Original SWAT Kats Story

The Canis Quest

By Kathy Carman

  • 6 Chapters
  • 15,108 Words

Jake and Chance receive mysterious clues about Jake’s past, and go on a quest to find a temple and a missing brother.

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Author's Notes:

Here’s my start.

It’s a sequel to Razor610’s (Hillary “Xena” Mader) story The Kat who Cried Wolf.

I must admit, I wasn’t into this at first.

But that Razor610! Somehow she crammed an idea into my head, and now I have to write it.Well what do you think?

Please post it in wherever you post these fanfic things.

Chapter 1

A lustrously full moon cast a beautiful silver over a typical MegaKatCity fair…


”I love carnivals, don’t you, Jake?” said Chance Furlong, while pouncing on another handful of popcorn.

“Sure, Chance,” he answered, still pondering as to where his friend has been making all this food mysteriously disappear all night.  “Hey Chance, look at that!”

Up the road was a small yellow tent with objects and icons of the moon and stars decorating the outside.

Also decorating the outside, a colorful gypsy wearing a tunic of yellow, blue, and fuchsia, topped with a ragged blue hat and yellow feather, was attempting to draw paying customers inside.

“Come one, Come all!” he shouted.  “Madame Esmeralda knows all!  She can see into your past, present and future! Give it a try!  C’mon, we’re leaving this weekend!  Hurry before it’s too late!”

“I sure wouldn’t want to meet that alley-cat in a dark alley at night,” said Jake.

“Aw, come on, Jake, I wanna see when I get a chance at Miss Deputy Mayor!”

So saying, he pushed him into the tent and paid the grey-fleeced court jester at the door.

They entered a dimly lit room, full of tapestries and rugs.Small candles lit a table at which sat a beautiful cinnamon-colored gypsy kat, dressed in reds, gold, white, blue, green, and purple.  She had the most enchanting eyes.

“Enter, Seekers of knowledge.”

They came in and sat down.  She shuffled her deck of cards.  She dealt out a card.

“You have the card of the Knight.  You are a great hero, no?”

“Yeah, See what I told you?” said Chance to Jake.  “She knows me like a book.”

She dealt another card, with a Raven on it.

“The Raven card stands near to your Knight.  Your heroics, do they have something to do with the air?  Of flight?”


“You are the Guardian of a Great giant Raven.  A plane!  You were an Enforcer!”

“How did you know that!”

“Chance, she could have read it in a newspaper, like normal people, and not in some crystal ball,” said Jake.

“I see darkness surrounding your past.  Destruction.  Vengeance.  You seek revenge, and defiance at someone you knew there?”

“This is amazing!”

“This is typical; she probably says that to all the Enforcers.  At least those who serve under Feral.”

“You are a non-believer in the occult?”

“Well, she finally got one right.”

“I will give you prediction!  Free of charge!  You have only to ask anything of your past, present, or future.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I’m thoroughly briefed on what’s happened to me already, What do you see in my future?”

She shuffled the deck again and tapped it three times.  She drew a card.

“You will take a trip.”

“Isn’t that exciting.”

Annoyed, she drew another card.  Her blue spell binding eyes narrowed.

“It is a trip full of peril.  A Quest.  You will not survive it alone.”

She drew another card.

“The sign of Lobo!” she said surprised, as if at her own strength, and in new fascination of Jake.  “The sign of the Wolf!”

At this the Swatkats’ attention alerted, and Jake’s eyes went wide.

She cautiously drew another card.

“A talisman.  You will seek apiece of jewelry from far away.  It holds much importance for you.  And your family.”

The hair on Jake’s neck stood on end.

Another card.  Each card seemed to reveal something of more interest.

“Janus, the two-headed god of beginning and endings.  You will meet an old enemy, and a new enemy that has arisen from that enemy.”

Another card.

“You shall be helped by an enemy.  And you will not succeed without this help.”

Another card.

“Family will play a very consequential role in your quest.”

“What else do you see?” inquired Jake anxiously.

She put those cards away and obtained a pack of ordinary playing cards.  Taking half of the this pack she shuffled it into the pack of Tarot cards.

“You are represented by the Jack of Diamonds.”

This card she placed at the center of the table.  She removed more cards and placed them around the table.  She flipped over the two cards that were positioned on either side of the Jack of Diamonds.

“The Jack of Spades.  The black Suit of Spades represents Death and bad luck.  This must be the aid you will receive from an enemy.  The Queen of Diamonds.  Curious.  You shall receive further help, from a girl.  A girl you deem seemingly helpless.  You must keep her with you.  You will not succeed without her.  She is of royal blood.”

She flipped over the card above these three.

“The talisman!  That is which shall unite you all, and bring the three together in the end.  All the cards seem, huddled around this.  It is crucially important.”  She flipped over the two cards above it.

“The King of Spades.  He also seeks the talisman.  As much, or perhaps more than you.  He is omnipotently powerful, and he wields the Black Arts.  Beware and aware of his every move.”

She flipped over two cards towards the bottom of the table.

“The Raven and the Raven Rider may not be able to protect you this time.”

She flipped over the card beside the card of the Talisman.

“It is Lobo again!  The Great White Wolf, Lord of Canis lupis, shall be intricately involved in your quest.  He will aid you whenever he can.  But it is the three cards that is most important.  Lobo will not be able to aid you during your entire quest.  It is up to the three.  The three cards.  They are the ones who shall finish the quest.  Or perish trying to.”

She sighed, exhausted.

“Did you say, White Wolf?”

“Your future has become obscured in the mists of time.  You shall know the answers to your questions soon enough.  I cannot say more.  Good luck, Jake.”

“How did you know my name?” he growled.

“I-I do not know.”

Reluctantly, the two kats left the room.  Outside it had become darker, like Jake’s future.

The colorful kat said, “I hope you enjoyed your reading.  See you in the future!”

“Come one, Come all!” he continued calling unceasingly.

The woman’s words had bothered Jake.

But of course he didn’tdare show it.

It looked as if he had gone on his trip already, theway he looked so exhausted, tired, and weak.

“Hey Jake, you gonna beokay?

You look like something the dog dragged in.””Yeah,” he answered softly.

After a pause, he said, “Who doesshe think she is anyway?!”

“What are you talking about?

You mean you still don’t believeher?””It’s gotta be some trick.””‘The Raven and the Raven Rider may not be able to protect youthis time.’

Does that mean me and the Turbocat?” asked Chance.

“Chance!””This is serious stuff, Buddy.

We have to figure out what thisall means.

You have to tell me what you know.””I don’t want to talk about it.

Not now.

Not tonight.”

The fortune teller rushed out of her tent to see them leave.”Sister, what is wrong?”

She embraced him.”I do not know.

That kat who came in here.

I knew his name!

I gave him a strange prediction, involving gods!

I feel I have at last acquired the sight of my forefathers.

But it is all so strange and new to me.

Somehow I know something will come of this.

I am worried, Brother.””You have never gotten this upset over a customer before.

This must be serious.

Come, relax.

Everything will be all right.”As it seemed it was not talked of again for awhile.

A few weeks passed by without incident, as all kats concerned tried to put the events of the night of the carnival far from their minds.

All except Jake.

No matter how much he tried it all still bothered him.

But nothing came of it until the next full moon.

During the next full moon…There was a white glow at Jake’s door, followed by a large wolf howl.

Startled, Jake ran to the door to see what was the matter.  Shandor, the white wolf, walked into the house wordlessly.

He turnedaround to meet Jake face to face, as Chance joined them.

“It istime,” he said calmly.

Strapped to his back, was a pouch, to whichhe gestured to with his head.

“A message from your kin.”

After Jakehad merely glanced at the first thing he had pulled out, Shandorsaid, “Your journey begins, young kat warrior.

You must quest longand hard without rest, to find that which you seek.”

With this, hedisappeared in a cloud of mist, leaving the pouch of documentsbehind.

“My journey?” repeated Jake to no one.

The words of the fortuneteller resounded back to him.

Coming to his senses, he and Chance sifted through the ancient scrolls, yellowed with age.

After a moment…”Jake, I think you better look at this.”

Chance held delicately in his paw, a scroll with a brightly painted picture on it.

As Jake peered closer, he could easily see it was a picture of the two halves of the Wolf Medallion which would give him awe-inspiring magical powers if only he knew how to wield them.

“This is great, but the words are too faint to read.

Let’s keep looking.”

Suddenly, an overpowering urge came over Jake.

Slowly, he pulled out his half of the Wolf Medallion and held it up to the scroll.

Almost instantly, the picture of his amulet began to glow with his real one.

On the picture, it just seemed to be a golden or mithril light racing along the edges, but then the stones themselves gave off an azure light, the wolf emblem became more clear and shone more brilliant than ever.

Jake was finally able to tear himself away from this spectacle.

Chance, gazing at the occurrence stated, “I think they know each other.”

“Let’s keep looking,” was all Jake’s reply.

They bent back into their work.

Jake found something else.

Another picture, a diagram.”Hmmm…” said Chance thoughtfully, “Look at those symbols at thetop.

They seem to merge into just one big one.”

And thus the powers did combine…”I don’t get it,” said Jake.

Chance at last suggested that they take a rest to muse on all the information they had thus far.

“She said that this would have to do a lot with family and the amulet, right?

What did Shandor and your grandfather tell you?””They both told me that my brother had the other half of the amulet.””Well, that’s great!

Where does your brother live?” said Chance optimistically.

“Not that easy.  My grandfather made sure that each of us kids were raised in seclusion, so that Bakro or any other of his evil gargoyle clan could find us.  For that same reason, we and our parents were told very little, so the knowledge of the stones has worn thin over time.  My true parents are probably long since dead.  My grandfather lived with me and my family when I was a kitten, he was trying to tell me what I needed to know, but I was still too young.”

“Is there anything you remember learning from him?””Our power is a thing of great respect and honor.

The Wolf pack had many great lessons that were taught in some great temple or somewhere to its followers.

Their presence and honor existed solely for the benefit of all living creatures on the planet.

Those who wielded one stone, were no good without the rest.

Their creed was all about loyalty to the Pack, charity for all.””Sounds like this stuff was pretty big at one time.””It was.”

“Wait a minute!  What if we could find the temple?  Maybe we could find out more about your family!”

“Chance, its been lost for centuries.  There isn’t a kat living who knows where it could be.”

“Except, for us.”

Chance showed Jake yet another ancient parchment on which was scrawled a map.

“This is the journey we have to travel on, Jake!  C’mon our Quest begins!”

“We don’t even know what we’re looking for-”

“That’s what makes it all the more fun.”Before they did anything, Jake dumped the remaining contents ofthe pouch on the floor.

He gasped, Chance gaped.

“Do you see what I see?” He did.

“Birth certificates.  Of me and my brother.  From my grandfather.”He paged after the first one, that was his, he was pretty sure he didn’t need too much information from there.

But the second page held his interest.

“Christopher James Clawson, Born Sept. 26, 1975.  That’s my birthday.  We were twins.  Just as Shandor figured.”  Jake’s glance fell to the then tiny paw print at the bottom of the page and compared it to his own.

“So what do we do, Jake?  It’s your call.  Do we find your brother, or find the temple?”

Jake mused on the question for a few minutes.

“Either way, if Bakro’s clan found out what we know now, they’d destroy them both immediately.

I think we should try to go to the temple.

We can findout more information there, maybe about him, or how to use ourstones, all kinds of stuff.”

“So then, I guess we’re off to the distant land of Lantis.” Hesaid studying the map.

“Hey I just thought of something.

Thatsounds like Lupus, as in Canis lupus, the scientific name for Wolf.””I know.”

Before the end of the week, the kats were on a plane to theAncient country of Lantis.

It varied in many geographic conditionsfrom lush, dense, forest greenery to deciduous forest to hot sandydesert.

Using the map, they ambled through the Memanshon Rainforest,looking for the markers on the map.

“How long have we been traveling, buddy?” asked Chance, exhaustedfrom traveling.

Jake looked up from the map for a brief moment to check the time.”About 2 hours.”

“Can’t we take a break, Jake?

This temple thing has been aroundfor a thousand years; I think it can wait a little longer for us.”

Jake tried to explain.

“I don’t fully understand this now at alleither, Chance.

That’s what this whole quest is about.

Plus, wehave to find out why all this is surfacing just now.

Joined with mybrother, just as my stone is joined with his, so the legends say, thePower of the Pack shall return to the world, Peace and Prosperitywill reign, and no evil can thrive.

My brother and I may be the onlyStone-wielders left.

It’s up to us.

All I know is that Time is ofthe essence and we must press on, faster.”

But Chance, too tired of walking, leaned back against a hardstructure of foliage to catch his breath.

He turned his head to seeJake continue on a few steps, when he realized what he was leaningagainst.


Chance jumped out of hissocks very much akin in fact to his favorite cartoon character.”J-Jake!


A F-Face!

C’mon Mister Guy with MysteriousPowers,

Do something!”

He pointed in the direction of the strangefearful image.

Jake stood transfixed.

He calmly but with muchwonder walked over to it and pulled against the vines and undergrowththat had grown around this “something.”

Disposing of the vinecamouflage revealed; a statue.

A perfectly rendered stone image ofthe beast known as the White Tiger.

It seemed to be portrayed asroaring at nothing in particular, sitting in cat fashion.

Ordinarilyit might seem friendly, but it was covered with beige dust making itlook ancient and toothy gave it an agonizing feel; of pain and fear.”This is odd.” said Jake.

Closer investigation revealed that onthe Tiger’s breast was a strange insignia.

It looked like two pawprints one on top of the other.

“But these two aren’t of the sameanimal.”

Jake compared the larger of the two with his own.

His ownpaw seemed to be made for the mold of the print and it seemed to justfit.

He pushed.The disk fell inward with a thump, then returned to its originalposition.

“Are you sure you should have done that?”

There was notime for an answer, for the entire forest around them started toshake.

“Good one, Jake, Now you made it angry!”

Any attempt to movewas thwarted with more shaking which made any additional stepsimpossible without falling down.

Jake turned around and was met witha sight of awe.

He nudged Chance to look.

Out of the ground, was arising a huge Citadel.

Marble columns andpillars held up the now ascending roof.

A once beautifully tiledfloor soon became unearthed, the cracks of which now filled withgrass and weeds.

The most impressive object however was anotherstatue, sitting opposite the Tiger, obviously the mate of the same,of a giant White Wolf, mouth also gaped in mid-howl, with one pawraised in greeting.

“I think we’re here.”Jake approached the structure and remarked upon the image of theWolf.

“It’s Shandor.”

“Well then who’s this?

His friend here?” said Chance gesturingtoward the other statue.

“I don’t know.

All I do know is that my destiny, and my ancestryreside within.

In there, is both my past, my future, and possibly mypresent.””Wow, all this philosophical stuff is making everything seem weird.Let’s just get on with this.

We should have run in to some troubleby now. You know, a guard, a booby trap, or an ambush.” “The Pack had no need for weapons.

They lived strictly forpeace.”

Jake and Chance took a moment to take in the surroundings beforegoing in.

Everything was a once beautiful marble stone, now dirty,old and brown from neglect.

“Jake, What happened to these kats?

How could a civilizationthat was once so powerful and successful fail?”

“That’s what we’re going to find out.”

Inside the main hall,were many arched doorways; only half still had doors.

“So which door do we choose, Monty Hall?”

“There must be something awfully important to be stored in themore heavily fortified doors.”

Upon closer investigation, hediscovered a square indentation on each door.

Pulling out hisamulet, he could see that it filled exactly one-half of the mark.”It’s a key,” he reasoned.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the otherhalf to open it with.”

Even as he said these words, Chance wasexamining the door as well for any cracks or openings.

Finally,WHACK!CRASH!”Door’s open,”

said Chance as he kicked it hard.

“Uhh, thanks.

I guess the magic has weakened so that only onehalf is needed.”

Inside, was a marvelous sight.

The shines were sogreat they were almost blinded.

Blinking until they got used to thelight, they looked around.

All around them on crystal shelves wereprecious gems shaped to the exact likeness and color of an element.For example, there was a Fire Stone, a Lightning Stone, a WaterStone, and the like.

Beside each, was an exact duplicate of thestone, only much smaller and in clear crystal.

On the domed ceiling,there seemed to be a skylight that could be opened and closed.

Picking up the Fire Stone, Jake concentrated on its power.

Inhis other paw, smoke slowly began to form.

Soon, he was carrying asmall flaming fireball, just as a rubber ball.

“Huh, Cool.”Putting it back down again, the fireball promptly disappeared withouta trace.

Chance, not wanting to be outdone, choose the Lightning stone,and attempted the same thing.

Nothing happened.

Jake took it fromhim, and turning his eyes skyward, the skylight irised open.

Theclouds grew dark instantly and wild sparks of electricity danced onthe sky for him.

“Lucky,” sulked Chance.

“How come you get to haveall the fun?”

Jake put it down as Chance found one that reallyinterested him.

Picking up an Arrow Stone he said, “What do yousuppose this does?””Easy, What does an Arrow do?

It tells you where you’re going.”Theyre-entered the main hall.

Whoosh…”Now I know you heard that, Jake.””Heard what?

What are you worrying about?”A small strange figure scampered past them, unnoticed…They opened another door.

“Chance, do you see what I see?””How can this be?”

The door opened to the outside, however, itwas the wrong outside.

Instead of dense tropical rainforest, theysaw what should be miles away from their location.

It was thedeciduous forest to be found practically on the other edge of thecountry.

Upon opening another door, they found, “Perfect, A Library!”

Theplace seemed unusually tidy, except for mounds of dust and some oldbooks.

The two jumped into the books, trying to find the one thatwould tell them what they wanted to know.

“What exactly are we looking for again?””We’ll know when we find it,” was all Jake’s reply.

“Jake, I think you should see this.”

Chance brought over a bookwith nothing but pictures and few captions from cover to cover.

Theywere all of the exact same medallion Jake wore, except each of themwas of a different animal than a wolf.

There was one of an Elephant,Fish, and Dolphins, Birds, Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenixes, and othercreatures.

Seemingly representative of every single living creatureat that time.

Each page had two pairs of medallion halves.

“Whatabout yours?”

Jake closed the book.

He placed his medallion on top.

The bookstarted to glow, and then shake.

Jake removed his medallion from thebook.

By itself, the book opened and flipped through the pages.There, in the very center of the book, opened two pages.

On onepage, was the medallion of White Tiger on the top, and below it, agolden Lion.

On the top of the other page was the representation ofthe White Wolf, and below it, the Deer.

On the following pages weremarkings of the White Dragon, The Unicorn, The Phoenix, The Roc, TheTortoise, The Dolphin, The Peacock, and The Griffin, and the like.

“Does this mean there may be more out there?

With differentanimals?”

“Could be, it seems.”They put the book into their pack and continued searching forsigns of Jake’s lineage.

Jake’s eyes opened wide, when he reached for the thickest book ofthe Library.

It’s title, only barely legible, read “The Life, Waysand History of the Wolf Pack.”

He called his friend’s attention andstarted to skim some of the pages.

“We know all that already, get tothe good part.”

“Look at this.

‘The stones gave us a form of immortality, inthis way our forms would remain unchanged until the end of time.’Immortality!””But were did the stones come from?”

Jake flipped back towards the beginning of the book.

‘In thebeginning all animals were one in the same, and being part of thepurer creatures in creation they were all white.

But soon theanimals took on personalities of their own and their very shapeschanged into the forms that they are today.”

“Go on.”

He flipped forward a bit.

“‘One day, A Lady Tiger, A WhiteTiger, and therefore the oldest of her breed, was being threatened byan unruly Golden Dragon, of which there were many in those days.Strange indeed that Golden Dragons are normally the least unruly.The Dragon surrounded her in a ring of fire, and it seemed as thoughshe might be done for were it not as the Dragon poised for the fatalstrike and kill, a marvelous, noble, White Wolf appeared from air,and selflessly flung himself at the Dragon.

Holding his jaws on thejugular vain caught the dragon off guard.

Then something unusualhappened; there was a flash of fire and smoke and a blaze of light,but it came not from the Dragon.

The Dragon began to shrink, it’sclaws disappeared, and the mighty Dragon was slain by beingtransformed into a Golden Snake.

Ever after the Dragons promised toremain faithful to the Lady Tiger.

The Wolf inquired her to tell him of what had just occurred.

And sheshowed him the many wonders of her talents, for being of the race ofthe White Tiger, her blood was traced thick with magic, and it wasespecially so with females.

“Come, Let me reward you for yourselfless bravery.”

She led the White Wolf down to a deep cave notfar away as she explained why the Dragon sought her.

In a chest farbeneath the Earth, She showed him two green stones with no marking orinscription on them.

She gestured for him to place his paw on one ofthem as she did the same.

Instantly the stones glowed, as well asthe two animals.

“The Power of the White Tiger is yours to command,Wolf.

Pass this magic on to all White Wolves.”

“But what of these stones, o Tiger?

By looking at the stones now,They each had the imprint of the animal, and had an inscription of aGold Snake or Dragon blazing the edges.

“These bits of jade and other magic gems forged at the center of theEarth are entities or reserves of our power. Let the symbol of theDragon remain on the stones, as a reminder and tribute to what hasbrought us together.

And also, of what may happen when one is ableto overcome adversity.

These stones shall join together to reachtheir full potential, just as we are bonded in friendship, do we growstronger still, Noble Wolf.

They will augment our power, and as longas we wear them about our necks our wisdom and power will not fade.Our descendants may require the uses of them or their shadows to callforth their power.

These gems were forged by my kindred to preserveour immortality for all time.

Their power was created to insurepeace in the world.”

“Then let us share this gift with the other beasts of the world.Then the legend of our friendship shall last, and peace shall reign.”And so the White Wolf and the White Tiger created a Tribe of Peacewith every creature in the world.’”

“So that’s the story?””So it would seem.

That explains how and why we turn intoanimals to use our powers’ full strength.

It still doesn’t tell us,however, how Bakro’s clan found us, or how the Wolf Pack ended, oreven how to use my powers.”

CRASH!”Jake.””It sounded like it came from the Jewel hoard,” said Jake as theyran to it.

There, a horrific nightmare met their gaze.

The Jewels were smashed and thrown all about.

All of the colorfulstones were either broken apart or crystal clear, as their power,their colour, was sapped right out of them.

And there in the center,was a small gargoyle swallowing some of the stones, plopping theLightning Stone and the Fire Stone down his throat.

He also wore achain about his neck with a tiny greenish-blue bead hanging from it.It was glowing faintly.They were speechless and stricken dumb.

“What are you doing?”cried Jake at last.

“Why, I’m swallowing the powers of your ancestors.”

“Who are you?”At this question he laughed.

“You should know me, or at least,you knew something that was once me.”

“Who are you?” he asked again.

“I am he who was brother to the gargoyle whom by your hand and byyour ally’s hand was slain.

I am Okrab, the only brother to Bakro, agreat hero among our clan.””What do you want here?

How did you get in?””The answers to both those questions are the same, You.

Youopened the Door right for me, I have followed you ever since youarrived here.

I seek only to gain as much of your ancestors’ greatomnipotent power as I can that I might defeat you, your family, andthe Wolf who slew my kinsman.


This last phrase hespoke with great power and it seemed to thunder within the verybuilding.

The gargoyle stood up and drew himself to his full height,but through concentrating on the powers he had just absorbed, heseemed to grow taller.

Soon the tiny gargoyle was bigger, stronger,meaner, fiercer, than a hundred Bakros.

He belched out flame, thenspun into a whirlwind out the door past them.

“He’s heading for the Library, after him!”

They chased thesmoking whirlwind down the hall.

At a podium, there were many old scrolls which the gargoyle wasransacking, obviously looking for something in particular.

He waspanting and drooling by now, still adjusting to his newfound powers.”At last, found it!” he exclaimed holding a roll aloft.

“O no, you don’t!” yelled Jake as he removed his amulet and heldit threateningly.

“Drop it now!””Really now, young wolfling, young kat warrior, We both know thateven if you knew how to work the magic of your forefathers, it wouldbe no use to you without the other half, which I intend to claim!”

“Not if Chance has anything to do about it.”

“You insult me, Kat.

Do you truly think I will fall for that trick?”

“Actually that’s exactly what I had in mind.”

With that the katpounced on the gargoyle, causing him to topple over a strategicallycrouching Chance.

Jake grabbed the scroll and wouldn’t let go.

Theystruggled briefly.

RIP!The parchment tore in two.

“Another time kats.”

With that hespread his bat-wings and escaped with his half of the parchment,however not forgotten.

“It’s caving in!

Jake we have to go!

NOW!” warned Chance.

“But, everything, the Library, the Jewels, the history of theWolf Pack, we can’t leave all this behind!”

“If we don’t leave now, we’ll be seeing it for a lot longer thanyou were hoping for.

Now C’mon!”

Chance jogged out to the Hall.Jake grabbed his pouch and a book or two lying around and ran also,just in time before a large, tall, bookcase would have landed on hishead.

Running by the Jewel Hoard, a single splash of colour caughthis eye.

Ignoring the risks, he dashed in and grabbed whatever itwas then dashed out again.

Once outside, they saw the beautiful temple once more slide awayinto oblivion for another thousand years.

The Tiger statue outsidewas sliding into the Earth as well, and there was nothing that couldbe done to stop it.

“An enemy shall arise from an enemy of the past.

Greater andmore powerful than ever.

What do you think about my fortune tellersnow?””Now I wish we never went there that night.”

They were quiet intheir thoughts for a moment.

“What was that thing you grabbed backthere?” “I didn’t even check.”

Opening his pack, he reached into the bottom,and pulled out one beautiful and brightly colored jewel, amongst afew shards of other jewels one could just barely see a trace of colorleft.

The last Jewel Power of the Wolf Pack, was one that could notbe taken by evil claws.

It was that, of the Heart Stone.

It seemedto have a smooth surface on either side that when polished you couldsee yourself, like a mirror.

The Heart Stone then started to glow,which caused the small shards to glow as well.

Then the shards alldisappeared, seemingly into the center of the Heart Stone itself.

“What just happened?” asked Chance.Jake said nothing.”What do you think this one could do?””I have no idea.

But for some reason, I know I’m supposed tohave it.”They were silent for a time again.

“So what do we do now?”asked Chance.

“What else?

Now, we find my brother.”

After a few days of many hours of calling detectives, pagingthrough phone books, and calling several dozen C. Clawsons, the twobelieved they were at long last standing on the street in front ofthe home of Jake’s long lost twin brother.

A pat on the back finallygave Jake the courage to approach the door, and raise his fist toit…When Chance suddenly noticed a blinking in their truck.

Downcast andterribly angry at having missed his chance, he left the stoop andjoined Chance at the truck.

“Ah, I think you’d better let me answer this one, Buddy.”Punching the com-button, he said, “Yes Miss Briggs.””T-bone there’s something really weird going on here.””Weird? For us?” asked Jake.”It’s Hard Drive.””Hard Drive?

We haven’t seen him for a while.””What’s he attacking, Miss Briggs?””Well that’s just it, he’s being attacked.”

The boys exchangedsurprised expressions.

“Reports were sketchy, but by the sound ofit, it sounds like Bakro has returned worse than ever.

They say he’sattacking with practically every Element, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth,Lightning, you know.””We’ll be right on it, Miss Briggs.

Swatkats out.”

Quickly theyjumped into the truck.

“What could Okrab possibly want with Hard Drive?”

Jake asked asthey drove off.

Minutes later…Minutes later, the Swatkats arrived on the scene.

Indeed, Okrabseemed to be pummeling Hard Drive into the dirt despite hisimpressive electric show.

“I can’t believe we’re helping our enemy,”said T-bone.

Something clicked in Razor’s brain, that felt as thoughhe had been thwacked in the skull by a baseball bat.

Even so, heknew that this occasion required immediate attention, and that wouldhave to be put off til later.

The Swatkats began assaulting the gargoyle with the best theyhad, but it barely seemed to sting him.

“Ah, local law enforcement.Do you not realize that I am immortal?”

With a giant fireball, heinstantly melted the Swatkats’ weapons, making them helpless.

“I’ve got an idea.

We’ll lure him to the Megakat Constructionsite.”

T-bone grabbed Hard Drive and they were off.

“Running away?

That’s very unsporting of you.”

The plan worked,the gargoyle started following them.

“You’ve got a big mouth, Let me Shut It for you!”

Razor climbedinto a wrecking ball machine, and walloped him straight in hisstomach, knocking him into a nearby building.

“Feral’s gonna have a field day with this,” said T-bone.

A grayclawed hand reached out of the rubble.

“No way!

He wasn’t kiddin!He takes a lickin’ and keeps on ticking!””He is practically immortal.

He has strong magic, so he’s builtup plenty of strong magic shields around himself.

It can take onlymagic to defeat him.

Right now we can only slow him down.”

“Hey Ugly!

Yeah you Stone-face!

Didn’t I see you in theHunchback of Notre Dame?” Hard Drive ran off.


I shall deal with you first!””What’s he doing?” asked T-bone.”How would I know?”Hard Drive stopped and turned to face his enemy.

“Now youperish, unless you grant me the boon I have come for!””Let me think.


Electricity flowed from his fingers into anearby cement mixer above them.

It turned on, and glopped gallons ofoatmeal-like gunk on the air-borne gargoyle.

Covered with the stuff,he was temporarily immobilized.

The Swatkats moved over to help.

“What gives? How come you’re helping us?””I don’t help anyone.

I was helping me.””What does he want with you?””I don’t have to answer any of questions.

I didn’t do anything.””And it’s perfectly normal for someone going around in asurge-suit.

Mask him, Razor?””Definitely.”

“You know how our masks are designed to keep kats from seeingwhat’s inside them.

Well this one is a little different.

It keepsyou from seeing what’s outside.”

With that, he pulled out a largemask without eye holes, draped it over him, tied off the bottom, andthe two punched his lights out.

When he awoke, he found himself to be tied up in a wooden chair, innear total darkness.

A bright light was shining on him so hecouldn’t anything around him.

He couldn’t use the power of his suit,because he tied with insulative cables.

“So this is what it’s downto, then?

The Swatkats are getting more like the lousy Enforcersevery day.”

“No, we just got this 200 watt bulb by accident one day, anddidn’t want to see it go to waste.

Besides, this is fun,” saidT-bone turning off that light and turning on the normal ones.

Henoticed that they had replaced their glove-o-trixes, and each one wasat the ready, at him.”So I suppose you’re going to question me now.

Fat chance.

Idon’t squeal.

I don’t have nothin to say to you.”

“Well we use a slightly different form of questioning.  Look up.”

Just above Callisto’s Hard Drive’s head was a very large bucket of water.

“We can have fireworks of our own. Now why was he after you?”

“He wanted something of mine.  But no one’s getting that but me,” he said as he silently began clawing at the cables.

“What is it?”

“If I didn’t give it to him, what makes you think I’m going to tell you about it?  I don’t care how much I get short-circuited, I’m not telling.  Besides, I have to be going soon.”

“How do you figure that, Sparky?”

At that instant, he cut away that last of the ropes, and was just about to fire at the two of them when Razor shot a new mini missile at him.

He surge suit instantly turned off and became useless.”Mini scrambler missiles.  Made ’em just for you.”

Hard Drive pounced on Razor, claws bared.

They struggled briefly when suddenly two clinks were heard.

They froze, then slowly turned their heads toward the sound.

What met their eyes was a great shock.

They saw a pair of Wolf Amulets.


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