Original SWAT Kats Story

Jake’s First Love

By Katzzlover

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,983 Words

Jake and Chance are on a vacation and… Jake meets his first love. How will the relationship go?

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Author's Notes:

A note: I am not that good at writing things. I like romance and action, but…. it happens that I’m bad at action. This story includes really little Razor and T-bone, and is also too much weighted to Jake. Sorry ’bout that….

Jake and Chance had been really busy with their Swatkat work and thought that they needed a break from it. Besides, the villains had not popped off for about three months. They went to the Riverview motel, which was about one hour away from Megakat City… just to be sure. “Hey, Chance, how long has it been since we’ve been on vacation?” Jake asked.

“Dunno. It’s been a long time since. We ain’t had no money…. ”

“Yeah, whatever..”

“…” They had reached the motel, and they unpacked their packs. One of Razor’s disguises came out. He put it back in.

“I think it’s not gonna have any of those villains. Why bring it? Besides, we should go to ‘our base’ and change and so on.”

Jake replied, “Yeah, but we’re one hour away from the city and ‘our base’ is about two hours from here. By the time we could get back, the city would be in ruins. We could always get a taxi or stuff to go there.”

“As if I wouldn’t know about a taxi… Don’t pretend to be the boss.” Unfortunately, that speech was as small as the squeak of, not a mouse, but an ant. They went to the river anyways. As they walked along, Jake saw a pretty girl sitting by their way. By the wooden bridge. That girl looked about her 20’s and had those sparkling eyes with fur which looked too too…. smooth to be allowed. Chance was overwhelmed and Jake said nothing. Jake pretended not to see her, but she spoke first. “Er… do you know what’s the name of this… this animal?”

Jake thought it was a nice opportunity and answered, “Well… let’s see. I’m not sure. It looks like one of those tropical fish.”

“Oh.” She said again, “Oh. Maybe it is a tropical fish… no. Maybe not.”

Jake didn’t answer that question. She said, “I think it’s luck that we’ve met. Why don’t we go over there?”

Jake answered, though Chance thought that he was left out, “I think that mountain is too far. Do you really want to go there? It’s really far…”

“I love going to mountains.”

“Oh.” They went. The road was pretty much far. They saw some scarecrows on the way. She looked at it and shook it. Jake didn’t miss the chance and shook one of those next to her’s. She went again, a bit farther from the scarecrow that she shook. Jake followed again.

Chance just looked. He went back to his motel.

She said, “I’m having fun. I hadn’t after I had been with another, whom is… …”

“It’s ok. You don’t need to talk about it. But, speaking about something else, what’s your name?” Jake asked.

She answered, not looking proud, “Kilm. Kilm Skroaf. What’s yours?”

Jake answered, maybe too quick, “Jake…. Clawson.”

“Oh. Such a cute name.”

Jake just stood a bit blank. No girl had said that his name was cute. They walked along, and they were by the flower heaven. Jake picked some flowers by the way. Some of the nicest flowers. No one said to do that, but Jake and Kilm sat next to each other. Jake gave her his flower.

She said, “I like violet flowers. My favorite color is violet.”

“Oh.” and he went down to pick some more violet flowers. But, Kilm went near the cliff and looked at a flower. The flower was so near that she decided to pick that flower up. But, she fell down a bit. She hung by her hands.

Jake rushed and caught her just in time. A second later and he would have been too late.

She was bleeding. Jake pulled his lips and picked that blood away.

Jake thought, ‘Wow. Her blood even feels so… warm.’ They went more, and Jake picked one of the cabbages. He tossed the thing to Kilm. They went to a shelter and ate. But, Kilm didn’t even eat three bites and tossed it and said, “I think it’s a bit too raw.”

Jake tossed it a lot farther. Jake thought, ‘This is by far the best. Maybe I should tell her that? Nah… we are only here to meet for a week or less. We’ll be apart. No. We could E mail…’

Jake asked, “Er.. when is the time that you need to leave?”

“The next week.”

“The next week? Me too.”


Jake felt too shy to ask her her E mail. They went more, but the sky suddenly darkened. It soon rained. They looked for somewhere to hide.

But, Kilm’s lips were so blue. More blue then the icy land. Her skin was too pale. Whiter than snow, which fell only a second ago.

He found an empty house and said for her to follow him there. They went. But, the world didn’t help. There were some leaks.

She had became really pale. Too bright in color. Jake looked out and saw some hay. He thought that that would help, so he brought it. He covered the roof. He came back in, but mistakenly crashed into her flowers. He said sorry.

But, she said, “It’s really ok.”

The rain stopped. Jake’s only thought was to carry her back home. Not only just hold hands but “Carry Her.” She looked too sick to walk along. Jake placed her on his back, and Kilm just did what he thought of it.

They went more and more, and the river was in kind of a flood. Jake just carried her. Good thing that the river was really small. Otherwise, they might have drowned.

Jake left her at the front of the motel and said, “If you feel ok tomorrow, let’s meet.”

“That… (sneezed) sounds (sneezes) great.” Jake came back to his room.

Chance said, “How was your love?”

“Hey. Stop it.”

“Nah, dun wanna.”

“Hey please?”

“Ok. ok. What the hell happened without me?”

Jake thought. He knew that they had sworn not to speak a lie to each other, but… a promise is something to be broken… right? So, Jake said, “Nothing happened. We just decided to meet again. Nothing more.”

“Hey. No. More informatively.”

“No. I didn’t do anything interesting.”

“Ok… I’ll believe you….” The next day, there was bad news. The Swatkat siren rang.

“Oh S(*&. Now, how could I meet her?” Jake murmured.

Chance heard it and said, “I knew that you were really close to each other…”

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s go.” They changed and went and busted Doctor Viper’s creation. It was not the easiest task, but they’d done this a million times. A piece of cake. But, since they had no plane, it was a bit hard. They only had some jetpacks. Killing the monster had taken a lot of work… and it was down to the night. Early night. Jake visualized, ‘Oh. Kilm would have been worried sick. I’m worried about her…. What if I don’t get to see her again? Where is her motel room? Or is it a hotel? I’m so stupid. I forgot to ask her her room number….’ The next day, Jake went out to search for her. She wasn’t there. He swam with Chance, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as it had been with Kilm. He thought that it was a bore. Days passed and it was to the sixth day. Jake went to the river and saw Kilm.

Jake said, “Wow. Hi!”


“Where were you?”

She said, in a bit of a sick voice, “I was sick…”

“Oh… are you better?”

“No. I’m still sick. But, tomorrow, I leave so… if I hadn’t talked to you, I might lose contact with you.”

“Oh,” Jake said, “Thank you.” She showed him some fruits, and they were some of the sweetest ones in the world. She said, “After what you’ve done for me after my ex boy friend’s ……. d….e….. anyways, you’ve changed me. I had fun. So, I thought of repaying you.”


She gave it to Jake.

Jake had decided to tell her his identity. After all, she seemed pretty much safe. He thought that Viper or Pastmaster or blah’s wouldn’t come out till at least next week.

He said, “Er… I have something to tell you.”

She followed him. At a deserted house, he said, “I’m… one of the Swatkats.”

She said, “You’re what?”

“A Swatkat.”

“You gotta be joking. But wait, you do look pretty much the same as…. was it Razor?”


“Why did you tell me this?”

“I just told you this, so that you might think more on making friends with me.”

She replied, “Oh. I would be your girlfriend even. How many girls have a swat kat as a boy friend?”

“Well… thanks. Can you tell me your E mail address?”

“Oh. Why, yes.”

She gave him her E mail address and Jake wrote his down.

She looked pale again, and said, “I have a headache. I’ll go home.”

“Ok. Let’s try to meet at the river. If you can’t, let’s er… meet together some other day.” Jake went back to motel. But as he went, he thought, ‘Hey something’s not right. Oh ****! I’ve told her my identity. What if she’s one of the dark’s servants? What if…’ Chance said, “I ain’t found no girl here. Lucky you, pal. Yer first girlfriend.”

“Hey. She’s not my ‘girlfriend’… ”

But, Chance kind of argued more and said, “Nah… I know when you’re not lying. We’ve lived about maybe… can’t remember but… right. About fifteen years together… right?”

“Yeah so?”


“Oh.” They ate dinner at a cheap restaurant. (Remember… they have that money to give to the Commander.) The next day, he went out and searched for her, but she wasn’t there. He went around but figured that she had to go home early. So, he went back. But as he went, he heard a voice beside him.

The voice said, “Do you know what? Kilm’s parents have always had no luck with their children… Three boys died young. But, their luck couldn’t get this bad…”

Another voice said, “What happened?”

“She died. She died when I wasn’t there… but do you know what she wrote before she died?”


“She wrote, strangely, “Please make my grave close to here. And…. I want my clothes even in the heavens…”


The end.

I’m sorry about such an awful ending. So hurtful to dear ol’ Jake. But…. the world is tough… sorry…

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