Original SWAT Kats Story

The Canis Quest

By Kathy Carman

  • 6 Chapters
  • 15,108 Words

Jake and Chance receive mysterious clues about Jake’s past, and go on a quest to find a temple and a missing brother.

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Chapter 6

“But how can this be?

She can’t be a Stone-wielder, we have both parts ofthe Stone!” said Razor, hardly knowing what he was saying at the time.”Yes, but you are missing that critical part.”

He opened his treasure chestand there inside was the same scroll and cloth-wrapped package destined forher so long ago.

“That part which will bring it together.”

He presented thepackage to his step-sister and the scroll to Razor.

Katrina unwrapped thepackage and revealed a beautiful piece of jewelry.

True, it wasn’t a Stone.It was a mithril and gold setting, with the mark of the White Tiger andsmaller insignias of the White Wolf on a rather plain cord.

Racing along thetop was the same golden Dragon that ran alongside the amulets of her brothers.Razor unrolled the parchment.

It was the same scroll with strange writingthat Shandor had brought them at the start of the Quest.

It now clearlyshowed the two halves of the Wolf Amulet, and above them was the Princess’ssilver setting. The Stone-wielders revealed their Stones, and again thatstrange glowing took place, only each of the three parts shone with abrilliance equal to the Sun, or perhaps the brilliance of the glowing coats ofthe Wolf and the Tigress.

The Half-Stones lifted from the astonishedbrothers’ paws and lightly, carefully, laid themselves in the Setting.

Thenow fully completed Stone surged with power and light.

Its light filled outthe room and stretched out for miles in every direction.

The five of them stared in awe and humbleness at the power bestowed upon themby the Wolf and Tigress.

The Wolf Stone was whole once more.

Katrina graspedthe Stone and held it in her lap.

The grey kat also gave Katrina a marvelousBow.

“This is the Silver-Pink Bow of Diana, a great Warrior Princess in herday, and she lives in songs and legends.

This bow is destined to you byinheritance.

Guard it well, and it will do the same for you.

It is also yourdestiny to properly name it in order to truly claim it as your own.

I knowyou are skilled in archery, and this bow can only enhance your ability.”Katrina solemnly accepted the great Bow.

Quietly the group left that room ofwonder.

Katrina went to find something else in the castle.

The others started afterher as the grey kat said, “You shall stay the night here.

You may stay aslong as want or need.”

The boys caught up to Katrina in a big stone room.Mounted on the wall was something of obvious importance.

Upon closerinspection they found it to be a pure Silver Arrow.

Katrina ceremoniouslyremoved it from the wall to show the others.

“This is the Claw of Sheba. Legends say it was forged by Sheba herself.

Ithas been passed down for generations in my family.

It has never missed it’smark and has always been retrieved.

And sometimes it has granted omens of thefuture.

I feel that soon, this Silver Arrow may come into use again.

I havehad dreams, premonitions about this day.

I had no idea of the full magnitudeof all this would bring.

A whole new family!”

Just then, the black Wolf calmly entered the room strode up to the Princess.She calmly bent down and stroked him.

“Who is he?””This is Canis Rex.

It was my brother’s idea.

It started off as a littlejoke, but he has proven himself worthy of the name.””What do you mean?””Canis Rex.

It means King of the Wolves.

He’s been with me ever since myfather disappeared.

I can’t think of a time when I was not without him.

Wefound him abandoned as a pup and took him in.

We figured he had to be leftbehind because he was injured and couldn’t keep up with his pack.

Ever since,he has always thought of himself as my protector, as my father was, so wenamed him the new King.

He’s saved my life several times in my lifetime,which is why he wears this medal.”

She reached through his thick fur andshowed them a pretty necklace with a gold that was once worn by a youngprincess.”You have a wolf for a pet?””No one owns Rex.

Everyone belongs to the Earth, the Sky or the Sea, andmost importantly, to themselves.

Sorry if he scared you, he always howls atnight.””Is that arrow, pure silver?” asked Chris with interest.

The others glaredat him with noted dissatisfaction.

The next day everyone just kind of milled about the place after breakfast.Katrina wore a new warrior’s outfit with a short skirt that cut down in a V.She went out and target practiced with her new bow.

Everything lookeddifferent in the pleasant sunshine.

The boys watched Katrina hit the bull’s-eye practically every time.

At lunch time she shot down four apples from atree.

“Hey Razor, She’s got your eyes,” T-bone whispered.

Later, the greykat led them on a tour through some of the palace.

That night T-bone and Razor talked about their future plans.

“So Jake, Whatare we waiting for?

We found what we were looking for, we found the Settingand your sister.

What more do we have to do here?””I don’t know.

Normally, I’d be all for leaving.

But something tells methere’s something more for us here.

I mean, Okarab’s still out there, he’sprobably still looking for us.

I think we should sit tight until somethinghappens.”

“But we’ve been here now for two full days.

I know your weird “feelings” areusually right, but Callie might need us.

What if nothing happens?”

Justthen, a woman screamed.

“Katrina!” they both yelled at once.

They bolted and ran up the stairs toher bedroom.

They met Chris at the door.

Okrab had appeared through Katrina’s large open window.

He had her trapped.She was still clasping her Mystical Bow, she was apparently sleeping with it.”What do you want, Okrab?!” yelled Razor defiantly.

“You know what I want!

I want the Power of the Wolf Pack.

I want your magicamulet!””How did you find us?!””Fools!

You called on so great a power and you didn’t even bother to cloakit?

With so great an energy surge it was only a matter of time and distanceto track you down.

Along with the new information that you have completed theStone!

Now I won’t have to track down the individual pieces!”

“What do you want it for?

Only a descendant can use their power!””Well, thanks to this stone,” and he motioned to the tiny glowing green beadaround his neck that they noticed before, “I can use any of the Stones!

Notonly that, but the half of the scroll that I stole from the Temple has alsotold me where I can find the key to ultimate power once I steal your WolfStone!”

He turned back to the window.

“I will give you time to make yourdecision!

The Stones or the girl, it’s your choice!”

With that, he grabbedKatrina and fled off into the night.

“Well, at least she has her Bow,” said the grey kat.”Yeah, and it’ll be real handy without these,” said Razor as he held up herquiver of arrows from beside her bed.

The kats ran outside and split up.

TheSwatKats dove for their jeep, but it wouldn’t start.

Chris followed them.

“Crud, the battery’s dead.””Look, if you want me to help, you’re gonna have to give me my Surge – suitback.”

“What are you crazy?!

You think we’re gonna trust you with a weapon of thatmagnitude!””Otherwise I can’t help you.

I’m not brave, or strong, or skilled.

Give memy suit or you’re better off going without me.”

T-bone and Razor looked ateach other.

Realizing the more time they wasted, the more distance Okrab putbetween them, Razor went into the trunk and pulled out an unusual messilyfolded suit.

Chris eagerly put it on and once again, (for the first time inthis chapter) became Hard Drive, a being fused with electricity.

His voicegot deeper, his pupils disappeared, and his hair got all puffed up like he’dbeen in a fluff dry cycle. T-bone gave Razor that ‘Are you sure you know what we’re getting ourselvesinto’ look.

But instead he said, “But what about transportation? The engine’sshot, and there’s no way we’ll catch him on foot.”

They returned to thecastle and searched for the grey kat.

He was behind the castle, at an old butcozy stable, busily saddling five fine horses.

“Horses again?” said T-bone.

“Not that I have anything against them at all,but why is it that whenever we’re in these kind of adventures without theTurbo-Kat, we always end up riding HORSES?!””I don’t know T-bone, Just lucky I guess.”They each mounted a horse, Razor mounted a dark grey named Wolf Runner.

Sonamed, for when he was found, he was running amongst a pack of wolves in thenearby area, and appeared to run with the soul of a Wolf.

T-bone mounted ajet-black, shadowy steed named En Las Sombras.

The grey kat mounted a cloudygrey steed named Mithrandir, and Hard Drive was given a yellow buckskin namedElectra.

“Better take your shoes off, Hard Drive,” warned Razor.”My shoes?

Why?””Well alright, If you want to risk getting your foot stuck in the stirrup,and you fall off and get trampled to a painful, horrible, and pretty ickydeath, no fur off my back,” answered T-bone.

Hard Drive thought for a moment,then quickly removed his shoes.

“Luckily enough, I took an equestrian course a few years ago, so I remember afew of the basics, if you guys will give me a few pointers..

Like, how do youstart these things?” said Hard Drive.”O, with these horses, it’s real easy.

Just squeeze their stomach with yourlegs and yell, ‘Yah!’” answered the grey kat.

Hard Drive did as he was told,and soon Electra was galloping along as fast as she could.


Maybe Ishouldn’t have given the green rider one of the more skittish horses.

Electraruns like greased lightning.””O never mind, he’ll be fine.” “Hey, who’s she?” Razor wondered, motioning to the last mare. “This horse can be ridden by no one but the princess.

Her name is TigerLily.””An appropriate name.”

For she is a beautiful black and white pinto, whoseblack patches on her barrel seemed to appear in stripes.

“We’d better be going then, we’ve no time to lose.

We can’t lose sight ofthem, or we’ll never find Katrina again.


Mithrandir and the grey katgalloped off.”Yah!”

Razor and Wolf Runner joined the chase.


T-bone and his mount remained perfectly still.





Sombra, Wake UP!”

At last the horse arose toattention.

T-bone pointed at the others now far ahead of them.

“Follow Them,YAH!”

The five-horse-chase had begun.

“Hey guys!


No one noticed the shape of Canis Rex among the cliffs, also joining thepursuit.

T-bone arrived just in time watch Okrab and the princess duck inside a cavenear the top of a tall thin mountain.

“Split up,” said Razor, “Anyone find‘em call the others.”

The horses broke off in different directions, the greykat excellently handling both Mithrandir and TigerLily.

Moments later, T-bone gave a yell.

The others came quickly, and crept into adark cave.

Razor and Hard Drive both clutched their Wolf stones.

“Your choice, my dear Princess Katrina,” Okrab offered her.

“I will spareyour life and the lives of your brothers.

I will give you infiniteprosperity.

Your kingdom will once again flourish under your noble reign, andyou will become legend, much like the bow you now hold in your hands and thequeen it belongs to.

You know what I want in return.

I can make all thesethings happen.

With the Setting of the Wolf Stones I can summon the twostones to me, and their power will be mine.

It will all be mine in time, sotake the obvious choice.”

“I will surrender nothing to scum like you.

I’d sooner die.” “We shall see, young kitten.

We shall see.”The three kats from Megakat City came upon Okrab, his back turned, hisattention diverted to a colorful fire, muttering unhearable incantations.They could see Katrina, tied up and gagged at the back of the cave, deathlyafraid of her fate.

“So, what kept you?” Okrab turned around, his jade beadglowing a fiery red.

“I offer you one last chance.

The powers will diminishonly slightly if the Stone-wielders are dead.

I would rather take them fromyou alive.

But if I am forced…

With the powers I stole from the Temple ofthe Wolf Pack, I command the elements!

I cannot be beaten!

You cannot hopedefeat an entire world!”

“You’ll have to take it from my clenched fist, Okrab!””Uh, actually…” muttered Hard Drive.

The others glared at Hard Drive.

“You’re going down, Okrab.”

“As you wish, if we must do this the hard way.”

Okrab raised his handspointing his bony claws at the kats.

Lightning zapped out of nowhere andfried them.

They almost fell to their knees from the electrical shock.

Thetwo SwatKats fired a mini Octopus missile at him.

Okrab willed something, thetwo missiles stopped in mid-air and fell pathetically to the ground.

Okrabraised his hands and sent a huge tidal wave of water from out of nowhere andwalloped them.

Hard Drive, seeing Okrab’s foot in a puddle, sent his ownelectrical storm at him.

It hit on target, but Okrab only laughed.

His jadebead turned white for a moment, then sent the same electrical energy back atHard Drive tenfold.

While Okrab was distracted, the grey kat managed to freeKatrina, and they tried to crawl away.

Suddenly a dark blur of muscle and fur appeared out of nowhere and helpedthem, sometimes dragging the princess by her clothes to urge her toward theexit.

Okrab, seeing this, was about to send an bolt of evil energy at them.Canis Rex stood fast, protecting Katrina.

He growled menacingly at thefireball, and for some reason, it melted away inches from them.


What happened?!” cried Okrab.

“Our normal powers won’t work against Gargoyle and Wolf magic.

We have tocall upon the powers of the Wolf and Tiger!”

“No,” cried Hard Drive, “Anything we throw at him he can just bounce off andsend right back at us!”

“Then the only thing we can do is destroy the source of his power,” saidKatrina, holding her bow.

“If I just had my Silver Arrow, or just any arrow!”Hard Drive didn’t look like he felt all right.

His face kinda twisted in alldirections.

He reached in his pocket and revealed the Silver Arrow!


How could you?!”

“Old habits die hard!

Be glad I did steal it, it’s gonna save our livesright now!”

He threw it across the room to his sister, but Okrab intercepted.Rex jumped up at the giant gargoyle, biting his arm until he released it.Then grabbed it in his mouth and delivered it personally to Katrina.


Toss me your Stones!” she cried.

Hard Drive and Razor undid thechains on their amulets and rolled them across the floor without incident, forOkrab had no power over them.

Again placing the three parts together, sheturned it toward her bow and arrow.

“From the forces of Wolf and Tiger came,guide my weapon to Evil’s Bane!”

The completed Stone shone upon the bow andarrow, making them glow like the stars.

She put the Mystical Arrow of old toher legendary Bow, and aimed at the source of their nemesis’s magic reservoir,the tiny jade bead that hung from the gargoyle’s neck.

She hated to thinkabout what would happen if she missed.

But there was no time, she fired.

TheSilver Arrow traveled faster than thought, and split the bead neatly in two.

Lightning-like energy wisped out of the gargoyle like water down a hole.Okrab was weakening, but he was not beaten yet.

“You think you have beatenme.

You think this is the last you shall see of the Order of the DarkGargoyles.

That’s what you thought about my brother, you were wrong then.

Weare not finished, not by a long shot!”

Princess Katrina rose the amulet to the sky and called, “By the power of theRoar and Howl, We call forth the powers that will save us now!”

From theStone, two bolts of lightning branched out on either side of the kats.

Thereappeared, menacing, Shandor on one side and Sheba on the other.

One howled,one roared, the light of the Stone grew, and the gargoyle known as Okrab wasno more.

Like ghosts, the White Wolf and White Tigress disappeared asmysteriously as they had come.

Razor and the others rushed over to Katrina.

After a few minutes ofcongratulating one another they returned to the castle, and the kats madeplans for leaving in the morning.

“Katrina, why won’t you come home with us to MegaKat City?” “My home is here.

And besides, Rex and my brother would miss me too much.And I would miss the castle, and the horses, and the mountains, and, and,everything.

Thank you very much for inviting me, but, no.”

She sighed.

“Iwish I could’ve been able to see the Temple of The Wolf.

I’m sure it musthave been a beautiful thing.”

“Maybe we can,” said Razor.


Okrab destroyed it?””Remember that door, that led outside, only instead of Wolf country, it wasTiger country?”

“I’m not getting this..””You have a lot of rooms in this place that haven’t been entered in years,right?””Yes, I suppose so..””Where’s the most south-facing door in this castle?”

The grey kat led all ofthem there, and sure enough, there was not a Tiger/Wolf emblem there, only ofThe Wolf, and what seemed to the icon of a temple or building of some sort.Razor and Chris put their amulets in the keyhole, opened the door, and theystepped into the remains of the Temple of the Wolf Pack!

Katrina was almost moved to tears.

“I didn’t want to see this.”

Razor’s Wolf instincts were leading well so far, so he continued to followthem.

He entered the Jewel Keep once again, and saw all the broken crystalsas they were before, except they were shining with what looked like goldendust.

He offered the complete Wolf Stone, and said, “Powers that were takenfrom this magical hoard, return hither and the Stones restore!”

Lights dancedall around the room, all the stones were renewed.

The grey kat, Katrina, andChris gaped all around the splendors of the shiny crystal room.

Razor’s handreached out for one of the Stones.

It was round with a golden color, and gaveoff slight warmth.

It also had little extrusions sticking out all around it.”Katrina, What can you tell me about this Stone?”

“The Sun Stone.

That Stone has the Power of Life and Light and Renewal.”

Razor went back into the main room, both hands glowing from holding bothStones.

He knocked on a floor board in the very center of the main hall anddiscovered it was hollow.

He removed it, and discovered another Amuletkeyhole, as well two other indentations, one of

a strange heart symbol, andthe other of a Sun.

He placed the completed Wolf Stone in the above keyhole,the Heart Stone in the Heart keyhole and

also the Sun Stone in theappropriate place and stepped back.

In almost the blink of an eye, there wasa bright white flash, and the ruined temple was gone, and in it’s place was aglorious new one completely whole and clean.

They walked into the Library.

“Just imagine the treasures this place holds.We will study the works in this place to find out why the Wolf Packdisappeared.”

“Hey, Where’d Chris go?” T-bone looked around anxiously.

“The last I saw of him he was in the Jewel Hoard!”

They ran to the JewelHoard in a second.

At first, they didn’t notice anything was amiss, but theysaw the place where the Lightning Stone was.

Was, because it was gone, and init’s place was the other half of Jake’s Wolf Stone.

T-bone grabbed it angrilyand hurried back through the magic warping door, to the castle, to the outsidewhere they kept their broken jeep.

It too was missing”Aw crud.

He knew the battery was dead!

He re-charged it with his suit-thing!”

“Forget about it, T-bone.

He’s long gone by now.

He did what he came to do;he knew we’d just take him to jail when we got back.”

“But Razor, that thing was a rental!

How are we gonna explain this to theairport?!”

Razor answered, smiling his old Razor smile.

“Same way we explain toCommander Feral.”

He paused.

“But what about Chris’s Stone?

We may needit’s power again, and the ancient scrolls say that the full power is too muchto be used alone.”

No sooner were these words spoke than in the next instant, the four katsfound themselves in the Statue room of the castle.

The two statues of theWolf and Tigress were glowing.

Suddenly, they came alive, to the livingbeings of Shandor and Sheba.

The two white animals walked calmly over to thekats.

The kats froze in awe.

T-bone felt the Wolf and Tiger each place oneof their paws on T-bone’s hand, the one holding Chris’s Stone.

White lighterupted out of the Stone from under their paws, and Razor could feel his ownStone glowing also.

He could feel ties breaking and ties being made,something ending and something beginning.

“Chance Furlong.

You have beeninducted into The Order of the Wolf and Tigress.

You are the new Stonewielder half of the Wolf.

You should consider yourself to be Jake’s brother.””I can understand you.

You mean- This is cool!”

“You must use your power to right the wrongs of this world, and find peace.Until next we meet.”

So saying, Sheba and Shandor walked back up to theirpedestals and became jeweled-eyed Statues once more.

The SwatKats bid a fond farewell to their friends and family and returnedhome to their normal boring lives, in between fixing cars and saving the cityfrom crime.

Chance could never stop admiring his Stone.

“So what do youthink of my fortune tellers now, Jake?”

“Hey, she never mentioned a word about Sheba.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking.

If we can turn into Wolves and Katrina into aTigress; What could stop Shandor and Sheba from turning into kats?”

“What are you getting at?”

“Well, you still don’t know what happened to your parents, right?”What happened to the ancient Wolf Pack?

What will happen next to the threesome?

What new threat will, uh, threaten Jake, Chance, and Katrina?

Whyd o fanfic writers late at night end a story so cheesily (and is that even a word?) with all these stupid unanswered questions?

Tune in to the next andfinal chapter of, (dun, dun, DUN!)THE CANIS QUEST:THE CONCLUSION!P.S. I would LOVE it (that’s love with little hearts all around it) if fellowkatfans and Canis Quest fans would illustrate pivotal scenes of this or any ofmy fanfiction.

I can see them clearly in my mind’s eye, but lack the skill toconvey it in color rather than words.

Here of course I have a few notes to myself while I was writing this fanfic last summer…Out of nowhere, a blond woman runs screaming through the brush.”Rrrrrrrruuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!”

a few moment later, two Velociraptors chase after her.Sometimes simple is best..Never forget the ol’ subtle as an airhorn fallback!  I ALWAYS SOUND TACKY LATE AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!



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Ithink I’ll go get something to eat.

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I got a caffeine free soda and that’s it.

I’m still hyper, still can’t think straight.

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