Original SWAT Kats Story

The Canis Quest

By Kathy Carman

  • 6 Chapters
  • 15,108 Words

Jake and Chance receive mysterious clues about Jake’s past, and go on a quest to find a temple and a missing brother.

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Author's Notes:

In our last exciting, riveting adventure, Jake and Chance visited a beautiful cinnamon-colored gypsy kat.

La Esmeralda told their fortunes, including a very intense, mysterious future for Jake, involving White Wolves, alismans, family roots, the TurboKat and T-bone, and the forces of Darkness. Little by little the tale started to become true.

Shandor the White Wolf appeared and started the quest for Jake’s past.

The Wolf granted several documents and scrolls which the two Swat Kats poured over for hours until they found two things of greatest interest.

The birth certificates of Jake and his brother Chris, and a map to the Temple of the Wolf Pack of Peace, in the Memanshon Rainforest, in the country of Lantis.

Still cowering from meeting his brother after so many years, Jake decided they would check out the temple first.

There they discovered the legend of the Wolf Pack, its founding, and the tale of the stones.

There they also met Okrab, only brother to Bakro, the leader of an evil gargoyle clan, who Jake, with Shandor’s help destroyed.  Okrab managed to swallow magic stones from the Jewel Hoard of the Temple and absorb all kinds of innumerable powers from Jake’s ancestors.  After accidentally ripping the parchment he sought in two, he fled, destroying the temple, and very nearly our two heroes!

Jake was at last persuaded to leave this treasure of his heritage behind to save himself, but not after salvaging a few things, most important being the Heart Stone.

The Heart Stone was the one powerful magic that evil could not command.  It absorbed several shards of other broken crystals, the effect of which we will learn later.

They then sought after Jake’s brother, and were interrupted surprisingly by Okrab.  For some reason, he was attacking Hard Drive, and for all he had, Hard Drive could not repel him.

The Swatkats came to his rescue, when at last Hard Drive actually saved the day.

They katnapped him only to question him, when suddenly they discovered that somehow Hard Drive had the other half of Jake’s amulet!

The story now continues…

Chapter 2

Many Meetings

The two kats mirrored each other in shock.  For awhile they just stoodt here, staring at the pair of amulets.  Then they turned to each other, open-mouthed.

Finally T-bone came to his senses.  He grabbed Hard Drive and held him at bay, but somehow Hard Drive was still able to get his amulet for himself.

Razor picked up his own amulet as well, and full of wonder, sat down before he passed out.

“Where did you get that?” asked Razor.

“It’s mine, and you can’t take it from me.  No matter who tries.”

“Yours…” said Razor, dazed.  “What’s your name?  I mean your real name.”

“Like I’d tell you.”

Hard Drive caught the shine of the amulet in his eye, he suddenly and strangely relaxed.

“Christopher James Clawson.”

As if in a trance, Razor took off his own mask.  “I’m, Jake Clawson.  I’m your twin brother.”

They were all silent for awhile to think about what this meant.

“You’re not taking me to Fahren.  I just want to stay here.  I’m not going on any wild goose chase for you, or to save the world.  That’s your job!  I’m not getting killed!”

“Fahren?  Who said anything about Fahren?”

“This dream…  I keep having this weird dream over and over for almost a month now.”

“That’s about the time we visited the fortune teller,” said T-bone.

Chris ignored him.  “I’m in this rain forest.  And there’s this big temple behind me.  I see this White Tiger.  And she tells me I have to go to Fahren. omething about destiny.  I’m to follow a Wolf, with my brother at my side,to find something there.  It starts a marvelous quest.  Then suddenly everything changes.  The Tiger becomes a Wolf.  I hear howling and there’s mountains and plains, and a huge golden castle.”

“Then I guess that’s where we have to go.”

Chris’s entire composure left him and he totally freaked out.


Suddenly Jake stood up in a voice of power and held out his Stone.  “IN THE NAME OF SHANDOR!”

Chris went limp with shock yet relaxed in T-bone’s grip.

“You have to come.  We have to go.  We have no choice.  We must go without delay.”

“But Razor, Where in Fahren?  It’s a fairly big country, and we don’t even know if he’s telling the truth.  He could’ve stole the Stone and killed your brother!”

“He didn’t.  My brother is alive, and sitting right there.  I just know it’s true.”

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