Original SWAT Kats Story

A Brave New World

By Keith Nickeas

  • 5 Chapters
  • 40,593 Words

(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats disturb the Pastmaster’s latest spell, and it leads to a minor dimensional mix-up.

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Author's Notes:

Hello to all SK fans! I am Keith Nickeas and what you are about to read is my own excuse of story. This is only the first chapter, don’t no how many more yet, but who knows, perhaps I’ll die before I finish chapter whatever and you all wil spared from my drivil.

Anyway, this story is about a human being sucked into the kat world. I thought as we don’t the name of the Swat Kat’s planet, I’d think up an original for it. Besides. I’m sad like that.

There is no point in me telling you about myself (Not that you would want to know) but my human character is based partly on me. In fact, Edward Nikata (That’s his name) is sort of like my alter ego. Everything that I would want in life, he has. Basically, he’s me, but has much more personality. Well, I think so anyway. You’re probably thinking that I’m now totally insane. Well, mainly because I’m British, but partly because all my friends are mad to. Hello John and Paul, if you ever read this.

But before I go completely off the wrong track, I have tried to assume an American line when Jake or Chance are speaking. Failed completely, I think, but that is up to you American readers to decide. I have tried to get the American view, but as I am British, it didn’t turn out as well. So please forgive if Jake or Chance start talking and using phrases that sound very British.

Now, without further delays, on with the story, I think.  This is dedicated to Harley Quinn, whose “RT” series gave my motive and ideas.

Chapter 1

The Arrival

In the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Sol system, the 3rd planet orbiting the Sun, Earth, was home to many forms of life. The most intelligent life forms on this planet were Humans.

In the small village of Gotling, England, there was a teenage boy who was doing his homework. He did not think for one moment that this would be his last day on Earth.

In the Milk Galaxy, in the Kat system, the 3rd planet orbiting the Sun, Katopia, was home to many forms of life. The most intelligent life forms on this planet were Kats.

In MegaKat City, two mechanics were watching television after a busy day fixing cars. They did not think for one moment that the events on this day would change their lives forever.  Earth

At 6:32 p.m., on Saturday, October 11th, 1997, Edward Nikata was starting his A level history homework. Though it was early in the morning, he couldn’t sleep so he’d gotton up. His parents were away on a business trip and had left the house in his care. He had only just started his homework, but was already getting bored. Not that the homework was difficult, he was a very intelligent young man. At 16, he had got straight good grades in his exams. He also had a lot of outside knowledge that he never learnt in school. He was very good on computers, not only playing games but writing programs, and he knew a bit about the engines of various vehicles.

But what he hated was the fact that he was such a bore! He had a many friends, the fact that his best friend no longer went to the same school was quite unfortunate. It was the fact that he had spent a lot of his time studying, he couldn’t get out and socialize as much as he would have liked to. It wasn’t the fact that nobody wanted him around, it was the fact he was too intelligent for his age that was a problem. Most people had him down as a square as soon as they saw him, and the fact he had a tendency to talk to much and really stress a point didn’t help matters.

That wasn’t the only trouble he had. He was bored with his life. Looking out the window on this fine Saturday morning, the sun had just come up over the houses in front. There was not a person in sight and the only movement was that of a cat. He went to his mirror and looked at himself. Short, ordinary brown hair, ordinary nose, pale skin. People had commented on how death-like he looked. He always looked ill. It was because he never went out much. The only thing intriguing about him were his eyes. Brilliant blue there were, framed by gold-coloured glasses.

“Why am I such a boring, old man?”, he asked the mirror. No reply. He was used to talking to himself. Not that he was mad, he just got a better conversation, as he was used to telling people.

“Why can’t something – EXCITING – ever happen to me. Ah well,” he sighed. “I suppose I will always be a boring old man.” He wanted to live a little, but had no idea how. With another sigh, he returned to his desk and his homework.

Unbeknownst to him, he was about to get his wish…  Katopia

At 10:32 p.a. Friday, October 9th, 1997, Jake Clawson and his best buddy Chance Furlong had just finished for the day. They went to the living room part of their apartment, that was above the garage. They settled down on the couch, ready for a night of t.v. watching.

“So, what’s on tonight then?” asked Chance.

“Donno. Let’s have a look” Jake replied.

He reached for the television listing and turned to Friday night. There was a good horror movie on Channel 14.

“Hellraiser’s on at half past eleven,” Jake said, not helping the anticipation the his voice. He enjoyed watching horror movies late at night, but usually there weren’t any good ones on.

“Cool. Is that the one set in the hospital?” asked Chance. He was used to Jake’s liking for horror and could watch them now without his stomach turning. But they were the same to him, with a psycho chopping kats up.

“Nah, that’s the third one. This one’s the first one, set in the house.”

Just then the Klaxon went off. “Crud. Why did they have to start tearing up the city now?” complained Jake.

Chance shrugged. “Beats me.” They raced down to the hanger where Chance answered the call. “Yes Ms. Briggs?”

“Swat Kats! The Pastmaster’s back in town,” said the deputy-mayor down the intercom. “He’s got his watch from the museum and is bringing those pre-historic “things” to MegaKat City.”

“We’re on are way Ms. Briggs,” called Chance as he took his flight-suit off Jake, who had handed it to him.

“Please hurry! He’s up to something big this time. The vortex above the city is bigger then any we’ve seen so far.”

“Roger that. Be there in flash.”

Chance and Jake, now T-bone and Razor jumped into the TurboKat and roared off to meet the Pastmaster.  Earth

Edward stopped doing his essay after the first paragraph. It didn’t have be in until a week anyway, so he left it. Now the rest of the day was mine, he thought. But to do what, my dear Watson, what. Then he decided to do some more writing, this time on his fiction story. He enjoyed writing fiction and hoped that he might become famous like his favourite author, Steven King. He mostly wrote horror stories and was working on a story about a mad killer who was plaguing a small town. One thing that people didn’t realize was that he had a taste for horror and the macabre. He found nothing better then to watch a good horror film with lots of “blood and guts”, as he would say.

While he did this he glanced up at the clock. It read 6:45. He thought of getting something to eat, but he didn’t feel hungry. Just then the phone rang, so he jumped up and went downstairs to answer it. At 6:52, Edward was still on the phone. But something was happening in his room. The ceiling started to darken…  Katopia

5 minutes after the call, the Swat Kats arrived at the museum. Callie had was right; the vortex was bigger and darker then normal.

“What do you think the Pastmaster’s up to this time Razor?”

“I donno, but ever it is, it sure doesn’t look good. T-bone watch out!”

Just then a Pterodactyl decided that the Enforcers weren’t good enough and had gone after the TurboKat. T-bone pulled hard and the creature missed by mere inches.

“Slicer-missiles, deployed,” called Razor.

The missiles opened up and went though the creature, cutting off bothwings and sending it down to the street below.

“Bingo!” shouted Razor.

“Swat Kats! What are you doing here!” The voice was unmistakeable. It belonged to Commander Feral, head of the Enforcers.

“Just sight-seeing Feral,” T-bone answered.

“Leave this to the Enforcers, Swat Kats.”

“What? And miss all this fun?” Razor joined. The TurboKat was then engaged by another Pterodactyl.

“Just stay out the way.” Then he said, “This is Feral. Bring me chopper back-up!”

“It’s already here,” said a female voice. It was Felina Feral, Commander Feral’s niece. Unbeknownst to her, T-bone was quite attracted to her.

“Felina, what are you doing here?” Feral commanded.

“Helping. What else would I be doing here? Sight-seeing?

“Don’t you start. I thought I’d told you to stay put,” growled the commander.

“Only because I’m you niece doesn’t mean I’m not an Enforcer!”

“But Felina…”  The rest was drowned out be the clock ringing quarter-to-eleven.

“Swat Kats this is Lieutenant Feral. What’s been happening?

The Swat Kats had just finished dealing with another creature. “Oh just the usual,” replied T-bone. “The Pastmaster opening vortexes and sending through some playmates for ….”

He was cut off. The Pastmaster, finally seeing the TurboKat, fired a beam of energy from his watch and hit the jet. “Finally you are done for!” called the Pastmaster as the jet started to go down.

“Crud! That gremlin’s knocked out the engines!” Cried T-Bone has he fought to start them and regain control.

Razor had a plan. “Quick, head towards the Pastmaster!.


“Head for the Pastmaster!” he repeated. “We can land on the roof and, hopefully, get the Pastmaster before finishes what he’s doing.”

“Roger that. Changing course.”

Lieutenant Feral watched in horror as the TurboKat Started to spiral down. Horror turned to relief as she saw them crash land on the roof of the museum.

The Pastmaster held his watch up towards the vortex and began to chant:  “Portals of time and mists of ages, Bring forth creatures not seen in cages. Make them against the natural law. One’s that no one has seen before!”  “Down though the age…..”

The Pastmaster had been ready for anything, everything was planned down to the smallest detail. But he had not planned for one tiny detail. The TurboKat crashed onto the roof and skidded towards the Pastmaster. He was fortunate to jump out the way. But his watch was not as fortunate. The point on the nose of the jet went straight through the middle of the watch. The jet skidded to a stop just before the tip of the nose was over the edge of the roof.

T-Bone and Razor jumped out the cockpit and held their glovatrixes’s toward the Pastmaster. They saw then that he wasn’t looking at them but at the vortex.

“Foolish mortals! Do you know what you have done!” yelled the Pastmaster.

“Stopped you from entering a beauty contest with whatever you were going to bring through that thing” said T-Bone, pointing upwards.

“No! I was trying to bring forth a creature stronger and bigger then anything before. BUT YOU DISRUPTED THE SPELL!!! Do you know what will happen now?”

“No, what?” Razor asked sarcasticly

“Anything, ANYTHING could come through and I will not be able to send it back!”

Razor glared at the little troll. “Then why are you worried?”

“Because I will have no control over it either!”

The Pastmaster, Swat Kats and every Kat in MegaKat City watched as the vortex convulsed. As the clock struck eleven, it started to do some very strange things….  Earth

Edward was quite pleased. Peter, his best friend, had the day off work and wondered if he was doing anything? His answer had been no and that it was okay to come round. It wasn’t often that they got together, but Edward always enjoyed it when they did get. He went to get dress, since he was still in his night clothes, and to do some cleaning up before Peter came round. They would most probably be surfing the net all day, but a little cleaning wouldn’t harm anybody.

When into his room the clock downstairs struck seven. Peter would be here soon. As he reached into his wardrobe, he started to get a very strange feeling all through his body. It felt that the whole room was charged with static electricity. Suddenly there was a load bang. He looked up to see that a large black space had replaced his ceiling. Before he could run, the blackness enveloped the whole room, including him.

Outside a postman was delivering letters when he heard the bang also. He turned to look in its direction in time to see a chunk of a house vanish into a black and red hole.

Edward was not having a good time at all. When the blackness enveloped him he felt as though every atom in his body had been charged. Though it lasted for only a few seconds, it felt like years and was very painful. Then it went. What was that? he thought. What happened next caught him completely off guard. He was thrown against one walls as everything loose in the room were also pinned to the wall. Then he was pulled to the ceiling. It’s G-force, he thought. That was his last thought as crashed onto his bed and everything went black.  Katopia

Everyone watched as the vortex stared to pull into its self. It looked just like a tornado. It stretched further and further inwards. Everyone, including the Pastmaster thought this was it. No one expected what happen next. The vortex suddenly whipped it self the other way, like a sling-shot. Everyone saw a large object go flying out and over the city, out of sight. The vortex then vanished. The Swat Kats looked at each other and shrugged. They turned to the Pastmaster, but he had slipped away. His watch was also missing.

“Ah, crud. Now where’s he gone?” complained T-Bone.

“Never mind him T-bone, we’ll get him next time. Lets see how bad the TurboKat is.”

“Right with you buddy.”

The damage wasn’t to bad, but it wouldn’t be up to scratch for a few days. They took off, and as they hovered over the museum they caught Feral on the radio ordering a group of Enforcers to go and search for the thing. Then T-Bone noticed that they were low an fuel. They agreed to go back to the hanger and tomorrow repair the jet best they could then look for the thing. T-Bone piloted the jet back to the hanger without another word.

When he cmae to, Edward sat up and immediately regretted it. Every part of him hurt. He checked himself for brakes, finding only a pulled muscle in his shoulder, though he was covered in cuts and bruises. He put on his glasses and got up and looked around his room, or what was left of it. It was dark but his grew used to it and he could see that his room was a mess. Everything was now on the floor or hanging of the walls. The monitor of his computer too lay on the floor, with a big crack down the middle.

“What the hell happened?” he said to himself. “World War Three? An earthquake?”

He strode over broken models, ripped books and reached the window. When he pulled the curtains open, his eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open.

Instead of seeing a quiet street lined with houses and the rising, he saw quite a different scene. He was in some sort of scrape yard. The ground was muddy, with little or no vegetation. All over the place were cars, trucks and even helicopters. To his left he saw a large building. Probably an office he thought. In the background he see a sprawling metropolis, from which came the sound of cars and people going about their business. It was night time and the moon shone above. “Well, can’t stay here all night” he said to himself. It then occurred to him that is was night here, while a few minutes ago the sun had just begun to rise.

He went over to the door and opened it. Instead of opening, however, it fell forward. Cold air rushed in, making Edward shiver. He grabbed his dressing gown and stepped outside. As he walked out he noticed that the force of the impacted had made a large crater. He scrambled up the side of the crater and as he reached the top, he heard what sounded like a tree falling. He turned, only to see what was left of his room collapsed inwards a bit. After a moment of thought, he walked towards the building.

As he made his way over to the building, he saw a sign above two sets of garage doors. It read “MEGAKAT CITY SALVAGE YARD”. Below this was a smaller say which said “Chance and Jake’s Garage”

“MegaKat City?” he pondered. “Never heard of that city before.” He went over and rung the bell. No answer. Then he saw the “CLOSED” sign.

“Great. Just Great!”

As walked around he noticed lots of footprints in the mud. He saw that many were quite big. Must have big feet, he considered. As he explored he saw all sorts of strange looking cars and many helicopters. The helicopters had “MEGAKAT CITY ENFORCERS”, plus a symbol with a large letter “M”, written on the side. The cars, he saw had left hand drive.

“Well, that helps. As the sign was in English, I’m either in America or Australia. Simple logic.”

As he walked around he heard the unmistakeable sound of a jet engine. He looked upwards to see where it was coming from. As it was dark and because he wasn’t looking where he was going, he fell head first into a large pool of muddy water. He came to the surface, spluttering and choking. As he crawled to the side of the pool, he looked for the jet but could not see it.

“This is Brilliant,” he said as he stood up. “I wake up this morning thinking this was going to be yet another, ordinary, boring day,” he yelled. “But NOOOOO. I get sucked up into a hole, fly through the air and crash, end up in a weird place, my room falls apart, find that only nearby building is empty and almost drown in a pool of mud. I asked for a bit of excitement not bloody TORTURE!!!”

When they had changed back into there ordinary clothes, Chance headed up the ladder to the garage. “Just going to grab myself some milk. Want one?” Chance inquired.

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll see if Hellraiser’s on yet,” Jake replied. They went back up to the apartment. Chance headed up to the kitchen, while Jake went to the living room. He looked into the fridge and pulled two cans of milk from a six pack. He opened his can and looked outside. That was when he noticed a figure out in the yard.

“JAKE! Get yer tail in here!” he shouted. Jake was there in a flash.

“What is it, buddy?” Chance pointed to the figure outside, illuminated by moon light, who was now shaking his fist at the sky.

“Looks like trouble. Do you think he saw the TurboKat?” Chance asked his friend

“Lets hope not. But just in case… let’s go out armed.”

“Right with yer there.”

They to get their glovatrixes and went to the door. They opened it slowly and sneaked out the door. They crept up to the figure who was limping towards the gate. He was wearing what looked like a blue coat of some sort, with matching blue trousers. Something was strange about this person, but Jake couldn’t put his finger on it. Rising their glovatrixes, Jake yelled out “Hold it right there!” They heard the figure say “At last. I seem to have a little prob….” Both the mechanics received the shock of their nine lives when the figure turned around.

Edward was finally through with what was happening. The shook his fist at the sky and headed towards the gate nearby. He had hurt his leg when he fell into pool so he limped slowly towards a gate. Suddenly a voice behind him said “Hold it right there!”

“At last,” he said he started to turn around “I seem to have a little prob….” The rest vanished. In front of him stood two figures. One was quite tall and seemed to be very burly around the chest and shoulders. The person next to him was smaller, his size in fact and looked quite scrawny and thin. They both wore blue overalls and red caps turned backwards on their heads. Also they had a very strange object on they right hands that looked like a rocket launcher.

But it wasn’t this that shocked him. It was the fact they faces were covered in fur, had pointed ears on top of their heads and tails that hung out behind them. They’re cats, he thought sheepishly.

He open his mouth to say hello, but was lost for words. Finally he said “Oh bugger.” With that, he fainted.

Chance and Jake stared at the weird figure. He looked small and quite young and had no fur, except for some hair on top of his head. He also had no tail. That’s it, he doesn’t have a tail, thought Jake. Another thing was the fact that he was covered in mud and looked very wet. He stared at them for a minute. Then he open his mouth to something but nothing came. Finally he managed, “Oh bugger”, and collapsed in front of them.

The two friends looked at each other for a moment. Finally Chance spoke.

“What IS it?”

Jake looked back at the fallen figure. “I’ve no idea. But I don’t think “it’s” dangerous.” He looked for any weapons.

“What makes you say that?”

“It fainted when it saw us. It was surprised to us as we were to see it. This could have been the one who came out of the vortex.”

Chance looked at the figure. “What should we do?”

“Let’s take what ever it is inside. We’ll figure something out when it wakes up.”

“Ok. Let’s do that.” With that they picked him up, and between them carried him inside.

To Be Continued……

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