over the city, but his plans were foiled by the Swat Kats. He stole his watch from Megakat City and opened his trademark time portels, to bring creatures from our past to aid him in his scheme. It was only through the intervention of the Swat Kats that he was stopped. However, one of the Pastmaster’s spell, brought a strange object into our world.”

The view flipped from Ann Gora to the film of the battle the previous night. Eddy now saw what a vortex looked like. The colouring was exactly like that of the hole that sucked his room into this world. He watched as is contored, then with a sling shot effect, shot a blurred object out and over the city. So THAT’s what happened, Eddy thought to himself. The view flipped back to Ann.

“The strange object has yet to be recovered. Commander Feral, in a interview last night, said that he had the Enforcers searching the city for the object. He also says that if anyone has seen it, they must connact the Enforcers immediatly.

“In other news, the Prime Minister of Great Britian, Tony Blair, will be making a visited to Megakat City next month, as part of his tour of the United States.” Eddy leant forward. A picture of the kat Blair appeared in the top right hand corner of the screen. It was definatly Tony Blair, with his smile. His fur was brown, but his facial features were the same.

“Mayor Manx’s is honoured that the Prime Minister will be making a visit to the city, and is making arrangements for Mr. Blair’s stay. Commander Feral has made Mr. Blair’s safety his top prioiety.”

“And now for sport….” Jake turned the television. He liked sport, but didn’t really need to see half an hour of re-runs and score tables.

“I don’t believe it! Tony Blair is coming HERE? To this CITY? He must be mad!” pouted Eddy.

“Why, what’s wrong with Megakat City,” asked Chance, who was wondering why Eddy was so defensive all of a sudden.

“Because you have mutants, robots, criminal masterminds, the whole works. Tony Blair will be in major danger. What if this Dark Kat decided to assinate him? Or Viper was to mutant him? Britain will be in trouble without a leader. They could declare war on America, for not protecting him properly, they press the nuclear button, and BOOM! Nuclear holocaust, nuclear winter and the end of life as you know it on this planet!” By this time Eddy had got up and was pacing the floor.

“Don’t over react. Blair’ll be safe. The national guard will be there as well the Enforcers,” replied Jake.

“Still, that may not be enough. I would feel better if the Swat Kats were there. To act as personal bodyguards or something.”

Jake and Chance looked at each other. Eddy was right, though. It may not be enough. “I know, we’ll talk to the deputy mayor. She’ll probably agree with you, actually.”

“Who? Oh yes, Miss Callico Briggs. I read about her in the paper. But how will you get to see her?”

“We gave her a communicator, which she uses to call us when we’re needed. Also, she supports us, unlike Feral,” replied Chance. “And besides, she thinks I’m cute.”

Jake put his paw on his face and shook his head. Eddy chuckled. Chance grinned again.

By now the time was quarter past six and the three were hungery. Chance went to get some pizza, while Eddy went down to the hanger, to start to make himself a place stay, and Jake went to give him a hand. There was an empty storage room on the top level of the hanger, so Eddy grabbed it for himself. There was no window, but there was a heater and a light bulb. That was all he needed. By the time Chance got back with the pizza, Jake and Eddy had moved everything into the room. All the furniture was at the moment simply piled in the middle of the room, where they would sort it out after they had had something to eat.

It was tuna pizza with anchovies. Eddy had never had such a weird pizza before, except for the previous night. Still it was tasty, never the less. They had cans of milk, again. He thought that by the time he got home, if ever, he would have drunk enough milk to last him a lifetime. Chance ate and drank like he hadn’t had anything to eat in a week. Jake was a polite eater, but didn’t really have enough on his plate. Not hungery, he thought.

But there was something missing. Then he realized that there wasn’t enough tomato sauce on his pizza. He asked Jake if he could have some tomato sauce, which was alright. While Eddy looked for the sause, he found a jar labled “Mongo Peppers”. Inside were red looking peppers that looked very tasty. He opened the jar, took one out and popped it in his mouth. He chewed on it while looking for the bottle of sauce. Suddenly, without warnnig, his mouth started to burn, then his throat. At firts it was simply uncomfortable. Then it got hotter and hotter, until finally, he made a dash for the tap and putting his head under the cold tap, he turned it on and took long drinks from it.

Jake and Chance watched as Eddy suddenly dashed to the tap and turned it on, taking long drinks from it. They looked at each other, before getting up. Jake went over to the cupboard, while Chance went to see if Eddy was alright. He turned to Jake and found him holding the open jar of Mongo Peppers. Chance couldn’t help but smile, even though Eddy wouldn’t find it funny. He finally came up for air, his hair wet with the water and eyes streaming with tears.

“You alright?” asked Chance.

“No, I’m bloody well not,” replied Eddy, very horsely. It was obverously painful for him. “Just what the hell was that?”

Jake came up to him and showed him the jar. “These are red hot Mongo Peppers. They burn your throat out.”

“You can say that again.” Eddy’s voice was still horse. He winced when he swallowed.

“This’ll teach ya not to take anyway without asking first,” said Chance.

“Yes mother,” Eddy remarked sarcasticly.

The three sat down at the table again, but Eddy couldn’t eat anything else because of this throat. Seeing this, Chance took his plate and finished his pizza off. Jake smiled and Eddy just looked gobsmacked. Chance was the greediest person he had every seen! Including himself.

“Well, time to help you settle in,” he announced after finishing Eddy’s pizza. He lead the way out of the kitchen, down to the hanger. Eddy saddled up to Jake. “Is he always that hungery?” he asked.

Jake smiled again. “Always.”

The three worked in Eddy’s new room. They shifted furniture around until all that was left was loose stuff that had been on the shelfs. With their help, he went through his stuff, to see what salvagable and was wan’t. Luckly, most was. Many just needed some glue, and they were perfect. Then they came to his computer.

Eddy removed the case of his tower and checked the insides. All seemed okay, though there was a bit of brick dust inside, on the boards. The insides may be okay, he told the other two, but who knows that damage had been done to the hard drive. The only main problem was his monitor. When he removed the casing, he found that it completely broken inside. There was very little that was still intact. He needed a new one, as  this one was a complete wreak.

Jake said he would have a look and see what he could do with it. After an hour of sorting out, the three stood back and admired their work. What had been an empty storage room was now a very nice living area. Eddy had covered the blank walls with poster, many showed a weird ship, with a large saucer and long things sticking out at the back. Eddy explained that it was the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, from a Sc-Fi series called Star Trek. He told them the basics about the show, and was shocked that there was no such thing as Star Trek in this universe. Even his calander was from Star Trek, which showed a picture of a man in what looked like a cave. Eddy explained that the man was Commander Riker, First Officer on the Enterprise. Jake was interested by this show, but Chance wasn’t he was more interested with the books that Eddy had on jets. While Eddy told Jake about Star Trek, Chance read up on jets from Eddy’s world. They weren’t much different from his world, though they looked very old in style.

Finally, the two had stopped talking about Star Trek and were making their way over to the door, when Chance turned the page in the book and gasped. This caught the attentsion of Jake and Eddy and they walked over to Chance.

On the page that Chance was looking at was a picture and describtion of an F-14 Tomcat jet. Jake saw what had made his friend gasp. The jet looked just like the Turbokat, though a different colour and the shape was slightly different, but it was the Turbokat, alright.

The three all looked at each other. No words had to be said; the more things that Jake and Chance looked at that belonged to this other world, the more they were convienced that Eddy had been right, that his world was somehow a parallel to theirs.

After a moment of silent thinking, they returned to the kitchen. Chance and Eddy sat down at the table, while Jake stayed standing. Now was the time to make future plans.

“I’ve thought about how to get you home, but there’s a very slim chance that it’ll work,” began Jake. He looked at Chance, who saw that his buddy had a haunted look in his eye’s.

“How? Does this world have any form of dimensional travelling, or something,” asked Eddy.

“Sort of. Chance, you remember what happened with the Multidimensional Navigation Radar?”

Chance suddenly looked very uncomfortable to Eddy. “How could I,” he answered.

Eddy could see that what ever had happened must have been unnerveing for them, but it was important that he knew for him to get home. “What happened?”

Chance turned to look at Eddy. “We’ve known about parallel universes for about four months now.”

Eddy looked at Chance, quite surprised. He turned to Jake, who had now sat down. “What happened was by accident,” he began. “We were testing the new Multidimensional Navigation Radar in the Turbokat. What it does is map anything and anyone into a 3d image on the radar scope, so we could see where we were going in pitch black. But when we were testing was in the middle of a storm and we got struck by lightening.”

“The Turbokat in insulated against lightening, so we were okay,” Chance injected.

“Yeah, well we THOUGHT we were okay,” continued Jake. “Seems that the lightening messed around with the radar and somehow we got transported to a parallel universe, an opposite of ours. There we meet… ourselfs.”

Eddy’s eyes grew wide. He was worried about the same thing, meeting his kat self in this universe, and here they had done just that. “What was it like? Meeting yourselfs?”

“Would have been fun, except that they were the complete opposite to us. Instead of saving the city, they’d teamed up with Dark Kat and Miss Briggs and planned to blow up Enforcer H.Q.”

Chance seemed to shudder, or was it Eddy’s imagintion? Though he had only know the big kat for only a day, it seemed to him that nothing could get him ruffled. Though it seemed that the fact that in some other place he could be evil. A true good guy, he thought.

“What happened?” Eddy asked.

“Well, to cut a story short, Dark Kat had invented a bomb that, on contact, thing anything or kat, implode. Disappear, basicly. Our evil counterparts were going tp launch the bomb at the Enforcers building, but we cemeted up their bomb bay. When they lauched the bomb, it exploded inside their jet, and they vanished.”

“How did you get back here?”

“They same way we came,” answered Chance. “Old Sureshot there realized that a high enough voltage could return use, so we use a Megavolt missile and BAM! We were back here again.”

Eddy digested the information. “I don’t wont to seem rude, but what does this have to do with me getting home?”

Jake leant forword. “It means that the only way WE can get you home is to scamble about with the radar. And that might only zap us to our parallel Megakat City. The only other way, as I said yesterday, is to get the Pastmaster’s watch.”

“So what you’re saying is that I have a one is a billion chance of ever getting home, right?” Eddy stared at Jake with a blank look on his face.

“Yeah, that’s probably the odds,” Jake replied.

Eddy got up and walked over to the sink. He stared into the plug hole and started to think. What was he to do. They HAD to be a way back. HAD to be. He wouldn’t be defeated. Sure, this world was interesting, and the two kats were very friendly, but what could he do? He didn’t really want to stay couped up, down in the hanger. Yet, there was no other option. Non at all.

He turned to the kats, who looked at him with concern. “Well, it seems that I’m here permanently. Best make the most of it.” With that he smiled and walked out the room, with the two kats on his trail. He led them outside, into the salvage yard. The sun was just beginning to set, making the sky a fiery red. The greens had darked to almost black. Eddy stood and looked at the setting sun. The two kats wondered what he was doing.

As though he could read their thoughts, he spoked to them, still with his back turned. “I thought I’d watch the sun setting. After all, this will be my home now, won’t it guys?” They smiled and watched as the sun set. To Eddy, it seemed to be the setting of the old world, and tomorrow would the dawn of a brave new world. For all three of them  Little did they know, that was just was it was….

To Be Continued……….

(Just a note to anyone who is interested; If you’ve been on Strike’s RPG section recently and have seen a new character named Nikata, yes it’s me. I use that name as my IRC nickname as well. As to SK RPGing, I have problems going on since when everyone does it, it’s 5 in the morning for me.)

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