Original SWAT Kats Story

A Brave New World

By Keith Nickeas

  • 5 Chapters
  • 40,593 Words

(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats disturb the Pastmaster’s latest spell, and it leads to a minor dimensional mix-up.

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Author's Notes:

Guten Tag! (This is all I know in German) This is the third attempt at telling story that I have made, in the same line as the others. Here we learn much more about Eddy (Couldn’t be bothered to write Edward each time). A word or one million, about this: He is me, in a way. His interests are the same, except that instead of being a fan of the Swat Kats, he is staying with them. However, many things differ about me and him. One, I’m 17, he’s 16. Two, his results are completely made up, I never got them in reality. Three, I have no knowledge about mechanics. He does though because of future developments with him. And four, I know nothing about jets, over then they fly. If I have made any mistakes, please forgive me.

Chapter 3


Eddy thought that water could never feel so good. It was slightly too hot when he stepped in, and it stung on all his cuts, but after a few minutes, the stinging went away and was replaced by the soft feeling of running water.

As he washed himself, he thought of what would become of him. Jake and Chance had said that he could stay here with them, but there was still the possibility that he would be found out. They ran a public service, that was obvious. It was only a matter of time before he slipped up and the world would know about his existence. Besides, it didn’t appeared that the two kats weren’t rolling in money. He might just be an added burden. If there was one thing he hated most, that was to purposely get in the way. He did it so often by accident that he didn’t want to over do it when it wasn’t really needed.

He then thought of what he could do now he was here. Not that there was much, since he couldn’t ever leave the garage. Not that he went out much anyway. Not much had changed then. But perhaps he could help indoors instead. The place looked like it could do with a clean. Also, since they ran their own business, perhaps he could help behind the scenes.

Eddy washed himself over with some soap and washed the mud out of his hair. With that done, he finished showering and proceeded to dry himself. After he had done, he then realized that he had no clean clothes to wear. He wrapped himself in two towels and went to ask if it was okay to borrow some clothes for the time being. Jake offered he a t-shirt and jeans. Since Eddy’s build was different, Jake gave him a belt as well. Upon getting these, Eddy changed in the bathroom, combed his hair and cleaned his glasses.

He left the bathroom and went in the direction that the two kat’s voices were coming from.

With Eddy safely out of earshot, Chance and Jake stayed in the living room to discuss the plan of action.

“I wonder if we should have offered to let him stay here,” Jake said to Chance.

“Why not? He seems o.k. to me,” Chance asked him, quite puzzled.

“He came out of that vortex of the Pastmaster’s. You should know that nothing comes out of there that doesn’t mean bad news.”

“Yeah, but you heard what he said. He was sucked into it, along with his whole room.”


“But nothing,” Chance interrupted. “Anyway, the Pastmaster only ever brings things from the past. Eddy is definitely not from our past.”

“Yeah, your right. It’s just me being paranoid. I’m sure he’s harmless. It’s just that his story is so fantastic, and the fact that our world is a parallel to his. It’s so… strange” Jake thought for a moment before going on. “How come your on his side now anyway? Ya weren’t a few minutes ago.”

“That was a few minutes ago. I didn’t know what he was, never mind his name and how he got here.

“We still don’t know much about him.

“We’ll ask ‘im after he’s finished in the shower.”

A minute a silence passed before Chance asked the question that had been burning in their minds since the human had introduced himself.

“Shall we tell him about us being the Swat Kats?”

“We’ll have to. It wont take him long to find out that something’s wrong. Besides he looks smart enough to figure it out if we don’t”

Just then Eddy came back in, wrapped in towels. “I appear to have a small problem. The clothes that I wore coming here are too dirty to wear. My room’s still got all my stuff, but it would take a while to find anything. So, could I… borrow… some clothes until we can get my things?”

“Sure,” answered Jake. “You can borrow something off me.”


Jake lead Eddy to his room and gave a t-shirt and jeans. “Your thinner that what I am,” Jake exclaimed when he saw that the clothes were a few sizes too big.

“Yes, well, we humans must be built differently to you kats. And besides, I’m probably younger then you.”

“How old are ya?” he asked.

“16,” Eddy answered.

“Wow. You look older.”

“Thanks!” Eddy laughed. “My parents always said that I look too young.”

Jake laughed as well and handed Eddy a belt. With his newly acquired clothes, he returned to the bathroom. Jake smiled to himself and went back to the living room, only to find it empty. He heard noises coming from the kitchen. He found Chance with his head in the fridge. Chance popped his head above the door of the fridge, and seeing that it was only Jake, returned to the fridge.

Jake sat down at the table and watched his buddy making himself a snack. “P’haps I should have said you’d better not eat like a horse.”

“Yeah, well, I’m hungry,” Chance replied around whatever he was eating. “Want something?”


Chance returned to his meal making. “Ya never guess how old he is?” asked  Jake.

“How old then?”


At this Chance almost dropped his plate of cold pizza and something that looked like cheese. “16! Crud, he’s almost as tall as you and he’s only 10 years younger!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know. Must have something to do with his species.”

“Probably. We’ll ask Eddy when he’s finished.”

“Did I hear my name being used in vain?” Eddy walked into the kitchen. He looked strange dressed in Jake’s clothes. Eddy looked around the kitchen, seeing that it was just smaller then his at home. He felt a pang of sadness, thinking of home. He supposed that he would get over it, eventually. There was a table in the middle of the room, at which Jake sat at one of the four chairs. Along the wall opposite to the door was the worktop and cupboards. On Eddy’s left was a fridge and to the right a cooker of some sort. Also next to this was the sink.

Eddy sat down at the table and Chance followed suit. Before anyone could say anything, there was a loud rumbling that echoed around the room. It came from Eddy’s direction. Chance and Jake looked his way. Eddy could feel is cheeks going red. His one major biological problem was the fact that when he was hungry, his stomach would make a sound that could wake even the most heaviest sleeper. And it had just happened in front of two complete strangers! He wanted to crawl under the table. The two kats, however, laughed and Eddy couldn’t help but laugh along with them.

“Sorry about that. My stomach and I don’t agree when I’m hungry. It’s its way of telling me “Feed Me””

Chance laughed again and got up to get Eddy some food. “Will cold pizza be o.k.?”

“Yes. And something to drink, if that’s alright. I haven’t had anything to eat at all.”

Chance gave him a plate of cold pizza and a can of milk. Eddy looked at the can, smiled, then turned it over and over, trying to find a ring pull and couldn’t. Chance saw his problem. “Give it here.” Eddy handed him the can, and, with a flash of a claw, he pierced the can and cut the top open. He handed the can back to Eddy, who was quite shocked at what he had done. Chance looked smugly at Eddy.

“Show off,” was Eddy’s only reply

“What have I done?” Chance asked innocently. This started the three off laughing again. Eddy tucked into the pizza, to find that it had the distinct taste of tuna. Never had tuna pizza before, he thought.

“So, tell us about ya self,” Jake asked.

Eddy looked at Jake. “Only if you tell me about yourself’s after.”

“Agreed, ” the two kats answered.

“Well,” Eddy started. “Where to start? I live near the town of Nottingham, in a small pit village called Gotling. The coal pit closed years ago though. Before today, I always called it the only place on earth that nothing ever happened. It has an infant, junior and comprehensive school, plus a hand full of shops. I go to the Gotling School, or should that be did go to. Its quite big and serves the surrounding areas. Its only a 10 minute walk for me, so that’s ok.”

“What are you doing at school, what subjects?” Jake asked.

“A-level English, history and geography..”


“Let me think of how to describe it. The A stands for “Advanced”. Its the next step up from GCSE, which stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. Basically, everything that you learn from the age of 5 to 16 is tested in a series of exams. If you pass, your on your way up the ladder of success. If you fail, your buggered basically. The next step is either full time employment or further education with part-time employment. That’s what I chose to do. A-levels are difficult, very difficult. It’s made up of essays, books, more essays, more books and, of course, lots of writing.”

“Sounds boring,” Chance said as he placed his plate in the sink.

“That’s a understatement. But A-levels are necessary if you want to get into university, as I do. So I have to put up with all the work, not that its that difficult, but it’s certainly challenging.

“What did you get in these… GEC’s?” asked Chance.

“GCSE,” corrected Eddy. “I got A* in Science, A in English, Technology, and IT, that’s Information Technology. Computers basically. B in History and Geography, C in Maths and D in French. Languages are not my strong point.”

Chance whistled and Jake became wide eyed again. Looks like I’ve got someone to compete against, he thought.

“Anyway, other then school, there’s not much else to tell. I’m a only child. Never really wanted any brothers of sisters. Get on well with my parents. Have a few friends. My best friend’s gone to collage, so we don’t see each other as often. I miss the arguments that we used to have. He got the same results as me, except in french, which he got a B. He was always better then me in languages.”

“What’s his name?”

“Peter. We’ve known each other since about 6 or 7. We’ve done a lot together, had fun, been silly in classes, shared secrets and helped each other with problems. He was supposed to have been coming round before I came here. He must be shocked. I’ll miss him.”

“Don’t be so negative,” Jake said. “We’ll find a way for you to get home.”

“Thanks,” he replied. He paused before going on. “Now, where was I? Oh yes, my interests. I’m very interested in history. I’m a fan of science fiction, especially Star Trek. Also I like reading decent books, very good on a computer and I like writing stories. I’m a great fan of horror films, the more blood and guts, the better! Oh yes, I know quite a bit about mechanics and engines of different vehicles.”

The last bit made the two prick up their ears, literally. “What kind of vehicles?” asked Chance.

“Car, motorcycle, train, and aircraft.”

This made the two look at each other. “How well do you know them?” asked Jake.

“Well, with car and motorcycle engines, I’ve actually had hands on experience. Trains, only looked at, I wasn’t allowed to play around with it. But with aircraft, its really only jet engines that I’m familiar with, but then only reading about them in books. I’ve never seen one up close.”

Chance and Jake were both thinking the same thing: This human might come in handy.

“Well,” Eddy said finishing his can. “My side of the bargain is complete. Now, how about you?

Jake and Chance grinned and told him about themselves, how they had been friends from kindergarten, gone to collage together. Jake said about his university degree in advanced mechanics. Chance told him about his run in with a fish packing company. They then got onto their Enforcer days, from the academy up to their demotion to their present level after a run in with Dark Kat and Commander Feral.

“What a damn. This Feral doesn’t sound like a very nice person, eh, kat.”

“It not that really,” said Jake. “Its just that he’s a very “by the book” type of kat. We were hotshots who liked to do our own thing. This got in the way of Feral, so he got rid of us. But not completely.”

This last bit got a glare from Chance at Jake. Eddy noticed this exchange between the two. It was some kind of mental communication. “Is there something that your not telling me?”

“We have to tell him,” said Jake to Chance. He turned back to Eddy while Chance got up and left the room. “Do you know what a vigilante is?”

“Yes. It’s someone who takes the law into their own hands, or paws, as the case is now,” replied Eddy.

At this point Chance came into the kitchen, holding something in his right paw. He handed it to Eddy. It was a newspaper clipping.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Read it,” they both said.

Eddy looked at the clipping. It was “THE MEGAKAT HERALD” and the headline said “SWAT KATS RECOVER STOLEN MONEY” Intriguing. Apparently, a crook named Chop Shop had stolen over $100,000 from MegaKat Bank. He and the money was apprehended by two vigilantes, named the Swat Kats. These two had helped the city in the past and this was just another example of their heroism. There was a picture just below the headline that depicted the Swat Kats sitting in the cockpit of their high-tech jet called the Turbokat. The two in the cockpit looked very familiar.

Eddy looked at the two kats and saw that they had very serious looks on their faces. This confirmed his conclusion. “You’re the Swat Kats.”

They looked at each other, then back at him. “How’d you guess?” asked Chance.

“Elementary, my dear Watson. One: They must be experts at flying and shooting. You learnt that at the Enforcers. Two: They like to do their own thing. You confessed this to me no more then five minutes ago. Three: From the comments by Commander Feral, he doesn’t really care from them, probably because they rub him up the wrong way. You said that you didn’t care much for him. Four: The looks that you’re  giving me. And five: the Swat Kats look very familiar to me. Since you two are the only kat people that I’ve met, it could only be you two.”

Chance and Jake could not believe their ears. Here was someone from another dimension and within an hour of his arrival, he’d figured out something that Feral hadn’t in two years! It was a good job that he was on their side.

“Could I see your jet, if it’s not too much trouble?” he asked.

“Sure. Its downstairs.” They got and Eddy followed. It was difficult going down the stairs, with his leg. But Jake and Chance were patient. They lead him to a rug which Jake lifted up to reveal a trapdoor. Chance opened it and went down a ladder. Eddy followed, with his leg saying ‘No, no , no’ all the way down. Jake came down last, closing the hatch behind him. The room was quite dark and Eddy could only make out shadows. Suddenly, the lights flicked on. Eddy gasped.

In front of him was the sleekest jet he ever saw. The body was black, with red stripes around the cockpit. The air intakes were yellow and the wings had small patches of blue. He walked up the side and marvelled at the sheer size of the jet. He put his hand on the body, just below the wing and let his hand slide along up to the nose. The jet had a large burn mark just below the wing, but this part was still smooth.

“What do ya think?” asked Chance, who had come up along side him.

“She’s beautiful. How did you make her?”

“From scrape we found in the salvage yard.”

Eddy walked back up to the wing and stooped under the main body. Before they could say anything, he had popped open a panel that concealed the main circuit. Then he put his head into the panel and started looking around. Jake was quite surprised. He never thought that the human would know this much about jets, let alone one he’d only seen for five minutes.

Eddy closed the panel and came back up from underneath the jet. “Impressive. There’s a lot in there that I don’t really understand, but it would be interesting to know.”

“Would ya like to see in the cockpit?” asked Jake.

“Yes, please!” He was now taking on the persona of a same child with a new toy. Chance jumped up and gave Eddy a paw up. Jake jumped up afterwards and popped the cockpit open. Eddy immediately slid into the pilot’s seat and took hold o the joystick. They became worried that was going to fly the jet out of the hanger. But instead, he started making jet sounds, pretending he was flying. “Ground control, this is Nikata One. Have sighted enemy jet and moving to intercept. Over” He looked up at Chance who had the look of someone who had just been locked in a room with a madman.

“I’ve always wanted to do that.” This made Chance relax. Jake was finding it hard not to laugh.

“So lets me see. These starts the engine,” Eddy said, point to a row of switches and a large lever. “This is VTOL mode. That’s the radar, auxiliary weapon control, radio, air conditioning. This is activates the after burners and if I’m not right, these are stealth mode and that is a radar scrambler.”

The two kats were shocked. He had just named all of the most important parts of the jet, leaving out of cause cyclotron release. But other then that he had named each switch or button correctly.

“Do you know how to fly or something?” asked Chance.

“Fly? I can’t even drive, let alone fly. No, my uncle’s a pilot for the air force. He’s in the R. A. F., the Royal Air Force. He gave me a load of books on jets, their functions and some well known flight tactics. Other then that, this is as close to a jet that I’ve ever come before.”

This human was impressive! If he could tell each function of a jet just from looking at the dashboard of a cockpit, think of what else he could do!

Eddy got out of the pilots seat and got into the firing seat. This time however, he was lost for words. Nothing on the dashboard was familiar. There was a radar, but that was all really. The little switches and buttons were in completely different places and who knows what could be fired from here.

“Something wrong?” asked Jake, who couldn’t help smiling.

“It’s all in the wrong place. I can’t tell where anything is. That’s not very fair.”

“Looks like you’ve met your match,” joked Chance. Jake had that ability to confuse even the most brightest person. And now, he’d done it to an alien.

“Well, give me a few days and this baby will have no secrets from me.”

“Are you so sure?” asked Jake.

“Well, maybe a few.” He then got out of the seat and stepped onto the wing. The two kats jumped down and helped Eddy down. With that they returned to the living room. Jake and Chance set on either and of the sofa, while Eddy sat in the middle.

“How did you build the hanger?” he asked.

“We didn’t, answered Jake. “It was there when we first moved in. It dates back to Mega War Two.”

“Oh, that makes sense then. It just seems so big, there is no way that you two could have built it. No offence.”

“Non taken.”

“What call signs to you use?”

“I use Razor and Chance uses T-bone.”

“Interesting call signs.”

“Thanks,” said Chance.

Suddenly Jake shouted “Crud” and rushed to the television.

“What’s wrong?” Eddy asked Chance.

“There’s a film on, Hellraiser. Jake wants to watch it.”

“Hellraiser?!? I LOVE that film! All those chains pulling people apart! It’s brilliant!”

Chance put his paw on his face. Great, he thought, another horror lover.

“Double crud. This stupid thing won’t work!” called Jake.

“You solved the box. We came. Now you most come with us. Taste our pleasures,” came the television. But the picture was pure static.

Eddy got up walked over to the television and with a “Hiyah!”, hit the top. The picture came back on, crystal clear.

“What did you do?” asked Jake, quite puzzled.

“Sometimes you just have to go back to basic.”

With that they both sat down and watched the film. Chance couldn’t help but notice the way Eddy watched the film. It was as though he was completely out of it, nothing existed except those creatures on the t.v. sometimes he would even mouth the words being said. This guy is seriously into horror movies, he thought. Even more then Jake, though he was just as zoned out as Eddy.

Eddy was enjoying himself. He loved the Hellrasier trilogy and had a lot of Hellraiser items, such as models, pictures, and files on his computer. Now here he was, watching it on an alien world. The film itself was no different then on his world, except that it was strange to see the actors with pointed ears and a tail, especially Pinhead.

Finally the credits started to roll. Chance got up and turned the t.v. off. “Well, I’m going to bed. Night.” With that he walked out of the room.

“Don’t worry about him. He doesn’t really care for those types of movie,” said Jake.

“That’s alright. Not many of my friends do either. But I’m quite tired as well.”

“O.k. Will you alright here on the couch?”

“Yes, thank you. Good night, Jake.”

“Night Eddy.” He went out of the room and closed the door. Eddy took off his glasses and laid down on the couch. This was certainly going to be an interesting part of my life, he thought. If I ever get home, this would certainly be one great book. With that thought he drifted off to sleep

To Be Continued……

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